Wildlife Tours – Travel to See Animals and Birds in Their Natural Habitat

Wild horses in Corolla, Outer Banks
Wild horses in Corolla, Outer Banks

If you are the one who loves animals and to travel, this page is for you! Wildlife tours are getting more and more accessible thanks to small local tour operators and individual guides. No matter where you travel, all over the world you can find small or big trips to see animals, birds, fish or reptiles in their natural habitat. All wildlife tours have one thing in common – responsible travel.

Disclaimer # 1: You will NOT find zoo or safari park information on this page. The tours we sell are all about animals in their natural habitat. Example – Africa safaris or watching whales in Alaska. If you want to go on a wildlife tour, get ready for hiking in the mountains, crawl in bushes, dive with sharks or freeze on a boat.

Disclaimer #2: You have to be a positive person by nature. When traveling for wildlife there is no place for disappointment. Animals does not show up upon your request and on real wildlife tours animals are not fed at special locations to impress tourists. Agree not to complain for not seeing a bear or any other animal that prefers privacy on a tour you have paid lots of money.

How to choose the right wildlife tour operator?

There are some points to know, before you start your wildlife adventure. First of all, there are different types of companies and tour operators that provide wildlife experience.

The right company or guide

When it comes to Africa Travel – pretty big companies involved. In this case you buy an all-inclusive tour, pay once and do not care about the details. Everything is taken care of. We have a separate article on How to Choose the Right Africa Travel Company – the best is to read it, if you are interested in African Safaris.

But in many other cases wildlife watching is organized by small local companies or individual guides. This is normal and there is no reason to be afraid of a local who will take you to the forest and leave. The best way to find a local guide who will provide a good quality tour in the wild is to use common travel platforms and Tripadvisor. Even the smallest companies who are doing a great job are already on internet, even if they don’t have a website, they are mentioned by travelers or have their social media profiles.

If you are doubting about using this or that tour guide and need a research, just contact us! We are happy to help and make sure you are safe on your trip.

Back to “will I actually see any animals”?

Wildlife tours are tricky. And as I have mentioned in Disclaimer # 2 above, there is no promise that animals will show up on your trail. Every time I travel to see some animals, I am super excited but there is always a tiny doubt in my heart, what if I don’t see any.

On one of our trips we went to Corolla, Outer Banks to see wild horses. We drove all along the beach (SUV’s and Jeeps are allowed there) and turned back, thought we were not lucky that day. And what do you think, horses showed up literally from nowhere, suddenly. We were so surprised that I could hardly remember to start taking pictures. 

Sad thing, locals put food to some places on a travel route so animals stick to it. It is way better than cruel zoos with cages but I don’t like the idea of animals getting used to free food and not able to supply themselves with food in the wild later. I don’t think it is a responsible way of travel services. Please, try and pick tours completely safe for animals. Do not support any animal abuse.

Useful tip: If you do not want to be disappointed for not seeing any animals or birds on your trip, combine a wildlife tour with a sightseeing one. Let’s say you go to Brazil and want to see Amazon Rainforest and it’s wildlife. You know, Brazil is a very beautiful country and there is a lot do to and see other than wildlife. Plan your trip (or contact us for help with planning) and include a wildlife tour in it.

Before traveling and purchasing a tour, research (or contact us for help with research) and find out, when is the best time to see animals or birds at that location, when is the best time of the day or weather conditions.

Wildlife tours “near me”

You will be surprised, how much wildlife you may have around the area you live in. Watching wildlife does not mean traveling to Australia, Alaska or Galapagos Islands. There are lots of budget friendly local options near you. Including National Parks.

Yes! You can simply start with National Parks. National parks has its pros and cons. Pros are: You do not need to purchase a tour to go there. Entrance has a fee (or you can purchase an annual pass) though. You do not have to travel far and pay for a hotel. Cons are: animals stay away from popular (and often overcrowded, especially on weekends and holidays) trails. Trails in National Parks are super comfortable as compare to real wildlife watching experience. But this is true, seeing an animal there is a rear thing. To watch animals or birds you really need to pick a place with no people around.

If you doubt you can find some wildlife in popular tourist locations, try and find local guides. They may know some hidden gems and secret locations near you. No matter, where you live, in Washington DC or San Diego. Some National Parks like Everglades in Florida have so many animals and birds, that there is no chance to not meet any of them.

Your safety is important

Wildlife watching often comes with taking pictures or videos or a strong desire to get to animals as close as possible. Just to let you know, wildlife and selfies for Instagram is a bad idea. First of all, care about your safety and safety of your children, who travel with you. Even the most harmless animals or birds can attack if they feel like they are (or their babies) in danger.

Animals safety is important too!

Do not abuse your access to the wildlife. Treat to animals with respect, do not feed them, follow the rules provided on a tour. Do not disturb animals or nature. Stay quiet and ask your kids to be quiet too. Do not scream all over the forest when you see a spider or a snake right in front of your face. I know, it can be difficult not to scream 🙂

How to purchase a wildlife tour with us?

As a travel company, we work with tour suppliers and operators all around the world. Personally, I have a huge passion for animals in the wild and love photographing and videotaping them. I believe, it is important to provide services that you are passionate about. Then you provide them at the highest level.

Just contact us and let us know, what type of adventure or expedition you are looking for. We will help you to pick the best destination, tour or excursion and book it for you. We will help you with research and provide customer support along your trip. Make sure, your wildlife experience will stay in your memories forever.