Why Use a Travel Agent Instead of Booking Online Sites?

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As a travel company owner I am interested in more clients and earnings, this is so obvious. That is why hard to expect from me sharing pros and cons of using a travel agent. But you, my readers, are smart enough to separate real advantages from sales pitches. Here is the article. Welcome to comment it and ask questions.

Disclaimer. The information in this article is related to Travelrows LLC company. We can not guarantee that other companies or agencies have the same policy. Though most of the information can be applied for them too.

Why Use a Travel Agent? 3 Main Reasons:

  1. Expert Guidance
  2. Time Saving
  3. Customer Advocacy

This is all you need to know to start with. Only 3 things but they are really important. Let’s look at them closer.

Expert Guidance

At first sight, you may think that as long as you are able to use google or bing, you are the expert. And some people are really successful in it. But not everyone. For some people it is still difficult to navigate in search engines or separate real information from ads and fake testimonials. The problem of finding truly useful information is actually growing as lots of low quality websites or social media accounts appear.

My advice – just be more understandable to those, who still is not good at googling. They do need help of a travel agent for planning a trip, building an itinerary or checking out the quality of services based on real reviews.

Time Saving

You booked a hotel in a “paradise like” destination and the dates are getting close but you have no idea what to do there? You are “picky” and can not decide where is the best beach on the planet Earth? Or, you just “had enough” of planning all those family vacations? Let the travel agent do it. Most of travel advisors (including us) are doing it for free.

My advice – before working with a travel agent, check out what is free and for what services you should pay. Normally, travel agents are not charging money for their services as they get commissions from tour operators or cruise lines. It is up to the agency, to charge service fee or not. Travelrows LLC does not charge any fees when booking your trip. We only charge for separate services like consulting personally (hourly) and custom itinerary planning (per day) as they require time and not require you to buy anything with us.

Customer Advocacy

It is supposed that a travel agent not only gives you all the information and does bookings, but also keeps connection until you come back home from your trip. Ideally, your travel advisor should answer your e-mails and phone calls and do all other extra travel agent work throughout your trip. There is always something that goes wrong. Sometimes you need additional bookings or research but you maybe limited on internet access or a local customer service refuses to solve your problems.

My advice – do not hesitate to contact us with questions or problems during your trip. In case, if there is a huge time difference between us and your dream destination, always send a message or e-mail. In case if it is a serious problem – phone calls at night are accepted too. If you think, that a tour operator or a cruise line did not satisfy your requests, feel free to contact us for solving problems post-trip. Travelrows LLC does not have a magic wand but we will do our best.

Clients’ Biggest Concern

How do I know that this or that travel agent is good? I feel your pain. I will not share on this page some general classic tips on how to find the best travel agent. You are totally right if you say that some travel agents have less travel knowledge and experience than you have. Some travel agents just do not answer your questions after you make a final payment. Some travel agents provide fake information to sell you a cheap deal. Ohhh, there are so many reasons why people give up on using a travel agent!

My advice – sometimes theory fails when it comes to practice and nobody is perfect. But once you found a really good travel agent, just stick to him/her. And never feel shy to ask for more. Want better service, response or advocacy? You have the right for it. Remember.

What Else?

Ok, if you are not bored and want to read some more, here are some basic advantages of using Travelrows LLC for your travel needs:

  • We care about your interests and requirements, not just list the cheapest deals like online booking websites
  • We save you time on 1-800 line calls that last forever
  • If you are an “Expedia fan” – we do book with Expedia website and that mean’s you get their prices. And again, we do not charge any fee for that.
  • We help to save money and deliver more value based on supplier relationships
  • We provide lots of other services other than just booking
  • We are experienced and never stop learning
  • We help solo travelers to find travel partners and organize travel groups
  • We know what tour operator is the best and who to avoid
  • We will remind you about important stuff you may need during your trip
  • We will have enough patience to explain why you need a travel insurance
  • We provide as much information as possible. If we don’t know something, we will find it.

After all said, if you think you want to contact a travel agent for help with planning and booking your trip, visit our Contact Us page with lots of contacts options: https://travelrows.com/contact-us/ Feel free to ask questions or leave your feedback. Thank you!

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