Why Is Fall a Better Time Than Winter for Senior Citizens to Travel?

Senior couple traveling in a countryside

Fall can often be a wonderful time of year to travel. In certain destinations, the leaf-color of woodlands and forests gives the season its own very special charm. Fall can also be a good time for food-lovers, with fruit harvests, mushrooms and more seasonal wonders to enjoy. Fall can be a wonderful time for anyone to take a vacation – but why in particular is fall a better time than winter for senior citizens to travel? www.travelrows.com

The Weather

The first and most simple reason why it is better for senior citizens to travel in Fall rather than in winter is the weather. In early fall, the weather can still be fine in temperate areas, especially if there is an ‘Indian Summer’ that sees summer weather continuing long into Fall. Even a little later in Fall, many destinations will still be frost free.

Autumn in a park

If you are getting on in years, you may find that you are less resilient in the face of cold temperatures. You may find that you feel stiff or achy when temperatures fall too long. You may have some difficulty in warming your hands and feet during the winter months. Rather than putting up with these challenges, you may be better traveling in Fall rather than when the temperatures plummet in winter.

Fall is a temperate season, not too hot and not too cold, so it can be ideal for those who feel like they have an ever-decreasing comfort zone when it comes to the temperature.

Another thing to bear in mind is that, as senior citizens, you may not be as flexible or balanced on your feet as you were when you were younger. Traveling in winter, you may risk slipping on frosty patches, ice or snow. In fall, getting around can still be much easier than it is later in the year.

A Tranquil Time To Travel

Fall can be a better time to travel, especially outside of the school holidays. Summers are often the most crowded time at many popular destinations, filled with raucous kids and marauding families. Winter time, around the holidays, can be just as bad. Senior citizens, who have the freedom to choose when they travel more freely, can opt to travel when many other people (especially young families) cannot. Picking a quiet time in the fall for your vacations can mean a quieter and more tranquil travel experience.

An Affordable Season for Travel

Fall is not only a tranquil time, the fact that it is outside of peak seasons means that the prices can also be lower at this time of the year too. Summer is, of course, usually the priciest period to travel. But the period of mid-winter, especially around Christmas and New Year, can also see prices rise. If you are a senior citizen, you may have to be careful with your money. Your budget might be limited. If you travel in the Fall, that budget might do further.

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