Who is a Travel Designer?

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Traveling is what practically everyone on Earth loves or has on their to do list. After all, going to another city or country allows to feel and experience something new, to change your outlook on life. Traveling is also a great opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, yourself and for those who work a lot to recharge and relax because you need not only a good work, but also a good rest. travelrows.com

A well-designed journey is the key to a perfect vacation. There is no need to fill each second in your free time with some activity, but it will be disappointing to find out that you have been traveling literally five steps away from an interesting and special place and had spare time to visit it but was not aware it existed.

There are many ways to organize your vacation. You can follow a certain plan, but you can also go impromptu. Considering the modern rhythm and the fact that there is almost no time for rest, you would naturally want everything to go perfectly and get the most out of your vacation.

So where do you start planning your trip? How can you choose the best travel destination? Do you need to search through the entire Internet? Of course not! Because you can have a travel designer think through your travel plan and create not just a good vacation, but an unforgettable lifetime experience that is tailored specifically for you, your preferences and wishes.

Travel designers began to appear relatively recently. Your travel designer will not just book your flight and hotel, but will help to plan all the details of your trip by getting to know you very personally and tailoring your travel experience for you as much as possible.

He or she might ask many questions to get to know you better and make sure that everything not only meets your expectations but surpasses them. A professional travel designer might ask you the following questions:

  • How far are you ready to leave?
  • In what climate would you like to be during the rest?
  • Do you prefer a luxury hotel or would like a more local experience?
  • How much money are you willing to spend?
  • Would you like an active type of tourism (rafting, hiking, etc.), more passive (sightseeing tours, beach, shopping tours, etc.) or a combined type of recreation?
  • Are you traveling along, with a partner, family?
  • Are there any health conditions that need to be kept in mind?
  • Do you want to see more sights or would rather spend quality time in couple or even one place?

If you did not determine the purpose of your journey, what you would like to do, what sights to visit, then a travel designer will help you out in this process. Moreover, travel designers have a vast experience and can suggest places and activities that only experienced travelers and locals know about. They also have unique contacts and information that no travel agent will be able to offer.

A travel designer will make sure that nothing is forgotten and will do lots of work behind the scenes to make your journey truly special and personal. He or she will make sure that your vacation will not merge into one solid bright spot, but you will have many unforgettable moments to carry with you for the rest of your life.

Your travel designer will stay in touch with you and everyone else involved in your trip to ensure that everything is going as planned. Planning your vacation or even a business trip with a travel designer has many advantages, including:

  1. You get a good rest with entertainment and conditions you desire without having to worry about anything.
  2. You protect yourself from unpleasant situations and discomfort.
  3. Your personal preferences and wishes will be the top priority.

Travel designers exist to make sure that you journey brings you only joy and pleasure, while all the organizational moments are done behind the scenes without putting any stress on you.

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