Where to eat in Vienna, Austria

A place to eat in Vienna

So you’ve finally decided you need something to eat after spending the best part of your day sightseeing across the beautiful land of Vienna, Austria. Where exactly should you go for a good meal? In as much as it’s impossible to go to every restaurant in Vienna while on holiday there, it’s worth noting that there are some decent places that you are most likely going to enjoy their food as well as the service. Let me share a few restaurants in Vienna that I firmly believe will give you the ultimate satisfaction while on your stay here. www.travelrows.com

Motto am Fluss

This restaurant is one of the best to have your meal while in Vienna. It is a modern international cuisine and has an Austrian focus. You will find it at the center of Vienna on the Danube Canal and attracts many people while on holiday here. The meals are spot on, to say the least, and the service is impeccable, so you are guaranteed you will want to come back.

Neni am Naschmarkt

Vienna has many restaurants, and you would expect it to, especially because of the many tourists flowing into the city. The Neni am Naschmarkt however, is a class of its own. Its one of the best restaurants in the whole of Vienna and being an Isreali/middle eastern food restaurant, you would understand why it attracts so many people. There’s nothing that can go wrong if you decide to try one of these guys’ meals.

Heuer am Karlsplatz

This restaurant is quite different from the rest. It is a gorgeous garden restaurant bar that even the locals recommend to anyone touring Vienna. It has an impressive looking dinner menu serving a wide variety of dishes and most importantly has fantastic vegetarian options. Also, the restaurant has an impressive wine list, and you can get to enjoy a couple of local beers.

Gasthaus Rebhuhn

If you are looking for an authentic Viennese pub dinner with classic dishes, then the Gasthaus Rebhuhn is the place to be. The menu here is not quite extensive, but the food is delicious and affordable as well. If you happen to find yourself here, don’t hesitate to try their roasted meat dishes. They are the best. What’s more, there are some vegetarian selections, something that is not very common in Austria.


This restaurant is famously known for its burgers, and we all love them. Don’t we? It has burger options ranging from chicken, beef, and steak to pork and veggie. Here you are guaranteed to have a burger that suits you. The restaurant has other side options so that if you are not in for a burger, you can always try something else.

In conclusion

If you want a perfect place to eat while in Vienna the above areas should help you get what you are looking for. However, don’t forget there are several restaurants in Vienna, and it’s up to you as an individual to get to know more about them and what they offer then choose one that you feel is the right one. Note that if you are looking for traditional dishes, there’s a proper place for that among others. Consider your options!

Have you been to any of those? Share your experience in comments. Thank you

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