What to Wear in Kenya on a Safari Trip

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Choosing what to pack and bring with you on a safari trip can sometimes seem quite a challenge. But with a little common sense, it is easy to make sure that you have clothing suitable for just about every eventuality – without going over your luggage allowance. If you are wondering what to wear for travel in Kenya – read on. We’ve got you covered when it comes to keeping covered up. www.travelrows.com

Pack For Modesty – Respect Local Beliefs

Since there is a large traditional Muslim community in Kenya, it is important to be prepared to dress modestly so as not to offend. This means, if you are a woman, choosing items that cover your legs and arms, and that are not too low cut. There will be plenty of places in Kenya where such conservative dress is not required, but it is a good idea to be prepared, especially if you plan to travel in more conservative areas of the cities and towns, or visit any religious sites.

There may be opportunities to wear a bathing suit on the Kenyan coast, at at hotel or resort pools, though it is a good idea to have a sarong, maxi dress or beach cover-up with you so you may move modestly between the water and the bar or restaurant.

Pack For the Weather In Kenya

One of the most important things, of course, when planning what to wear for travel in Kenya, is wearing clothes suited to the climate. It can of course get very hot, and so you should avoid restrictive, tight clothing, and any clothing with poor breathability. It is best to select natural clothing such as items make from organic cotton, hemp or linen. Wearing cool, light colors rather than dark shades and black will also help to reflect the light and keep you cooler.

You should also be sure to bring a hat, to shade your eyes and keep the sun off your head. It can be dangerous to keep your head bare if you plan to venture out in the mid-day heat. A pair of shades can also be a very good idea, to protect your eyes from the sun.

That said, it is also worthwhile bearing in mind that early mornings and evenings in Kenya can be much cooler. Bring a cardigan or sweater or a light jacket so you can easily layer up as and when required.

Average temperatures in Kenya by month:

  • January – 81°F/ 27 °C
  • February – 81 °F/ 27 °C
  • March – 82 °F/ 28 °C
  • April – 81 °F/ 27 °C
  • May – 79 °F/ 26 °C
  • June – 75 °F/ 24 °C
  • July – 75 °F/ 24 °C
  • August – 75 °F/ 24 °C
  • September – 77 °F/ 25°C
  • October  – 79 °F/ 26 °C
  • November – 79 °F/ 27 °C
  • December – 81 °F/ 27 °C

Bring Practical Clothing To Suit the Activities You Will be Undertaking

Another thing to keep in mind is that the clothing you will need in Kenya will depend on what you plan to do while you are there. One of the most common vacation activities in Kenya is, of course, going on safari.

If you plan to go on safari, you may be out all day, so light layers that you can add or remove as required can be a good idea. Again, light colors may be better, and muted colors may be better for a nature walk or if you want to get close to wildlife without scaring it off. If you plan to hike, you should wear full-length trousers to protect your legs, and sturdy boots. Naturally though, these things are less important if you will spend the day in a jeep.

The tips above should help you decide what to pack and what to wear in Kenya while on vacation in this beautiful country. Contact Us for help with booking a safari to Kenya.

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