What to Pack for a Weekend Trip to the Mountains?

A weekend trip to the mountains

Going to the mountains is a great experience, especially when it has to do with staying away from people to go relax, make memories and enjoy a cool and natural environment. This trip definitely needs a well thought-out preparation,  though it would also depend on the mountain and the goal of the trip.

In the mountains, the weather is generally cooler and requires extra clothing and gear. Usually mountain towns tend to be smaller than regular towns and they may not have an item you forgot to pack. Packing carefully will ensure you comfort during your trip so you can have a good experience.

What to pack for a weekend trip to the mountains?


It is important to bring items that will ensure your safety to such a trip. These may include:

  • flashlight
  • bug spray
  • lighter or matches
  • maps or navigation
  • repair kits
  • raincoats
  • umbrellas

Having those gives comfort and confidence to face or handle any emergency.


Going to the mountain will need varieties of clothes to take along, this is because due to the high altitude it is usually cold even during the summer, which means it is very important to check the weather conditions in your area of stay and plan out what activities you will be doing to make sure you pack the right the clothing items and gear for the trip:

* You may want to bring things like snowsuits, warm sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves for cold weather. For warmer weather pack your clothes so you can dress in layers for example, bring light jackets, t-shirts and light sweaters.

* BindBuddy is an important on-the-go storage solution that you can bring to keep your hands free.

* Since the mountains are an ideal place for sports activities, it is also recommended to bring gym wear for protection in rocky places and during hiking.

* The right shoes are necessary while planning a trip to the mountains, a type of shoe that will give support for the feet and allow you to undergo all the planned daily activities. Outsides these, flat sandals are a better choice since they are quite simple and light. Do not forget bathing suits, hats and extra pairs of underwear and socks, depending on your destination.

Skin care:

On trips like this it is essential to bring skincare items such as sunscreen, moisturizers and lip balms. Aloe Vera is very good for soothing the skin in case of bites. Remember to pack liquids like sunscreen in sealed plastic bags since the high altitude may cause them to leak.


A trip to the mountains is supposed to be an electronic detox. But this is not a reason to give up on basic phone needs for your safety. Make sure you download offline road maps if there is no mobile data. If you get lost it will help you to get on the right trail to home.

In Conclusion

Spending weekends in the mountains could be such an exciting experience because of so many activities that are involved. Relaxations, delicacies, and sightseeing all together make it so loving and fun. Make adequate preparations to enable you to enjoy the trip without worries.

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