What to Pack For a Family Vacation – 8 “Must Have” Items

A family of 4 on vacation

When you’re traveling with your family, there are so many things to remember to take. Theres all the really obvious things like passports, tickets and money, but after that, with the air companies limiting baggage more these days we’re all thinking about what we can leave out, and what is essential. www.travelrows.com

Here’s our guide to things not to forget:


Think about this one, where are you going, what will you be doing can you dump one or two outfits and replace with things that will mix and match. Are you going somewhere that sells clothing cheaply? If you are, this could be your chance to travel light on the way out, and stock up while you’re there. Do however remember that although it doesn’t happen often, luggage does go missing occasionally, so it’s worth carrying at least a change of undies for the family in your hand luggage – just in case!

Sun Protection

Sun protection for you and the kids is one of those really essential things, and although most of it will be available to buy somewhere when you get there, it’s unlikely to be cheap as it’s something they know everyone will need. So make sure you take hats, sun shades, and plenty of sun cream for all of you.


What would a holiday be without those wonderful holiday snaps to share around and show everyone when you get back, so do remember to take a camera unless you have a phone with a good camera on it and an extra memory card which would be a light weight alternative way to go.


Ok in theory no one will get bored because you’re on holiday, but there’s nothing worse than a grizzly child especially when all you want to do is lay back and relax for a change, so pack something to entertain the kids – a few good ideas can be books, mp3 player, colouring book and pens, or hand held games console such as a Nintendo DS (+ games of course).


Perhaps not something that we want to think about on holiday, but this one’s quite important. Make sure if you or any member of your family is on any medication that you take enough to cover you not just for the exact number of days you’re planning on being away, but a few extra just in case! If you’re travelling with kids it can also be worth popping a couple of basic first aid items into your luggage too that way they’re at hand if you need them.

Baby items

Obviously not necessary if you don’t have a baby, but if you do, check out exactly what your hotel will provide, and what you can hire there, and if it won’t be supplied and you’re going to need it, take it along! Think about including things like Swim nappies, a sling (to save taking a pushchair!), and maybe even a light weight pop up sun tent if you have the space in your luggage.

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A Travel Guide

Travel guides sound a bit naff, but if you’re planning on doing anything more than spending your time on the beach or in the hotel complex, then they can be invaluable to learning what there is to see and do nearby.

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