What to Eat in Spain – The Best National Food to Try

Paella - traditional Spanish food

If you are planning to travel to Spain, you can expect to have quite the culinary experience while you are there. Food tells a story so enjoy every minute of your feast. Be prepared to indulge in traditional favorites like paella and chorizo. You will have quality seafood, pork, and vegetables while you are there. There is nothing like having culinary staples in its country of origin. It can’t get more authentic than that. Check out our list of food items that you just need to have during your trip to Spain.

Paella: If there is one dish that most tourists are familiar with, it’s paella. Pronounced “pah-eh-ya” by the Spanish-speaking locals, this dish is a mixture of yellow rice, seafood and/or meat, and vegetables. Originating from the Valencia region of Spain, this dish has spread throughout the country. Various regions of Spain produce their own version of paella. Therefore, if you will be roaming around the country, try this specialty in different regions. www.travelrows.com

Tortilla Espanola: Known in English as the Spanish Omelet, this specialty consists of eggs, potatoes and onions usually. The predominant ingredient is the potato and not the egg. It is also available with prawns, squid, and mushrooms. Further, it can come topped with cheese.

Gazpacho: This dish makes quite the summertime treat. A cold soup with a tomato base, it also includes green peppers, cucumbers, olive oil, and salt. How is that for a cool Spanish treat? Sip away.

Jamon Iberico: The English translation of this specialty is Iberian ham. During your travels in Spain, you will frequently come across ham. The locals put much attention to the quality and curing of this culinary delight. If you are planning a visit to Huelva, Salamanca, or Alpujarras (located near Granada), do not miss out on the Jamon Iberico.

Chorizo: A type of spicy pork sausage, chorizo comes in different forms. It is available thinly sliced or cut in chunks and cooked in cider or wine. Its red color comes from dried red peppers. This Spanish-speaking country loves its chorizo. Try some during your trip. The best is found in the Segovian province of Cantimpalos.

Gambas Ajillo: Spain knows its seafood and these large garlic prawns prove it. Cooked in olive oil, they will certainly satisfy your palate.

Empanada: Spanish-speaking countries throughout Central and South America are also popular for their empanadas. The specialty, however, originated in Galicia, where it is prepared with chicken, shellfish, or cod.

Pulpo a la Gallega: From Galicia, the home of the empanada, comes another traditional staple that you just must try during your trip to Spain. The Galician Octopus is prepared in a copper vat. If you are a seafood lover, it’s worth a try.

Pimentos de Padron: These small fried green peppers are served whole. You might come across one that is very hot, but they are generally fine when it comes to spiciness. The best place to find them is Padron, but you can enjoy them throughout Galicia in the summertime.

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