What to Drink when Traveling in Peru, Local Beverages to Try

Animals are drinking water in Peru

Just a cute pic: wild animals in Peru are enjoying water 🙂

Travelers to Peru would be happy to know that the country offers many choices when it comes to drinks. Peru has a wide selection of offers from beer, cocktails, and wine to cola-like drinks and coffee. If you are a tourist who loves happy hour, remember that the Peruvian happy hour is somewhat different from those of most other countries. During the set time of day, the prices of drinks will be a little cheaper than normal. This is not the big happy hour catch, however. The real difference is that you get two drinks, and not one, for the happy hour price. This is very convenient if you have company on your trip. It’s a great way to save money. On the other hand, it also allows excessive drinking, if you are not careful. When on your trip, feel free to experiment and have a taste of what the local have. www.travelrows.com

In terms of soft drinks, you can try Inca kola and chichi morada while in Peru. Inca kola is the Peruvian version of cola. This brand was actually recently purchased by Coca Cola. Its color is bright yellow. Its taste is like bubble gum. Need we say more? Chicha morada is also a soft drink. Made of boiled purple corn with spices and sugar added, it is much loved in Peru. Peruvian restaurants offer freshly made chichi morada on their menus. You can also find this product bottled or canned in markets and other places. According to most Peruvians, you cannot get better than the freshly boiled chicha. Street vendors also make and sell this drink, but be careful about the quality of water they use.

Street vendors also sell emoliente, another Peruvian drink. Described as a thick tea, this hot drink is made of herb and fruit extracts. It is full of flavor. It is the standard after-party drink. Usually served hot, it can be served cold, too. Another item in the tea category is coca tea, which is also known as mate de coca. Made of the leaves of the coca plant, this drink may be controversial in other parts of the world. However, in Peru it is legal to drink this tea. It is not a drug. Usually served hot, it can also be served cold. If you’d rather have coffee than tea. You are in the right country. Peru is the largest producer of organic coffee in the world. Similarly, with the abundance of locally grown fruits, you can be sure that the country offers a wide selection of fresh fruit juices.

When it comes to alcoholic drink, you can have local favorites like pisco sour, chichi de jora, as well as local wine and local beer. Pisco sour, the main alcoholic drink specialty of Peru, contains egg whites and other ingredients mixed with pisco, which is a kind of brandy. The drink tastes sweet, but it is high in alcohol, so watch out. Chicha de jora is an affordable traditional drink made of fermented corn and alcohol. It is not readily available at formal restaurants. Places that sell this drink make it be known by placing a long stick with a colored plastic bag on it outside their door. When it comes to wine, the Pisco-Nasca area of Peru is famous for cultivation. The wines of the country are rather inexpensive. Beer in Peru is available readily. The local brand is called Cusquena.

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