What is the Most Common Way of Transportation in Spain?

Transportation in Madrid, Spain

If you’re planning a trip to Spain and don’t want to rent a car, there are several other options available for transportation. Some are public transportation options, while others are private carrier options. Depending on your preference, each type offers some unique advantages and disadvantages. Plan ahead to make sure you’re prepared for your transportation needs, so that you don’t find yourself stuck in a bind on your fabulous Spanish vacation. travelrows.com


Intra-city buses are available in all major Spanish cities. They provide affordable and reliable service, and you also get to experience some of the native Spanish flair while traveling. Buses are an excellent option if you’re traveling on a budget, and it’s fairly easy to figure out which bus you need to take to get to a certain destination. However, if you plan on traveling across Spain, you’ll need to allow extra time for travel. Buses usually make frequent stops that can lead to serious delays during your trip.

Taxi Cabs

You’ll find that taxi service and the actual taxis will vary from city to city in Spain. In addition to privately owned taxis, you should be able to find government-licensed taxis that have standard rates for certain trips that are set by specific legislations. Regardless of the taxi you take, you’ll still be expected to tip approximately ten to fifteen percent of the total fare, just as you would in the United States.


One of the best ways to travel in Spain is by train. Not only will you have more space to spread out than on a bus, it’s often faster to travel by train, especially if you’re traveling long distances. It does cost more for the convenience, but you won’t have to worry about switching buses, and it’s still less expensive than a taxi or flight for longer trips.


There are many international airports in Spain, including two major hubs in Madrid and Granada. If you plan to travel across the country, you might be able to find a seat on a discount airline for around $50 or less that will enable you to see more cities on a budget. And, if you have a very restricted time frame for your vacation, this may be one of your only options for travel. When heading overseas, you must plan ahead – otherwise, you’re likely to find the flights full or the fare extremely expensive.

Ride Shares

For those with an adventurous side, there are several websites that match travelers with Spanish residents who offer free travel. While most simply want to meet new people and have new experiences, it’s hard to determine which people can be trusted and which can’t. Use this option with care.

Some cities, such as Bilbao, offer other transportation options. The subway in Bilbao is an efficient and modern metro system with some great architectural stations designed by Sir Norman Foster. You can buy a single ticket for the subway for about 1.25 Euros or purchase a discounted multi-pass ticket for a little more. There’s also a new tram system that was built in 2002 and runs to all the central parts of Bilbao for a very affordable charge.

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