RTW Trip Meaning, Round The World Definition


The term “RTW” is catching on in the blogosphere and among travelers who set off to take a trip literally Round The World. You’ll be seeing more airlines and travel agencies offering deals for RTW trip so let us introduce you to the concept and culture of the RTW. www.travelrows.com

RTW Trip Meaning

Basically, RTW stands for round the world usually followed by the word trip. Generally speaking these trips are routes around the globe, touching place in 3 or more continents continents before flying back around to the starting point. RTW trips are often around a year long, although they can be as short as 3-6 months, or extended to 18 months and beyond.

Who Are RTWers?

An RTWer is someone who has taken a trip around the world with a definitely beginning and end date. That’s the standard definition anyway and it can vary but RTW trips are those with the set purpose of making it around the globe as part of an organized trip. Many of these people who take RTW trips are students in a gap year, people taking career breaks or sabbaticals, and many others fall somewhere in between. RTWers purchase RTW tickets (many airlines and airline partners offer them like Star Alliance and One World) and make arrangements once they’ve saved up enough to take the trip. Some do work from the road but often once RTWers return it’s back to their regular jobs and lives with more infrequent travel.

  • Tickets need to be booked and planned in advance and typically range from $2,500-$5,000.
  • There are a number of good online RTW trip maps and planners.
  • Many backpackers find ways to bring their jobs (and incomes) along with them on the road. You can read about digital nomad tips and tools, how to make money with your travel blog, or consider long distance telecommuting.

Meet Some RTWers

There are a number of resources you can use to find other people who are taking an RTW. There are entire lists of frequent travelers and RTWers as well as good resources on how you can overcome the obstacles and travel the world yourself. For those of you on Twitter or Instagram, you can do a search of the hash tags and follow those soon-to-be RTWers and read their tweets and blogs about their personal RTW trip plans, routes, fears and anticipation.

The Definition of RTW Varies

Despite our attempts to clearly define RTW, the truth is that it varies widely. Most RTW trips are different from the next, with varying routes, some focusing on certain areas of the world, some can look like a cruise and different ideas about what an RTW exactly is. The specific definition isn’t as important as the idea behind and RTW and now you should have a pretty good idea of what an RTW is and the types of people that take RTW trips.

Some RTW trips are short, others span years, and there is even a segment of travelers that break up an RTW into separate trips – now doesn’t that throw you off a bit? Of course there are those that start an RTW, or use them as girlfriend getaways and never return home for good and just keep traveling. Once you catch the travel bug it’s difficult for many to even stay put in one place.

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