What is a Price Match and How to Get it with Travelrows LLC?

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It’s a very common thing now that experienced travelers research on the web the prices and then take them to the nearest travel agency asking for a price match.

Why would they do it? If they can just book everything online through some travel monster as Expedia, Costco or Skyscanner?

About Expedia. I am registered with Expedia as an affiliate travel agency and I CAN book for you trips with them, please contact me for details.

Yeah, sales move online more and more and even I do most of my tour and cruise sales online. I am located in Virginia but my customers are all over the US, Canada and other countries. It’s easy, fast, convenient. Why not? Travel agency has its advantages. About them – in one of my articles on this website. Let’s go back to Price Matching.

Good news! Yes, I help with price matching. I will call supplier and find out if it’s possible to do price matching for my client. I will do as much as I can for you. I am interested in fair game. And I feel sorry for those people, who over pay just because their travel agency is limited for suppliers or tour operators.

If you need a tour with a supplier that I am not registered with, just let me know! It will not take long for me. I will be happy to add more tours in my collection.

Just to let you know. Price matching does not depend on me. It depends on the supplier, and often on the hotel and other sources. I will call my supplier. I will negotiate and try to get the same price as you have found on internet. But the result can be yes or no. Well, it worths trying. I am your travel agent and will do my best.

Requirements for price matching

If you want to get fast results, please get ready the following information ( I can get ready it too, but if it comes from you with your request, it will be even faster):

  • Travelers’ names as in your passports, IDs
  • You contact information – email and phone number, address
  • Screenshot of the best price with the date the quote was made
  • Make sure that the package you found is exactly the same

I want to add some more important information before you submit price match request. Please pay attention to:

  1. Flight time and airline, sometimes you lose a day on a cheap but longer flight
  2. Room type should be the same
  3. Meals
  4. The services included
  5. Transfer included or not, private or not

Those are just examples. If you have any questions, just let me know.

Important! I do NOT charge any fees for tours and cruise bookings. You pay the price tour operator or Expedia offers you.


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