What is a Cruise to Nowhere, Do They Still Exist?

Cruise to nowhere and ocean horizon

Does this sound intriguing or terrifying? It’s actually really amazing and relaxing. Don’t worry, be happy — a cruise to nowhere is a cruise that is two to three days long. The ship leaves its home port, sails for a few days, and then returns to its home port without calling at any ports along the way. www.travelrows.com

The benefits of a cruise to nowhere is that you don’t have to find tender boats, stops to port, or add additional costs by booking excursions at a port. A passenger can enjoy all the amenities of a long cruise with less planning attached to the trip.

Do cruises to nowhere still exist?

The 2016 U.S. regulations changed, and cruises to nowhere are not offered any more because ships must call on at least one foreign port. Although, throughout the world, there are still a few cruises to nowhere provided in places like Hong Kong, Sydney, Brisbane and Cape Town.

People still remember those times when you could get on a nowhere ship from NYC, Baltimore, Long Beach, New Orleans, Cape Liberty, San Diego or Norfolk and search for deals from Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Disney. Unfortunately, does not matter how much you google, you won’t find any.

There is a bit of a workaround if a cruise to nowhere isn’t offered near you. The person who enjoys downtime without exploring new places can simply stay onboard the boat. If you are wanting to do this, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Tips for having an enjoyable cruise to nowhere

If you want to cruise but not visit a new place, you can simply stay on board the ship. If you are going to stay aboard, there are a couple of things you will want to think about when you book your tickets:

* Choose a cruise that has amenities you will enjoy. If you are on a smaller or low-cost cruise, you may find fewer amenities. So make sure you look for a cruise that has facilities you enjoy.

* The cabins on cruises are not all equal. An inside cabin will be smaller, and well, the views will be rather flat with no natural lighting. Some cruises have options for an ocean view cabin versus an inside cabin. The ocean view cabin will have a window. However, this window doesn’t open and may be obstructed by lifeboats.

* Spa cabins are typically very zen and are usually located very close to the ship spa. Some even come with butler service. A spa cabin often comes with amenities like a couple of free fitness classes, robes, slippers, and spa toiletries to be used on board.

* Celebrity cabins include access to the thermal room and free daily delivery of tea, along with the same amenities as a spa cabin. If you decide to take a cruise to nowhere, you definitely want to research what amenities are included with your room.

* If you decide to take a cruise to nowhere, you will probably want to make sure you buy a package that includes onboard drinks and food.

On a cruise to nowhere, the ship is your destination. You get to enjoy being at sea and taking part in onboard activities. Passengers can enjoy dining and have the opportunity to reconnect with their travel partners during the getaway. If you love to explore new places, this probably isn’t for you. But if you just want to relax, a cruise to nowhere could be just the ticket.

Your experience

If you still think that you just (in 2019) got off a cruise to nowhere share your experience in comments. Do not forget to mention your cruise details like – cruise line, departure port, dates of sailing.

Other options

The main reasons, why people pick a cruise to nowhere: number of days, only 2 or 3 and no plans. There is no need to give up. There are many other normal cruise options for a 2-3 days sail legally. Plenty of them are in Florida. Contact us for help with finding and booking a weekend mini cruise or any other types of cruses, we have them all!

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