What are Your Cayman Islands Pros and Cons?

Cayman Island Hammock

The Cayman Islands are located fairly close to the United States, which makes this destination a prime spot for many American tourists. The language in the country is English, but we’ll include it on this site anyways since many consider going to a place like Grand Cayman versus Costa Rica or somewhere else in the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands are small and known primarily for their scuba diving and offshore banking. Is a vacation there for you? travelrows.com

Here are my the pros and cons:

Pro: The Cayman Islands has amazing scuba diving.

If you enjoy scuba diving, then visiting Grand Cayman is a must. There is so much to explore in the beautiful waters of this Caribbean island. Of course, if you are not a scuba diver, like myself, then this doesn’t mean much to you.

Con: If you don’t enjoy scuba diving, there isn’t much to do.

While scuba divers may love an extended stay in Grand Cayman, those that are not into it may find themselves scratching their heads for what to do after a few days. Besides seeing turtles and sting rays, there isn’t much else to do in Grand Cayman. The turtles are fun and all, but they in themselves aren’t going to get you to shell out money for that plane flight.

Pro: The beaches are beautiful.

Of course, so are all Caribbean beaches.

Con: A trip is expensive

Visiting Grand Cayman can be quite costly. Not only is the plane flight to this nation expensive, the hotels tend to be quite expensive too. The food is fairly expensive and not that great, basically typical of a tourist trap.

What about your pros and cons?

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