What are the Interesting Places to See on a Caribbean Cruise?

St. Lucia, the Caribbean

Hi! I am looking for a Caribbean cruise and want to make sure it has stops at some interesting locations. Which stops and interesting places to see would you advise? Jacob.

Hi Jacob! Cruise holidays are a fabulous way to see a variety of locations all in the same holiday, and one of the areas of the world which is best suited to this type of holiday is the Caribbean. With tropical climate and lots of islands each with its own culture, history and style, a cruise around the Caribbean is a great way to explore the islands here stopping here and there to see the sights, sip a cocktail on a beach, visit a museum, or explore a rainforest. www.travelrows.com

Enjoy the peaceful waters as you cruise from one island to another on board your ship, and then the fun and intrigue of taking excursions. There are so many islands to choose from too. You could explore St Lucia, taking in the black sands on the beaches, and driving up the side of a volcano. Most of the interior of St Lucia is covered in rainforest, and there are many wonderful exotic animals and birds to see here.

Stop at Jamaica and explore Dunns River with its 600ft high waterfall which looks spectacular from above or below. The setting is truly breath taking. The Bob Marley Museum here in Jamaica is also very interesting and Nine Mile is a quaint village here where many Bob Marley fans like to pilgrimage to see the house where Bob Marley began his musical career. An authentic dinner of Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas, and Fried Dumpling is a great way to experience Jamaica’s food, and of course a little Reggae to take you into the evening is a must here. More about Jamaican cruises is here.

Barbados is another very popular stop for Caribbean cruises. This coral island retains much of the architecture which grew up here during colonial rule, and there are many English place names to be found. Bridgetown is the historic capital and shopping here, as well as traditional afternoon tea is very pleasant. Things to do and to see in Barbados.

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago offer anyone who enjoys wildlife a real treat. Trinidad is famous for having over 450 species of birds, and Tobago has over 200 which considering it’s just 115 square miles in size is pretty impressive. There are also 108 types of mammals, 55 of reptiles, 25 amphibians and over 600 types of butterfly to be found on Trinidad. Wonderful rich reefs surround these two islands, and snorkeling here will give you a taste of the incredible colors and variety that can be found underwater too.

There are many other islands to explore as well, each offering something different from small fishing villages to bustling towns and cities, rainforest to open beaches, coffee plantations, and all surrounded by crystal clear waters. This is a region full of music and rich spicy foods, and the atmosphere is laid back and relaxed.

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