Weather in December and January in South Beach, Florida

Palm trees in sunny Florida weather

South Beach is basically a tropical paradise! The average LOW temperature in South Beach during the month of December is a pleasant sixty-two degrees…a light sweater is comfortable. The average high temperature in South Beach during the month of December is a nice warm seventy-seven degrees. Seventy-seven is absolutely perfect for strolling along the beach, hunting for seashells or playing golf or tennis. Seventy-seven is perfect for some serious shopping at the many shops and boutiques.

People sometimes ask how Christmas is acknowledged in a tropical location like South Beach. The answer is that it is acknowledged pretty much the same as it is in other more northern climates but with a definite tropical flair! Fake snow is popular. There are locations in South Beach that get tons of artificial snow and offer sledding and such…all done in shorts or bathing suits of course.

Way back in 1899 there was a record breaking cold winter. Snow was reported as far south as a line from Fort Myers on the state’s west coast to Fort Pierce on the east coast and that was an extremely unusual event. But snow had never, ever been reported in south Florida…never, that is, until January 19, 1977. That was the same day that President Jimmy Carter was sworn in but his swearing in ceremony was overshadowed by snow falling in south Florida…even in South Beach. West Palm Beach reported snow falling for the first time on record at 6:10 AM on January 19, 1977 and only one hour later Miami issued the first ever forecast for snow…also the last one.

Many south Florida residents had never seen snow before…adults as well as children. An elementary school principle, Mary Crum, said, “They were ecstatic, running around with their tongues out, trying to catch the snow in their mouths,” Of course, the snow didn’t last long. This is, after all, south Florida! It gave a little dusting to the swaying palm trees and a little fell on warm, sunny, sandy beaches but nothing stayed long enough for a snow man to be built.

What kind of weather can you expect for your December or January vacation in South Beach? Not snow! You can leave the snow, ice and frigid temperatures behind. In South Beach you will find warm weather and sunny skies. Hurricane season will be past and the next one will be in the distant future. There are very few rainy days in South Beach in the winter months. The almost daily afternoon rains don’t start until spring. December and January are really the very best of months to visit South Beach.

December and January are the favorite months of seniors to visit South Beach as well. The near perfect weather is the big drawing card. You can play golf, tennis or look for sea shells everyday and or look for a place to retire.

Snow fell for the first and last time in history in South Beach in 1977. It isn’t anything that you need to worry about. Go…enjoy the sun and don’t forget your sunscreen!

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