Weather and The Best Time for Vacations in South Beach, Florida

Nice and warm weather in South Beach, Florida

The weather in South Beach is one of the attractions that draw tourists from around the world at all times of the year. South Beach is a little more than sixty-three miles long and the average temperature is about seventy-five degrees. South Beach is cooled by breezes from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The average low temperature in South Beach, Florida is about seventy-two degrees and the average high temperature is about eighty-seven degrees in May. That is just about perfect! Of course, the summer months are hotter but the breezes do tend to keep things pretty comfortable.

The warm temperatures and sunny skies make for perfect outdoor activities that range from lying on the beach to scuba diving to parasailing to kayaking. For those who object to getting wet but still love the water there are always boating, fishing and cruises available as well.

The sunny skies, the warm temperatures and the relaxed atmosphere have also enticed some of the best know chefs in the world to make their homes in South Beach. There is a variety of food offered that makes one’s head spin. American cuisine is of course available…you can find a good old hamburger and order of fries on every street but there is also Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Greek, Columbian, Mexican and lots and lots of seafood choices as well. You could likely enjoy the beautiful weather and the excellent cuisine for months without ever dining in the same restaurant twice. There really are that many choices!

The ease of finding sleeping accommodations in this tropical paradise depends upon the time of the year that you choose to visit. During the summer months, which are considered the ‘off’ season, accommodations are easily found but during the ‘high’ season, you certainly do need to make reservations well in advance. Remember the weather is nearly perfect and a lot of people are looking for sunny skies and warm white-sand beaches in January. Don’t leave finding sleeping accommodations to chance. You will need to make reservations early to keep from having to sleep on the beach under the stars.

The nightlife in South Beach can be fun and exciting, too! After that warm sun sinks into the Gulf of Mexico and the street lights come on, the party usually gets into full swing. Clubs stay open until 5 AM in South Beach. It would take you that long to make even a small portion of them. You will need many nights to see all of them and to sample all of the various musical offerings of the area. There are some of the ‘hot’ clubs that you will not be able to get into without prior reservations. You need to check in advance and make your reservations.

Comfortably warm but not hot days and cool but not cold nights are a big attraction for a great many people. The crowds can be large especially during the months of December, January, February, March and April. Both the months of November and May will be less crowded and the weather will be almost as perfect.

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