Ocean Waves VS Sea Waves – Useful Information for Tourists

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Everyone, who is interested in beach vacations is asking the same question. How big are the waves at…? Should I choose a sea or an ocean? What are the beaches without waves? Surfers are looking for the biggest waves and families with small kids for the smallest. In this article I would like to provide you some useful information about the ocean and sea waves and answer your questions in comments. Travelrows LLC helps to find the best beaches according to your waves requirements as well. Just contact us.

Travel options

The most popular beach vacations are in the Caribbean sea, USA East and West oceanfronts, Mediterranean Sea. Plus any other warm and nice places around the world close to your location. I can understand how disappointing it can be, if you make many miles and spend a lot of money on your vacation and get to something unexpected on the beach.

What causes waves in the ocean or sea?

Water is never still, even if it seems like that early in the morning. The main reason, why waves exist is wind. Waves that are created by wind are called surface waves or wind-driven waves. Stronger the wind – bigger the waves. Oceans are huge, it makes sense that in the open ocean there is a lot of wind and waves, while seas are more surrounded by coast. Think of yourself standing in a field in the wind or in a forest. Same wind in a forest can not affect you much. So if you want to find a beach without waves, look for hotels with bays or beaches behind islands.

Another reason for waves – tides. Those depend on sun and moon and are daily. Moon affects tides more than sun. High or low tide depends on season. When you are on vacation, it is more important, how high or low water is rather than waves size from it.Tides behave unpredictable and can be dangerous. It is better to avoid during tide times. In the areas, where tides are dangerous there are signs with instructions how to behave if you caught up with one.

Tsunami waves are caused by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or landslides near or under the water. Tsunami creates series of waves and if the waves reach the shore they may be very destructive. Tsunamis can be very big or small, not even noticeable from the shore. Unfortunately, prediction of tsunamis is no very effective. A big tragedy and lots of lost lives were a result of a tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004. Luckily, such events do not happen very often and people keep traveling and booking beach resorts.

Waves in ocean VS Waves in sea

Waves in the ocean are definitely bigger than waves in the sea. If your main goal is to sunbathe on the beach sand and enjoy a refreshing drink – waves are not that important. If you LOVE to swim, I would always recommend to pick a vacation on the sea. There are a few reasons why:

  • More comfortable to swim and dive
  • Warmer water temperature
  • Less waves – safer you are
  • Beaches are not closed that often
  • Perfect for family vacations with kids
  • Enjoy underwater world and snorkeling

Completely different situation is for those, who enjoy surfing. Those travelers need as bigger waves as possible. The right choice for a surfer would be an ocean. All you need to decide is about North or South – if you are ok with a cold ocean or you prefer something like Hawaii.

Note: Waves in the ocean or sea may depend on season and location. If you want to have a beach vacation at some certain location and avoid waves/enjoy waves, check out the best time for it according to the month.

Waves in Ocean Video:

For more Ocean waves videos please visit our YouTube channel.

In conclusion

Waves are beautiful, inspiring, energy giving natural phenomena. Watching waves or listening to waves sounds is calming, recharging, uplifting. A vacation on the sea shore, ocean front, lake side or river with waterfalls is a must for everyone from babies to seniors. Contact us for help with booking your beach vacation, no matter for which purpose – for surfing, sunbathing, swimming, playing with kids or relaxing in an adults only hotel. We are always happy to help and advise the right destination.

On which side are you? Vote for waves or no waves in comments!

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    • Square waves/cross sea/squared sea appear when the wave keeps going and then crossed by a new wave caused by wind. The surface of the sea may look like big or small squares. Avoid this type of waves. The reason, why they are dangerous – they create riptides that are difficult to get out of not only for people but even for boats and ships.

    • Hi Rick! Pacific ocean waves receive more wind energy. Though the largest waves were registered in the North Atlantic Ocean and Atlantic ocean is considered to be number 2 in the list of the most dangerous oceans.


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