Visiting Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Broadway at the Beach, South Carolina

Everywhere you look near Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you will see billboards that proclaim in big bold letters, “Broadway on the Beach. Where Myrtle Beach Comes to Life”. You can believe these signs. They speak the truth. There are 350 acres of shops, restaurants, nightlife, attractions, and top-flight hotels at Broadway on the Beach. You could spend your entire Myrtle Beach vacation at Broadway on the Beach and never see it all!

Broadway at the Beach on the map:


The first thing that most people consider is their sleeping accommodations when they begin planning their vacation. There are three fine hotels in the Broadway on the Beach site:

The Fairfield Inn: According to their website you can expect, “Features include comfortable, affordable lodging by Marriott, 111 spacious, well-appointed rooms, complimentary continental breakfast, Jacuzzi suites with king-size beds, a friendly staff and much more!”

The Hampton Inn: There are 141 rooms. All of them are spacious and well appointed. They strive to make each guest feel special and to meet each request with a smile. There are so many wonderful amenities that will make your stay enjoyable.

The Holiday Inn Express: The Holiday Inn Express is located in the very heart of Broadway on the Beach. It features 114 well appointed rooms and a continental breakfast buffet. In addition there is a spa and an outdoor pool.


The second consideration of vacationers is sometimes the food choices that they will have. There are at least twenty-one different choices of restaurants at Broadway at the Beach. The choices range from very elegant to very casual and the choices range from Italian to Mexican to Steaks to Sea Food. Many of the restaurants also feature live entertainment….some of it spontaneous.


If shopping is what floats your boat, you are in luck at Broadway on the Beach. There are more than a hundred specialty shops right on the location. Whatever “IT” is that you are seeking, you will most certainly be able to find. You will even find things that you likely never dreamed existed. There isn’t anything much more fun that shopping at Broadway on the Beach.


Are you looking for entertainment? Your choices at Broadway on the Beach are many. You will find Ripley’s Aquarium. This features a 750,000 gallon aquarium with a moving walkway that runs beside and under it. There are sharks, stingrays and a variety of colorful fish. There are hourly shows, as well. There are over fifteen other attractions that are available at Broadway on the Beach.

If the nightlife is what you are waiting for, Broadway on the Beach can certainly provide that. There are as many as fifteen different shows every single night. Oh, yes, and if you are really into golf, there is a world class golf course right on site. Over in a corner of Broadway on the Beach you will find NASCAR or rather the NASCAR Speedway with eleven types of NASCAR experiences for all ages and the NASCAR Cafe.

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