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South Beach, Ocean, Florida

Everybody who loves to travel and hot south weather should consider a trip to South Beach. Once will probably not be enough. Once you get a taste of this tropical paradise it is very likely that you will want to return again and again. Where to stay in South Beach. The nightlife in South Beach.

When you begin planning your long-awaited South Beach vacation, the first consideration should be where you will hang your hat and call home while you are on vacation. There are so many choices of accommodations in South Beach that you may just have a hard time in choosing just one.

Maybe you would love to stay in the historic art deco district. That would be an excellent choice. These hotels were built in the 1920’s and 1930’s. They have been restored so that from the outside they look as they did when they were built. However, the interiors have all been modernized. You won’t find 1920’s feather beds or bathrooms…no, you will find all of the comforts of the modern twenty-first century.

Or maybe you would rather rent a little cottage on the beach that is away from the hustle and bustle and the nightlife of the art deco district. Those are available as well. You can find rentals for a cozy party of two or for a large and boisterous family of twelve.

You can also find condos that are leased out by their owners by the week or by the month. Sometimes if you go through the ‘off’ season, you can get very good deals on condo rentals.

South Beach is like another world. A vacation to South beach has been described as being like a trip to a tropical island/movie set/fashion shoot/fairy tale land all rolled into one. There isn’t much doubt that you will see many familiar and famous faces on your South Beach vacation. Just keep your eyes open. You never know who you will run into. South Beach is the playground of the rich and famous.

You can spend the sunny days of your South Beach vacation soaking up the rays on the white sandy beaches or shopping at some of the most exclusive shops in the world. Your choice of meals is almost unlimited. You could probably stay a whole month or maybe two and never eat at the same restaurant twice or even have the same kind of meal twice. There is that much diversity!

Disney Land is within very easy driving distance. You can spend days at Disney Land and still never see it or experience it all. There are cruises of all kinds awaiting you at South Beach and some of them are so romantic you might want to do the same one several times.

The brilliant sun will chase away any blues that you might accidentally bring along on your South Beach vacation. It is difficult to be sad in such a happy place.

Make your reservations, pack your bags and go to South Beach where you will enjoy the most sun filled and wonderful vacation that you have ever had.

The South Beach Lifestyle

Sometimes people will go to South Beach for a vacation and become so enamored with the South Beach lifestyle that they begin to dream of living it on a full time basis. What’s not to like about South Beach? The tropical setting, the beautiful and plentiful white sand beaches, the almost unlimited water sports, fishing, golfing, the best and most diversified restaurants…have I left anything out?

Vacation days on South Beach begin with you awakening to sun light streaming through your window and not a single snow flake in sight. Those dismally grey, cold days can begin to seem like a distant bad memory in short order. You crawl out of bed and dress so casually that it takes only minutes. You don’t need a coat, a scarf, a hat or gloves….shorts and a t-shirt will do just fine. You have your breakfast of really fresh locally grown fruit right by the pool.

Making a choice of activities for the day is the only problem that you have. You could just change into your bathing suit and take yourself down to one of the beautiful sunny white-sand beaches and work on your tan, of course. That is always an option. But wait! You could also rent a sail boat and take yourself and your friends out on the bay for the day. There isn’t anything quite like the feeling of absolute freedom that you experience when you are sailing.

You could go swim with the Dolphins or you could go scuba diving. There are so many terrific natural and man-made reefs where you can see hundreds and hundreds of fish. You could go fishing. Goodness knows there are almost an unlimited number of fishing opportunities available.

If you don’t want to get wet, there are a host of other activities that you can enjoy. Maybe you would like to go visit the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge. That is a trip that you most certainly do not want to miss. If golfing is in your blood, you could make the short drive to see the World Golf Hall of Fame. That’s a real treat!

So many choices! So little time! What a problem!

When lunch time rolls around, you will be faced with another problem. You will have to decide which of the many cuisine choices will be yours for lunch and don’t forget that you get to make another one for dinner. You might choose from Greek, Colombian, New World Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mexican, Italian, Cuban or Vietnamese for lunch and make another choice for dinner.

After lunch you might need to go back to your hotel or cottage and grab yourself a little nap…after all, you are going to want to participate in some of the great nightlife that you will find in South Beach.

Whatever your choice of music, you will find it in South Beach. If Country and Western is your bag…no problem. If you want hard rock, you can find that as well. Clubs stay open until 5 AM. Maybe you can make several.

Nightlife in South Beach

The ever-changing, ever-evolving nightlife in South Beach may be one of the most attractive reasons for the large tourist trade in South Beach. It also turns out, sometimes, to be one of the biggest disappointments of tourists.

There are a couple of clubs that have withstood the test of time, of course, and remain steady nightlife tourist attractions. The “Clevelander” and “The Deuce” have been tourist attractions for many years, for example. However, other clubs change names and owners so often that it is really difficult to know which ones will still be open today that were open yesterday. Not only is there a continuity problem but just being admitted to a ‘hot’ club can be more than a little difficult especially for tourists.

The local government of Miami Beach is trying hard to address this problem by making it more difficult to open an establishment. They are really trying hard to prevent these fly-by-night clubs from ever opening in the first place. Most clubs that open in the Miami Beach area only last one season or less.

Here are just a few of the places that might be of some interest to tourists in South Beach and Miami but there is no guarantee that the clubs that are mentioned will still be open:

Overtown is one of Miami’s oldest African-American neighborhoods and it is on the upswing. It is revitalizing an entertainment district dominated the Lyric Theater which is considered an historical monument.

Calle Ocho is Little Havana’s main street. It is lined with restaurants and places where sounds of salsa and merengue can always be heard.

Coconut Grove is south of the downtown area. It is the New Year’s home of the King Mango Strut political spoof parade…always a highlight. There are restaurants, movie theaters and bookstores.

Lovely Coral Gables is awash with top dining establishments and galleries presenting the very best of art. It is not surprising that Miami always ranks at the top for singles scene action and Latin beats. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the hot clubs of the moment like Prive, Mansion and Mynt, where DJs spin the latest house music.

Tourists, locals and celebrities can all be found at Hoy Como Ayer enjoying the sounds of DJ Le Spam and The All Stars and among the hot live music clubs in Little Havana. The live music spots like Churchill’s and the elegant places like Rumi, Tap Tap, and Tantra, makes South Beach glitter with excitement.

Nightlife attractions are always an important component of the tourist trade for all areas and South Beach is, of course, not the exception to that rule. During the daylight hours, tourists love to lie out on sun drenched beaches and shop at world class boutiques. They love to look for the famous faces that can always be spotted in South Beach. But when the sin sinks in a blaze of glory into the Gulf of Mexico and the street lights come on, it is time to party!

Sunny Daze in South Beach

If you are planning a vacation to South Beach, Florida even in mid winter or during a spring break you need to be aware of the need for serious skin care. If you reside in northern climates and your skin has not been exposed to direct sunlight for several months you will need to be even more careful than those who live in southern climates and have had some sun exposure but they will need to be very, very careful as well.

Unprotected exposure of the skin to direct sunlight is never a good, safe or even very smart idea. It has been proven that when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight the possibility of skin cancer rises dramatically. If beauty is of a bigger concern than health, then be aware that skin that is exposed to direct sunlight will wrinkle much earlier and much more severely than skin that is protected.

If nothing else, a sunburn can ruin a perfectly good (not to mention expensive) vacation. If your vacation is in South Beach, even if you are not planning on soaking up rays on the beach, you will still need to pack products to take care of your skin. The sun’s rays will be intense. Be certain to pack and use these products:

Sunscreen: It is of the utmost importance that a water resistant sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher that will help protect your skin from harmful UV rays be kept on your skin at all times during daylight hours. The sunscreen should be applied to dry skin at least 15 minutes before going outdoors and should be reapplied after swimming or perspiring. Usually only one ounce of sunscreen per application is sufficient.

Lip Balm that is medicated and has an SPF of 15 or higher: Often time people will be aware of the need for sunscreen for exposed skin and completely forget that lips need protection as well. The lip balm needs to be water proof.

Spray-on sunscreen for hair: Yes, your hair needs sunscreen just like your skin and your lips. There are spray-on varieties as well as leave-in conditioner varieties for the purpose of protecting the hair from damaging sun rays.

Cold sore/fever blister medications: Overexposure to the sun will trigger cold sores or fever blisters. You need to be prepared with medications designed to quickly heal an outbreak.

In addition to the above listed products for skin protection, be certain to pack a big, floppy hat in your South Beach vacation luggage. There are a lot of products that can help to prevent sun damage but the very best protection is prevention and a big floppy hat can keep you in the shade when there is no other shade available.

A sun burn can ruin your vacation. It can also cause you a lot of other skin problems years after your vacation is just a pleasant but distant memory…problems like skin cancer and wrinkles. You can save your vacation as well as a lot of future problems by taking precautions.

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