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Tzarina Tours to Russia

Tzarina tours is a Russian tour operator. The location of which is in the city of Saint-Petersburg. Tzarina Tours offers individual or group tours. The sightseeing will be accompanied by professional guides who know a lot of facts about Saint-Petersburg. As the visitor of the country you can choose a classical/standard trip (with visiting of the most famous places) or creative (for e.g. with skiing and fly station). Your visit in Russia will be based on your wishes.

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Tzarina tours is providing tours to the different destinations. Here there is a short list of some of them.


  • One day Tzarina Suburb Tour
  • Tzarina Ducal 2-day tour – especially recommended for cruise ship passengers
  • Tzarina Regal 2-day tour
  • Tzarina Grand Royal 2-day tour


  • Helsinki Private Tour With Deluxe Van
  • Helsinki Tram and Walking Tour


  • One day Tzarina Moscow city tour by train

Moreover, the agency is able to organize the trip to the Saint-Petersburg’s nearby towns (Pushkin, Lomonosov, Peterhof, Pavlovsk). In those cities you can enjoy the view on beautiful country palaces.

The days for your visit are available upon request.


Tzarina tours has the following transportation options:

  • Business-class cars (might be used by individuals).
  • Busses of different sizes (some of them are really large and it means that big groups of tourists can travel together. It is comfortable to move in a new place with the company in a spacious bus).
  • A pick up service from airport, railway station or cruise port. (The drivers are polite and friendly, they can help you to change the location with care about you).

The goal of Tzarina tours is to make your stay in the country safe and sound.

Group tours

Tzarina tours is keen on your interest in all excursions in the pack. In group tours you are able to create your own tour with other foreigners. According to your wishes the tour will be suggest to you and other people. The pack of excursions might be changed: there is a function of adding or removing some objects to be visited. The advantage of this system is visiting of places which will be really liked by you. If you look at the price on individual and group tour, you will see that the second kind of traveling is cheaper. The bigger group, the lower price.

Tzarina Tours

Tzarina Tours

Tzarina Tours


You have a choice where to stay in a new country: the hotel or apartment. The variety of which is really large. Some of the hotels and apartments are situated in the center of the city. The accommodation might be budget or luxurious. Choose the best option for yourself. Living here for a short time helps you to feel the spirit of the country.

Visa support

The tour agency has an option of visa support. It is free only for cruise ship passengers.

Contact us for more information about traveling to Russia and help with booking Tzarina Tours.

* Text, photos and videos were kindly provided by Tzarina Tours

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