Typical Guatemalan Souvenirs, the Best Gifts to Bring Home from Guatemala

Guatemala colorful hammocks

Whether you are just looking for sophisticated jewelry pieces to buy as gifts for people back home or you desire to own distinct wooden sculptures that you can decorate your home with, the stunning country of Guatemala has everything in stock. Below is a compiled list of Guatemala souvenirs that you should be on the lookout for. www.travelrows.com

Typical Guatemalan Souvenirs

The best gifts to bring home from Guatemala are:

Beautiful Jade Jewelries: Guatemala has always been the home to jade mines which is a precious stone that is being used to make pretty jewelry. These jewelries are always so beautiful and can pass as a gift for family and friends. The jade jewelry is very much celebrated because it is very durable and also has great colors. If you need to buy a gift for that special person in your life, then the jade jewelry is a perfect fit for you. You can opt for a cute necklace or a ring. The jadeite is a well known jade jewelry sold in all parts of the country, the jadeite is popular because unlike the nephrite, it doesn’t shine much and has a wide variant of shade. These jewelries come in different designs and colors that make them distinct and very comely.

Coffee: if not for all things, Guatemala is widely valued for its coffee production, in fact Guatemalan is considered one of the largest producers of coffee in the world. The city is blessed with a vast variety of microclimates that allows it to grow coffee effortlessly. If you are a caffeine lover or you have friends that loves coffee, this is the perfect Guatemalan souvenir that you should definitely be on the lookout for. You can pick up great quality beans from small producers in Antigua and Coban. These coffee beans are aromatic, sweet and also their acidity is also pleasant.

Marie Sharp’s Pepper Sauce: named after its recipe owner, the Marie Sharp’s hot sauce is made from local farmed habanero pepper. Now made by a women- owned company in Belize, this sauce tastes deliciously well. The sauce can be found in almosy every home in Guatemala. If you are looking for a sauce that can spice up your meal, try the Marie Sharp’s sauce. You can also buy Marie’s Sharp jelly and jams too, they also taste good.

Painted Masks: if you have a costume party coming up or its just Halloween that you want to get a mask for, make sure you get a mask from Guatemala. This is another souvenir that you can’t afford not to purchase, these masks are beautifully painted and mostly hand crafted by the indigenous people of Guatemalan. These masks are often used to celebrate important ceremonies like dances, rituals and religious events. The masks reflects variety of expressions of humans and animals. The Guatemalan masks are made from pine and has always been a great fit for souvenirs.

The Guatemalan Rum: away from coffee, jewelry and masks, the city of Guatemalan also produce a special kind of rum that is mostly called ‘Zacapa’. History has it that the Zacapa rum was named after a town in the eastern part of Guatemala. If you are a lover of rum, don’t hesitate to shop for Zacapa rum. It has a great taste and also comes in different flavors; the Zacapa Royal is highly recommended as it is distilled with caramel and citric which makes it flawless rum that you will definitely enjoy.

Guatemalan Pottery: another idea for a good Guatemalan souvenir is the distinct pieces of potteries made in the Mayan area of Guatemalan. These pieces come in different pieces; you can purchase bowls and plates of different sizes from Guatemalan markets, just make sure you buy a piece that won’t take up all the space in your bag.

Handmade Dyed Textiles: maybe you don’t want to shop for jewelry and just need a souvenir that you can is fashionable and can be a good contribution to your closet, then the cute dyed pieces of clothing that are handmade by the local women of Guatemala is going to satisfy your desire. The dyed textiles include blankets, scarves and even t-shirts.

Table Runners and Rugs: table runners have always been a great addition to making your table and your home décor as a whole. Guatemala markets sell cute table runners that you can’t resist. From being neatly handwoven to carrying different patterns and designs, the Guatemalan table runners are great souvenirs. You can also find eye-popping designs of different rugs for your home in Guatemala. Make sure you pick one or two table runner and rug on your next journey to Guatemala.

Qeutzalteca: if you are not really a rum lover, there is something else for you, Guatemala also has a traditional distilled liquor that you will absolutely enjoy. It has different flavors like the hisbicus and tamarind and is way cheaper than the Zacapa rum. You can also purchase one that do not have any flavor. The Quetzaltea bottle other than housing a great liquor can also be used as amazing ornaments. It is very popular among the locals and even comes in a pocket sized bottle that you can carry around. You can get this in almost all shops across Guatemala.

In Conclusion

Guatemala is unarguably a captivating country that would definitely leave you with some blissful memories that you will hold on to for a long time. Remember to fill your suitcase with one or more of the above Guatemalan souvenirs and watch how they help you relieve on the amazing memories that you had in the beautiful country of Guatemala.

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