Typical Ecuadorian Souvenirs to Buy, Gifts to Bring Home from Ecuador

Ecuadorian Souvenirs in a Gift Shop

If the next part of the world you would like to visit is Ecuador and you’re not sure about the type of souvenirs to shop for in one of the most traditional and unique places in South America; here is a list of things to get that can serve as a good Ecuadorian souvenir for you:

Typical Ecuadorian Souvenirs to Buy

Panama hats: The panama hats which can also be called the Ecuadorian hat is made from carludorica plants that is also known locally as jipijapa palm. This beautiful hat is endemic to the beautiful country of Ecuador. The panama hat can be purchased almost anywhere in Ecuador as it is one of the world’s most fashionable hats of all time. It will definitely serve as a good souvenir for you family members and neighbors. www.travelrows.com

The Carvings of the Balsa Wood: when in Ecuador, another great item that can make a good souvenir is the balsa wood carvings. Balsa wood carvings are efficiently hand carved painted figures which are mostly in the shapes of turtles, birds, butterflies, mawcaws and toucans. Balsa carvings are made of wood, are light weight and very affordable. These carvings would make a great souvenir and can be bought for loved ones most especially young folks. Make sure to be on the look-out for this beautiful hand-made figures during your stay in Ecuador.

Sweet Chocolates: Well this might come off as a little surprising as many people fo not think chocolates can make a great souvenir. Ecuador produces and harvest large quantities of cocoa throughout the year, this may be the reason why Ecuadorian chocolates is peculiar and considered worth taking back from your trip. Although chocolates won’t stay for a long time obviously, but this can be bought for your colleagues at work, friends or for yourself. The eccentric taste of the chocolates will definitely make you think about Ecuador.

Durable Ceramics: Ecuadorian ceramics is one of the most renowned ceramics in the world, it is known for its rich color pigments and its intriguing beauty. If you want souvenirs that is both useful and decorative; Ecuadorian ceramics is great. These ceramics are affordable and mostly come in vases, bowls , and lots of different other form. Having this ceramics will serve as a great reminder to the beautiful culture and

Lifestyle Gifts to Bring Home from Ecuador

Pan-flutes: Music has always been a great part of the lifestyle of the Ecuadorian natives for years and they have always shown this in their attachment with the pan flute. The pan pipe flute is one of the most played musical instruments since history in Ecuador. It is mostly used for ceremonies or romantic purposes. The flutes are very affordable and would make a beautiful souvenir. You can decide to purchase it for its unique structure. It can also serve an aesthetic figure. Learning to play the flute wouldn’t hurt to, the people of Ecuador are friendly and would absolutely teach you how to play the flute.

Leather: If its one thing Ecuador should be well appreciated for, it should be for the durability and quality of the amazing leather products produced in Ecuador. These lether products include belts, portable bags and even classy footwear. During your stay in this beautiful country, make sure you buy a leather product, it is always worth its price. These leather products are good Ecuadorian souvenirs, be sure to check out different quality leather products in Ecuadorian markets. You can purchase belts and bags.

Tagua jewelry: The tagua jewelry is one of the most worn piece of jewelry in Ecuador and it is indigenous to the people of Ecuador. It is a special ornament that is mostly used for festivals and ceremonies. It is commonly used by the local women of Ecuador and is also readily available to tourists visiting the country. The tagua jewelry might not necessarily be very sophisticated but would make a great Ecuadorian souvenir.

Traditional Ecuadorian Clothing: Ecuadorians take great pride in traditions and this is why they hold their customs and traditions in high esteem. They pay attention to traditional clothing make sure that what they wear exhibits their culture. Ecuadorian clothing are colorful and depict the flourishing culture of the indigenes. You will definitely notice this distinct style of dressing during your stay in Ecuador. This traditional wears are affordable and are a great idea for souvenirs.

Indigenous recipe books: Ecuadorian food is always tasteful and can never be over-looked. One amazing aspect of the Ecuadorian food is that it is attached to three geographic regions of the country, which means the county has a lot of dishes that you may probably not be able to finish trying out during your stay but not to worry, you can buy different recipe books that you can use yo make your own Ecuadorian meal when you get home.

In Conclusion

This is just few out of the many souvenirs that you can buy in Ecuador. Choosing the perfect Ecuadorian souvenir that bests fits your style and preference is up to you, just remember to go for affordable souvenirs that you will cherish for a long time. Ultimately, the beauty of being on a trip is to make sure that you create memories that will make you miss the place. remember to enjoy your stay in Ecuador; learn to play the pipe flute and don’t forget to explore the country’s wide range of delicious meals.

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