Traveling from Murree to Balakot, Pakistan

Traveling Murree to Balakot, Pakistan

So its almost the middle of November 2012 when I and my Husband decided to go on our honeymoon. We then just got married and guess what I have never been to such Northern areas of my country and it was such an exciting moment for me. We started packing to travel a day before going.

Departure from home

We left our home at 12:30 am because the departure of the coach was 2:00 am, we reached early although. Firstly we need to reach Islamabad and the distance between Lahore and Islamabad is almost 600 miles. Well our bus started to run on the road, the weather was so romantic like it was almost fog everywhere and we both were in the same blanket on the bus. You can imagine how good it feels to be near your partner.

At about 8 am we reached Islamabad, there we got half an hour’s stay and then we need to change our bus to go to Murree. it was a sunny and fresh day.

When the travel starts from Islamabad to Murree, the real adventure started for me. I have never been to a hill station before but now I was going with my partner to spend the best time of my life. The distance between Islamabad and Murree is almost 64-kilometers.

Such beautiful and mesmerizing scenes were in front of me. We were traveling on such a twisted road where have never been before. We reached there at almost 10 am, we booked a room in a hotel near to Mall road.(famous road in Murree). We went to our room, got fresh and went out to have breakfast.

Visit Pathriyata (Hill Station Near Murree)

Here we are at Bhurban point
Here we are at Bhurban point

Instead of taking a nap or rest we went out for a walk to explore the area around us and to decide where to head first. So firstly we decided to travel to the nearest places. The nearest place was Pathryata. So we hired a taxi and headed to Pathryata. Going through on twisting roads and tropical forest around we were heading towards our destination.

The driver was telling stories of the place that there used to be loins at this place around and I was getting more scared and excites as well but don’t want to see a loin in front of me of course.

When we reached Pathriyata it was like a playing area with lots of food stalls around and a huge chair lift area to head towards other Parts of that Jungle. So we decided to experience the chair lift and went to other parts, here is the picture of us on the chair lift. Such an amazing time was that.

Chair Lift view of Pathriyata
Chair Lift view of Pathriyata

On the way back, we decided to have dinner in a restaurant and then went back to our hotel exhausted. The next morning our plan was to go to Nathiya Gali and then Balakot crossing from Abbottabad. We got up early in the morning after having breakfast we left the hotel and booked a taxi to go to Nithya Gali.

It was almost 65-kilo miles away from Murree. So we reached there in one and a half hours. There we see tiny and thin streets where only one-sided traffic can pass, it was such an adventurous ride for me. There were also chairlifts and huge cliffs for hiking, we both went up a little bit high cliff but as I’m afraid of heights or you may say I have heigh phobia so we could not go on more height and went back from there. After reaching to the hotel our next plan was to go to Balakot.

We again booked a taxi and the driver said it would take 2 to 3 hours to reach there so we packed our luggage and check out from the hotel. On the way to Balakot we stayed in Abbottabad lake for some tea. Such a beautiful and calm lake was that. There were ducks swimming in the cold water of the lake.

Murree to Balakot Pakistan

We took some pictures there and went to Illiasi masjid Abbottabad. There we offer prayer and head towards Shimla Pahari. Its a less high mountain in Abbottabad and a visiting place for families. We heard that there are a lot of monkeys there who just walk around everywhere in between humans but when we reach there we barely saw any monkey there. It was strange though.

Well then we need to go to Balakot so we start our journey again and reach Balakot in the evening when the sun was about to set. We booked a hotel near Balakot river. The sound of crashing waves was attracting me a lot and I was getting more excited to visit the river as soon as possible, but some local people there recommended us to visit the river in the morning to get a better view and as that was night time so it will be dangerous to go near the river at night time.

So we postpone our plan and order fresh Chinese rice for dinner. Such a delicious dish was that. Weather was a lot colder there so it was more fun to stay on the lawn and enjoy the splashing sound of the waves coming from the river.

My husband near Balakot River
My husband near Balakot River

In the morning we woke up too early to witness sunrise by the side of the river. So we wear warm clothes and went to the riverside. It was in walking distance so we walk there and wow such a wonderful view it was. The water of the river was so cold that my hand got freeze for a while when I put my hand in the water. We click more pictures in such a beautiful and soothing view. The sun rose and we went on to see the jungle near our hotel on foot. The jungle was too high that I can’t go up there but my husband made it to as much hight as he can.


We end our journey there, and decided to go back home from there so booked the bus and reached home after almost 10hours of travel with 2 to 3 stays. It was the most beautiful journey for me because it was the first time for me and of course, I was with my husband and he made this travel very excited and romantic for me. We spent a lot of time together which helped us to understand each other. I hope you like reading my travel story.

Many thanks to Saman Jabeen for sharing this travel story with us. 

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