Travel Agent Services for Booking with Expedia

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It is obvious that most of the bookings a traveler can do online himself/herself nowadays. Thanks to such huge companies as Expedia, it is not only easy, but also super affordable. The great advantage of websites like Expedia is access to great deals all over the world. Tours, cruises, excursions, vacation rentals, flights – why would you go anywhere else, if you have a limited budget?

Yes, with a good budget you can always book a good trip and you do not need all those “deals”. You would pick some custom itinerary, personal transfer and a deluxe room in a luxury hotel/resort. But what if all you need is a getaway for an affordable price but you have no idea how and where?

Travel Agent + Expedia

Travelrows LLC is an independent travel agency, but also an affiliate travel agency with Expedia. What does it mean? That means, that we can book for you any vacation rental, tour, cruise, excursion, flight that Expedia offers and! we do not charge any fee for that! (Expedia pays us a small commission from every booking, but it does not affect your price.

But why to book with us? Why not on your own? If all you need is to go to their website, pick a place, read reviews and purchase your trip?

Travel agent + Expedia advantages

  1. Expert guidance. Websites like Expedia are giant. So many options, deals, bundles – once you start digging into one really cheap and seems to be great hotel, you realize – it is out of your requirements. You jump on next and next, and next – many days lost, vacation is getting close but nothing picked. We will help you to make the right choice! 
  2. Remember about our All Ways Customer Support. We answer your questions, we help with changes, we contact customer support, we remind you about documents, departure dates, delays and provide useful information. We are always ready to help even if it is an emergency support in the middle of the night.
  3. Cheap deals can be inconvenient  – sometimes you can not know your cabin till cruise departure date, sometimes your hotel room is not available for some reasons, you have to pay in full or cancellation policy is not very friendly. Sometimes you miss out some info with a small print and…oooops….well we can not protect you from that but we can warn you about it. It is good to know, what you pay for and be prepared. 
  4. Time saving. Once we start working with you and get your information traveling gets so much easier. It is especially convenient for those, who travel a lot. Personal or business. Single or group. All bookings at one place, one expert helping you out and monitoring your trips. What can be better and more time saving than a travel agent and personal assistant in one.  

Sounds great and want to try?

There is NO commitment, subscription, fees or anything else you would want to avoid at all costs. It is as simple as a classic travel agent and travel agency services. All you need to do is to contact us and ask for help with booking on Expedia. We will be happy to answer your questions or find the best deals as close to your requirements as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay for my trip to you or direct to Expedia?

You pay direct to Expedia. Travelrows LLC does not charge or hold any payments.

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