Traditional Romanian Souvenirs, the Best Gifts to Buy from Romania

Traditional Easter eggs in Romania

One thing most people like most about trips to various parts of the world is that they get to bring back souvenirs that can help them relieve on the beautiful memories from the places they visited when they are back home. When it comes to purchasing the best kind of souvenirs, it is strongly advised that you go for things that are traditionally made and unique to the culture of the country that you visited.

Traditional Romanian Souvenirs

If the next place to visit on your bucket list is Romania and its capital – Bucharest and you are unsure of what type of souvenirs to purchase, don’t bother yourself too much, here is a compiled a list of eight amazing souvenirs that you can only get in the great country of Romania:

Woven Traditional Clothing: during the old days in Romania, most of the clothing were woven with wool and till this day you can find hats, scarves, socks, blankets and coats that are completely made from wool. These clothing are very fashionable and cute. These items are mostly handmade and they can serve as great souvenirs for friends and can even be for personal use as they are durable.

Beautiful Painted Conventional Icons: Romanians are generally known for their religious beliefs they very well exhibit this quality by taking great pride in possessing beautifully painted churches and also the making of unique painted icons. These icons are used to tell different Bible stories through images and they also have a great significance in prayer. You can decide to take a symbol of the Romanians beliefs back to your home by purchasing one of different well painted icons. These specially made icons can be bought in markets, souvenirs outlet and fairs.

The Traditional Blouse of the Romanians: another amazing Romanian souvenir that you can’t afford not to take home with you is the traditional Romanian blouse. Handmade with exceptional embroideries and distinct colors with different patterns, the Romanian blouse which is also referred to as ‘le’ is very important whenever you are referring to the traditional costume of the Romanians. This unique blouse is an excellent souvenir, the blouse itself has won the heart of many in past years, no wonder it has a day of celebration in the Romanian culture. The blouse is made is made of cotton and carries different symbols and colors that represent different region in Romania. You can buy this blouse in fairs, clothing stores, markets and can ever order for it online.

Gorgeous Ceramics: Romanians are widely known for their great expertise in pottery and they possess one of the prominent locations for pottery which can be found in Horezu; the southwest part of the country. In Horezu you will find mind blowing pieces with intricate patterns of animals and plants that can’t be resisted. You can get different collections of the beautiful ceramics, ranging from trays and plates to bowls and cups. This is also a great way to remember your stay in the charming country of Romania.

Well-carved Wooden Items: very similar to the unique handmade woolen clothing and the pretty ceramics that you can get in Romania is the several wooden items that you can also get there. These wooden items are hand carved and are traditional. There are a lot of wooden items like spoons and boxes that you can buy as a take home gift for yourself and friends. One unique thing about the wooden spoons is that they are carved with different traditional themes and they carry different symbols that is often associated with messages of love, power and good luck.

Irresistible Painted Eggs: painted eggs are commonly associated with Easter and a part of Romania is very well known for making a great art out of the tradition of painting eggs for the celebration of Easter. The Bukovina people in Romania put a lot of skill and patience into drawing beautiful patterns of flowers, geometry and animals on eggs. However, since this beautifully painted eggs have captivated the attention of so many people, they are now made available throughout the year. This has then made painted eggs an amazing Romania souvenir idea.

Dracula-themed Souvenirs: if you are a lover of the traditional tale about Dracula, then this is absolutely the best souvenir for you. The legend of Dracula has always been commonly associated with the Transylvania region in Romania and there you can find many Dracula-themed products. You would find Dracula-themed tees, figurines, mugs and cups in most shops in Romania, do remember to buy one whenever you visit Romania.

Fine Romania Wine: who says no to a classy and fine wine? It is no longer news that Romania is one of the biggest producers of wine in the world, so why not consider bringing back an elegant bottle of wine home from Romania. You can select from a wide range of wines in Romania as they are sold in designated shops all over Romania. You can even go on a wine tasting tour to decide on the best kind of wine that best suites your taste. Romanian wines are an excellent idea of souvenir for your friends back home.

Homemade Romanian Jam: if you like trying new foods, the Romanian jam is for you. It is a great souvenir that you can bring back home for yourself and family. There are different homemade Romanian fruit jams that you can buy at the markets and fairs.

Stylish Woven Towels: if you are looking for a souvenir that is both decorative and useful, you should definitely get one of the traditional woven towels of the Romanians. It is beautiful embroidered and can be used as gifts, decorations and even for personal use.

In Conclusion

When next you visit Romania, remember to bring back unique Romania souvenirs that not only speaks distinctly of Romanian traditions but that also helps you to remember how well you enjoyed your stay. Also remember to pick up a thing or two for your loved ones. In case if you don’t you can buy or order them online.

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