Top 50 Thins to Do and to See in Canada

Canada is a North American country and consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories. It is located in the northern part of the continent; it extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean. It is the world’s 2nd largest country by total area. There are just so many spectacular and wonderful things to do and see in Canada. It is a country rich in culture, history, beautiful places, beaches, traditions and activities. Canada is blessed with great natural beauty and indeed it is one of the choicest destinations of the tourists. 50 things that you along with your family can enjoy in Canada include the following:

1. Toronto

Toronto is indeed the most attractive and beautiful city of Canada. It is Canada’s largest city and is home to many of its most-visited tourist attractions. Harbour front Centre which is a 10-acre site on the waterfront, includes shops, restaurants, green space, art performance venues, an ice skating rink and an extensive boardwalk. It draws approximately 12 million tourists per year. “Toronto is known as one of the world’s most ethnically varied cities,” the CTC’s Carol Horne explains. Some 110 languages and dialects are spoken among the population of almost 2.5 million.

2. Niagara Falls

Another most significant place to visit in Canada is surely the Niagara Falls. The Canadian Niagara Falls is a beautiful and pleasant city on the more attractive west side of the Niagara Gorge. It is said to be the most favorite tourist destinations of Canada. Its views of the falls make it a leading tourist center, in fact it is well said about the Niagara Falls that there’s no other place on earth quite like it. It has all the attractions to suit all tastes. Here you will find the famous 3 bridges linking the city of Niagara Falls with its American counterpart, all of them with fine views into the gorge that divides the two. And the best view of the falls from Rainbow Bridge is particularly impressive.

3. CN Tower

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Canada is surely the CN Tower. Having the height of 1,815 feet it is the tallest free standing structure in the entire world which is to be found in downtown Toronto. Visit to this famous tower of Canada is a must and tourists are naturally drawn to tall buildings where they can get a bird’s eye view of a city. The CN Tower is loved and appreciated by almost everyone but mostly kids love it and the glass elevator that takes you to the 1,122 foot glass floored outdoor observation deck is a real thrill for kids.

4. Vancouver island

Vancouver is one of the main reasons to visit Canada; the beauty of this island is beyond our imagination. It is an island just off mainland British Columbia, Canada’s most western province. Vancouver Island is home to the provincial capital Victoria. Vancouver Island has attracted artists, craftspeople, nature lovers and other people seeking a less hectic pace of life. It is a famous metropolitan city.

5. Banff, Alberta

Another famous place to visit in Canada is Banff. It is one of the greatest places but considered a little over-crowded at times. It is said to have a lot of natural attractions and the best time to explore this place is during the off seasons. But it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you will always find something or the other to see and do in Banff. It is also popular because of its wildlife sightings; you will always enjoy your stay at the Banff Springs Hotel.

6. Montreal, Quebec

It is well said about Montreal that it is perhaps visitor’s all-time favorite place. No other city will allow you to be on a hill overlooking the city from above; shop at fancy French boutiques; come and dine at some of the best restaurants in the world; can also explore the old historic buildings and modern skyscrapers; enjoy a vibrant nightlife; and watch the sun rise and set at the port – all within walking distance. You will feel as if you have walked into a different dimension.

7. Quebec

Another very interesting and very attractive cities of Canada is Quebec, it is said that visiting Quebec City is like taking a tour of France in North America. The culture of Quebec is rich and unique from the rest of Canada, and no-where is it as evident as it is in Quebec City. The world famous Chateaux Frontenac overlooks the St. Lawrence River on a cliff that was once a French Fort. The Old-City is contained in a stone wall that once protected the city from the British Navy. The City Fortress is one of the most famous attractions of Quebec.

8. Kelowna

Kelowna is well known and very attractive place to visit on your tour to Canada. Kelowna, BC. In the heart of the Canadian Rockies is the Okanagan Valley, a river-valley, which is considered to have some of Canada’s best weather. It is said to be warm in the summer and mild in the winter; the most you can ask for in the Great White North. It is this valley only which produces Canada’s world famous B.C. apples and wine. You will also find a marina in the valley for the avid boaters and many golf courses. It is a perfect tourist destination and relaxing at the beach or sitting on the porch of a lakeside cottage is quite amazing.

9. Ottawa

A very famous and well known city of Canada is Ottawa which is also the Capital City of Canada and a great place to soak in Canadian culture. You can explore the fine culture of Canada here with best of museums. The Changing of the Guard on Parliament Hill or the RCMP march are always popular sights. There are also many parks and bike paths that make summer outdoors fun. The winters aren’t bad either. The Rideau Canal, which connects the Ottawa River to the Great Lakes for leisure boaters, makes for the longest skating rink in the world when it freezes.

10. Long Beach

Long Beach is one of the most scenic and among the most popular beaches in Canada. It is to be found in one of the country’s most stunning natural environments, the Pacific Rim National Park. It is actually one beach of several that make up the Long Beach Unit. It is located between the funky, laid back town of Tofino and Ucluelet on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. It is said that 1 million visitors a year make the journey west from Parksville on Highway 4 to knowledge the romantic isolation of the Pacific Rim and Long Beach region. The open ocean stretches off unbroken and vacant, while the elemental forces at play here – the winds and tides, the sun and rain – excite within visitors a deep-seated resonance, a sense of belonging to this place.

11. Pacific Rim National Park

One of the most amazing and greatest parks to be found in whole of Canada is the Pacific Rim National Park. The glorious Pacific Rim National Park is the only national park on Vancouver Island which provides protection for substantial rain forests and an amazing marine environment. The full force of the mighty Pacific Ocean mercilessly pounds the constantly changing shores of this rugged coastline. It is said that this land has an important history, having been inhabited by the Nuu-chah-nulth people for thousands of years.

12. Prince Edward Island

Another most fascinating place of Canada is surely the Prince Edward Island. Green pastures and the distinct red-soil cliffs make Prince Edward Island a great destination for tourist. It is said to be very appealing for those who are just looking for some relaxation or a fun day at the beach. You can anytime take a car to get around the island. This island is a small one so you can easily explore it in a day.

13. The Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail is just awesome and attracts a lot of tourist and it is situated in the highlands of Cape Breton, on the East Coast of Nova Scotia. It is said to be a beautiful drive as you are exposed to the legendary loop on the side of the mountains. Part of what makes this location so breathtaking is that it raises high above the Gulf of St. Lawrence. One of the famous interesting facts about the Cabot Trail is that it’s been rated as among the top Island destinations in the world.

14. Baffin Island

Baffin Island is said to be tourist all time favorite spot and also it is Canada’s largest island, in fact it’s the 5th largest island on Earth. You will find this beautiful island located between Greenland and the Canadian mainland in Nunavut. It is surely blessed with natural beauty and visiting this place is worth it. One of the famous facts about its popularity is the nature it has to offer: “Vast vistas of untouched scenery, interrupted only occasionally by small Inuit villages – a people that still live with respect for, and in pact with, their environment.” Lastly, this island is rich in wildlife. Here you can find walruses, some whale species, caribou, polar bear, arctic fox, arctic hare, lemming, arctic wolf, seals, migrating fowl, shore birds, sea birds etc.

15. The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountain is the most scenic mountains and visiting this place is a must. They are located on the border of British Columbia and Alberta, travel from the American border to the Northern end of B.C. Inside the Rocky Mountains, you will find some of the most extraordinary and tranquil beauty. The differentiation between the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the American Rockies are of the heavy glaciers. In turn, this separates the mountains by U-shaped valleys that are hidden by these glaciers. The American Rockies are more round shaped, which is why our Rockies go from Northern British Columbia to New Mexico. It is said to always populated with tourists through out the year.

16. Casa Loma

Casa Loma is one the historical sites of Canada. It largely appeals that tourist who is interested in learning the history of Canada. For history or architecture beige, Casa Loma is an interesting visit. It is said to be constructed by wealthy Toronto businessman Sir Henry Pellatt in the early 1900s. It is said to have some similarities with Hearst Castle in California which represents one man’s architectural dream. In the case of Casa Loma, however, Pellat’s dream went awry and contributed to his downfall. Notable for its location proudly overlooking the city, the “House on the Hill” boasted many modern-day conveniences, such as central vac and an elevator. The Casa Loma building also was used as a location shoot for the 2002 movie Chicago.

17. Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

The Royal Ontario Museum is surely one of the best Museums who shouldn’t miss on your to Canada. Even if you don’t step inside the ROM, it’s worth checking out the bizarre, jagged glass exterior that tends to either delight or offends. It is said to have approximately forty galleries of art, archaeology and natural science, the ROM offers up a world of interest and fun. The diverse ROM galleries feature one of the world’s finest collections of artifacts from China, a more than 6 storey tall totem pole and much more. A discovery gallery at the ROM and other interactive exhibits mean everyone’s senses get a workout and kids stay interested. It is an ideal place to visit with your entire family.

18. Centre Island

Centre Island is surely very famous among tourist and considered as their hot favorite. It is well said about Center Island that it is the best place to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto to lakeside charm. Centre Island is one of a series of small islands that comprise the largest urban car-free community in North America (some service vehicles are permitted). Centre Island, also called Toronto Island, offers a place for recreation and relaxation and features an amusement park, recreation areas, beaches, a yacht club, and restaurants Centre Island is a 10 minute ferry ride away from downtown Toronto.

19. The Distillery District

The Distillery District is a quit and calm place and appeals largely those who love nature. The Distillery Historic District is a great place to spend some of your time if you’re in downtown Toronto and want to get away from the usual downtown stuff. This pedestrian-only village is set amidst fabulous heritage architecture and is devoted to promoting arts and culture. The area also features a wellness centre, plenty of cafés, restaurants and pubs.

20. Yorkville

Yorkville is a very pleasant tourist spots of Canada. It is a charming anomaly amidst Toronto high rises and shopping malls. It is tucked into a pocket of downtown, the quaint Victorian architecture in Yorkville houses dozens of restaurants, boutiques and art galleries. The dining and shopping is upscale and the galleries represent some of the appealing international and Canadian artists. Many celebrities have been spotted wandering the sidewalks of Yorkville, especially during the Toronto International Film Festival.

21. Hockey Hall of Fame

This famous Hockey Hall of Fame is a very significant place to visit in Canada. Although it is said that not everyone is a hockey fan, but the Hockey Hall of Fame is an outstanding facility, full of interactive exhibits that put kids or adults in the heat of NHL action. The Broadcast Pods let you call the action of some of the most famous hockey games, including the 1972 Canada or Russia series: “Henderson shoots, he scores.” Also featured is a replica NHL dressing room, a trophy room, and of course a gift shop.

22. Art Gallery of Ontario

Another most visited tourist place of Canada is the Art Gallery of Ontario. The Art Gallery houses an impressive collection of approximately 40,000 works, making it the 10th largest art museum in North America. The AGO is a superb document of Canadian art heritage but also features masterworks from around the world, spanning 100 AD to the present and housed in a stunning Frank Gehry building.

23. Chinatown

Chinatown is considered as one of the best placed for shopping in Canada. Toronto has the second largest Chinatown in North America. People will find bargains on exotic trinkets, jewellery, clothing and household items. Plus, of course, where there’s a bustling Chinatown, there’s delicious food, and Toronto’s Chinatown is no exception. Here you will find some hundreds, of restaurants serving not just authentic Chinese, but also Vietnamese and other Asian fare.

24. The Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are the most significant tourist spots of Canada. Rockies as they have been very heavily glaciated, consequential in sharply pointed mountains separated by wide, U-shaped valleys gouged by glaciers, whereas the American Rockies are more rounded. That’s why, even though the Rocky Mountain Range runs from Northern British Columbia to New Mexico, Canada can claim their very own “Rockies” as a distinct attraction. Within the Canadian Rockies you will find some of the most beautiful, serene and, at the same time, breathtaking scenery on the earth’s surface. These mountain jewels are distinct from the American

25. Mont Royal Park

The Mont Royal Park is a very famous park of Canada and is to be found at the highest point in the city of Montreal. Within the park you’ll find a ski trail, an oratory, and a Roman Catholic Basilica – amongst many other attractions. The park, named for the city itself, captures the attention of more than 3 million visitors each year. It is an ideal place for enjoying and picnicking with your entire family.

26. Canada’s Wonderland

One of the nicest places to spend time with your family is surely the Canada’s Wonderland. Canada’s Wonderland is home to the largest wooden roller coaster in existence in Canada. It’s also the location of the only “flying coaster” in the country – the Time Warp. It is considered that more than 3.35 million people visit this incredibly fun theme park annually and, according to news sources, the park is still expanding.

27. Banff National Park

Banff National Park is a very beautiful and pleasant park and almost 3.3 million people visit the park, to explore and to ski, each year. Banff National Park is indeed the first national park established in Canada. The park consists of 2,500 acres of land in the Canadian Rockies and regularly attracts nature lovers to its glaciers and meadows. There are 2 towns within the park: Banff and Lake Louise. Both are filled with galleries, museums, and cultural attractions designed to occupy visitors in between treks into the wilderness.

28. The Forks

Another beautiful park to be found in Canada is the Forks and a best place to enjoy with your family. The Forks is another most striking park found at the point where the Red and Assiniboine rivers come together. The park has a lot of history, having once served as an Aboriginal settlement and then later as a major fur trading stop. Currently the park draws more than four million annual visitors to its skateboarding park, plazas, and concerts.

29. Exhibition Place

Another palace is one of the most striking and most visited places to be found in Toronto. Exhibition Place is a huge urban park spanning over 192 acres of land. The park is located on the shores of Lake Ontario and regularly hosts special shows, including the Canadian National Exhibition. The Canadian Bureau for the Advancement of Music calls Exhibition Place its home year round and is proud to cater to the 5.2 million visitors who flock to the park annually.

30. Vieux Port

Vieux Port, also known as Old Port is to be found in Montreal is quite popular among tourists and draws nearly 6 million visitors each year. The riverfront is completely separate from the nearby Port of Montreal but has its own distinct and attractive allure. During the summer months there are circus shows and dances while during the winter months patrons stop by to see the Montreal High Lights Festival and fireworks shows.

31. Stanley Park

The Stanley Park is the most amazing park located in Vancouver. The 1,000 acre Stanley Park lies within the city limits of Vancouver. Visitors come to walk amongst the cedars, hemlocks, and gardens or to watch their children in the playgrounds. There are even a few small restaurants scattered within the park grounds. More than eight million people visit the park grounds on an annual basis.

32. Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre is famous tourist destination of Canada located in Toronto. The waterfront in Toronto contains about ten acres of sheer beauty. Here you’ll find an amazing ice skating rink, a large boardwalk, and a number of great ships on display. One such ship, the 1812 War Privateer of the North Atlantic, allows visitors to come on board and look around. Approximately 12 million people visit the waterfront of Toronto annually.

33. The Eaton Centre

One of the famous shopping destinations that appeal a lot of tourist is the Eaton Centre. It is a bright and airy shopping mall in the heart of Toronto’s downtown that houses more than 250 stores. The stores will appeal to the budget conscious and spendthrifts similar. It is said that along with the CN Tower, the Eaton Centre is the most popular tourist attraction in Toronto. It is surely more than just a place to shop, the four-level, glass domed Eaton Centre is of architectural interest and features a huge Canadian geese mobile, Flight Stop, designed by artist Michael Snow.

34. Canada Place

Canada Place is a best place to spent time on your holiday to Canada. British Columbia wharf just to the west of Waterfront Station is the site of one of Vancouver’s landmarks, “Canada Place”. The unusual roof of this architecturally remarkable structure creates the impression of a huge sailing vessel. It was constructed for Expo ’86 the complex houses a convention center with a hotel, restaurants, a number of exclusive shops and an ultra-modern IMAX film theatre. Cruise liners can berth at the pier alongside the center, which itself has a series of “promenade decks” on different levels like those of a ship.

35. Harbour centre and Vancouver lookout

You will find this place a few steps from the north end of Granville Mall are all that is needed to reach the Harbour Center which is a modern high-rise development incorporating a large shopping precinct. The topmost story (167 m / 550 ft up) has a revolving restaurant and viewing platform call the Vancouver Lookout, both of which are provided by “Skylift” – a pair of glass enclosed external lifts operating daily. On clear days the view from Harbour Centre extends to Vancouver Island and Victoria (in the south-west) and south-east as far as the snow-covered peak of Mt Baker.

36. Granville Island

Another famous tourist destination of Canada is the Granville Island. It is said that it was once mainly industrial Granville Island (beneath Granville Street Bridge, Hwy. 99) underwent transformation – part of a major redevelopment scheme that encompassed the entire False Creek basin. Today it is a thriving new center of activity with a relaxed and distinctive atmosphere. Here you will find quite a lot of tourist attractions. Granville Island Public Market is one of the most popular attractions, selling fruit and vegetables, seafood and a great variety of other specialties. The island is linked to the residential suburbs on the south bank of False Creek by road and foot bridges. Ferry from Burrard Bridge.

37. Vancouver Museum

Vancouver Museum is one of the must see museums of Canada which is to be found in Vanier Park on the south side of False Creek (cross via Burrard Bridge). The Vancouver Museum is very large and definitely worth visiting. It has segments devoted to the history of Vancouver and the Pacific coast as well as collections on natural history and ethnography (the culture of the North-west Coast Indians in particular). Also housed in the modern domed building, completed in 1968, is the H.R. Macmillan Planetarium (several programs, laser show) while adjacent to it stands the Gordon Southam Observatory Zeiss telescope. Instructive audio-visual presentations accompany the displays. It is considered an ideal place to visit with your family.

38. Queen Elizabeth Park

Another most exiting and fun-filled park of Canada is the Queen Elizabeth Park, which occupies almost 130 acre and extends up the slopes of Little Mountain – at 150 m (500 ft) the highest point in the Vancouver municipal area. Here you will find some excellent views of the city center and the mountains to the north. The park offers you all which includes golf, tennis, lawn bowling, disc golf, dining (at Seasons in the Park Restaurant), an extensive outdoor arboretum, and Bloedel Conservatory. Also available is the Queen Elizabeth Celebration Pavillion which can be booked to host a variety of receptions and celebrations.

39. Kitsilano Beach Park

One of the most beautiful Beach parks of Canada is the kitsilano Beach Park and the main attraction at the Kitsilano Beach Park is a heated seawater swimming pool. It has become a very popular and trendy area to live and frequent in the Vancouver area. In addition to the beach and ocean front, the area has a number of cafes, walking trails, outdoor exercise equipment and more. Tourists come here to enjoy both swimming and taking in the scenery. The views from beach back over the Vancouver city center are amazing with the mountains in behind. It is considered to be the best place to spend a hot summer’s day, either on the beach or in a seaside cafe.

40. Kitsilano Beach

One of the mind blowing and fun-filled experiences on Canada would be your visit to Jericho Beach. Jericho Beach in Vancouver is a popular summer time area not far from Kitsilano Beach. This long stretch of sand is broken up by large logs that beach goers use as wind breakers or back rests. It is said to be a great place to spend time on your holidays. From here you will find a great view of downtown Vancouver.

41. Science World

Science World amazes the young and the old with its extra ordinary offerings. It very well explains science phenomena through hands-on exhibits and demonstrations. Themes include water, air, motion and invention. On site at Science World is the Science Theatre you will not be charged for entry here. You will here find a number of permanent galleries, and a featured gallery with changing exhibits. Changing exhibits are generally long lasting and very comprehensive. The Science World building is unmistakable and a landmark feature in Vancouver.

42. Martinique Beach

Another fascinating and quite popular beach of Canada is the Martinique Beach. It is situated fifty kilometers east of Halifax and it doubles as a bird sanctuary; it is a common lay-over spot for migrating geese and ducks. Here you will enjoy surely with the mind blowing atmosphere and also this gorgeous beach is a long, white-sand beach. Its waves are loud and powerful, attracting surfers through out the year. Regardless of its distance from Halifax, it is a stunning sample of the rugged white-capped and windy Atlantic.

43. Sauble Beach

A very pleasant and appealing beach of Canada is the Sauble Beach which is found near Owen Sound, Ont. on Lake Huron, and a two-hour drive from Toronto. Sauble Beach meaning is “Beach of Sand,” stretches into 11 km of gold sand along the clear waters of Lake Huron. It is considered as the 2nd largest freshwater beach in the world and facing west into the sunset. It has warm waters ideal for swimming. Attractions are available for all ages including amusement parks, bars, playgrounds, and go-karts. It is said to be a fisherman’s paradise. In the spring, large rainbow trout can be seen thrashing up the Sauble River Falls and in the summer, small mouth bass and perch are in abundance. This beach attracts quite a crowd in the hot days of summer.

44. Wasaga Beach

Another outstanding beach where you can enjoy with you family and friends is the Wasaga Beach. It is located on southern shores of Georgian Bay in Ontario; it’s about a 45-minute drive from Barrie, Ont. It has beautiful 14 km of white sand; it is the largest freshwater beach in the world. It is said to be the sure fire hit for everyone in the family. A very populated beach; it is a popular attraction for the social butterfly with eight beaches and a Main Street Mall. For the sporting fanatics, there is a driving range and a 60-acre paintball field. For the athletic fitness junky, there are endless trails for walking, cycling, or hiking.

45. Parlee Beach

Parlee Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the province; Parlee Beach is highly accessible, with a fully equipped park site, including changing houses, showers, a canteen, and amphitheatre. It is located on the east coast of New Brunswick near Shediac, about 20 minute’s drive northeast of Moncton. It is also wheelchair accessible and pet owners are welcome to bring their furry friends to beach day. It is said to be a perfect beach for a fun-filled holiday. About one million people visit in the summer months with many as 25,000 visitors on particularly hot days. Parlee Beach is known for having some of the warmest salt water north of Virginia.

46. English Bay

Another popular tourist attraction of Canada is the English Bay, along the ocean front in the western section of downtown Vancouver. It is well considered as an action packed area. The area offers you all like shopping and upper end restaurants but is also a popular outdoor area where people come to walk, bike, roller blade or hang out by the ocean. The main streets through this area are Davie and Denman.

47. Vancouver Maritime Museum

The Vancouver Maritime Museum is a must visit museum to be found in Vancouver. It covers various aspects of the maritime history of the area from the exploration of British Columbian waters to the development of navigation, the fishing industry and the port of Vancouver. Here you will find a lot of old vessels are moored in the Heritage Harbour. The Vancouver Maritime Museum is the main maritime museum in Western Canada and is designed to be of interest to each and every one.

48. Van Dusen Botanical Garden

Van Dusen Botanical Garden appeals a lot of tourist of all aged. It offers you some of the most beautiful sceneries. It is said to be of considerable interest in Vancouver. The Van Dusen Botanical Gardens is located at the east of Granville Street between 34th Street and 37th Street. Each of the 40 or so plots is given over to a different geographical region or botanical species and the collection includes a number of exotic plants from around the world. The Botanical Garden also hosts events throughout the year where every one can participate in, including garden tours and walks, lecture series, and sale events. Here you will always find something or the other to bloom yourself.

49. The prairie

The prairie is an immense steppe-land area connecting the Rocky Mountains in the West and the Great Lake region in central Canada. The northern stretches of this region are home to Canada’s boreal forest – one of the earth’s last remaining relatively undisturbed forests big enough to maintain its biodiversity. On the prairies the sky surrounds 180 degrees of your sight line in all directions. The sight of the highway disappearing into the horizon against the huge, pastel-blue of the sky above the golden wheat; and with only the sound of the wind is a beautiful sight and a powerful feeling. It gives a whole new perspective on the earth and peace in the soul.

50. The Dinosaur Provincial Park

The most amazing among the amusement parks of Canada is the Dinosaur Provincial Park which is to be found in Alberta, additionally to its particularly beautiful scenery amid the unique landscape of the badlands, it includes some of the most significant fossil discoveries ever made from the ‘Age of Reptiles’, in particular about 35 species of dinosaur, dating back some 75 million years. More than 300 first-quality dinosaur skeletons have been pulled from a 27-kilometre stretch along the Red Deer River since digging began there in the 1880s. While 1985 the largest collection of treasures from the park has been housed in the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, in Drumheller, a two-hour drive northwest of the park.

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