Top 50 Things to Do and to See in The Bahamas


A land of Caribbean Islands The Bahamas consists +of 3,000 islands, bordering the US state of Florida on the southeast it’s frequented by people from around the world . It’s one of the richest countries of Americas following the US and Canada. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations with tropical locations, beautiful beaches and access to the ocean. For a perfect vacation for family as individual is a tour to the Bahamas. There are phenomenal amount of things to enjoy in the Bahamas ranging from aqua adventures to inland adventures and modern culture  to historically important places; you can get many things here. Fifty best things that you can do along with your family in the Bahamas are as follows.

1. Nassau, Bahamas

The list of reasons to visit Nassau is endless as it is considered as a paradise Island, which is the capital city of the Bahamas. The miles of stunning beach and coral reefs are a huge draw. Tourists can also enjoy British and Bahamian architecture, history and culture, as well as global art. Families among the many visitors appreciate the camps and other activities geared toward kids. Entertainment in this beautiful island includes traditional music, dance and theater, gambling on Paradise Island, moonlit dinner cruises and more. Located on the northeast coast of New Providence Island, the city of Nassau has gained its name from William of Orange-Nassau who became king of England in 1688. Nassau’s colonial heritage remains in a large number of old forts, pastel-colored buildings, and some lovingly restored grand hotels. Indeed it is the capital of the Bahamas. A perfect place for visitors to enjoy to experience the city life of the island.

2. Harbor island

The Travel Channel recently named the Harbor Island Beach as one of the top ten sand beaches across the world. Harbor Island is quite literally heaven on Earth. Just take one look the Bahamas most favorite breathtaking beach Harbor island, supposed to be sandier than most beaches in the region. You can witness here miles of pink or pure white powdery sand. Continuous crystal-clear turquoise waves rolling onto the shore. And when you step into the ocean, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how clear the water is. Even your toes can be seen clearly. This much clear water you’ll find in this ocean. Harbor Island is prominent for its pink sand beaches, which are found all along the east side of the island. Harbor Island is part of the Out Islands of the Bahamas. To visit this beach is surely a dream come true.

3. Prince George Wharf 

Nassau Harbor, confined by Paradise Island, has seen a growth in cruise ship traffic, and Prince George Wharf can take six of the behemoths at a time. The beauty of the port is that visitors come ashore within walking distance of the heart of the historic old town. The best days to monitor cruise ships are Friday through Sunday and Tuesday. The town offers many vistas, especially from Woodes Rogers Walk, the promenade along the port which runs parallel to Bay Street. Woodes Rogers is also where the horse and carriage drivers line up to give rides all the way through the downtown and where a hair braiding center caters to those wanting such a hair style.

4. Junkanoo Parade

Junkanoo is nothing but an annual parade conducted on Boxing Day December 26 and or New Year’s Day depending on the definite island. In Nassau, Junkanoo is held on both days and on their Independence Day as well which falls on July 10. Previously when slave owners, including one named John Canoe (which was corrupted into Junkanoo), gave their slaves these holidays off this parade is celebrated to mark that. The parades present costumes related to those worn in Carnivals plus rhythm on everything from goat skin drums to cowbells. The clothes are so involved that when one parade is over, participants start working on those for the following year. Painting is not used in the costumes, but rather all colors, textures and effects must be achieved by gluing glitter, paper, material or other decorations to the surface. Costumes can turn into mini-floats as wide as the street, masks, dragons or any shape that can be conceived of by the participating artisans. This parade is a very famous festivals of the Bahamas and has gained a lot of admiration from tourists.

5. Aqua venture at Atlantis Paradise Island

Aqua venture is a very famous and the most beautiful among the water parks present in the Bahamas. Tourists, who visit the Bahamas pass on this water park thinking it’s just another water park, get absolutely amazed when they visit this park. Aqua venture at Atlantis Paradise Island is park full of adventures fun-filled things to do. It is a water park like most people have never seen before. There is something for children and adults of all ages in the park and a great time is usually had by the entire family. From tubing rides, to floating down lazy rivers, and of course thrilling waterslides, a visiting Aqua venture at Atlantis Paradise Island is a must for every tourist.

6. Balcony House

Nassau Balcony House is the oldest building in the capital city of the Bahamas. Today it is a grand museum that focuses on life during the early days of the Bahamas Island. It has been a center of long and exciting history through the years. The colonial house kept in a good condition so far. Amazing condition and the interior has gone through a painstaking restoration process that has returned it to what it looked like when it was used to entertain some of the most famous guests who came to the islands.

7. Blue Lagoon Island

Blue Lagoon Island is most beautiful tourist destination for a day trip or even repeated visits can be done to explore this wonderful island. There are a large number of things to see and to do a lot of actions on the island, many involving fun in the surf and sand. Undoubtedly the most extraordinary and popular things to do and see involve the wildlife that can also be interacted. The sea lions that come right up to the islands are an impressive sight, but nothing is as pleasurable as participating in a swim with dolphins.

8. Cape Santa Maria

Though Cape Santa Maria is one of the smaller islands in the Bahamas, but it is definitely the best ones to either visit or stay at. This small island is well-known around the world for the immaculate beaches that it presents to the visitors that come there. From accommodations, to food, to friendly staff, you name it Cape Santa Maria has it all. The seclusion of the beach will be a welcome change from the more packed out beaches in other areas.

9. Christ Church Cathedral

Another famous tourist attraction in The Bahamas is Christ Church Cathedral located in the capital city Nassau. A visit to Christ Church Cathedral is something that anyone with even the smallest amount interest in the local history of the island paradise they are staying at should do. The attractive architecture of the grand building of Christ Church was constructed in the early to mid 1800s is very outstanding and beautiful. And if you have enough time on hand in your tour, there is nothing quite like taking in a service at Christ Church Cathedral, it is an experience that will stay with the tourist for the rest of their life.

10. Deadman’s Reef

This could be the one most amazing adventure of your life and indeed it is one of the best locations in the Bahamas, come and experience the joy of snorkeling is at Deadman’s Reef. The quality of the experience had at Deadman’s Reef is far superior to that which can be had at the normal diving locations booked through cruise lines. The Bahamas are a stunning sight above water, but the things seen below the surface of the clear blue water will help to create long lasting memories that will last forever.

11. Elbow Cay

If you are tied of most populated and large islands then we have Elbow Cay for you. It is a surprisingly great but small island and a very famous tourist destination. The people of The Bahamas here have a reputation as being extremely friendly and helpful. The restaurants, shops, and hotels are all very nice and present to you some of the best stays in the islands. The beaches are absolutely gorgeous and the waterfront area is active and interesting. The perfect way to cap off a trip to Elbow Cay is a visit to the red and white striped light house.

12. Fort Charlotte

Fort Charlotte is perhaps one of the most admired stops for all kinds of travelers coming to the Bahamas from around the world, but especially those coming with children. Adults will surely appreciate the historical importance of the fort and the role it has played in the history of the islands. Children will love running all the way through the open areas and exploring all of the passageways of the fort, particularly the underground secret tunnels. This is one of the best places for anyone visiting the Bahamas to know the history and culture of The Bahamas.

13. Gold Rock Beach

Gold Rock Beach is very popular beach among tourists as well as the local people. Habitually rated by guests to the Bahamas as not only the best beach in the nation there, but perhaps in the world, this beach has everything anyone wanting to spend the day at the beach needs. There is amazing crystal clear water to play and swim in. There are fascinating rock formations and offshore reefs to discover from above the water and also while snorkeling. And perhaps, the surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous, especially at sunset. Gold Rock Beach is considered perfect for couples by tourists themselves looking for a romantic time near the water, and also for families with children who can’t get enough of the beach experience.

14. Andros Island

Andros Island is the largest of the 26 inhabited Bahamian Islands. Which is considered a single island, Andros has an area greater than all the other 700 Bahamian islands combined. The land area of Andros consists of hundreds of small islets and cays connected by mangrove estuaries and tidal swamp lands, together with three major islands—North Andros, Mangrove Cay, and South Andros. This island is a place occupied fully with tourist though out the year. It is worth mentioning for its unique combination of marine features and ecosystems.

15. Flora

The Bahamas have a noticeable amount of Flora existing in their region. Plants in The Bahamas are quite similar to that of Florida and Cuba. Inhabitant plants include Lignum vitae, Mahogany, Caribbean pine, Candlewood, Red Cedar and more. Native species are also shrubs like Cascarilla, Strong back or Yellow Elder, as well as mangroves and various kinds of palms. National wild fruit trees include Pigeon plum, Coco plum, Sea grape, Tamarind, Sugar apple, Guava. Cultivated backyard fruit trees include Mango, Banana, Avocado, Paw paw, Hog plum, Gooseberry. Among the poisonous plants it has Poisonwood which contains the poison urushiol. It causes a rash and in cases of smoke inhalation, lung damage.

16. Fauna

The Bahamas is perhaps, a string of islands with restricted large open space, is not capable to support animals of enormous size on land. However, the fauna remains diverse and unique in land and sea. The waters adjacent the Bahamas offer a rich and diversified sea life. You can find some 900 sq miles of reefs, including the third-longest barrier reef in the world off the east coast of Andros. The reefs are occupied with eels, clownfish, angelfish, barracudas, Nassau grouper, nurse sharks and porcupine fish. Sponges, conch, lobster, hogfish, snapper, bonefish and many other fish are others. Several species of whales and dolphins, including the humpback and blue whales and spotted dolphin, are found in the seas around the islands. On the other hand the land of the Bahamas witnesses various species of amphibians exists like the Cuba tree frog as well as reptiles including turtles, Bahamian boa constrictor, pygmy boa and blind worm snake. There are no poisonous snakes on the islands. There are also different kinds of lizards, including iguanas and curly tailed lizards. About 230 species of birds migrate to or live in the Bahamas islands. They include the Bahamas parrot, Bahamas wood star, hummingbird, woodpecker and West Indian flamingo.

17. Pompey museum of slavery and emancipation 

The museum is housed in the historic Vendue House, an original single storey arcaded building. It is still evident by the pair of Corinthian columns in front, along with its traditional colonial pink paint colour. Previously this building was used as a market, from which merchandise of all kinds, including human beings, were sold. During 20th century, this museum housed the telegraph and telephone department, and later the electricity department. It was given over for use as a public museum, named for Pompey, a slave who raised a revolt against unfair conditions on the Rolle Plantation on the island of Exuma in 1992. The museum opened with a classic exhibition on Slavery in The Bahamas. The museum is devoted to the study of slavery and over the years it has housed several prominent exhibitions, which includes A Slave Ship Speaks: The Wreck of the Henrietta Marie and the UNESCO/ Schomburg commemorative exhibition Lest We Forget: The Triumph Over Slavery. This museum is open on all weak days and is closed on Sundays. Kids under 5 years have free entry.

18. Long Island Museum

The Long Island Museum is very popular and major momentous inheritance conservation and preservation agency on that island. It is dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the history and culture of Long Island and the wider The Bahamas for the tourist and prospect generations to come. The display Long Island Heritage and Culture: represents a cross section of the traditions and culture of the people of Long Island. It gives a glimpse at life on Long Island beginning with pre-Columbian times to the present day. Its main aim is to look at the diversity of the communities from Seymour’s and Newton’s Cay in the north to Gordon’s in the South. It retains information of the people, their toils and joys, and mainly of all, their willpower to leave a lasting legacy.

19. Balcony House Museum

Balcony House Museum was restored and opened to the public in the year 1994.The interior of this museum was recreated by interior designer, Annie Ralston, who integrated Mrs. Bryce’s furnishings. Josephine Bryce, an American heiress was the owner of the Balcony House and she is the one who furnished the house delicately with quaint antique furniture from around the world. The House served as her in-town cottage from the year 1930s to 1980s. The building symbolizes great architectural interest. It is timber-built in a style influenced by the southeast United States. The most extraordinary feature of the house is the front balcony which is partly supported by wooden knee brackets. Balcony House, that pretty little pink house, is perhaps the oldest residential building in the city of Nassau. Tourists who are interested in gaining knowledge of the past will definitely visit this museum.

20. The San Salvador

The San Salvador Museum was formally opened in the year 1992 as one of the celebrations to mark the quincentennial anniversary of the Landfall of Christopher Columbus on the island of San Salvador in The Bahamas. The Gerace Research Centre located on the island is in charge for hosting many archaeologist and students who have contributed in excavations of sites throughout the island. The museum was at that time positioned in the old court house and jail in Cockburn Town and although very small, it accommodated exhibits depicting the history of the Lucayan and European encounters. Artifacts from these excavations were also displayed in the museum along with a wide selection of local craft and implements. Due to structural instability the Museum was relocated to a well known school site in Cockburn town. Several devastating hurricanes have caused some damage to the buildings that are now being restored to house the soon-to-be reopened San Salvador Museum.

21. Fort Montagu

This remarkable fort is situated on the seaside, about a mile or so east of the city centre. Fort Montagu is located on the site of an earlier structure around c.1725 -1728. The present fort was built in the year 1741-42 by Peter Henry Bruce, an engineer, during the governorship of John Tinker. It was constructed of locally-cut limestone and gained its name from the Duke of Montagu. A sea battery, north-east of the fort located today on Potter’s Cay, was called Bladen’s Battery for John Bladen, son of Governor John Tinker. The fort and Bladen’s Battery were finished in July 1742 and mounted with eight 18-pounder, three 9 and six 6 –pounder cannons. Originally, the fort contained a rain water cistern, barracks for officer and soldiers, a guardroom and powder magazine. This fort has become a very famous historical site and has found a large number of tourists visiting this fort with their families.

22. Fort Fincastle

This Fort which opened on week days including Sundays and other holidays is a very famous tourist’s site to enjoy with families. Constructed during the 1793 on Bennett’s Hill, the fort overlooks the Queen’s Staircase, and is often accessed that way by guests on foot. This fort shaped like a paddle-steamer, Lord Dunmore called Fort Fincastle, after his second title, Viscount Fincastle. The fort overlooked Nassau and Paradise Island and the eastern approaches to New Providence. It mounted two 24 pounders, two 32 pounders, two 12 pounder cannons and one howitzer. It served as a lighthouse until September 1817 when it was replaced by the lighthouse on Paradise Island. It was subsequently used as a signal station.

23. Nassau Botanic Gardens

One of the popular tourist attractions which is located in the capital city of The Bahamas, The Nassau Botanic Gardens which is considered a famous place to visit when on a tour in The Bahamas, which attract a large number of visitors. The rich flora and fauna of the country is simply amazing and excites almost all the ages of visitors. To know and experience the rich collection of the rare species of plants and shrubs, take a trip to the famous Nassau Botanic Gardens .The Bahamas boasts of interesting places and fascinating sights can be seen here. You are certain to have a pleasant experience of sightseeing in The Bahamas with the overabundance of amazing locales. The mesmerizing beauty of the place is not the only reason inviting tourists to come here and spend their vacations. In fact the place is perfect for eco tourism and many travelers come here for an exotic eco holiday experience. You can holiday here amidst the lap of nature. Nassau Botanic Gardens is located across the street from the Ardastra Gardens and Conservation Centre. The botanic gardens also houses Nassau zoo which will a treat to watch for children.

24. Winton Battery

It is a very pleasant place for the visitors interested in the past life of a country. Approximately 10 miles to the east of Nassau, the remains of the Winton Battery stand on a ridge in what is currently called as the Winton subdivision. This battery was also constructed by Lord Dunmore and in 1949 the Development Board cleared the area around the Battery and made it accessible to visitors.

25. Bladen’s Battery

Battery Bladen’s which is also very famous by the name Potter’s Cay Battery stands on a mount at Potter’s Cay and was constructed and decorated during the governorship of Lord Dunmore. It was also a part of the restoration efforts of 1949. In the year 1990 archaeological excavations were conducted at the Battery and it is open to the visitors.

26. TheBahamas Christmas Arts Festival set for dec.1st and 2nd

Bahamas ChristmasThis great festival of The Bahamas will starts on the first of every December, the Bahamas Christmas Arts Festival (BCAF) is held on historic Collins Estate Grounds. This particular festival is unlike any other Bahamian festival on several levels. The Bahamas Christmas Arts Festival will take place during the Christmas holiday season, and will boast the largest gathering of a cross section of Bahamian Artists and Artisans in one setting during the festival. Celebration is made will full of live here, and a festival to attain with family.

27. Paradise Island

Paradise Island is positioned just north of Nassau, the capital city of The Bahamas, which is a very significant tourists place to visit, because the name of the island it self’s suggest that the whole area of the island is a real paradise. You will find a lot of luxury waterfront houses, marinas and white sandy beaches transform the island into a very striking place, making it more attractive for the tourist. Furthermore, Paradise Island is most famous for the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, which offers some of the most expensive housing in the world. However, the vistas to the majestic towers and their water park are definitely the views that nobody wants to miss. Furthermore, nearly one third of the island is covered by the picturesque greens of the Paradise Island Golf Course. This is also a real paradise for golfers, especially on sunrise or sunset.

28. Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

A very appealing place to visit located remotely at the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Besides, situated nearby the Cistern Cay, this park is one of the few parks in the world with such a wide array of marine life. The crystal pure turquoise waters are best for snorkeling, swimming and diving, because the visibility under water is often over 100 ft. Sea turtles, colorful reefs and a variety of fish species create a unique ambient in water, while the hiking trails of the islands are best for biking as well. It is a treat to view sunset here in this park which is almost astonished. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is obviously a place that you definitely don`t want to miss during a vacation in the Bahamas.

29. Pink Sands Beach

Visitors around the world are astonished by viewing the beauty of this Beach. The Pink Sands Beach is one of the most charming places for a coastal relaxation, for the reason that of a unique combination of blue crystal water, green trees and plants, as well as nearly a 3-mile long pink sandy beach. Indeed yes it has a pink sandy beach. It is created by the pink shells of numerous reef microscopic organisms and, thus, transforms the area of Harbor Island into a perfect place for leisure and entertainment, where the abstract reality is a standard. Moreover, this could be the finest experience to be achieved through a scenic horseback ride, a few steps of the water.

30. Garden of the Groves, Freeport

Another attractive place to visit is the Garden of the Groves, back to the southern shoreline of the Grand Island. Located in close proximity to the easternmost section of the Freeport city, the Garden of the Groves is a surely a magical area, dotted by lush tropical flora and fauna, to create a remarkable experience for its tourists. Coconut palms, multi-colored butterflies, beautiful waterfalls and several birds are perfectly blended to deliver the unique outlook of the area. In addition, a plenty of walking and biking trails among the exotic wildlife can be a perfect pastime. Make sure to capture these fascinating scenes in your camera and also the nearby lakes are very exotic to see.

31. Parliament square, Nassau 

Located right in the center of Nassau, the capital and the largest city in the Bahamas, you can witness the Parliament Square Park. Certainly, this is the government center of the Bahamas and is also a very famous place to visit, foremost because of its unique architectural style. The white-pink hued buildings are perfectly blended to the green plants around the Square, transforming it into an incredible scene for capturing in your cameras for a long lasting memory. Here is located the Bahamian Senate Building and the statue of Queen Victoria, which are also inspiring sights to observer.

32. Cerion, special snail 

One of the fauna that is unique is Snail and to Cerion is exclusive to The Bahamas. Two extreme sizes of them-long and small- both are found in found in Inagua. It’s a snail of many shapes. It has different shapes ranging from long; narrow to golf-ball shape and size. There are at least 600 species of Cerion and two distinct forms are found in the Bahamas at one location one large and another small. There are also thicker ribbed solid colored shells on rocky coasts exposed to surf.

33. Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells is a name of an island community found in the Bahamas. It is close to the island of Eleuthera, which is about 48 miles from the Bahamas capital city, Nassau. The Eleuthra waters are sparkle from the bright and warm rays of the sun. The waters of Eleuthera are critical for the mainstay of the island. The lobster fish is found here, it attracts many visitors to the shore and also you will get enough information non Spanish wells at this place.

34. Port Lucaya, Freeport

Port Lucaya is a vibrant and a very attractive place in one of the most populous city in the Bahamas – the city of Freeport. Located in Grand Bahama Island, Port Lucaya is a colourful combination of shops, luxury hotels, resorts and marinas. Indeed, this is a resort city, which tempts you with a wide variety of options for accommodation, situated on a very close proximity to endless water and under water activities. Scuba diving, swimming and boating are only a few examples. Nearby you can come across the UNEXSO facility and to enjoy an extreme dive with sharks or even a whole dolphinarium. Golfers also can practice their favorite pastime on the finest greens, while the final shapes of a really special vacation form numerous boutiques and restaurants in the Port Lucaya Marketplace. Overall, the whole area of Port Lucaya is one of the very attractive places on the Bahamas.

35. Lucayan National park

It is situated along the southern shoreline of the great Bahama Island. It is one of the most scenic and serene places of the Bahamas. Its beautiful beaches are perfect for relaxation to experience at coast. Also here you can go on a natural boardwalk that is very attractive to enjoy the views of the blue crystal water, until you get seduced to the incredible water activities that include swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The laid-back walking trips are amazing to enjoy the sunrises and the sunsets here.

36. Cat Island

Cat Island is the sixth largest island in the Bahamas with the 48-mile-long; 4-mile-wide Island. Through out the year warm temperatures are moderated by trade winds, which gives Cat Island one of the Bahamas’ most pleasant climates. Cat Island brags the highest point in the Bahamas, Mount Alvernia, whose peak is around 63 meters is topped by a monastery called The Hermitage. Despite the fact that cotton was once the island’s main crop, slash and burn farming is now the most common practice. The main commercial crop currently is cascarilla bark, which is sent to Italy for use in medicines, scents, and the well-known Campari liquor. The 1700 inhabitants of Cat Island are famous for their ingenuity, using mainly the materials at hand to make all their essential products, and creating straw hats and bags for sale to tourist.

37.Marsh Harbour

Marsh Harbour It is the third largest in the Bahamas and the biggest town in the Abacos. It is a major entrance to the group of islands in the Bahamas. Thus, the settlement is positioned on a peninsula off the smoothly paved Great Abaco Highway. This highway is situated towards the south through Great Abaco to Cherokee Point and Little Harbour. Towards the north of Marsh Harbour, this road is called as S.C. Bootle Highway. Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas which is located 106 miles from Marsh Harbour. This city is situated almost 175 miles towards the Eastern side of the Palm Beach.The population of Marsh Harbour is 5,314. The temperature of Marsh Harbour had moderate and it has a pleasant climate. There is abundance of sunshine during the day and this is ideal for sailing trips around the cays.

38. Tourist guide out islands

The Out Islands of the Bahamas are the remotely located. The islands incorporated in this collection are: The Abacos, a 120 mile long sequence of small islands first settled by Europeans in the 1770s, by Loyalists fleeing the American Revolution. The Loyalists’ cotton plantations did well in the first years, but were destroyed by soil depletion. By the year 1800s fishing, boat building, and wrecking – scavenging from ships wrecked off the coast – were the islanders’ main sources of income. Acklins and Crooked Island are situated over 200 miles to the southeast of Nassau. The Berry Islands are a collection of 30 islands, situated on the eastern rim of the Great Bahama Bank. The secluded beaches, excellent diving, and sport fishing available here are the main attractions for the tourists. A large amount of the cays are privately owned. Inagua is cool, calm and collected of two islands, forming the southernmost point of the Bahamas.

39. Grand Bahana island travel guide

Grand Bahama is the fourth largest, and one of the northernmost, islands of the Bahamas lying just 90 kilometers off the coast of Florida. The Spanish took this island after its discovery by Christopher Columbus in the year 1492, On the other hand showed little interest in it except as a resource for slaves. When the British took control over the Bahamas in 1670, the inhabitants of Grand Bahama Island began to grow. With the development of townships, pirates began to make their presence felt, using Grand Bahama Island as a base and once again taking benefit of the dangerous reefs. Another reason for the sudden increase in the population and prosperity was the American Civil War. Smugglers again took over the island, started charging hefty prices for sugar, cotton, and weapons to the nearby Confederate States of America.

Later, during the American prohibition, Grand Bahama’s inhabitants yet again reaped the profits, smuggling alcohol into the USA. Contemporary development did not really begin, however, until the 1955 establishment of Freeport. The Lucayan Harbour was constructed by shipping tycoon D.K. Ludwig, and Canadian Louis Chesler developed the tourist centre of Lucaya in 1962. Today, Grand Bahama Island’s economy is firmly based on tourism as sprawling as some of the other Bahamas beaches and, as a result, is much less crowded. Then widely considered one of the best beaches in the Bahamas, Cable Beach is conveniently speckled with several major hotels. It is always crowded with tourists. This island perhaps is the best tourist place to visit. The vast majority of tourists end up here, so space is often at a premium. Vendors hawking t-shirts, seashell jewelry and sunscreen meander through the crowds, sometimes offering lessons in popular water sport big fun!

40. Conch

Conch a famous food of Bahamas is found everywhere in the country, whether it is a small restaurant or a bigger one, you’ll be sure to find conch (pronounced konk) on the menu. The sea snail is a food fastens in The Bahamas. Presenting it raw in a spicy conch salad is the most popular—a combination of diced conch, green peppers, tomatoes, onions, lime and scotch bonnet peppers seasoned to taste with salt and black pepper. The people of Bahamas believe that conch is a natural aphrodisiac and often encourage couples to partake in the dish if they want to increase their fertility odds. And if you’re not keen on eating the mussel raw, try it in conch fritters, conch n’ rice, cracked conch or conch chowder, these are the famous dishes prepared out of Conch.

41. Bay Street

Bay Street is a place where Nassau’s two most important industries of tourism and banking smash together. It’s very common to see traveler in their swimming costumes walking beside business professionals in the heart of historic Nassau. Bay Street has operated as the country’s center for trade and business for centuries now. Annually millions of tourists flock to Bay Street to enjoy a mix of pubs, cafes and art galleries and to bargain hunt and buy duty-free items. International designers like Gucci, Breitling and Fendi all have storefronts on Bay Street. Whenever you visit Bahamas, a A visit to Nassau’s famous Straw Market is a must—it reopened in 2012 after a devastating fire in 2001. The Straw Market is the best place to find handcrafted straw goods including handbags, hats and dolls.

42. Where to shop?

In this Market you can find Bahamas bargaining. The Straw Market on Bay Street just west of the cruise docks is one of the largest straw markets in the world, offering beaded jewelry, hand-woven bags, wood carvings, and other trinkets from hundreds of vendors. Interspersed with the unique crafts are more traditional souvenirs: t-shirts, key chains, picture frames, and shot glasses are plentiful. Shoppers are welcome to barter with merchants, and watching local artisans weave new merchandise on-site is a treat even for non-shoppers. The Market is open daily and is often augmented by small boats on the northern end where additional vendors display conch shells and other aquatic treasures. This market has been considered as an ideal place for shopping for tourists.

43. Ardastra Gardens

Bahamas has naturally blessed beautiful sites, attracting a lot to visitors. Visitors to the Bahamas will be struck by its natural beauty and exotic wildlife as they explore Ardastra Gardens, a set of extensive botanical gardens that house more than 300 species of mammals, reptiles, and birds native to Caribbean and Latin American nations. Pink flamingos are the national bird of the Bahamas, and a skilled flock of the tropical birds performs three daily shows to delight visitors of any age. Across from the Gardens is a supplementary botanical preserve with more than a dozen acres of carefully refined flowering trees and shrubs, including multiple orchid varieties that line winding pathways and ornamental ponds.

44. Atlantis Resort

Atlantis Resort is of the luxuries resorts to be found near the capital city of Bahamas. For tourists who desire a vacation of mystery and mythology, there is no better target than the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. With more than 2,300 rooms in various towers and luxurious suites, this is the one of the largest resorts in the Caribbean. The resort celebrates the Lost Continent of Atlantis with numerous waterfalls, marine habitats, lagoons, and aquariums that house more than 200 species of sharks, fish, and other marine life. At the bottom of the sea grottos and viewing tunnels offer visitors a rare glimpse of the natural habitats of these exotic creatures, and pools and waterslides offer adventurous marine habitats for guests. Atlantis is also home to one of the largest casinos in the Caribbean, dozens of restaurants and lounges, and the Marina Village Bahamian marketplace with more than 20 distinctive shops. Guest, who is not staying in the hotel, can purchase access passes to the resort’s many attractions for a modest fee.

45. Queen’s Staircase

Queen’s Staircase a historical place and a popular tourist destination is situated in Nassau. With just 65 steps with a leg on each side of 102 feet, this is a sheer rise from Elizabeth Avenue to Fort Fincastle and the Water Tower. Carved out of a limestone wall by 18th century slaves, the steps had soldiers protected passage from the fort to the town. You can find plants line the sides of the steps and water cascades in to a pool below. Common fitness trainers use the steps as a part of their daily regiment and Nassau 9-5ers utilize the shortcut during the day to move to and from downtown, Nassau. Named to honor the 65 years of Queen Victoria’s reign, this is one of the most popular destinations in Nassau.

46. Crystal place casino 

All casino lovers will surely visit this place in Nassau and will like for its lively atmosphere. The Wyndham’s casino has around 300 slot machines and a full range of table games, from blackjack to Caribbean poker to roulette. Although it is a smaller size casino, players have a more intimate and personal surroundings to enjoy gaming. Sports fans should check out the Sports Book, a large space with 15 televisions and stadium seating for 90 people, or engage in a bit of off-track betting at the Race Book. The hotel also has a theater where local and international acts take to the stage to entertain guests with cabaret-style shows, comedy acts and live bands. The casino is open day and night for fun around the clock.

47. Powerboat adventures 

You have to be ready to experience the air whip through your hair as you speed across the water at over 40 mph. Hang on for an invigorating ride and a memorable day on the high seas with custom water-based tours. Don’t forget to capture these moments for long lasting memories in your camera. Choose your own agenda from options that include a visit to a private island, a drift snorkel over a nearby coral reef, swimming, beach walking and interactions with wild iguanas, boars and stingrays plus plenty of liquid refreshments and a bountiful lunch. Private charters are available for groups. This attraction is perfect for rehearsal dinners or corporate team building exercises. A must fun to experience.

48. Stuart Cove

If you haven’t experience the sea adventure before then we are offer you our very famous Stuart Cove. Stuart Cove’s is the leading full-service dive center on New Providence, offering equipment sales and rentals in addition to a wide variety of organized trips. Tourist are visiting this center to explore the marine life more and more. Join a snorkeling trip, a thrilling scuba dive, or even a ride aboard an innovative Scenic Underwater Bubble. The individual units resemble a cross between a motor scooter and a submarine, and allow you to breathe normally and even wear regular eyeglasses under water. Transportation to and from most area hotels is available. A bit of trivia: Stuart Cove has worked as a dive coordinator on numerous films, including “Never Say Never Again” and “Flipper.”

49. National art gallery of the Bahamas 

Present in the delightfully restored 1860s-era Villa Doyle, the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, which opened to the public in the year 2003, has managed to collect a number of important works. Bahamian artists are the major focus, but there are works by ex-pats as well, including some eye-catching Winslow Homer landscapes. The Gallery is open to the visitors daily except for Mondays and public holidays. Current collection includes paintings, sculpture, textiles, ceramics and photography from the end of the 20th century to the present, from notables like Amos Ferguson and Antonius Roberts. While the art on display is typically not for sale, a gift store on site features an impression collection of handmade artwork, soaps and candles, quilts, sculptures, jewelry and hand-woven baskets. It is perhaps one of the famous galleries in Bahamas.

50. Pirates of Nassau

This museum has managed to catch the eyed of many visitors. In the late 1600s and early 1700s, the Bahamas gained unsavory reputation as a haven for pirates, rogues and wild women. The stories of famous swashbuckling characters like Blackbeard and Annie Bonny are focused in this engaging museum. The main attraction of this place is the feel of the era through interactive exhibits, including a pirate ship complete with crew! It’s situated within walking distance of the cruise ship port and from landmarks like the Nassau Straw Market. Kids especially will be entertained, but anyone with an imagination can have fun here. You can enjoy a pint of ale in the pub afterwards, and don’t forget to check out the loot in the gift shop.

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