Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Tanzania


Tanzania is a country located in East Africa and offers abundant of fascinating tourist attractions. Tanzania is home to Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, and is one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations. The country also has plenty of fascinating white sandy beaches, found in the island of Zanzibar. The country of Tanzania also offers world-class coral reefs, excellent for diving, snorkeling and sailing. Fifty things that you can enjoy in Tanzania along with your family are listed below:

1. Zanzibar

The ‘Jewel of the Indian Ocean’ Zanzabir lies off the Tanzania’s coast that has an intense melange of colour, culture and tastes and that could take your weeks to explore. Dotted with sandy beaches and many number of smaller islands, Tanzania combines African, European, and Middle Eastern influences to produce a distinct yet identical culture. This Island of Tanzania is also famous for spices. It boosts a wide variety of beach resorts. Here snorkelling and diving conditions are extraordinary. Classic ‘desert island’ are a part of the outlying islands of Pemba, Chumbe, Mafia, and Mnemba. The Stone Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is the island’s capital city.

2. Kendwa beach

Stretching from the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean with an idyllic stretch of white sand Kendwa beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania is wonderful beach to enjoy your tour of Tanzania. During the day time you can stretch out on the deserted sands and cool off around the beautiful shallows of the fleets of fishing dhows (traditional sailing vessels) on the horizon. In the night you can enjoy eating fresh kingfish along with coconut rice on the sands before you start swinging in a hammock while looking up at the stars lighting up the darkness around you.

3. Nungwi

The Nungwi is Zanzibar’s best beach in the laid-back island of Tanzania. Earlier it was a simple fishing village with dhow-building pockets scattered every where but now has become a popular holiday site, here palm trees casually amble onto a beach, which dissolves gradually into shades of turquoise water. White-sailed dhows start from the boat yard at sunset.

4. Family Safari in Africa

One of the best places to go on a family safari in Africa is South Africa, when accompanied with young children. South Africa also is rich in smaller, private wildlife parks where you can watch a lot of animals in a short duration of time. South Africa is also home to many malaria-free game parks. Tanzania offers you the best safari experience in Africa, in “Northern Circuit” you will find the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. If you combine a safari with the beaches of Zanzibar it would turn out to be a great family vacation. Kenya is also a good option as you can combine a beach holiday in Mombasa with a night or so at the Tsavo National Park which is just 60 mins drive.

5. Ruaha National Park

Ruaha National park is famous in Tanzania. Every day you can look for lions in this park that emerge in herds. The land of Ruaha is painted in muted colours, but in the hour just before sundown it glowed like amber, and that was when you watch lions emerging from the long grass, one after another. There are a range of broken hills and you can a herd of zebra stampeding across yellow plains, and farther away is a huge river bordered by acacias.

6. Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania

The Ngorongoro Crater is the world’s largest continuous, unflooded volcanic caldera, measuring about 19km across, 600 metres deep from the rim of the crater to its floor, and with a total floor area of 260km². To visit this place will be one of the most memorable experiences of the visitors. This crater was created when a giant volcano exploded and distorted on itself just about three million years ago. Ngorongoro crater is considered a “natural enclosure” for wildlife, with many animal species found on the crater floor.

7. Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve of Tanzania is one of its major sources of attraction. You will find in abundance the Savanna animals, than in any other African game reserve, mainly because of its stringent regulation by the Wildlife Division of the Tanzanian Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism. It is considered to be the most visited tourist destinations of Tanzania.

8. Pemba Island

The immensely popular Pemba Island is also popularly known as the Green Island in Arabic, is undoubtedly the most famous tourist destinations of Tanzania. It is located in the Indian Ocean and is part of the “Spice Islands”. The island is especially popular with divers who come here for the untouched coral and very abundant marine life. It is considered to be among the most advent ours spots of the country.

9. Tarangire National Park

The Tarangire National Park is well described by many legends as a paradise for bird watchers. You can witness approximately 600 different species frequent the park. Tarangire is also known for its huge number of elephants, baobab trees and tree climbing lions. Huge termite mounds can be found all around the park.

10. Mafia Island

Another magnificent tourist destination of Tanzania is Mafia Island. It is also a part of the Spice Islands. Mafia name derives either from the Swahili “mahali pa afya,” meaning “a healthy dwelling-place,” or from the Arabic “morfiyeh,” meaning “archipelago”. This island is considered just ideal for scuba divers, game fishermen, and people wanting to relax on one of the island white sandy beaches.

11. Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Tanzania. It is said that during the monsoon this lake become home to almost 300 different species of migratory birds, including thousands of flamingos. In the dry season, alkaline mud-flats take the place of the waters. This is the best time to see large mammals such as hippos, elephants, wildebeest and giraffe. It is an extremely popular tourist spot of the country.

12. Mount Kilimanjaro

The mountain has become a major tourist attraction for mountaineers and trekkers from around the world. Mount Kilimanjaro is an inactive volcano located towards the north-eastern side of the country, quite close to the border with Kenya. At 5,892 meters above sea level, Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak and the world’s highest free-standing mountain. Although positioned close to the equator. It is renowned for its snow-capped peak looming over the plains of the savannah.

13. Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park is considered to be the most impressive tourist destinations of Tanzania. It is indeed among the best-known big game safari destinations in Africa. This magnificent national park is renowned for its annual wildlife migration of wildebeest and zebra. One of the best times to visit the park is in May when the grass becomes dry and exhausted and the wildebeest and zebra start to mass in huge armies offering a spectacular wildlife show.

14. Katavi

Katavi is considered among the top wildlife destination in Africa and it is certainly among the visited tourist attractions of Tanzania. It is regarded to be the most unspoiled regions of the country, an absolute must. This is a good reason to visit if you’re looking for a unique safari experience since there are only two camps and it’s only accessible by light aircraft.

15. Mahale Mountains

Mahale Mountains are situated towards the western part of the country and perhaps the most attractive tourist destinations of Tanzania. It’s still remote, but absolutely worth the trip. Besides the 1000 chimps, there are other primates to see too, including the red colobus and yellow baboons. The best time to visit Mahale is during the dry season from May to October.

16. Stone Town

One of the extremely popular tourist destinations of Tanzania is the Stone Town, an absolute must visit attraction. It is considered to be major cultural heart of Zanzibar and little has changed in the last 200 years. The narrow streets and winding alleyways are lined with grand houses as the original Arab owners vied with each other for the most extravagant.

17. Mount Meru

Mount Meru is perhaps the most wonderful volcanoes to be found in Africa, is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Tanzania. Mount Meru is in fact the second highest mountain in Tanzania. Positioned within Arusha National Park, it provides an optimum location to spot some of the birds and wildlife that inhabit the area.

18. Forodhani Gardens

Forodhani Gardens is one of the most impressive gardens to visit in Tanzania. It is regarded as a famous weekend spot of the locals, equally popular with tourist. Forodhani Gardens offers plenty of things to do and see, well an ideal destination for family picnicking. Vendors serve grilled octopus, goat meat, samosas and other snacks.

19. Ruins

One of the major landmarks of Stone Town is Mbweni Ruins which is to be found towards the southern part of the city. It is considered to be an ideal spot for bird and nature lovers. A nature trail passes more than 650 plant species and 150 varieties of palm trees from around the world. The ruins of St Mary’s School for Girls was constructed during the year 1870, is located within a lush garden.

20. Beit el-Sahel

Another popular destination to visit in this historical city is Beit el Sahel, popularly referred as People’s Palace, was the home of the sultans and their families from the 1880s until the revolution of 1964. Today it is one of the famous tourist attractions of the city and has been transformed into a museum devoted to the sultans of Zanzibar. The museum displays some of the finest artifacts of sultans home.

21. House of Wonders

Zanzibar’s largest structure is Beit el-Ajaib which is four stories high. The house of wonders was constructed during the year 1883 for Sultan Barghash, Beit el-Ajaib was the first building on the island to have electricity this gave it the name ‘House of Wonders’.

22. Old Fort

The Old Fort is among the famous tourist attractions of Tanzania. This magnificent fort is also popular as the Arab Fort, situated quite close to Beit el-Ajaib. It was constructed as a fortified structure in 1560, the Old Fort is the oldest structure in Stone Town. Omani Arabs constructed the Old Fort in order to protect the city from attacks by the Portugese.

23. Peace Memorial Museum

The country of Tanzania is rich in nature and also offers some of the finest museums, among such museums is the Peace Memorial Museum. This museum offers numerous of interesting artifacts including traditional crafts and household items from residents of Zanzibar. Exhibits also include items from the sultans, slave traders, European explorers and missionaries. Displays in the domed main building feature David Livingstone’s medical chest, information about the harvesting of cloves and the story of the battleship.

24. Anglican Cathedral

The Anglican Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals of this region that was constructed during the year 1887. This beautiful cathedral is situated on the site of the old slave market. The major reason for its construction was to honor the end of the slave trade. The high altar of the cathedral was constructed on the location of the whipping post.

25. Livingstone House

Livingstone’s House is another interesting attraction to visit in this region. It was constructed during the year 1860 for Sultan Majid. It is remembered as the place where David Livingstone stayed in 1866 before his last expedition. Currently it is the home of the Zanzibar Tourist Board.

26. St Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral

St. Joseph’s Cathedral is well considered to be a masterpiece; it was designed by the same architect who designed the Notre Dame Basilica at Marseilles, France. French missionaries built St Joseph’s between 1893 and 1898. A summary of the mission’s history is posted inside the entrance. The twin spires of St Joseph can be seen from any high point in town and it is one of the first sights that travelers witness when the ferry arrives in Zanzibar.

27. Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is one of the most popular cities of Tanzania and offers plenty of things to do and see. The meaning of Dar es Salaam in Arabic is ‘haven of peace’. Tanzania’s main port is found at Dar es Salaam harbor straddling some of the most important sea routes in the world. Once here you can notice that the architecture of this city is a diverse mix of Swahili, German, Asian and British influences. German colonialists organized Dar by arranging a grid pattern of streets fanning out around the port.

28. Pugu Hills Forest Reserve

The Pugu Forest is believed to be one of the oldest forests in the world, earlier it was referred by the name mago Forest. The Pugu Hills Forest Reserve is the location of the source of the Msimbazi River. It is that region of the country where you can witness hippos, lions, cheetahs and black and white Colobus monkeys as well as the giant elephant shrew, bushpigs and mongoose. It is one of the most tourist attractions of the country. You can also see the bats as they fly out of the caves in the evening, which is quite a sight.

29. National Museum

The National Museum of Tanzania is located in one of its major cities Dar es Salaam, is among the major tourist attractions of the city. This museum was started during the year 1940. A new wing was later constructed right in front of the old museum in the year 1963. The museum originally opened in the King George V Memorial Museum, the new wing has his car on display. This museum offers some of the finest artifacts. The Hall of Man contains archeological finds, replicas of rock paintings and a cast of 3.6 million-year-old hominid footprint.

30. Makumbusho Village Museum

Makumbusho Village is renowned for housing some of the best traditional homes found in different parts of Tanzania that is believed to be representing 18 ethnic tribes. It is one of the most interesting museums to visit. once here you can walk through the homes and watch examples of traditional painting, weaving and carving by artists and craftsmen. The dwellings include furnished huts, cattle pens, and meeting places.

31. Mosque in Dar es Salaam

You will find numerous of spectacular mosques in the fascinating city of Dar es Salaam, among which the most prominent are the Darkhana Jama’at-Khana, on Mosque Street, is renowned for its six-story tower topped with a clock. Ibaddhi Mosque and Memon Mosque are also located on Mosque Street and are covered with stringed lights on religious occasions. Sunni Mosque has an impressive dome and there are two Hindu temples located on Kitsu Street.

32. Askari Monument

The Askari Monument is considered to be one of the famous landmarks of the city. The first statue of Von Wissmann as erected in 1911 to celebrate the German victory in 1888, and then demolished in 1916 when the British occupied Dar es Salaam. The latest statue of Askari Monument, is cast in bronze and depicts an askari (soldier) in a World War I uniform, the bayonet of his rifle pointing towards the nearby harbor.

33. Saadani National Park

Saadani National Park is the only part of Eastern Africa where you can find some of the Indian Ocean beachfront. This national park of Tanzania is constructed very recently and its beach area is considered to be its major source of attraction. Several of wildlife can be found within Saadani National Park including giraffe, buffalo, warthog, common waterbuck, reedbuck, hartebeest, wildebeest, red duiker and many many more.

34. Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are among the most impressive attractions to visit in this city. These amazing gardens were originally laid out during the year 1893. The Botanical Gardens also became the home of Dar es Salaam Horticultural Society, which still has a building on site that has undergone some restoration with most of the exhibits now labeled.

35. State House

The State House was the original residence of the German Governor that was constructed during the year 1890. Formerly this State House was believed to have tall Islamic-style arches on the ground floor and a veranda with railing on the upper level. During the first World War it was almost smashed down by British but later during the year 1922 the State House was rebuilt with similar arches.

36. Husuni Kubwa

Husuni Kubwa is considered to be one of the extremely popular tourist attractions of Tanzania. It is situated towards the eastern part of the main collection of ruins at Kilwa Kisiwani on top of a steep cliff. Husuni Kubwa was constructed by Sultan al-Hasan ibn Sulaiman right during the fourteenth century. Husuni Kubwa is a complex of buildings including the royal residence, a mosque etc.

37. Azania Front Lutheran Church

Azania Front Lutheran Church was constructed by German missionaries during the year 1898. The red-tile belfry rises above the surrounding rooftops and the whitewashed building is still considered a major landmark of the city. The tiled canopies over the windows provide shade and the gardens are a welcome retreat for weary tourists.

38. Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park was established keeping the protection of chimpanzees in mind. This attractive little park of the city is renowned for the work of Jane Goodall. Once here you can also observe the many members of the monkey family. Many species of primates and mammals live in Gombe Stream National Park. Wide range of bird species can also be witness here.

39. Old Boma

The only ancient surviving structure of the city of Dar es Salaam is Old Boma, constructed in the year 1867. The aim behind constructing Old Boma was to accommodate the guests of Sultan Seyyid Majid who had a palace located next door. Items to note within Old Boma include a door from Zanzibar and coral walls. It is one of the famous spots of Dar es Salaam.

40. Arusha

Arusha is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Tanzania. You will find it right at the foot of Mount Meru and is at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. Arusha was constructed during the nineteenth century by the Germans. Very soon it became the hub of colonial administration. Arusha is rich in the section of tourism and considered to be among the fastest growing regions of

41. Ngezi Forest Reserve

Ngezi Forest reserve is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Tanzania. This amazing forest reserve is situated towards the northwestern end of Pemba Island, includes ancient coastal forest that once covered all of Pemba. Once here you can witness a wide variety of plants and wildlife including some of its own plant species that are unique to the area.

42. Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is one of charming little parks of Tanzania, completely loaded with fun filled activities. Once here you can also witness the forest of Mount Meru, Ngurdoto Crater in the southeast section of the park and Momela Lakes, a series of seven crater lakes. Arusha National Park offers an excellent opportunity for wildlife viewing.

43. National Natural History Museum

National Natural History Museum of Tanzania is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the country. This impressive museum is available in the Old German Boma, built during the year 1886. Among the major exhibits of the museum is the human evolution through research that has been established at an onsite laboratory. Other findings trace evolution through items discovered at Olduvai Gorge.

44. Bagamoyo

Bagamoyo was the first capital of Tanzania and one of the ancient regions of the country. The city of Bagamoyo is among the significant regions of Tanzania. This charming little town was a prominent port of the country and today offers some of the most interesting historical sites to the visitors.

45. Lake Duluti

Lake Duluti is one of the most stunning tourist attractions of Tanzania, surely worth a visit. the country of Tanzania offers some of the extraordinary natural attractions and this beauty of nature is also worth visiting. Lake Duluti is a shelter for over 130 different bird species including kingfishers, osprey, buzzards, eagles, doves, storks and babets. Fishing or bird watching is very famous in the Lake Duluti area. Lake Duluti offers some of the excellent views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

46. Kaole Ruins

The first capita of Bagamoya is the ideal destination to witness some of the best historical stuffs and it here that you can also find The Kaole Ruins. The Ruins of Kaole belongs to the thirteenth Century and has two beautiful mosques and 30 tombs. It is said that these mosques are proof of early contact between Africa and the Islamic world.

47. Pangani

Pangani is one of the prettiest little towns of Tanzania that is considered to have a prolonged history. The history of this region belongs to the time of Arab settlement during fifteenth century. Pangani became a large, prosperous port, sisal plantations were set up while missionaries and explorers began their journeys to the interior from here.

48. Old Fort

The Old Fort is one of the famous historical sites of Tanzania to be found in Bagamoyo. This magnificent old fort is considered to be one of the most ancient structures of the town. During the year 1869 it was constructed to be used as a private house by Abdallah Marhabi, it was taken over by Sutlan Baghash who fortified it after 1870. The Germans used the Old Fort as a military camp and the British, and also others that settled in Bagamoyo, used it as a police post.

49. Kigoma

Kigoma is a pretty little town of Tanzania to be found in a tropical setting overlooking Lake Tanganyika. The charming town of Kigoma is one of the fairly attractive tourist destinations of the country, offering some unique attractions. One of the highlights of this town is the steamer Liemba, considered the oldest operational passenger vessel in the world. It was originally constructed in Germany in 1913; the Liemba was shipped to Kigoma and reassembled.

50. Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings

Kondoa Irangi Rock paintings are indeed among the finest ancient examples in the world. These magnificent paintings are definitely attracts and impress any visitors watching it. The ancient art depicts the animals and customs of the people at the time. The most important group of paintings is about 30,000 years old, from the pre-agriculturalist period. It is an absolute must destination for art lovers.

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