Top 50 Things to Do and to See in New Zealand

New Zealand
New Zealand is an island country located towards the southwestern part of Pacific Ocean. The country geographically comprises two main landmasses ‒ that of the North and South Islands ‒ and numerous smaller islands. New Zealand has a diversity of natural beauty and tourist attractions, such as mountain peaks that covered with clouds, lakes, rivers and plains volcanism preserved. Apart form its immense natural beauty; you can also explore the culture and life of the Maori tribe closer. Fifty things that you can enjoy in New Zealand along with your family are listed below:

1. Christchurch

Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand and one of the most popular tourist attractions of the country. It is also considered as one of the thriving business center. This city offers you plenty of attractions such as arts, entertainment, and shopping, world-class recreational facilities. Christchurch also has easy access to beaches and mountains.

2. Auckland

The Auckland is one of the beautiful metropolitan cities of New Zealand to be found situated towards the Northern Island of the country. It is indeed a major tourist attraction of New Zealand having the population of 31 percent of the country. This city offers beautiful sceneries with amazing regions; Auckland is also able to invite the tourists to keep returning to this city. And many interesting tourist attractions in Auckland you can visit.

3. Rotorua

One of the popular tourist destinations of New Zealand is Rotorua. It offers a unique culture called the Maori who had absorbed the tourists come to visit the city. Friendly locals as well as humorous and artistic skills are no doubt making this city as one of the leading New Zealand.

4. Coromandel Peninsula

Coromandel Peninsula is one of the most famous tourist attractions of New Zealand. It is a beautiful beach and largely visited by local and foreign tourists because of the hot water with temperatures around 60 degrees Celsius. Underground hot springs filtered up through the sand. When low tide, visitors can dig the sand and make their own hot tubs for bathing.

5. Fiordland National Park

Among the most spectacular tourist attractions of New Zealand is the Fiordland National Park. It was established during the year 1952, today it has an area of ​​more than 1.2 million hectares, in Fiordlands Here you will find a place that has many glaciers carved deep fiords, and the most famous of Milford Sound. The park is among the most visited tourist places of the country.

6. Queenstown

Another beautiful tourist destination of New Zealand is Queenstown. It is considered as resort town in Otago to be found located towards the south-western part of the country. This place is constructed around the inlet called Queenstown Bay in Lake Wakatipu, a long thin-Z-shaped lake formed by glacial processes, and has spectacular views of nearby mountains. Queenstown is widely used most of the tourists to jump bungy jump sights and various other interesting outdoor activities that includes whitewater rafting and the Shotover jet.

7. Bay Of Islands

Bay Of Islands is considered to the top tourist attraction of New Zealand, considered a must visit destination of the country. It is well said that it is a place you should visit if you visit New Zealand. This region of New Zealand is renowned for having 144 islands, with many superb beaches and secluded bays and an abundance of marine life.

8. Mount Cook

The incredible Mount Cook is also popularly known as Aoraki is the highest mountain in New Zealand, with the height of 3754 meters (12 316 feet), thus making it one of the most sought after tourist destinations of New Zealand. It is situated in the Southern Alps area of ​​Canterbury.

9. Westland Tai Poutini National Park

Westland Tai poutini National Park is situated towards the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island. It is among the most favorite tourist spots of the country. It was established during the year 1960 and occupies a total area of around 1175 km ². The major tourist attractions of this region are Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier. It also offers opportunities for hunting Red Deer, Chamois and Tahr and helicopter access allowing hunters access to rugged mountain areas.

10. Tongariro National Park

There are numerous of beautiful tourist attractions that you will find in New Zealand among them is the spectacular Tongariro National Park. This park is the oldest national park of the country, situatedright in the heart North Island. The Tongariro National Park is listed in the UNSECO natural World Heritage Site and also has been recognized as one of the 28 mixed cultural site. It occupies a total area of around 795.98 km ². Tongariro National Park is the fourth national park was established in the world. There are 3 active volcano is Mount Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe, and Tongariro are located in the middle of the park.

11. Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman National Park is situated towards the northern part of New Zealand and is certainly the most attractive tourist spots of the country. It is a huge park and is well regarded as a hiker’s dream. You can enter by boat here as vehicles are not allowed, foot or small plane, but the trip is well worth it. While traversing the mountainous terrain, blue penguins, wekas, oyster catchers, wood pigeons and other rare birds can all be seen.

12. Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is undoubtedly a major tourist attraction of the country. It is a famous observation and telecommunications tower that is situated right in the largest city of New Zealand. This tower has a height of 328 meters and considered to be the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Today it has become an iconic structure in Auckland’s skyline. The tower offers views of up to 80 km away and fine dining in the Orbit revolving restaurant.

13. Napier Art Deco

The city of Napier is one of the charming cities of New Zealand. It is a small city in Hawke’s Bay towards the Northern part of Island’s east coast, is renowned for its incredible art deco architecture. It is said that a major part of Napier was leveled by an earthquake that occurred during the year 1931. The transformation era concurred with the short-lived Art Deco era and as a result Napier’s architecture is strikingly different from any other city in the world. Numerous visitors visit Napier every February for the Art Deco Weekend, an event dedicated to the style, vintage cars, picnics and the soapbox derby.

14. Kaikoura

Kaikoura is one of the most famous and beautiful towns of New Zealand. You will find it located towards the Southern part of the Island. It is considered as haven for seafood lovers. You can spot fur seals; dolphins, sperm whales and albatrosses off the shore, then indulge in a feast of fresh crayfish, mussels, blue cod and more. It is among the most visited tourist attractions of the country. Land lovers can take a wilderness walk through the untamed and dramatic Kaikoura forest.

15. Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier of New Zealand is a famous tourist spot of New Zealand. It is situated within Westland National Park towards the southwest part of the country. This Glacier indeed one of the world’s most accessible. Visitors can walk right up to the foot of the massive glacier or take a helicopter ride over the dazzling Ice Age remnant. Together with Fox Glacier it is one of South Westland’s major draw cards for tourists.

16. Rotorua 

The tourist spot of Rotorua is well known place and at the same time it is the thermal wonderland of New Zealand. You will find plenty of geysers and hot springs in and around the city. A majority of them are located in parks and reserves. Natural eruptions of steam, hot water and mud occasionally occur in new locations. Nearby Wai-O-Tapu is also a popular tourist attraction with many hot springs noted for their colorful appearance, in addition to the Lady Knox Geyser.

17. Milford Sound

Milford Sound is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions of the country. It is situated at the northern part of the country. It offers some of the world’s most overwhelming coastal scenery with its dramatic peaks and dark blue waters. The area’s frequent downpours only improve this South Island beauty, sending plenty waterfalls cascading down the cliffs.

18. Auckland

The most fascinating city of New Zealand is also the largest city of the country – Auckland, is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the country. This beautiful part of the country offers plenty of things to do and see. Auckland is very multicultural, tranquil and easy in terms of locomotion. Anyway, Auckland does not reflect how the rest of New Zealand is, and we believe it is a must to go somewhere else.

19. Taupo

The region of New Zealand is smaller in size but with a beauty that impress. You will also find an incredible lake of the same name in this region which is considered to be the most breathtaking and there are plenty of activities to do, including thermal volcanic areas and some radical sports and tours. One a clear day the view to the Alps is fantastic and the lake is full or trouts. There are plenty of attractions to witness here.

20. Wellington

The city of Wellington is one of the most beautiful cities and is among the famous tourist attractions. It is the second biggest city and capital of New Zealand is surely worth a visit. You will find numerous of thing to do and see in this compact city. Restaurants are top level and the bay where Wellington is situated is gorgeous.

21. Auckland Art Gallery

One of the extremely popular tourist attractions of New Zealand is The Auckland Art Gallery to be found in the city of Auckland towards the southeast corner of Albert Park. It is considered as a must attractions of Auckland. It is an imposing structure with towers and high pitched roofs in French Renaissance style, was designed by the Melbourne firm of Grainger and D’Ebro and constructed during the year 1887. It houses the renowned Gray Gallery, a surprisingly rich collection of old European and contemporary New Zealand art, including works by McCahon and Wollaston. You will also find various oil paintings by the Czech artist Gottfried Lindauer (1839-1926), noted for his marvelous portraits of Maoris.

22. New Zealand Maritime Museum

The New Zealand Maritime Museum is one of the famous tourist attractions to visit. You will find it on Hobson Wharf, towards the northwest end of Quay Street. This interesting museum offers broad survey of the history of seafaring in New Zealand. On the display you can find Maori canoes and outrigger boats, whaling equipment and old instruments and implements. You will also find a section that is devoted to the country’s yachts that have distinguished themselves in international regattas.

23. Queen Street

The Queen Street of New Zealand is a busy major artery and Show Streetand is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist spots of Auckland. Along the street you will also find plenty of high-rise office blocks occupied by banks, insurance companies and commercial firms have mushroomed. Between the Ferry Building and K’ Road are department stores, shops and restaurants. You can witness wide variety architecture in this region, with impressive colonial-period buildings rubbing shoulders with art-nouveau, art-deco and modern buildings.

24. Ferry Building

The Ferry Building is one of the most impressive tourist spots of the country. It offers a fine restaurant and is considered as a popular landmark on the harbor front. This spectacular building was constructed in English Baroque style of brick and sandstone on a base of Coromandel granite; it was completed in the year 1912 to the design of Alexander Wiseman

25. Town Hall

The town hall of Auckland is one of the most impressive tourist attractions of New Zealand. This famous Town Hall was constructed during the year 1911 by the Clark brothers. It is an imposing tower. The facade is of Oamaru marble, the base of Melbourne bluestone.

26. Parnell

One of the most charming cities of New Zealand is Parnell and undoubtedly among the major tourist attractions of the country. You will find it towards the eastern part of the city center, extending to Hobson Bay. Parnell is the old district of the country. It retains many Victorian buildings, which in recent years have been lovingly restored. Tourists fill the nostalgic old shops (in particular craft shops) and restaurants along Parnell Road.

27. St Stephen’s Chapel

St. Stephen’s Chapel is one of the famous tourist attractions of the country. It was in this little wooden chapel near Point Resolution, constructed during the year 1856-57 by Frederick Thatcher, that the constitution of the Anglican Church in New Zealand was adopted. The chapel looks out on Judges Bay. The churchyard includes the graves of many townspeople and soldiers of Auckland’s early days.

28. St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral

You will find the famous St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral right opposite to Selwyn Court, it was constructed during the year 1888 by BW Mountfort; Anglican. The church is built in neo-Gothic style. This wooden building, one of the largest of its kind in the world, was originally on the other side of the street but was moved during the year 1982 to its present site beside the new Holy Trinity Cathedral.

29. Auckland Museum and Institute

One of the major tourist attractions of Auckland is theWar Memorial Museum. This impressive museum’s building is constructed in neoclassical style during the year 1929 as a memorial to the New Zealand soldiers who fell in the First World War and to house the collections of the Auckland Museum, originally established in 1852. The War Memorial Hall commemorates the dead from all the wars in which New Zealand soldiers fought. This museum contains rich collections of material on the natural and cultural history of the south Pacific and the history of the city of Auckland.

30. Winter Gardens

One of the most impressive tourist attractions to visit in Auckland is The Winter Gardens (greenhouses – tropical and cold). This beautiful winder Gardens were constructed for the Auckland Exhibition that was held in the year 1913. They are now part of Auckland’s Botanic Gardens.

31. Ewelme Cottage

Ewelme Cottage was constructed during the years 1863 and 1864 for the first clergyman in Howick to his own design. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the region. It is renowned for its well-preserved interior and furnishings, as well as the insight into colonial building materials and techniques.

32. Kinder House

The Kinder House is one of the famous tourist spots of New Zealand. It is the house of John Kinder, a clergyman who visited New Zealand during the year 1855 and was a renowned painter and photographer. The building was built for Kinder in 1856-1857 by Frederick Thatcher, the architect who did much work for Bishop Selwyn. It now houses a collection of views of Auckland by Kinder.

33. Cathedral Square

The Cathedral Square is located in Christchurch is one of the famous spots of this city. This square has long been the major center of the city, and at the same time home to the renowned Christchurch Cathedral and other impressive late 19th and early 20th C buildings.

34. Boating on the Avon

Boating on the Avon is anther interesting tourist attraction of Christchurch. Once here you can get the chance to witness a different aspect of Christchurch from a punt on the slow River Avon. Punts can be hired at the visitor center or at the old Antigua Boatsheds in Cambridge Terrace.

35. Botanic Gardens

One of the major tourist attractions of Hagley Park is the Botanic Gardens situated right in the center of the city. These beautiful gardens are enclosed within a loop of the Avon River, are the Botanic Gardens. The gardens were constructed during the year 1863 with the first plant, an English oak tree. Now the collection includes exotic and native plants.

36. Canterbury Museum

Another noteworthy attraction of the region of Hagley Park is the Canterbury Museum that is to be found towards the eastern side of the Botanic Gardens. You will find it located in a building of 1870 designed by Benjamin Mount fort. The museum displays a vast collection of material on the city’s colonial past and also a spectacular Maori woodcarving and objects carved from greenstone. Displays in the main hall illustrate the history of Antarctic exploration from its beginnings down to the recent past.

37. Government Gardens

The Government Gardens are marvelous gardens of New Zealand with some its part lying directly on the shores of the lake- these are a park and sports grounds. The garden is very well kept and regularly trimmed there are variety of flowers in the garden that would provide astonishing look and color. You can also play golf as it provides facility for it. Apart from it you can go for other games as well.

38. Arawa Memorial

The Arawa Memorial was founded in the year 1927 in commemoration of those who lost in the First World War. The memorial exhibits different links between Maoris and whites that include the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, the Arawa ancestral canoe, a missionary preaching, British kings and queens etc.

39. Rotorua Museum of Art and History

It is one of the most eye-catching features available in Government Gardens; it is the old half-timbered Bathhouse of Rotorua. From the opening of a new spa in the 1960s the former Bathhouse is also home to the Rotorua Museum of Art and History. The gate of Rotorua’s famous Bathhouse is open to the public to visit the house and especially the roof of the iconic building. You would get the experience of Cinema through the ‘Rotorua Stories’ that highlights the world famous Pink and White Terraces as well as the devastating eruption of Mount Tarawera, the history of the Arawa people and the story of the Bathhouse.

40. Polynesian Spa

Polynesian Spa is located behind the Rotorua Museum; it is a modern spa establishment, providing for a variety of spa services. It is famous for the three Polynesian Pools that are supplied with water by three different springs. The whole area is infused with the scent of orchids. It is also New Zealand’s leading international spa. It offers relaxation in 26 hot mineral spring pools. There are sumptuous hydro and dry spa relaxation therapies available here.

41. Mount Ngongotaha

The Mount Ngongotaha is located at the northwest of the town its height is estimated to be around 757m. You can reach up to its viewing platform view the marvelous views of the town and the lake. The easiest way up is in the Skyline Gondola which is in the lower station in Fairy Spring Road.

42. Te Wairoa

The buried Maori village is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Tarawera around 14km southeast of Rotorua the road. There is a small exhibition of old photographs and objects available under the lava that gives the impression of what the village was like before it was destroyed. There were several houses that got destroyed and one of them of to hunga who predicted a great calamity. You can also find some remains of a mill and a tourist hotel, along with an ancient stone Maori storehouse which has archaic figures embedded.

43. Ohinemutu

Near the Government Gardens is located the Maori village of Ohinemutu. The village used to be most important Maori settlement in the Rotorua area. On the assembly place (marae), alongside the meeting house and the church the bust of Queen Victoria is found which is presented by the Prince Alfred in 1870. The bustis protected by an excellent carved canopy. The entire area, between the houses and in the tiny gardens, would be filled with clouds of steam emanating from the ground.

44. Waimangu Valley

The Waimangu Valley is an amazing valley that was completely reshaped by the eruption of Mount Tarawera in 1886. There was splendor of the sinter terraces before the eruption which no longer exist. You can undertake a walk along the shores of Lake Rotomahana and pass by the Waimangu Geyser. The Geyser used to shot water up to a height of 400m. In the Valley you can also find other delights such as a 4ha lake of steaming hot water, Waimangu Cauldron, the Warbrick Terrace and the Cathedral Rocks and.

45. St Faith’s Church

It is a marvelous church with the interiors of fine Maori carving and woven fabrics, it was constructed during 1910. From one of the windows you can see Christ dressed in a Maori chief walking on the water of Lake Rotorua. There’s a burial ground beside the church where personalities such as the American missionary SM Spencer (1810-98) and Captain Gilbert Mair (1843-1923) are buried.

46. Maori Meeting House

Maori meeting house is located opposite the church and it is a magnificent house. The interiors of the house are luxuriantly decorated with old Maori carving and the exteriors were renovated during 1941. This house is a good example of the earlier architecture in New Zealand with fine interiors it is sure to delight you.

47. Geothermal Fields

The geothermal field offers the great phenomena of the Rotorua area which can be most easily observed in the Maori village of Whakarewarewa. It is located around 3km south of Rotorua. You can find a plenty of springs there and there are three impressive geysers within a small area.

48. Maori Cultural Center

Maori cultural center is located in Whakarewarewa;it has carved gateway, palisades, a war canoe,and a meeting house. You can also enjoy the performances of Maori music and dances that are held here regularly. In the complex the center is a Maori arts and crafts center, that also has a carving school and a showroom for the sale of craft produced here.

49. Lady Knox Geyser

Among a host geyser’s of New Zealand is the famous Lady Knox Geyser which is located in Waiotapu. It is considered as the top attraction of Waiotapu. The geyser spouts with almost unvarying punctuality that sends a jet of water high into the air. The punctuality is also due to some chemicals that are thrown into the water. The throwing of the chemicals was achieved incidentally when soap water started yielding the jet.

50. Champagne Pool

If you wish to witness the sparkles in many colors, predominantly green, yellow and blue the right place is Champagne Pool. The pool has effervescent thermal waters that are highly charged with minerals that has earned it its name. It is a nice beautiful area to be in with your kids if you want them to enjoy the colors of water.

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