Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Monaco

Monaco is one of popular destination for tourists, it is a small beautiful city that borders with France and Italy will present beautiful views, classy places, and the Grand Prix Formula 1. In addition, you can enjoy delicious food and be a part of social life there. Monte Carlo is the administrative area of the Principality of Monaco which is widely popular for its casinos, sports events and opulent yachts. Having a perfect geographical location between Mediterranean and mountains, Monte Carlo enjoys a moderate weather through out the year making it a popular tourist destination. Fifty things that you can enjoy in Monaco along with your family are listed below:

1. Place du Palais

Visit Place du Palais to explore the most popular royal residence in Monaco, where Prince Rainier III and his son Prince Albert made ​​their home. It is perhaps one of the most famous tourist attractions of Monaco. You can also witness the exhibition of legendary Grimaldi family palace with some of the best classical elegance featuring a neat structure. Then, you can join a tour to see some of the rooms in the palace. The palace is open to the public daily from 9:30 to 18:30 pm local time.

2. Museum of Napoleon souvenirs and historical archive collections court

The Museum of Napoleon souvenirs and historical archive collections court are considered to be some of the most sought after tourist attractions of Monaco. It is well situated in the south wing of the palace; this museum is a mixture of historical artifacts, documents and relics of the great Emperor which is truly a delightful experience to witness. Inside the museum the artifacts are arranged in a pattern that is very easy to follow, you will see objects from one of Napoleon’s dressing gown at the age of children up to the bronze death mask. It is perhaps the most visited museum of the city.

3. Cathedral of Monaco

Among the various beautiful cathedrals of the city the Cathedral of Monaca is a must visit tourist attraction. One can visit the church to honor the women who are most beloved by royalty. This church is the place where Princess Grace was buried in peace. Died in the a car accident in 1982, according to the standards of a princess is quite simple grave, marked only by names and titles and are always surrounded by flowers.

4. Flower Garden of Princess Grace

This spectacular flower garden of the princess is constructed to honor the princess, just two years after the death to be found in Fontieiville. This park is simply amazing and among the major tourist attractions of Monaco. It is a beautiful well maintained park where you can find the arrangement of thousands of roses in a smooth and decorative style. You can drop in for a moment to draw breath, read books, or just enjoy the aroma of nature here.

5. Monte-Carlo casino

Visitors who are interested in gambling and look out for a spectacular place then they should head towards the most famous casino Monte-Carlo Casino. It has a spacious and complete with slot machines and table games at affordable prices. You can also get the chance to blend in with the High-rollers. You can also go alone to see the beautiful marble and onyx atrium, or walk across the road to a public park that features contemporary art.

6. Oceanographic museum and aquarium

The city of Monaco offers some of the finest museum and the Oceanographic Museum is not an exception. It is worth visiting and the aquarium is adored by the kids. You can notice that the atmosphere here is filled with loads of fun. The museum has a collection of more than 4,000 fish and marine life to see history through films, displays and exhibits in this famous attraction. This is a great place for kids to enjoy while learning in nature.

7. Museum of stamps and coins

Another spectacular museum of Monaco is the museum of Stamps and Coins. It offers a collection of stamps and coins owned by the royal family is structured and arranged neatly. On display is a piece of history, authentic printing and document that describes some of the designs back to life. The museum is located in Terrasses de Fontvieille and certainly a worth a visit.

8. Formula 1 Grand Prix

It is said that the event of Formula 1 Grand Prix is the reason enough to visit Monaco. It attracted much attention from all visitors in the world. Contact the Automobile Club of Monaco to book tickets, if you wish to watch it. Don’t miss the chance to witness this world renowned event and do not despair, for prices ranging from about 60 Dollars.

9. Le Metropole Shopping Center

Shopping in Monaco is considered a must and if you are a really a passionate shopper, this is the right place for you. Inside the La Metropole Shopping Center you’ll feel right at home in glitzy malls that offer fashion, gifts, entertainment and food. You can browse through books and CDs at FNAC, selecting the most coveted cigars in the Davidoff, finding a brilliant Italian jewelry in Pomellato or a delicious example of Godiva chocolate at Blue Shop. This Shopping complex is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Monaco.

10. Palais Du Prince

The Palais Du Prince is one of the monumental palaces to visit in Monaco. It has been a residence of the Monaco’s Grimaldi royal family since the 13th century. This place is located right in the heart of Monaco-Ville and takes its visitors through the journey of centuries of local culture and history. Every generation of Grimaldi family has left its marks in this opulent castle. Perhaps the most renowned former residence of this palace was Princes Grace. You will find the collection of Napoleon’s memorabilia lies in the South wing of the palace.

11. Japanese Gardens

The Japanese gardens are considered to be one of the major tourist attrition. The oriental gardens overlook the Mediterranean, giving some spectacular views of the grand ocean. The garden is a beautiful place to enjoy with the entire family. This garden also have lots of amazing waterfalls, stone lanterns, Japanese ponds, bamboo fences, a Tea house, tiles and wooden gates which all reflect true essence of Japanese traditions.

12. Monaco-Ville

The Monaco-Ville is one of the major tourist attractions of Monaco. You will find this beautiful Monaco-Ville situated on the top of the grand Rock of Monaco and shows off some of the most delightful views of the entire city. The grand Stone has history written all over its streets and corners which is a brilliant place to enjoy with your entire family. The legendary Stone has housed the Royalty of Monaco for centuries and is home to some of the oldest buildings of the city. The palace of the Grimaldi family stands vertical atop, magnifying the royalty even today.

13. Jardin Exotique

The Jardin Exotique is the largest rock garden in the world and perhaps among the major tourist attractions of Monaco. It has the most magnificent collection of flora to overwhelm your eyes. It was inaugurated during the year 1933 and houses exotic plants, stunning flora and lovely aromas. You will also find an archaeological Museum that rises near the rock, and has a collection of findings from the surrounding areas. There is a cave below which houses the natural limestone creativity in abundance. It is among the must visit attractions of the city.

14. Fontvieille Shopping Centre

The Fontvieille Shopping Center is a huge shopping area and provides premium shopping facilities. This shopping center with a large car parking and convenience of a large number of shops makes it a top place to shop in Monte Carlo. It offers everything from hi- tech equipment to clothes, fashion, music equipment and much more with some of the best restaurants. Plenty of dining and shopping options can be enjoyed without any hassle of finding car parking as the centre boasts a vast parking space for its visitors.

15. Sea- lounge Monte Carlo

The Sea-lounge Monte Carlo is certainly the most breath-taking location to relax and enjoy the drinks under palm trees surrounded by the sounds of the ocean. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to visit in Monaco. The bar is considered to be a heavenly bar is on the shore of the ocean where you can see the amazing sight of sun going down into the waters or see the ocean come alive at night.

16. Buddha Bar

Another spectacular place to visit in Monaco is the Buddha Bar. It is said to takes your attention with a gigantic sculpture of Buddha at its entrance. An ideal place to unwind, Buddha Bar features Casino Gardens, terraces and a mezzanine. Enjoy live music with an excellent food palette ranging from Japanese to Chinese and Thai cuisines, in a relaxed and serene ambience.

17. Monte Carlo

The city of Monte Carlo Monte Carlo is a prime city in Monaco and world renowned for the variety of casinos it offers. This vibrant city of Monaco borders Beausoleil, a French town. It also includes Monte Carlo proper where the majestic Le Grand Casino is located. The name Monte Carlo refers to the Charles Mountain and is named for Charles III of Monaco.

18. Saint Nicholas Cathedral

The Saint Nicholas Cathedral is considered to be the famous landmarks of the city of Monte Carlo. This cathedral was constructed during the 19th century and is one of the major tourist attractions in Monaco-Ville. This cathedral is also among the oldest cathedrals in Monaco. It was the place where many of the Grimaldis where buried. It is built on a chapel that was constructed in the year 1252 and which was dedicated to St. Nicholas.

19. Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

Roquebrune-Cap-Martin is among the top three tourist attractions of the city. Roquebrune-Cap-Martin is a sea side resort located 2 kilometers from Menton and Monte Carlo in Monaco, France. It is located at an altitude of 300 meters which starts at the water edge and rises all the way up to its perched village. It is indeed a distinguished landmark for all architecture lovers.

20. French Riviera in Monaco

The French Riviera is one of the famous tourist attractions of Monaca. It is also known as Cote d Azur is a coastline of the southeastern part of France. Parts of Monaco fall under the strip of this coastline. It was claimed as one of the first modern style resort location. French Riviera is among the most visited tourist attractions of Monaco.

21. Prince’s Palace Of Monaco

The Monaco’s Prince Palace is among the most popular tourist attractions of the city. Prince’s Palace of Monaco is a significant fort in Monaco, largely visited by tourist throughout the year. This palace is the home of the Prince of Monaco. The fort has been of historical importance and is claimed to have been a Genoese fortress which was believed to have been constructed during the year 1191.

22. La Condamine in Monaco

La Condamine is one of the four traditional quarters in Monaco and one of the most famous tourist attractions of the city. It is claimed to be the second oldest district in Monaco. The district is renowned for its wide harbor and expensive yachts.

23. Fontvieille in Monaco

Fontvieille is situated towards the western part of the city and indeed one of Monaco’s four traditional quarters. It is also one of the ten modern wards in Monaco. It is the newest quarter to be established in Monaco. This enchanting place is surely worth a stop.

24. Monte-Carlo Casino And Opera House

The Monte Carlo Casino and Opera House is among the most popular tourist attractions of the city. The opera house was constructed during the year 1878 by the architect Charles Garnier. The “atrium,” paved in marble, is surrounded by 28 Ionic columns in onyx. It leads into the auditorium of the opera, called the “Salle Garnier,” which is decorated in red and gold, with a profusion of bas-reliefs, frescoes and sculptures. You will find some of the world renowned outstanding performances of opera, ballet and concerts have been staged. Among the best internationally, Monaco’s Opera hosted great voices such as Patti, Tamagno, Melba, Caruso, Chaliapine, Garden, Schipa, Dalla Rizza, Gigli, Lubin, Muzio, Thill, and Pons.

25. Fort Antoine

Fort Antoine is the 18th century fortress, constructed on the northeastern tip of Le Rocher “the Rock,” is now used as a wonderful outdoor theater with a capacity of around 350 seaters built in a semi-circle. During the summer season you can witness some of the best and high quality performances. The military architecture of the fort is emphasized by the pittosporum hedges which serve as protection as there is no parapet.

26. Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology

The Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology is one of the most interesting places to visit in Monaco. The museum boasts a unique and significant collection of fossils and excavated treasures originating from the Principality and nearby regions, this museum retraces some of the most significant milestones in the history of humans. Visitors who are interested in knowing the history of Monaco should visit this museum.

27. New National Museum

The New National Museum exhibits some of the most interesting artifacts with a major focus on modern, contemporary works of art; these newly re-designed venues will present two expositions every year per venue and will spotlight the cultural, historic and artistic virtues of Principality. This museum is said to attract thousands of visitors.

28. Chapel of Mercy

The Chapel of Mercy is situated in the Old Town, is perhaps the most attractive tourist places to visit in this region. This chapel where the inaugural stone was blessed in the year 1639 in the reign of Prince Honoré II, Prior of the Brotherhood of Black Penitents, is said to have been constructed with just one nave. For four centuries on Easter Friday, this chapel was the starting point for the traditional procession of the Christ-Dead. During the year 1870 it was eliminated, and has been resumed in the last few years. You will find a wooden Christ sculpted by the Monegasque François-Joseph Bosio, sculptor to Emperor Napoleon 1st.

29. Palais de Justice

Palais de Justice was constructed during the year 1924, is a fairly popular tourist attraction. It was built on the initiative of Prince Louis II and inaugurated in the year 1930. It is built out of sea tuff, a grey and porous stone, which was also used for Monaco’s ramparts. This stone contains numerous little pebbles, and sometimes mollusc shells. On one the palace facades you will find the bust of the Sovereign Honoré II, dated 1568.

30. Princess Antoinette Park

The Princess Antoinette Park is one of the beautiful parks to visit in Monaco. You will find that its magnificent entrance is decorated with a spectacular curtain of Bougainvilleas, and opens the “door” to Monaco’s “kingdom” of the sacred olive tree. It is also considered as one of the naturally beautiful site and was probably the place for Sunday gatherings and get-togethers for Monaco’s ancestors; it has since become an amusement park dedicated to garden lovers and children of all ages.

31. St Martin Gardens

The St Martin Gardens houses a rich display of exotic species and where small paths weave gently around the grassy ridges, is a beautiful place to visit. It is considered to be blooming throughout the year towards the south-west face of the “Rock”. Additionally the climate is a treat and provides a thriving environment for the wild local flora and scattered here and there, classic works of art or a clear little pond may be discovered.

32. The Exotic Gardens and the Observation Cave

One of the major tourist attractions of Monaco is the Exotic Gardens and the Observation cave. It is well known as the extraordinary garden that is said to have brought together numerous million species of plants known as succulents was opened in the year 1933. With its bold plantings on the rocky mountainsides and steep craggy outcrops, the plants not only bloom superbly, but thrive to the admiration of botanists and garden aficionados around the world. It is well regarded as an exceptional kingdom of nature’s exuberance. You will also find an ancient cave that reveals its fabulous stalagmites and stalactites formed over millennia!

33. Saint-Charles Church

The Saint-Charles Church building is constructed in renaissance-style with its bell tower rising 30 meters skywards, is a famous church to visit. This church was inaugurated in the year 1883. Nineteen stained glass windows lighten up its nave, where the gilded chandelier comes from the former arms room at the Princely Palace.

34. Larvotto Beach

You can spend some of your time relaxing on this spectacular beach known as the Larvotto Beach. It is an ideal place to swim in the clear blue waters, under 10 minutes’ walk from the Casino and just behind the Grimaldi Forum conference centre. There is also a rather rocky but lovely secluded beach on the side of the Rock between the cruise terminal and the Oceanographic Museum.

35. The Museum of “Vieux Monaco”

The Museum of Vieux Monaco exhibits some of the finest collections of objects relating to Monaco’s heritage; ceramics, paintings, furniture and costumes, and sets out scenes of daily life in days gone by on “Le Rocher”. The museum aims at preserving things such as: The preservation of civil and religious traditions, the preservation and promotion of the Monegasque language, the preservation of the Monegasque heritage.

36. Wax Museum

Wax Museum is one of among the most poplar tourist attractions of Monaco. This most-visited museum is populated by tourist throughout the year. It attends a huge rush and entertains the tourists across the globe. This popular tourist attraction is situated on the Rue Basse which is said to be one of the most beautiful streets on the old town. Since a long time this wonderful Wax Museum is enchanting its visitors with its rich collection. Visitors who are interested in knowing the history of this city must visit the wax museum.

37. The Stade Louis II

The Stade Louis II is a stadium situated in the district of Fontvieille. This stadium is mostly used as a venue for football, being the home of AS Monaco and the Monaco national football team, as well as the location of the annual UEFA Super Cup match. This stadium also serves for track and field, where it formerly hosted the IAAF World Athletics Final (though certain events, such as the hammer, had to be held elsewhere, due to the stadium’s relatively small capacity). Originally it was opened during the year 1939, but the new stadium was built in the early 1980s.

38. Grimaldi Forum

Grimaldi Forum, Monaco is a conference and congress centre situated on the seafront of Monaco’s eastern beach quartier. Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra regularly perform here. It is perhaps one of the most popular attractions of Monaco. It is indeed also the venue of the EVER Monaco exhibition held March every year.

39. Circuit de Monaco

Circuit de Monaco is a street circuit to found out on the city streets of Monte Carlo. Mostly it is popular as “Monte Carlo” because it is largely inside the Monte Carlo neighborhood of Monaco. The circuit is used on one weekend in the month of May annually in order to host the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. The building of the circuit takes six weeks, and the dismantling after the race another three weeks. The race circuit has many elevation shifts, tight corners, and is narrow.

40. Monaco Harbor

Monaco Harbor is one of the famous tourist spots of the city. You will find it located right at the foot of the cliff. It is considered be one of the busiest, almost square-shaped, harbors which were built between the year 1901 and 1926. Huge numbers of yachts, including from time to time the Prince’s private vessel, are to be seen here. On the western side of the harbor, near the Boulevard Albert I, is the modern Stade Nautique Rainier III, a stadium for water sports.

41. Rock of Monaco

The Rock of Monaco is one of the most famous tourist sights to visit in Monaco. The rock is as high as 141 metre tall monolith on the Mediterranean coast. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and the port. The rock of Monaca is to be found in the oldest of the country’s four quarters, Monaco-Ville, which is also the location of Old Town, the oldest part of the city. It is the country’s popular attraction where tourists view the palace or the changing of the guards.

42. The Napoleon Museum

The Napoleon Museum is one of the popular spots to visit in Monaco to be found in Monte Carlo. This interesting museum exhibits artifacts which actually at some point of time belonged to the French Emperor Napoleon I. it is attached to the Prince of Monaco’s palace contains a collection assembled by Prince Louis II the grandfather of the present Prince of Monaco. Among the items of interested in this museum are the numerous possessions of the Emperor including letters and documents pertaining to his reign and conquest of Europe and relics from his exile and imprisonment on Saint Helena.

43. Les Spélugues

The large-scale complex of the Congress Center which is referred to as Les Spélugues, was opened in the year 1978. The avenue Louis II runs under the huge structure which has been built of elements on a hexagonal plan and includes the 636-room Hotel “Loews” and 100 apartments. On the highest roof-level you will get the beautiful view of the city. Also worth noticing is a prominent mosaic composed of colored tiles, which was designed by Victor Vasarély during the year 1979.

44. Monte-Carlo Rally

The Monte-Carlo Rally is considered to be the must-visit tourist attraction of Monaco. This rally is actually the most famous road rally in the world. Here the competitors can choose the location from numerous European cities to commence their rally, and then they meet at a common point to complete the remainder of the journey, primarily through France to Monte Carlo.

45. Vence Townscape

Vence in Monaco is one of the famous places to visit. Right in the center of the Old Town you will find the former cathedral (St-Véran; 10th -15th C.), which is considered to be the famous landmark of the town. The interior has fine choir-stalls and a Roman sarcophagus which serves as an altar. In the baptism chapel there is a mosaic by Marc Chagall which depicts the rescue of Moses from the Nile. On the facade of the cathedral there are two Roman inscriptions which are dedicated to the Emperors Heliogabalus and Gordianus.

46. Princess Rose Garden

Princess Grace Rose Garden is world renowned for the collections of the beautiful roses that this garden offers. It is situated on a close by slope of the Fontvieille Park in Monaco. All of these beautiful roses are displayed along the walkways of the rose garden. The gardeners of this garden are engaged in growing the roses throughout the year. Inside this beautiful garden a pragmatic statue of Princess Grace surrounded by beautiful and most uncommon roses of the world, worth seeing.

47. Fondation Maeght

You will find this famous tourist attraction of Monaco right on the Gardettes hill, 1km/0.5mi towards the northwest of St-Paul-de-Vence. It is a foundation that was founded by the art dealers Aimé and Marguerite Maeght and opened in the year 1960, and presents an amazing combination of nature, architecture (Josep Lluis Sert) and modern art. The Fondation Maeght also organizes temporary exhibitions, concerts and symposia; there is also an interesting bookshop for art lovers and an extensive archive.

48. Tourette-sur-Loup Festival

Tourette-sur-Loup Festival is held every year in Monaco that includes a series of concerts that take place between late July and mid-August. This festival is among the most popular festivals of the city, lively and vibrant is what it is called by the locals. The performances include choral and chamber concerts, as well as piano and vocal recitals. The events take place in the local church and the Chateau Mairie.

49. Tourette-sur-Loup

The Tourette-sur-Loup is considered to be the most charming places to visit in Monaco. It is the former defense village with its medieval towers lies on a rocky plateau 5km/3mi west of Vence above the Valley of the Loup, surrounded by olive groves, pine woods and fields of violets. During the 14th century church is a notable ancient altar and an altarpiece of the school of Bréa. Also of interest is the Musée d’Artisanat Local.

50. St Paul de Vence

St-Paul-de-Vence is one of the beautiful little towns of Monaco which has managed to retain its medieval character. This town is said to be very attractive and is located on a hill 3km/2mi to the south of Vence. The well-preserved circle of rampart-walls, dating from the sixteenth century, is provided with sturdy reinforcing supports on the steep slopes; there is also a government defense tower. In the 1920s St Paul was “discovered” by painters such as Signac, Modigliani and Bonnard. The town offers some of the interesting tourist attractions.

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