Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands are officially known as the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Micronesia. Marshal Islands consists of atolls and islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on the north west of the Solomon Islands. Marshal Islands believed to have history belonging to second millennium; it’s mainly influenced by the US and has US Dollar as the official currency. There are plenty of natural attractions in Marshal Islands which makes it an important place for visitors from across the world. Marshal Islands are particularly famous for diving. Plenty of beaches offer you a host of aquatic adventures. Fifty things that you can undertake along with your family in Marshal Islands include the following:

1. Majuro

Majuro is a huge coral atoll of around 64 islands in the Pacific Ocean, and forms a legislative district of the Ratak Chain of the Marshall Islands. Majuro is the capital of Marshal Islands and one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Island. The atoll occupies a total area of 9.7 square kilometers and encloses a lagoon of 295 square kilometers (114 sq mi). As with other atolls in the Marshall Islands, Majuro consists of narrow land masses. It is also the largest city of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Majuro has a port, shopping district, hotels, and an international airport.

2. Laura Beach

One of the extremely fascinating tourist attractions of the beautiful Marshall Islands is the Laura Beach. The beach is with its beauty manages to pull plenty of visitors from all over the world. Laura Beach is situated located on the western end of the island of Majuro. It is about 40 kilometers away from the center of the town. Enjoy a day out in the beach surrounded by serene landscape.

3. Enoko Island

The Enoko Island is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Marshall Islands. This spectacular island is a small atoll that is around 45 minutes away by boat from Uliga. You can take a day trip to the island and then an overnight stay in one of the little cottages available. You can stroll on the beach freely and feel like you own this wonderful place.

4. Bokolap Island

The Bokolap Island is considered to be an ideal tourist spot in Marshall Islands exclave for scuba. You can also dive here and enjoy yourself with thousands of various fish species. There is also a wreck diving site here where a torpedo plane of the United States submerged about 115 feet deep during World War II.

5. Kalalin Pass

The Kalalin Pass in Marshall Islands is one of the famous tourists spot. This pass wil give you an eccentric diving experience. You will dive in the midst of wonderful coral formations just like diving into a supersized aquarium.

6. RRE Mariculture

Another magnificent and extremely popular tourist spot of Marshall Islands is the RRE Manricultrue. It is that of the island where you get to visit a Pearl Farm and be familiar with the ins and outs of cultured pearls. This Pearl Farm is located on the island of Majuro.

7. Jaluit

Jaluit is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Marshall Island. Jaluit was actually once that was once the city capital of the country. Visit the island and spend a day or more to explore the wonderful sites for scuba diving. This tourist destination of the country is surely worth visiting. The underwater life of the island is among the best there is within Marshall Islands.

8. Maloelap

Maloelap is another famous tourist destination of Marshall Island. This place is that is fully occupied with numerous of different of historic sites and structures. You can snorkel over a number of wreckage from World War II. Another great activity to do in Maloelap is fishing.

9. Alele Museum

On this magnificent island you will also find some of the finest museums and among them the most prominent is the Alele Museum. This museum will help you to become familiar with the colorful history of the people. You can also learn the various local traditions found within the interesting culture of the people of Marshall Islands.

10. Outer Island Excursions

Some of the best excursions once on this island are the Outer Island Excursions. Experience the fascinating Outer Island Excursions in Marshall Islands. On this excursion you will be able to tour the Arno atoll and can visit the pearl farm, dive as long as you want, relax in good accommodations, bike through jungles, and relax on the beach. This tourist spot in Marshall Islands is truly a fantastic experience for you.

11. Bikini Atoll

The Bikini Atoll is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Marshall Islands. It is also considered to be every travelers dream for wreck diving enthusiasts. Aside from bounteous marine life, divers will be toured around a lot of World War II wreckage. Experience an exciting dive into the biggest dive able wreckage in the world, the USS Saratoga.

12. Arno Atoll

The Arno Atoll is one of the most visited tourist destinations of the country. With 133 islands, is the closest atoll to Majuro, just 14.5km away and the only one served by regular public boats. The waters off Longar Point are known for superb deep-sea fishing, where yellow fin tuna, marlin, mahi-mahi and sailfish abound.

13. Alele Museum and the Public Library

You will find the Alele Museum and the famous Public Library right next to the courthouse in Uliga. This museum is small but good-quality exhibits of early Marshallese culture, including stick charts, model canoes and shell tools. Stick charts were tools used by the Marshallese to help those memories wave patterns, a key to success amongst the hundreds of low lying atolls.

14. Kwajalein atoll

The Kwajalein Atoll of Marshal Island is considered to be one of the beautiful and peaceful places to visit in the country. It is well regarded as one of the must visit tourist attractions that should not be missed. It is one of the awesome place with so many activates that is really enjoyable to do over here, great people and wonderful environment.

15. Ebeye Island

Ebeye is the most renowned island of Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands and also the center for Marshallese culture in the Ralik Chain of the archipelago. The Ebeye Island is one of the largely visited tourist destinations of the island. Settled on 80 acres (360,000 m²) of land, it has a population of more than 15,000. Over 50% of the population is estimated to be under the age of 18.

16. The Maloelap Atoll

The Maloelap Atoll is a coral atoll of 71 islands in the Pacific Ocean and among the most popular tourist destinations of the island. It also forms a legislative district of the Ratak Chain of the Marshall Islands. The Atoll occupies a total area of 9.8 square kilometres (3.8 sq mi), but that encloses a lagoon of 972 square kilometers (375 sq mi). It is located 18 kilometers (11 mi) north of the atoll of Aur. As of 1999, the population of the islands of the atoll was 856.The largest of the islands that make up the atoll are Taroa, in the northeast, and Kaben in the northwest.

17. The Mieco Beach Yacht Club

The Mieco Beach Yacht Club of Majuro to be found in Marshall Islands is one of the very popular spots of the country. Majuro and the Marshall Islands is considered to be an ideal place to sit out the cyclone season as we have lots of fun and activities each season. Once here you will be treated in the “Pearls of the Pacific” a great and memorable experience. It also offers pristine diving, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, fishing, skiing, sailing, and power boating all within palm tree lined sandy beaches with lapping warm crystal clear ocean water.

18. Peace Park Memorial

The town of Laura is one of the small towns to be found towards the western end of the atoll, this town is also blessed with a good snorkeling beach. Just past the airport, on the way to Laura, is the Peace Park Memorial. The small granite memorial, erected by the Japanese government, honours all the soldiers who fought in the Pacific during World War II.

19. Majuro Bridge

The Majuro Bridge that is found in the country’s capital is one of the famous landmarks of the city. The view from the top to the ocean is simply breathtaking. While looking down you can find various fish and animals under the bridge. It was indeed remarkable as probably one of the most sophisticated items of infrastructure on the island.

20. Mili Atoll

The Mili Atoll of Marshall Island is one of the few places which have some bit of land area. It is inhabited by 850 people and is one of the most beautiful atolls in the islands. Beaches, lagoons, shells, sun, swimming, diving and friendly people are the major attractions of this Atoll. It manages to pull plenty of crowd with its magnificent beauty. It is also famous as the place where US aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared in 1937.

21. Marshallese Culture

The culture of Marshall Islands is world renowned and also famous throughout the Pacific and for their friendly and respectful nature. Once here you will get a warm welcome for the stranger and caring consideration for others are values inherent to the Marshallese culture. The people have nurtured these values over the centuries. Cooperation and caring are necessary elements of survival on these small islands, surrounded by the sea.

22. Climate

The Climate of Marshall Islands is tropical – hot and humid, but tempered by trade-winds which triumph throughout the year. The average temperature hovers around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and rarely fluctuates. Climate of this island is one of the reasons to visit this country. In fact, the range between the coolest and the warmest months averages less than 1 degree Fahrenheit. Also interesting is the fact that nights, although they feel cooler, are actually 2-4 degrees warmer than the average daily minimum.

23. Tattooing

Tattooing is considered to be one of the famous traditions of the Marshal Islands. It is said that before the missionaries came, all Marshallese people were tattooed. The fact greatly impressed Otto von Kotzebue, one of the German Navigators who was in search for a passage to the Arctic Ocean and explored Oceania in the early nineteenth century. Tattooing are done on different parts of the body and Facial tattooing is intended to conceal the wrinkles of age, was reserved for chiefs – to who was permitted the richest and most widespread adornment.

24. Traditional Canoes

An initiative to revitalize and refine traditional Marshallese ship building skills is currently underway in the Marshall Islands. The Traditional Canoes are considered to be a famous tradition of Marshal Island. The typical fast sailing craft of this region had a double-ended hull with asymmetric corners and a pointed, very narrow, keel, passengers and goods being carried on a transverse platform.

25. Religions

The different Religions that are practiced in Marshal Island are Protestant 54.8%, Assembly of God 25.8%, Roman Catholic 8.4%, Bukot nan Jesus 2.8%, Mormon 2.1%, other Christian 3.6%, other 1%, none 1.5% , this figures are based on the 1999 census.

26. Languages

The different Languages spoken in Marshal Islands are Marshallese 98.2%, other languages 1.8% (1999 census) note: English widely spoken as a second language; both Marshallese and English are official languages

27. Coral Reefs

One of the famous attractions of Marshal Islands is the coral reefs; it is what draws divers to the magnificent location. The major attraction here is the beautiful “aquarium”, where you will get the opportunity to witness the various types of fish and corals. The Pass, as it is locally known, has depths ranging from 30 to 130 feet. The site is especially suitable for drift drives. The clear visibility makes it very easy to see the fish and the steep coral reefs.

28. History

The History of this island states that the most earliest known inhabitants of the Marshall Islands were the Micronesians. It is said that they settled on the islands during the second millennium. However, there is not a lot known about these people. The Spaniards were the first Europeans to come to the islands, beginning with Alonso de Salazar in the year 1526. He was followed by Alvaro de Saavedra in the year 1529 and later on Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. In 1700s, the English and the Germans came to the islands. Some time back actually prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Kwajalein Atoll became the administrative center Japanese 6th Fleet Forces Service. Their purpose was to guard the Marshall Islands. In 1944, the US took over the islands. The end of the war saw the island becoming part of US territory.

29. Geography

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is one of only four atoll nations in the world and is also one of the world’s youngest nations, independent only since 1986. The Marshall Islands consists of 29 atolls each made up of many islets and 5 islands in the central Pacific between 4 degrees and 14 degrees north, and 160 degrees and 173 degrees east. The atolls and islands are situated in two almost parallel chain-like formations known as the Ratak (Sunrise or Eastern) group and Ralik (Sunset or Western) group. The total number of islands and islets in the whole Republic is approximately 1,225 spreading across a sea area of over 750,000 square miles. The total land area is about 70 square miles (181 square kilometers). The mean height of the land is about 7 feet above sea level (2 meters).

30. Regions

The different regions of the Marshal Islands are all very exciting they include 33 municipalities; Ailinginae, Ailinglaplap, Ailuk, Arno, Aur, Bikar, Bikini, Bokak, Ebon, Enewetak, Erikub, Jabat, Jaluit, Jemo, Kili, Kwajalein, Lae, Lib, Likiep, Majuro, Maloelap, Mejit, Mili, Namorik, Namu, Rongelap, Rongrik, Toke, Ujae, Ujelang, Utirik, Wotho, Wotje

31. Government type

The Government type of Marshal Islands is constitutional government in free association with the US; the Compact of Free Association entered into force 21 October 1986 and the Amended Compact entered into force in May 2004

32. What to Eat in Marshal Islands

Once in Marshal Islands you will find plenty of various types of fruits to eat that are available at different seasons. Bread fruit, pandanus, coconut, corn, tomato, sweet potato, cassava, papaya, pumpkin, “nin” (noni), lime, pigs, and chicken are among the famous things to eat here. In addition to these, there are regular stands that sell fruit and traditional food along the road from Ajeltake to Laura. There are also several non-Marshallese owned eateries that are available, such as Monica’s (Chinese), La Bojie’s (Filipino), China Restaurant (Chinese), Special Restaurant (Chinese), Oriental Noodle (Chinese), The Stone House (Japanese) and Aliang Restaurant (Chinese).

33. Nightlife

The Nightlife of the Marshall islands are really exacting and worth experiencing. The capital has some of the finest local nightlife spots, ranging from the relaxed lounges of the Robert Reimers Hotel, to the raucous Karaoke at the FlameTree.

34. Flora of Marshall Islands

Though the Marshall Islands does not have a very fertile land in its face, but certainly it is rich in flora in some part of the island. Sands, cobbles, gravel, boulders, debris of limestone, beachrock and many things are spread all over the land. You will find some of the most necessary plants grow in this country.

35. Fauna of Marshall Islands

The country of Marshall Islands is not very rich in Fauna also. Pig chickens are found in every household. A various species of birds named Mallard, Gargarey, Gadwall, Black noddy, Tufted Duck, Canvasback, Sanderling and many more can be found here.

36. People of Marshal Islands

It is said that the people of this island nations is extremely polite and world renowned for their hospitality. The total population of the country is 65,000. The Micronesian people rule the major portion of the country’s population. They inhabited this island in the prehistoric era. Though English, Marshallese, Japanese are the languages spoken in this country. Marshalllese is mostly spoken all over the land.

37. Art of Marshall Island

The art of this island nation is one of the famous arts of the continent. Its people practice the art of building canoe and proa. These are nothing but a kind of boat of smaller size. Some local handicrafts such as weaving, woodcarvings, shells, fishing gear, traditional boats also exist in the various regions of this Republic. The people of Marshal Islands are very artistic also.

38. Music

It is said that the music of this island nation itself is the reason enough to visit this country. The music of Marshall Islands is very rich and diverse. The most famous among the various forma is the “roro”. It is traditional chant, performed during the time of navigation.

39. Dance

The different forms of dances that this nation offers are really exciting. It is said that along with music, some dance forms are also very popular in this country. These traditional forms are “beet”, “jurbak” etc. The dance form called “Beet” is actually originated from the Spanish folk dance. It includes men and women together. Then the “jurbak” is dance especially for the occasion of Christmas. Besides these a stick dance also exists in Marshall Islands.

40. Economy of Marshal Islands

You will find that Marshal Islands has an economy system that is partially dependent on farming and agriculture. The most important agricultural products are breadfruit, tomatoes, coconuts, melons, taro and some other fruits. The tuna processing industry, copra industry, tourism industry, craft items from seashells, wood carving industry, pearls industry etc. are among the fast growing industries of this country. A big part of the country’s revenue depends on the export business. The materials that are mainly exported to the foreign states are coconut oil, handicrafts, copra cake, fish, breadfruit and so on.

41. Location of Marshall Islands

The Republic of Marshall Islands is situated right towards the western region of the Pacific Ocean. The beautiful islands share their border with this Republic are Nauru in the northern region, Kiribat is also in the north side, Micronesian Federated States in the eastern region and Wake Island in the southern region.

42. Bokak Atoll lagoon

The Bokak Atoll Lagoon is one of the famous tourist spots of this country. The lagoon of this atoll is per 0.9 m higher than the surrounding sea. Once here you can witness that the wind brings in new brine and the water pours out of the lagoon through a narrow channel. Extraordinary feature of this remote, unspoiled atoll is a 10 – 15 cm high, immense edge formed by algae and enclosing the shores of the coral patches in the lagoon.

43. Bravo crater

The two Kilometer extensive and 75 meters deep crater was created by the blast of Castle Bravo hydrogen bomb during the year 1954. This 15 MT blast created important radioactive contamination. It is one of the famous tourist spots of the country.

44. Ivy Mike test site

Ivy Mike test site is to be found towards the northern part of Enewetak Atoll. It is a place where the first successful test of hydrogen bomb took place during the year 1952. This massive blast evaporated Elugelam Island, creating a crater with a diameter of 1.9 kilometer. One more nuclear bomb was exploded in this crater in the year 1956.

45. Laura settlement and graveyard

The Laura Settlement and Graveyard to be found in Majuro islet is indeed one of the few exhumed prehistoric settlements in Marshall Islands. The archaeological heritage of this country is perhaps inadequate, even though the islands are inhabited for around some 2,000 years.

46. Likiep Atoll

Likiep Atoll in this atoll is situated the highest point in the country, located 11 meters above the sea level. It is astonishing that a nation with such a high number of islands is devoid of any hills. The Likiep Atoll is one of the famous places to visit in Marshall Islands.

47. Runit blast crater

Runit Blast Crater: A blast crater formed during the nuclear tests that are complete filled with the contaminated radioactive soil from the island and occupied with concrete, forming a 7.6 m tall spherical mound.

48. Shopping in Marshall Islands

One of the famous activities of Marshall Islands is shopping. once here you can explore some of the finest handcrafted wares at the Marshall Handicraft Cooperative store where you can actually watch crafts persons create them. Good buys would include models of canoes complete with outriggers, intricately woven baskets, wall hangings and bags.

49. Game Fishing

Game fishing in the Marshal Islands is one of the favourite past time of visitors. The big catches can include species such as: yellowfin, marlin, sailfish, tuna, skipjack tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi etc. In Arno Atoll and Mejit you can go for octopus and lobster. Games fishing is one activity that can thoroughly enjoyed here.

50. Underwater Activities

Underwater activities are abundant in Marshal Islands. The temperature here in the waters is around 20 C through out the year. The Mili Atoll’s waters are the best and virtually untouched thus making it a best place for diving, Calalin Channel, is another best place. You can also under take Wreck diving at the Bikini and Jaluit. At Ailinglaplap atolls you can undertake great snorkeling.

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