Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Maldives


Maldives Islands is gifted with numerous tourist attractions making it one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world. Some of the best Maldives attractions that take your breath away are Maldives National Museum, Esjehi Art Gallery, Grand Friday Mosque, Fish Market of Maldives, Maldives Artificial beach, Kurumba Village, Seenu Atoll, and Naifaru in Maldives and the list goes on. Maldives is considered as an ultimate destination for adventure seekers and the nature lovers. As an island nation nestled in the Indian Ocean; Maldives offers spectacular view of landscapes. Fifty things that you can enjoy in Maldives along with your family are listed below:

1. Maldives National Museum

National Museum of Maldives was founded after republic in the location of Sultan’s palace, is one of the must visit tourist attractions of Maldives. The museum has well preserved the magnificent collection of ancient times. Once here you will get a chance to witness the amazing exhibit of regal items, coins, royal sunshades, jewelry, thrones and even the artifacts of pre-Islamic era over a thousands year ago. The museum has a collection of valuable objects that portray the history. The museum allows you to see the large number of sultan belongings such as ornaments, daily costumes of the king and queen, paper, stone sculpture, arms and armor and the old photography and many other objects that display the past life of Maldivian people. Apart from the spectacular collection of the historical items of Maldives it also includes priceless statue of Buddhist cenotaphs.

2. Esjehi Art Gallery

The Esjehi Art Gallery of Maldives is one of the spectacular tourist attractions and a beautiful place to visit in Maldives. This Gallery will take you back in the time of 1870s where you can witness some of the finest antique traditional arts and crafts on displayed. The gallery offers proper decorous artworks, also host exhibitions where the various Maldivian artists give an opportunity to buy the best art pieces. You will find this gallery located in the capital city “Male”.

3. Maldives Grand Friday Mosque

One of the most amazing mosques of Maldives is the Grand Friday Mosque. This famous Islamic center officially named as Masjid-al-Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam is considered as an architectural landmark of the country to be found in its capital. The mosque was opened during the year 1984 by the President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. The mosque is the official meetings are held in the Mosque. The mosque is the major tourist attraction due to its beautiful architecture of the Mosque. It one of the biggest Mosques in the country having the striking golden vault that stands out on the Male’s skyline.

4. Maldives Fish Market

Maldives Fish Market is a huge market and an extremely popular tourist spot of the county. It is one of the most exciting places to be found in Male where you can get the opportunity to witness the unique fish market located along the beach front towards the west republic, the main center of trade of fishes. In the market various types of fishes can be found that are taken out by the expert fisherman who is normal to them. The area has an amazing activity that is makes your day interesting.

5. Maldives Artificial Beach

Maldives is an island nation where there is no shortage in the number of islands. In Maldives you will find around 1000 islands out of which almost 200 are habited by humans. A majority of these islands are the famous tourist destinations of the country. On the other hand to catch with the commercial and tourism needs, the Government of Maldives has started many projects to create some artificial islands. You will find 3 artificial islands in Maldives till now. They are Hulhumale, Thilafushi and Gamarugiri.This is one of the important places to visit in Maldives

6. Hulhumale Island

Hulhumale Island is one of the most famous islands of Maldives to be found situated towards the southern part of the North Male Atoll. The island was actually urbane to meet the commercial needs and future housing of the region of Male. It is 1.3 kms off the North West Coast of Male Island. It is predictable that around 30,000 people will live here within 10 years and by the completion of the project almost 153000 people will be able to make this island their home.

7. The Hilafushi Island

The Thilafushi Island is another artificial island positioned in the Thaliafalhu lagoon, is one of the most famous artificial islands of Maldives. This island was constructed to overcome the problem of Males irrepressible garbage predicament. The garbage coming Male and other parts of Maldives is used to extend the island.

8. Kurumba Village in Maldives

The Kurumba Village in Maldives is one of the major tourist attractions. You will find it situated around 20 mins from the airport at Male lays the Kurumba village in the Kurumba Island. This attractive spot is considered to have served as a magnet to visitors visiting Maldives. This village is occupied with beautiful green coconut trees. One of the major tourist attractions of this place is the white sandy beaches and excellent calm lagoons make it a perfect place to spend a holiday. Some of the best water sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking etc. are quite famous in this place.

9. Seenu Atoll

This island was earlier popular as the Addu Atoll to be found towards the southern most part of Maldives Atoll. This Atoll is a land locked atoll surrounded by islands from all the sides unlike the other Atolls of Maldives. Seenu Atoll in Maldives is protected to a great degree from the storms and bad weather of the Indian Ocean because of this geographical feature. The waters surrounding this Atoll have a very rich marine life. It is also renowned for dolphins and whales.

10. Naifaru

Naifaru is one of the famous tourist destinations of Maldives. Naifaru is situated 142 kms towards the north of Male. It is indeed among the top 5 renowned islands in Maldives. This island is a part of Laviyani Atoll and is a considered just an ideal destination to relax and enjoy your with your entire family. It is considered as family holiday spot where you can enjoy climbing the sand mountains, taking part in exciting water sports, go shopping with your family, enjoy some exquisite dishes in the local restaurants and much more. This island is much liked by kids.

11. Sultan Park

The Sultan Park of Maldives is one of the major tourist attractions of Maldives to be found towards the Southern part of the destroyed royal palace grounds in Male. This magnificent park was constructed during the 6th century and located exactly opposite to the Islamic Centre on Medhuziyaaraiy Magu. The park offers its unique and rich culture and history of this island nation. The entrance to the park is guarded by a huge iron gate and this park majorly attracts the expatriate workers who after a long days work sit on the benches under the trees, enjoys a smoke and eat their hard earned meal.

12. The Hukuru Miskiiy

The Hukuru Miskiiy is one of the oldest mosques in Maldives that was constructed in the year 1656. The coral stone walls are intricately carved with patterns and Arabic script. The exterior is protected by iron covering and the roof, window frames, and doors are made of different types of wood including teak, red sandalwood, and redwood. Also worth noticing inside the compound of the mosque are the numerous of ancient tombstones erected in memory of past sultans, heroes, and nobles.

13. Munnaaru

Munnaaru is the minaret of the oldest mosque that is as old as 1675 gives an impression like a water tower. The Munnaaru is a luminous white minaret that was constructed by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar. This minaret was indeed the tallest structure in Male earlier. Today it is dwarfed by the new 13 storey office building of Velaanaage. It is said that the sound of the prayer from the Munnaaru reaches the entire island, congregating people for prayers five times a day. The uniqueness of this minaret is worth appreciating.

14. Mohamed Thakurufaanu Ziyaarai

Mohamed Thakurufaanu Al-azam is considered as one of the prominent celebrities of Maldives. He ruled Maldives as a king from 1573 to 1585 A.D after saving the Maldives from the Portuguese conquerors. The tomb of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu who liberated the country from 17 years of Portuguese rule is known as Mohamed Thakurufaanu Ziyaarai. In the compound you will also find his tomb that was constructed as a symbol of respect in the memory of the Sultan.

15. Jumhooree Maidan

The Jumhooree Maidan is also referred as the republic square, is the heart of the country’s capital. You will find it situated along the northern waterfront in Male, was set up during the year 1989. Jumhooree Maidan is the very famous spot for gatherings and relaxation and is a favorite place to hangout place. Having a giant flagpole visible from far away, Jumhooree Maidan is delightfully laid down by lush green grass and vegetation.

16. Artificial Beach

The Artificial Beach is one of the major tourist attractions of the country and is immensely popular among the local residents. The Artificial Beach is situated in the capital city of Maldives, Male. The beach is a white sandy beach that offers scores of entertainment options for the tourists. Water sports and carnivals draw crowds to such tourist places.

17. National Museum in Sultan Park

The National Museum in Sultan Park is part of the sultan’s spectacular palace. It is one of the historic museums of the country where you can find plenty of attractions that includes some of the best artifacts that remained in the use of the Sultanate. This museum is an ideal destination for knowing the history of Maldives and offers a great day out for families and kids. Another attraction that you should visit here is the Esjehi Art Gallery that also was constructed in the Sultan’s Palace.

18. Male

Male – the capital city of Maldives is often found lively with activity the island is very small with around 1 km in length and 2 km wide. You will find plenty of beautiful mosques located here. With wide roads and hygienic parks Male is just an ideal destination to visit while in Maldives. Nestled in the Sultan’s Park, the grand National Museum is a major attraction that must be explored. Some of the items on display at the museum include thrones, palanquins, statues as well as antique items. All these items showcase the rich cultural heritage of Maldives.

19. The Beaches of Maldives

One of the major tourist attractions of Maldives is its spectacular Beaches. With palms inclining towards the sea, white sands, pristine waters and crystal clear coral reefs, are some of the reasons for the popularity of this place. It is said that you will not find any better place than the Maldives to relax and have a perfect holiday experience in exotic beaches.

20. Nalaguraidhoo

One of the most gorgeous beaches in Maldives is the Nalaguraidhoo beach. Visit this beach to soak up in the sun at the, sit back and rejuvenate at the beaches. You can indulge yourself in various activities such as snorkeling; windsurfing and the beach offer you an array of water sports activities to make your vacation enjoyable.

21. Thinadhoo

Thinadhoo is considered as an Ultimate Serene Getaway of Maldives, located around 78 kms from the country’s capital, Male. Thinadhoo is an ideal destination to visit in Maldives, as it offers you everything you can look forward to in a dream holiday destination. This place is surely loved by the Nature admires and well sure have amazing time here admiring the greenery. If you are looking for a place to enjoy a serene vacation, then Thinadhoo is just the right place for you.

22. Coral Reefs

One of the extremely popular among tourist in Maldives is the Coral Reefs. It is famous for plenty of species they house. If you are keen on having a look at these coral reefs you need to know swimming and diving. Some of the coral reefs found here include white tip reef shark and lobsters. Other species found here include the gray reef shark, eagle ray and manta ray.

23. Banana Reef

It is said that the little beautiful island of Maldives have plenty of things to explored. Right from dramatic cliffs to caves and overhangs brilliant coral growths, big predators such as sharks, barracuda and groper; and prolific reef fish including jackfish, morays and bluestriped snapper.

24. National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery of Maldives is a fairly interesting place to visit in the country. It is tiny exhibition and definitely only one of its kinds in the Maldives and is therefore the significant centre of the nation’s fledgling art scene. Solo exhibits from painters rotate, while the biennial Maldives Contemporary exhibition is a great chance to see the varied art produced in the country, from photography to painting and conceptual works.

25. Fish Head

The Fish Head is also referred as Mushimasmingali Thila, is one of the most famous dive sites of the world to be found in Maldives. Its steep sides are amazing available with multi-level ledges, overhangs and caves supporting sea fans, anemones and black corals. The spectacular fish life of are the fusiliers, large Napoleons and schools of hungry barracuda. However visitors love the numerous grey reef sharks.

26. Wreck of the Maldive Victory

The Wreck of the Maldive Victory is an amazing and challenging dive because of the potential for strong currents. During the year 1981 this cargo ship hit a reef and sank and now sits with the wheelhouse at around 15m (49ft) and the propeller at 35m (115ft). You can find that the structure of the ship is still intact and provides a home for a rich growth of new coral, sponges, tubastrea and large schools of fish.

27. National Stadium

The National Stadium of Maldives is one of the popular places to visit. The stadium hosts the biggest football matches and the occasional cricket match. You will find plenty of spectacular inside this stadium. More casual games can be seen any evening in the sports grounds at the east end of the island and near New Harbour.

28. Fuamulaku

The region of Fuamulaku is undoubtedly the most beautiful destinations among other Maldive attractions. It is renowned for its tropical fruits all over Maldives and offers some of the best mangoes mouthwatering pineapples and oranges you ever tasted in other tropical regions. Fresh vegetable and fruit farms are in abundance on this island and supplied all over the country and internationally.

29. Kudahuvadoo

The island of Kudahuvadoo is one of the major tourist destinations of Maldives and offers tourist attraction in shape of mounds most probably early Buddhist temples. Once here you can visit an ancient mosque with an exceptionally beautiful architecture of carved stone and masonry. The island also offers some of the best beaches, famous for excellent conditions for jet skiing, para-sailing, night fishing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and sport fishing.

30. Maldives Weather

The weather of Maldives is the one of the reasons to visit this country. They say that the summer never ends in Maldives. Although it is balmy throughout the year there are slight variations in the temperature during assertive periods bent by the monsoons. The Northwest monsoons, from November to April are mostly dry with actual little wind, while the Southwest cloudburst from May to October brings some rain and wind.

31. Magical Islands of Maldives

]The beautiful little islands of Maldives are considered as the reason enough to visit this island nation. Altogether it has 1190 beautiful small coral islands. The Resort Islands in Maldives are the most popular holiday destinations. Maldives is full of eye capturing beautiful islands that make for an interesting trip in this part of the world.

32. Adventure of Maldives

Maldives is place for those who admire water games. Water-Sports is considered as major attraction for the adventure seeking tourists who love to indulge in water sports activities like surfing, skiing, speed boating. The water sports adventures in Maldives are one of the main reasons to make a tour to this island of corals.

33. Snorkeling

The island nation of Maldives has been one of the best snorkeling destinations in the world for year. Snorkeling is one of the favorite activities of tourist here. It is said that no visit to Maldives is complete without experiencing the depth of the underwater world. Maldives offers the best diving opportunities for all range of divers from the beginner to the expert level. Enrich your holiday experience and encounter different species of fishes, octopus, and turtles.

34. Surfing

Another most famous activities of Maldives is Surfing. If you have a fondness for left and right moves on the surface of a warm wave, Maldives is the right place for you. Regarded as one of the best surfing destinations in the world, it offers an unforgettable surfing experience The warm waters and calm winds adds up to this experience.

35. Water-Skiing

Water-Skiing is a popular water sport of Maldives. The adventure of water-skiing is undoubtedly a delight for the visitors to this part of the world. You will find various resorts that provide water skis and power boats on rental basis for the tourists to enjoy a beautiful water escapade.

36. Shopping In Maldives

Maldives is renowned as a shopper’s haven and offers a shopping experience to remember. You will find plenty of shops selling gift items and souvenirs which are the favorite items on the list of the foreigners. The country’s capital provides a beautiful experience in the form of a whale submarine, national museum, Male Fish Market and plenty other avenues of enjoyment which truly make it the sought after destination in Maldives.

37. Nika

Nika one of the scenic islands in Maldives and among the most visited tourist destinations of the nation. One of the major reasons for its popularity is its beautiful white sand beaches and lavish greenery. Nika with its natural beauty draws lots of tourists to spend their vacation in this beautiful island. Nika Island Resort is located towards the South of Ari Atoll.

38. Halaveli

Halaveli is one of the most beautiful and extremely popular islands of Maldives and this amazing island is presented with stunning white beaches, crispy white sands and thick lush vegetation. Maldives island retreats are really breathtaking and Halaveli Island is one of the best among them. It also offers excellent dive sites.

39. Kuda Rah

Kuda Rah is one of the most beautiful and attractive islands of Maldives. Kuda Rah is one of the popular tourist destinations of Maldives. Once here you will undoubtedly enjoy to the fullest during your stay at Kuda Rah Island Resort. Kuda Rah Island Resort is located at a distance of around 88 km from the airport.

40. Nasru Ali

Nasru Ali also known as the Nasru Ali Live aboard Vessel is a popular tourist attractions of Maldives. It is believed that it has added a different dimension to the whole experience of traveling on a live aboard vessel. Nasru Ali Live aboard Vessel’s destinations include remote and deserted islands. Such islands have managed to well conserve natural beauty and charm.

41. Dhiddhoo

The island of Dhiddhoo is the capital of Haa Alif Atoll and located towards the north western end of Tiladummati Atoll. The island was actually as large as 52 hectares and after a mega land reclamation project initiated during the year 2010, the total land area is now around 85 hectares. The island of Dhiddhoo is one of the famous tourist destinations of Maldives. The Land was reclaimed to cater for the needs of the growing population and industries.

42. Ari Atoll

Ari Atoll is considered among the natural atolls of the island nation of Maldives. It is one of the biggest atolls to be found towards the western side of the archipelago. The almost rectangular alignment spreads the islands around 89×30 kilometers of area. The main tourist resorts were Ari Beach, Halaveli, Maayyafushi, Twin Islands Resort, Dhoni Mighilli and Twin Island Resort.

43. Bandos

Bandos is undoubtedly the most beautiful coral island located in North Male’ Atoll and is about 7 kilometers from Male’ International Airport. It offers one of the best reefs and it is located about 40- 60 meters away from the beach. Since long it has managed to attract traveler from all over the globe. The natural splendor of Bandos is so captivating that people traveling to Maldives never fails to visit the beautiful Bandos.

44. Bathala

The Bathala Island is perhaps the most beautiful island of Maldives with coral reefs and pure white beaches that encircle the island of Bathala making it one of the must visit places of Maldives. Bathala is a perfect island retreat for relaxation and fun. In Bathala one should stay at the Bathala Island Resort.

45. Boduhithi

Boduhithi is a beautiful island of Maldives and at the same time one of the largely visited tourist destinations. Boduhithi with its delightful and charming beauty attracts lots of tourists every year. While visiting the attractive island Boduhithi you should definitely put up in Coco Palm Boduhithi Resort.

46. Ellaidhoo

The coral island Ellaidhoo is among the largely visited tourists destination of Maldives. The sea beaches, beautiful coral reef, diving facilities and lot more added to the extreme popularity of the island. Once here you can plan your stay in Ellaidhoo Tourist Resort that is situated in North Ari Atoll.

47. Kaafu Atoll

Kaafu Atoll is an administrative division of the Maldives which includes Kaashidhoo Island, Gahaafaru Atoll, and Male Atoll. The Kaafu Atoll has plenty of other uninhabited islands. Male, capital of the Maldives is naturally located within the North Male Atoll, but it is not part of the Kaafu administrative division.

48. Ranveli

Ranveli is a spectacular sandy island of Maldives and also referred as the “Golden Sand”, perhaps the island is exactly like its name. Ranveli Island proves it name as the island is blessed with pristine beaches, tall palm trees and crystal clear water and all this adds to the elegance of this exotic destination. You will find some of the best and long stretches of white beaches here considered ideal for long walks on the beach.

49. Vakarufalhi

Vakarufalhi is situated in the remote corner of South Ari Atoll around 90 km from the Male International Airport. A lot of historical research proves that the Vakarufalhi Island was inhabited for more than three thousand years and served as a significant trade route. Maldives islands retreats are the magnificent gift of nature and Vakarufalhi is one among them.

50. Mirihi

The coral island of Mirihi in Maldives is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Maldives. You will find that the beaches here are extraordinary having white sand, turquoise water and palm trees, all these makes Mirihi one of the favorite tourist destination. You will find the Mirihi Island Resort is situated in South Ari Atoll.

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