Top 50 Things to Do and to See in London

London, the dream destination of any tourist is capital and largest city of both the United Kingdom and of England; it is also the largest city in Western Europe and the European Union. The city of London is considered as noisy, vibrant and truly multicultural, London is a megalopolis of people, ideas and energy. Plenty of Britain’s symbolic spots reside right here, like the ornate outlines Buckingham Palace and the sunset silhouettes of London Bridge. One of the great draws of London is the museums. There are legions of them, and the best ones – like the Science Museum and the National History Museum. There are surely endless of things to do and see in London. Fifty things that you can enjoy in London along with your family are listed below:

1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is extremely popular and prestigious place of Europe. It is believed that since 1837 Buckingham Palace has been the residence of British royalty, and what would a trip to Europe be without taking the time to see the home of the Queen of England. If you visit during August or September you’ll get the opportunity to even be able to witness inside the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace.

2. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Europe to be found in London. Since the year 1894, this delightfully designed bridge has been standing over the River Thames in the city of London. From the bridge’s attractive walkways you can see some breathtaking views of London. You can also visit the engine rooms containing the steam engines that power the bridge. Whether you go in the day or at night, this is a breathtaking must-see.

3. Big Ben

Big Ben is hugely popular among tourist as well as locals. It is and considered as one of the best tourist attractions of Europe. The world’s largest turret clock tower, Big Ben is one of the best known landmarks in London and definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Europe. Although it is not open for public tours, it looks spectacular, especially at night when it is all lit up.

4. The Millennium Wheel and the Tower of London

London is surely one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe. it is said to be very rich history it is definitely a hot spot for one and all. The best places to visit while in London are the Millennium Wheel and the Tower of London. The millennium wheel also known as the London Eye has a striking height of 135 meters and is the most popular tourist spot. The Tower of London is actually the Royal palace of the Queen. This monument by the Thames has a lot of historical significance.

5. St Paul’s Cathedral

The St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the major tourist attractions of London. Once here you can feel the glory of this Cathedral which is said to have become an icon of the city and dominate the London skyline. Another amazing place which is positioned 55 meters above the Whispering Gallery is the Golden Gallery, offers some of the impressive views of central London for those who have the energy to 530 down the stairs. You can visit the cathedral from Monday to Saturday starting at 8:30 to 17:00.

6. Hampton Court palace

The Hampton Court Palace is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the city. The palace was the former residence of King Henry VIII’s flamboyant. It is believed that after acquiring this glorious palace during the year 1520, he expanded and developed the palace to a major extent. It is situated towards southwest part of London and has many striking palace furnishings, tapestries and paintings. In it there is also a garden area of ​​60 acres which include the famous maze and Great Vine.

7. Kensington Palace

The Kensington Palace in London is one of the incredible spots to visit in London. The Palace has been shaped by generations of royal women from Queen Mary to Victoria and recently Diana. Inside the palace you will find some of the spectacular parks with elegant styles such as the Sunken Garden, an oasis of calm and comfortable and is a great place to picnic on busy days. This palace is the host of a variety of attractive displays throughout the year.

8. ZSL London Zoo

The ZSL London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world that was opened during the year 1828. It is situated inside the Regent’s Park, is among the top tourist attractions of London. This magnificent Zoo is home to 650 different animal species, you will also find the large animals here like giraffes and gorillas. Approximately more than 12,000 as a collection, you definitely will not be disappointed when visiting this place. It is an ideal tourist destination for family picnicking.

9. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

The Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is one of the spectacular tourist attractions to be found in Soutwark, South edge of the River Thames. It is an open playground where a playwright, Shakespeare, the greatest drama written broadly here, was opened during the year 1997. Originally it was constructed during the year 1599 by the Lord Chamberlain’s Men Company but then burned on June 29, 1613. Theatre was reconstructed in June 1614 but was officially closed by the pressure of opinion Puritans in 1642 and the destruction in 1644. If you want to visit the theater is open every day starting at 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. local time.

10. River Thames

Rive Thames is one of London’s most famous tourist attractions. It is said that one of the best ways of exploring London is through a cruise down the River Thames. You can witness the spots and splendor of this beautiful city with the convenience of a cruise ship. All boats have open upper deck and spacious lower saloons with panoramic windows. These boats operate daily from 10.00 am.

11. British Museum

The British Museum is among the extremely popular places to visit in London. The British museum is a world renowned one and displays the works of man from ancient to contemporary times from around the world. The major highlights of the museum include the Rosetta stone, the Parthenon sculptures, and the mummies in the Ancient Egypt collection.

12. Tate Modern

You will find the Tate Modern; sitting grandly on the banks of the Thames is a famous place to visit in London, Britain’s national museum of modern and contemporary art. Previously it was a power station and due to which it got its unique shape. Inside the Tate Modern you’ll find temporary exhibitions by top artists from Damien Hirst to Gauguin. The gallery’s restaurants offer tremendous views across the city.

13. National Gallery

National Gallery of London is one of the must-visit tourist attractions of the city. The crowning glory of Trafalgar Square, London’s National Gallery is a huge place. It is filled with Western European paintings right from the thirteenth to the nineteenth centuries. This iconic gallery offers works by masters such as Van Gogh, da Vinci, Botticelli, Constable, Renoir, Titian and Stubbs.

14. Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum of London is a prominent tourist attraction. It is a permanent dinosaur exhibition; the spectacular Natural History Museum possesses a collection of the largest, tallest and rarest animals in the world. Once here you can also witness a life-sized Blue Whale, a 40-million-year-old spider, and the beautiful Central Hall. The museum is surely worth visiting.

15. London Eye

The EDF Energy London Eye is a most prominent feature of London’s skyline. The London eye is indeed the largest observation wheel of the world with 32 capsules, each weighing 10 tones, and holding up to 25 people. You can climb aboard for a mind blowing experience, with breathtaking views of approximately 55 of London’s most famous landmarks.

16. Science Museum

The Science Museum of London is surely a place for every traveler. From the future of space travel to asking that difficult question, “Who am I?” it is believed that the Museum makes your brain perform Olympic-standard mental gymnastics. Inside the museum you can witness, touch and explore the top scientific advances of the last 300 years; don’t forget the awesome Imax cinema. The museum is an ideal palace for educating children while having fun.

17. Victoria and Albert Museum

The Victoria and Albert museum exhibits art and design with 3,000 years worth of spectacular artifacts from all over the world. It is said that it is the real treasure trove of goodies where you will never come to know what you’ll discover next: furniture, paintings, sculpture, metalwork, and textiles, the list goes on and on…..

18. Madame Tussauds

The Madame Tussauds museum is one of the must visit tourist attractions of the city of London. Inside the museum you can come face-to-face with some of the world’s most renowned celebrities. From Shakespeare to Lady Gaga you’ll meet influential figures from showbiz, sport, politics and even Royalty. You can also strike a pose with Usain Bolt, kiss Brad Pitt or receive an once-in-a-lifetime audience with Her Majesty the Queen.

19. Royal Museums Greenwich

The Royal Museums Greenwich is the world’s largest maritime museum and undoubtedly a major tourist attraction of London. The historic Queen’s House and the Royal Observatory Greenwich: all now part of the Royal Museums Greenwich. Stand on both sides of the Prime Meridian, touch a meteorite, and witness the stars in the planetarium.

20. Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament is also referred as the Palace of Westminster, is the seat of Britain’s two parliamentary houses, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. It is located on a central site near the river Thames, during the eleventh century; King Edward the Confessor had moved his court to the Palace of Westminster. After King Henry VIII moved his court to Whitehall Palace during the year 1530, the House of Lords continued to meet in Westminster. In 1547 the House of Commons also moved here, confirming Westminster as the central seat of government, a position it still holds today.

21. Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus is one of the most famous tourist attractions of London. It is a busy square that is to be found right in the heart of city. The circus if renowned for the beautiful fountain that was installed here at the end of the 19th century and for the neon advertising that turned the square into a miniature version of Times Square. The Circus is among the most visited places of London, liked equally by tourist as well as locals.

22. The Gherkin

30 St Mary Axe is also referred as the Gherkin is certainly one of the most eye-catching structures of London and it stands out outstandingly in the city’s skyline. The Gherkin is among the many contemporary buildings that have been constructed over the years in a historic area of London. It is a 41 story skyscraper that was constructed during the year 2004 after a modern glass and steel design by the architectural firm of Foster and Partners.

23. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is considered to be the largest square in London, is often called as heart of London. The Trafalgar Square is one of the sought after tourist attraction of London. Ever since the Middle Ages, Trafalgar Square has been a major meeting place. At the middle of the square you will find a tall column, a monument honoring Admiral Nelson. Initially the square was referred as the Charing. Later it became known as Charing Cross, after a memorial cross on the square.

24. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is situated quite close to the Houses of Parliament, is one of the famous places to visit in London. The Westminster Abbey is more a historical site than a religious site. Since 1066 every royal coronation, with the exception of Edward V and Edward VIII has taken place in Westminster Abbey. This region is stuffed with tombs, statues and monuments. Many coffins even stand upright due to the lack of space.

25. Hyde Park

The Hyde Park is one of the famous parks in London that was opened during the year 1637. The Hyde Park is the largest of various royal parks of the city that are connected to each other, forming one large green lung in the center of the city. The park is famous for its Speaker’s Corner. The park occupies an area of 360 acres (142 hectares) and hosts many large events, including celebrations and concerts.

26. Covent Garden

The Covent Garden is considered to be one of London’s biggest tourist magnets. You will find this area always crowded and around it the glass-covered building – a former fruit and vegetable market – is worth witnessing. The Covent Garden is renowned for its many open-air cafés, restaurants, pubs, market stalls and shops. You will also get entertained here with many street performers who entertain the visitors on the pedestrian zed piazza.

27. Queen Victoria Memorial

The Queen Victoria Memorial is located right in front of Buckingham Palace, is one of the interesting places to visit in London. It is a huge memorial that was constructed to honor the Queen Victoria, who reigned for almost 64 years. The Memorial is having the height of 25 meter (82 feet) high and made of 2,300 tons of gleaming white marble.

28. Cleopatra’s Needle

The London’s Cleopatra’s Needle is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. It is an Egyptian obelisk that has a twin in New York City and a similar relative in Paris. The obelisk was initially erected around 1450 BC in Heliopolis and was brought to London 33 centuries later. The Cleopatra’s Needle is Embankment near the Victoria Embankment Gardens. The ones that were presented to the cities of London and New York are from the same site in Heliopolis, Egypt.

29. O2 Arena

The O2 Arena is a famous place to visit in London that was constructed during the 20th century as an exhibition hall to celebrate the start of the new millennium. Today this innovative looking arena is one of the world’s premier concert venues.

30. Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is a modern high-rise business district situated at the former West India Docks on the Isle of Dogs towards the eastern part of the city. You can find some of London’s tallest and most modern skyscrapers can be found here. The Docklands, a large area along the Thames riverfront on the eastern edge of London, was once home to the world’s busiest port.

31. Royal Mews

You will find the Royal Mews quite near to the Buckingham Palace, so you can very well mix your trip of the palace as well as the Royal Mews. It is considered as one of the best examples in the world of a working stable. The Royal Mews is the headquarters for the department of the Royal Household, which provides transport by road via both motorcars and horse-drawn carriages for The Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

32. City Hall

The City Hall is one of most modern buildings of London definitely worth a visit. It houses the Greater London Authority that comprises of the mayor of London and the London Assembly. The GLA is responsible for the administration of Greater London. The city hall was finished during the year 2002 and positioned on the south bank of the Thames River near the Tower Bridge; City Hall was designed by well-known British architect Norman Foster, who also designed the Millennium Bridge.

33. St. James’s Palace

The St. James’s Palace is one of the amazing places to visit in London. It was the home of many of the most famous kings and queens of England; St. James’s Palace was constructed between 1531 and 1536 by King Henry VIII. The palace is even today, used by the British royals. This magnificent brick palace became the principal royal residence during the year 1702 when Whitehall Palace was shattered by fire and Queen Anne moved to St. James.

34. St Pancras Station

St Pancras station is one of the interesting places to visit in London. One of the major reason for its abundant popularity is its exuberant neo Gothic architecture, it in fact the most famous of the numerous railway stations in London. During the 1980s it was eventually renovated and transformed into a modern international station, with high speed connections to Paris and a number of other cities.

35. Leicester Square

Leicester Square is to be found at the heart of the city’s prime entertainment district and named for the 2nd Earl of Leicester. It is overstated with numerous monuments also contains a fountain dedicated to Shakespeare. You will find a statue situated at each corner of the park, other famous Londoners, including Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Joshua Reynolds, John Hunter, and William Hogarth.

36. The Monument

It is simply known as “The Monument”, this London landmark that plays homage to those who died in the Great Fire that broke out during the year 1666. It was constructed quite close to the site where the disastrous fire broke out. During the time when the fire broke out, much of the city burned and several individuals lost their lives. Property loss was great and all activity in the city pretty much came to a halt. The only properties that survived intact were the ones fashioned mostly from stone.

37. Westminster Cathedral

The Westminster Cathedral is one of the primary tourist spots to visit in London. The primary Roman Catholic cathedral in England and Wales, it is indeed one of London’s few buildings in Byzantine style. The cathedral is decorated with stunning friezes and mosaics.

38. Cutty Sark

The Cutty Shark is a historic cutter that was one of the fasted ships of its time. Today it sits in dry dock at Greenwich in London. The ship was finely restored to its original splendor, after a fire almost destroyed the ship in 2007. The Cutty Sark was completed during the year 1869. It is the only remaining tea clipper ship from the 19th century.

39. Lloyd’s Building

The Lloyd’s building is considered as an iconic contemporary office building, was built during the 1978-1986 for the Lloyd’s insurance company. The building was commissioned in the late 1970s by the insurer Lloyd’s of London. The Lloyd’s building consists of a rectangular 14 story tower with a concrete frame, measuring 45 meters wide and 67 meters long (150 x 220 ft).

40. Albert Bridge

The Albert Bridge is one of the fascinating tourist attractions of the city. It cross the River Thames between Chelsea and Battersea and regarded as a beautiful example of Victorian bridge architecture. The bridge is surely worth a visit especially for architecture enthusiasts. It measures 710 feet long, 41 feet wide, (216 by 12.5 m) and has a center span of 400 feet (122 meter).

41. Wellington Arch

The Wellington Arch is a triumphal arch named after the Duke of Wellington, who defeated Napoleon Bonaparte during the year 1815 to be found at Waterloo. It is home to a little interesting museum. Its construction was ordered during the year 1825 by King George IV, who desired to create a landmark that would honor British victory in the Napoleonic Wars. The arch originally referred as the Green Park Arch, was constructed between 1826 and 1830.

42. Russell Square

The Russell Square of London is home to some of the finest historical sites among with the most famous is the Russell Hotel, an exuberant Victorian building. The center of the square is covered by little beautiful park. The Square is situated in Bloomsbury in the London borough of Camden, quite close to the British Museum and the main buildings of the University of London.

43. Holland Park

Holland Park was established during the year 1952 from what was left of the abundant estate of Holland House, a large mansion originally constructed during the 17th century towards the Western part of the city of London. The park’s northern region is very rustic and still quite rural, attracting a fair amount of wildlife to this semi-wild woodland area of the park. You’re likely to spot a peacock or two as well as a number of other animals.

44. Brompton Oratory

The Brompton Oratory is officially the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; you will find it on the Brompton Road is well known as Brompton Oratory. This magnificent Church is the second largest Roman Catholic Church of London and was sanctified during the year 1884. The front elevation and the royal dome were added to the church later in the year 1890. It is one of the largely visited tourist attractions of the city.

45. Battersea Park

The Battersea Park of London is one of the fairly popular tourist attractions of the city. It is spread across 200 acres, you will find this huge park situated towards the south of the river Thames provides locals with plenty of room to run around and enjoy the outdoors. The park offers plenty of attractions for kids as well as adults. Kids can find some of the finest playgrounds to choose from as well as a children’s petting zoo. Bicycles can be rented or visitors can bring their own to enjoy as they ride along the park’s bike paths.

46. National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery is among the prominent museums of London. The museum is home to the largest collection of historic portraits of the world and also provides a spectacular view of the people that is said to be an important part of the history of Britain that has have kings, poets, musicians and other renowned celebrities.

47. Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House is one of the leading premiere opera houses of the world. It is actually the third one that has occupied the Covent Garden site. The current house replaced a previous theatre that was constructed during the year 1732 that was shattered by fire twice, once in 1808 in again in 1856. The new theatre construction was designed by Edward Middleton Barry, began in 1857 and was completed less than a year later.

48. Cumberland Terrace

Cumberland Terrace was part of a grand development plan of what is now known as Regency London. It is in fact one of the large-scale works of the famous architect John Nash. You will find it located right towards the eastern part of Regent’s Park in the borough of Camden; Cumberland Terrace is an impressive block of houses – 31 in all, that was designed in a grand neoclassical style. The homes were constructed during the year 1826.

49. County Hall

The county Hall is one of the most recognizable structures of London, among the interesting places to visit in London. It was the former home of the Greater London Council, today a popular tourist spot, because of the London Aquarium and a number of other establishments that are housed in this historic building. It is situated in London’s Lambeth neighborhood.

50. Duke of York Column

The Duke of York Column was constructed between the years 1831-1834. The height of this is about forty meters covering an important spot at Waterloo Place, a square flanked by the palatial Carlton House Terraces. Prince Frederick Augustus, better known as the Duke of York, was the second son of King George III. After his passed away in the year 1827 all British soldiers donated one day’s wage for the construction of a monument in his honor.

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