Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Lebanon

Lebanon falls towards the Eastern Mediterranean sea, located at the meeting point of three continents, and over the centuries it has been the cross roads of many civilizations whose trace can be witnessed even today. In winter, the high peaks are covered with snow and in summer the limestone slopes glimmer white in the distance. The country is renowned for the architecture of its buildings and also the taste of modernity that is quite apparent in many areas. The country offers plenty of beautiful attractions. Fifty things that you can enjoy in Lebanon along with your family are listed below:

1. Beirut

The city of Beirut is one of the largest cities of Lebanon and its capital also. The city is referred as outstanding and mysterious. It is also an important money market and business meeting point for all the businessmen of the region. The city of Beirut is a melting pot of various cultures and shelters an incredible variety of languages, nationalities and religions. Thus, many remarkable contrasts appear in the streets: churches and mosques stand side by side, water pipe smokers of the harbour and peaceful fishermen mix with frenzied jogging and mountain-biking aficionados.

2. Beiteddine

The Beiteddine is considered as one of the most valuable Arabic architectural gems. The place of Beiteddine is regarded as a must-visit. The palace is among the significant historical monuments that has two large courtyards: the “midane”, a vast rectangular place for visitors, and a smaller one for the royal private apartments, with a spectacular mountain in its centre. The surroundings of the Palace is also worth visiting.

3. Byblos (Jbeil)

The city of Byblos is one of the oldest places of Lebanon and offers plenty of historical evidences. It is said that the city was constantly inhabited from as early as ever the 6th century BC. The actual town is made up of the old town, surrounded by medieval walls along with the modern town that progressively expands towards the mountains. The old town’s archaeological site, with its impressive location diving into the sea, reveals all the relics of its 8,000 year-old history.

4. Anjar

Anjar is located on the Beqaa plain is the location of the only Umayyad city in Lebanon that was constructed in the years 705 to 715. In this spectacular old town you will find various ruins of the historical monuments are well preserves and definitely worth visiting. It is indeed surrounded by well-preserved walls; the vast city still conserves its original rectangular shape and stands between two large, perpendicular main streets serving the whole town.

5. Baalbeck

The BaalBeck is place that is very famous among tourist as well as locals. In the Beqaa valley, undulating in the spectacular landscape opens up the antique city of Baalbeck. Baalbeck is indeed in listed in the UNESCO’s world cultural heritage sites, and has a high degree of preservation. The city offers some of the best attractions. The three main monuments of this city are Jupiter’s temple with its six impressive columns remaining (height: 22 meters), Venus’ temple, Bacchus’ temple, best preserved, shows the extent of construction during this epoch.

6. Deir El Qamar

Deir El Qamar is located in the Shouf is one of the most famous tourist destinations of the country. The town is considered as one of the best conserved town of Lebanon. You will find some of the best traditional architecture displayed in the numerous palaces and monuments across the area, it is considered as one of the country’s historical heritages. Today Deir El Qamar’s inhabitants are determined to preserve not only its architecture, which dates back to feudal times, but also its paved streets, walled gardens and its charming secluded corners.

7. Qadisha Valley (Holy Valley)

The Aisha Valley is considered as the Holly Valley located towards the northern part of Lebanon that spreads from Bcharreh to the coast. The Holly Valley is included under UNESCO’s world heritage, its countless caves, chapels and monasteries as well as its luxuriant vegetation transformed it into the most famous natural site of Lebanon. The town is a very impressive place to visit.

8. Sidon (Saida)

Sidon is the capital of South Lebanon and is place that started inhabited from as early as 14th century BC. Since Antiquity, it has been one of the most flourishing ports of Phoenicia and the Mediterranean. You will definitely find the traces of this glorious past tranquil hover in every street of the city. The city of Sidon is a very colorful and fascinating city. Some of the best places to visit here include its great mosque, its castle of St Louis and its “Khan el Franj” (caravanserai).

9. The Cedars, Arz Al Rab

Even though several regions of Lebanon shelter cedars forests, ‘the Cedars’ refers to the Arz-el-Rab massif towards the northern part of Lebanon. You will find it a quite close to the town of Bcharreh, it is referred as the multi-millennial cedars forest. Visitors can visit this symbolic national tree is currently protected, but open to visitors. Moreover, hidden in the heart of the huge, is a beautiful tiny white chapel which reinforces the serenity of the site.

10. Tripoli

It is said that as soon as you enter the city, you cannot help but dream of the ‘Arabian Nights’. Erected next to a cliff, Tripoli’s old town is an entanglement of alleys. Tripoli has various edifices. In the city you will find magnificent mosques that are surely worth visiting. The finest building of this medieval city is the Saint Gilles’ Citadel. You can also find the Lions’ Tower; considered significant vestige of the Mameluke epoch.

11. Tyre (Sour)

Tyre is a charming combination of a fascinating grit beach, forever associated with the magical expanse of the Mediterranean; it is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Lebanon. Once here you can discover the charm of the quaint town brimming with archeological treasures. A first glimpse at Tyre will allow you to successfully capture the magnificence of the coast, encompassing tiny fishing ports, sweeping bays, and ancient harbors. You also can’t fail but notice the unique interaction of sea meeting land, as well as man’s influence on the coast.

12. Zahle

The Village of red tiled roofs, Zahle was established during the 18th century, the town was erected on the shores of “al Bardawni” river. You will find some of the best historical monuments here and also numerous 18th century churches, monasteries are scattered throughout the village. In the village of Zahle you can witness various Bronze Age, Byzantine and Roman relics as well as Canaanite sarcophagi. Zahleh is also regarded as the capital of the agricultural region of the Beqaa as well as the wine-producing region well known since Antiquity.

13. Corniche Beirut

Corniche Beirut is a seashore walkway situated in the Beirut, Lebanon. In this area you will find palm trees in a sequence and offers stunning views of the Mediterranean, in addition, the highest point of the Mount Lebanon can be seen from here. The sunny days here is a major attraction where one can find a number of people jogging. Also it offers stunning views of the water and the local food at the nearby restaurants is a highlight here.

14. Jeita Grotto

Grotto is a series of Karstic limestone caves located 18 kilometers from the Beirut, Lebanon. It is indeed extremely popular in Lebanon and has a series of chambers known as lower caves and upper caves. These caves provide a major route for the underground rivers and fresh water to the city of Beirut. You will find these magnificent caves between the western mountains and is 330 feet above sea level. These caves formation is a result of limestone dissolution.

15. Lower caves

The lower caves of the spectacular Jeita Grotto were discovered by William Thomson during the year 1836. You can reach these caves only by boat. You can also find numerous of underground rivers and the water here is fresh which is mainly used by the people of Beirut. Lower caves are situated around 60 meters below the upper caves and it features a number of cave formations. The distance of the caves is about 500 meters. During the winters the caves remains closed as a result of high water levels.

16. Upper caves

The upper caves of the Jeita Grotto were founded during the year 1958. You will find them located around 60 meters above the lower caves. It is said that among the caves the upper is is the top tourist spot that offers a sequence of chambers where the largest chamber here measures about 120 meters high. You can reach the upper cave through a concrete tunnel that measure about 117 meters long. These caves feature three chambers where the first one is White Chamber and the second one is Red Chamber that measures 106 meters high.

17. American University of Beirut (AUB) Museum

The American University of Beirut is considered to be one of the famous Arts and Culture center of Lebanon. This magnificent museum was established during the year 1868, is the third oldest Museum in the Near East. Inside the Museum you will find a wide range of artifacts from Lebanon and neighbouring countries tracing man’s progress in the Near East from the Early Stone Age to the Islamic period.

18. Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque

The Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque is a sunni mosque situated in Martyrs’ Square in downtown Beirut in Lebanon. This famous mosque was constructed during the years 2002 and 2007 by the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who was buried beside it.

19. Beirut National Museum

The Beirut national museum is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the country. If you are interested in knowing the history of this ancient country, then head towards its national museum. The museum was built between 1930 and 1937, its collections reflect the extraordinary wealth of an exceptional heritage. The collection includes from Prehistory to the Bronze Age, from the Hellenistic period to the Roman period, from the Byzantine period to the Mamluk period.

20. Baalbek and Its Ruined Temples

Baalbek is one of the small but beautiful towns of Lebanon, to be found in the Bakaa Valley, Lebanon. The city got fame because of the monumental ruined temples during the Roman period. During that time, Baalbek was called the Heliopolis, which was one the biggest sanctuaries. This is said to be one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world and one of the best built of the Roman dynasty. These are still preserved as the best piece of art by the Romans. The Ruined Temples of the Baalbek is considered to be must visit tourist attractions.

21. Faqra

It is said that visiting Faqra is one of the memorable experiences and if your tour to Faqra is during in winter, then it will be your one-of-a-kind experience. Not only will you enjoy ice sports, like skiing, but you will also take pleasure from some of the breathtaking man-made wonders and natural landscapes. A travel to the city is already a fulfillment itself, because you will be trekking a high mountain peek before you can get to the center of the city. The city is considered to be one of the naturally blessed places with plenty of things to explore.

22. Jounieh

Visit to Jounieh is considered as one of the most wonderful journeys in your life. This region is a combination of the ancient civilization and the modern-day living, making it a place to admire. There are chains of adventure and breathtaking sights to explore, making your vacation a superb memory to treasure. The city is considered just ideal for business tours. Trade and commerce is almost everywhere, and people would love to sell anything from food to souvenir items.

23. The Statue of Our Lady of Harissa

The Statue of our Lady of Harissa is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Lebanon to be found in Jounieh. This towering figure soars high at the port of the city and greets tourists as they enter the port. Visitors who desire to go near this statue will have to take a cable car.

24. The Jounieh Bay Area

Another magnificent tourist attraction of Jounieh is the Jounieh Bay Area. This is a very beautiful and romantic place, especially during sunset. It overlooks the wonderful view of the other side of the city from afar, and it is a perfect spot for lovers.

25. Dog River

Another point of interest of tourist in Lebanon is the Dog River. It is a famous little body of water that adds beauty to the city’s natural landscape. A stroll along this river will lead you to a huge rock where faces of the great rulers of Egypt and the Arab world were carved. It is a perfect destination to visit with the family.

26. Mount Lebanon

If you are interesting is witnessing some of the best natural masterpieces in Lebanon, then Mount Lebanon is just a perfect spot for you. Once here you can explore different landscapes, as well as wild flowers. On a cave located near the base of this mountain, you will find colorful rock formations of stalagmites. It is an ideal destination for a fun filled day tour.

27. The Municipal Hall

The Municipal Hall is considered to be a very significant and popular building at the center of the city is also a great tourist attraction. Apart from the council meeting being held inside, this building takes pride in its impressive structural design.

28. The Lebanese Heritage Museum

The Lebanese Heritage Museum is considered a must visit tourist spot for those who are interested in the country’s history and heritage. This museum is one of the biggest houses of art in the country; this museum is home to thousands of painting, sculpture, literature, and other artifacts that are considered proofs to the existence of Phoenician culture and the glories of empires that once ruled in the city.

29. Casino Du Liban

If you are looking for some hang out in the famous places of the country then head towards the Casino Du Liban. This is an entertainment hub located at the northern part of Jounieh. Casino games and concerts are held here.

30. Zouk Mikael

It is said that Zouk Mikael is the real essence of a “peaceful place” it is one of the serene towns in the world. It is indeed considered as an ideal destination for you and your family to escape a busy life at home and enjoy a quality time together. This place offers plenty of interesting activities to tourist. The Roman amphitheatre is both a concert space and a tourist attraction. It has an archaic design that blends well with modern living. It serves as concert venue of local and foreign music artists.

31. Abou Chabkeh Museum

One of the most interesting places to visit in the city of Zouk Mikael is the Elias Abou Chabkeh Museum is home to some of the best contemporary Lebanese artworks. You will find some of the best collections inside this museum such as the paintings, poems, scrolls, and ancient letters used during the Roman and Byzantine Empire.

32. Convent of Our Lady of the Annunciation

Convent of Our Lady of the Annunciation is another impressive tourist spots of Lebanon to be found in Zouk Mikael. The convent was constructed during the late 18th century; is home to the Sister of the Visit order. The walls are painted in traditional Arabic patterns, and colorful paintings are hung. There are also imaginative sculptures set in the gardens.

33. Bekaa Valley

The Bekaa Valley is considered to be one of the extremely beautiful valley of Lebanon and a popular tourist attraction. The Bekaa Valley is actually a high plateau between the Mt Lebanon Range and Jebel Libnan ash-Sharqiyya (Anti-Lebanon Range). For millennia the Bekaa Valley, dubbed ‘hollow Syria’ by the Greeks and Romans, was a corridor linking the Syrian interior with the coastal cities of Phoenicia. The Bekaa Valley has always been an agricultural region, fed by the Nahr al-Aasi (Orontes River) and the Nahr Litani. Today, deforestation and poor crop planning may have reduced the fertility of the land, but the valley’s wines are famous throughout the region and are gaining global popularity.

34. Adma

It is said that experiencing the early dawn in Adma is like no other experience. You will have a chance to glimpse the cityscape covered with mist and to witness how the people in this unique city welcome the new day with so much enthusiasm and sanguinity. Adma undeniably has its own exceptional beauty that tourists around the globe will truly be grateful for. The place offers some of the best tourist attractions to the tourist.

35. Al Jabal

Al Jabal to be found in Adma is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the region. The city is indeed one of the top tourist’s sites in the city. It is a medium-sized church made from lime bricks. You will also find a dome at the center and its windows show the simplicity of Lebanese architecture. It houses some of the religious affairs in the city.

36. The Harisa Mountain

The Harisa Mountain that is to be found in Jabal is one of the beautiful paces to visit in the city. The Harisa Mountain serves as a beautiful backdrop of the urban center in Adma. Although there are establishments built around this magnificent mountain, it still remains a natural wonder for many people living in the city; especially that it reminds them of simple living.

37. Lebanon Architecture

It is said that the architecture of the county of Lebanon is worth admiring. The seducing aspect of Beirut’s architecture will surprise and impress you. The city is a combination of the past, present, traditional and modern creativity, where stone and steel fuse perfectly. A journey into Beirut’s architectural wealth will surely amaze you.

38. Sursock Museum

The Sursock Museum was constructed during the year 1912; the museum is a private mansion that is the only Modern Art museum in Lebanon. During the year 1950, its owner Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock donated it to the Lebanese government that transformed it ten years later into a museum. Today it is one of the well maintained for its monographic retrospectives of Lebanese painters and also for its Fall Exhibitions, which are devoted to itinerant contemporary exhibits.

39. Centrale

Centrale is considered to be one of the famous places to visit in Lebanon. It is a work of B. Khoury. Engaged in the steel consolidation used during its construction, the 3 story building conceals a unique hall of cathedral dimensions. You can also notice that the architect substitutes the traditional brick roof with a pipeline like construction to form the bar. Its opening roof turns the last floor into a balcony overlooking, from the north, the Gemmayze Street, and from the West, Down Town Beirut.

40. Sahet El Borj

Popular known as Canon Square for a long time, it was renamed “Martyr’s Square” after the executions that took place during the year 1919. Some of the famous spot of the old Beirut, its public garden, its musical stall, its palm trees and cinema are what made it renowned in the 40s and 50s. Recently, archaeological digs uncovered the remains of the small ottoman seraglio destroyed in 1951.

41. Electricite Du Liban

It is said that during the years 1950s and 1970s, the country of Lebanon was a prosperous country in all sectors. During this period the State launched numerous of competitions aiming to make Beirut a modern metropolis. It is in this spirit that the EDL (Electricité du Liban) competition is launched. The major motive of laureate P. Neema, was to elevate a purist bar on pile, in order to promote transparency at the level of public place.

42. City Center

The city center that was constructed during the year 1970 is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Lebanon. You will find it a little towards the south. The city center is a work of J.P. Karam, the best preserved of all the buildings that were surrounding it. What remains today is its particular concrete shell form. This particular morphology made this old cinema a popular place for rave parties.

43. Lebanese Cuisine

The Lebanese cuisine is one of the tastiest foods and liked by almost every visitors. The Lebanese gastronomy is a rich mixture of various products and ingredients coming from the diverse Lebanese regions. Olive oil, herbs, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables are commonly used, as well as dairy products, cereals, fishes and meat. The Mezze, an elaborate variety of thirty hot and cold dishes, had made the Lebanese cuisine renowned worldwide. The Lebanese cuisine is extremely rich in flavors and colors and yet often offers recipes easy to prepare and suitable for a healthy diet.

44. Rafting in Al-Assi River

Rafting in Al-assi River is one of the most favorite tourist activities of Lebanon. Discover Lebanon in its wildest form. Calm or boiling, the river breathes. Whitewater is an outdoor sport that seduces nature oriented people as well as seekers of the ultimate. Other than the rafting activity, you can enjoy a playground for basket-ball and volley-ball, canoe practice in a pool, fishing, campfire at night and visits to neighboring historical sites in Hermel.

45. ATV adventure in Baalbek

Visit Baalbek to discover it like never before. Once here you can get a taste of culture and adventure in the city of the sun. visit Baalbek even if you know the city very well, still they are plenty of things to explore, sleeping in the new charming La Memoire hotel in Baalbek, and making a 6 hours quad ride to the most remote corners of the mountains.

46. Hiking and Trekking

Among the most popular tourist activities of Lebanon is Hiking and Trekking. It is said that blue sky, warm Mediterranean waters, fresh air, rugged mountain peaks, and the pleasant chill of snow-fed rivers make Lebanon a hiker’s paradise. It is one of the beautiful places to explore that is completely spruced up with delicious local food, hidden historical treasures, scenic overlooks, or special expert presentations, our hiking packages ensure that your journey will be as interesting as your destinations.

47. Lebanon Fishing Trip

Fishing trips are a great way to break from traditional tourism excursions and to offer yourself one of the most unforgettable experiences in Lebanon. What could be more fun than catching dorade fish with Lebanon coastal mountains as a backdrop! The boat fleet consists of central console boats, walk around style, with a capacity of up to 8 passengers. Boats are equipped with safety equipment.Your fishing experience last half a day and starts from the fishing Dbayeh Marina. Each boat is led by an experienced captain who will sail north towards the magnificient Jounieh bay where he will stop you right above his secret fishing spot 😉 The Captain will also provide with plenty of useful information about the Lebanese coastal areas and of course about fishing.

48. Paragliding flight over Jounieh

It is a common desire of almost every one of running up a hill, spreading our arms and just fly in the air, head towards Lebanon to fulfill your dream. It is situated around 500m above sea level, the Harissa mountain take-off site offers a panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea; landing is achieved directly below in Maameltain on the coast. A professional paragliding instructor flies you all the way to ensure you will witness a smooth and memorable experience.

49. Skiing in Lebanon

Lebanon is the only country in the world where one can ski on snow in the morning and swim in the waters of the Mediterranean in the afternoon. This is the reason enough to visit this magnificent country. All this happens due to its moderate climate and to the fact that Lebanese mountains rise up above a very narrow coast. Skiing in Lebanon became widely popular in the 1930’s and the first ski lifts were installed in the 1950’s in the Cedars resort. In Lebanon you will find various of ski resort that offers many different flavor; however, it is Faraya Mzaar, now known as Mzaar, with its world-class infrastructure, the Cedars having the highest slopes in Lebanon and Laklouk with it charming atmosphere that retain most of the attention.

50. Chouf Mountains

The Chouf Mountains are the spectacular mountains located towards the southeast part of the country’s capital. In places they’re wild and beautiful; in others they’re dotted with small villages and terraced for easy cultivation. The night life in this city is definitely worth experiencing and remains unique in its own terms. A passionate Arab music coupled with a glamorous dance performance is perfect to stir up any beer cheer. You will also find live band concerts and theatres in some notable entertainment hotspots of the city.

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