Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, which is famous as Sin City, can easily be called as the grown-upsentertainment capital of the World. It is the most populous city of the State of Nevada, USA. It is popular for gambling, shopping,fine dining, and nightlife.It is also called as the oasis of neon lights, casinos and luxury hotels. Las Vegas isglitzy and risqué for decades.The entire Las Vegas can be thought of as a themed city that is full with themed resorts and hotels. The Las Vegas Boulevard is dotted with world renowned and largest theme resorts and hotels. Several of these resorts have carved themselves world reputation. Las Vegas is not just for adults but offers plenty of attractions for children as well. The surroundings of Las Vegas have peaceful environment where you can undertake aquatic adventures, go on picnic or just chill on a calm and cool resort in the surroundings. Fifty things that you can undertake along with your family are as follows:

1. The Strip AKA Las Vegas Boulevard

The portrayal of Las Vegas in pictures, movies and silver screen is The Strip. An image of The Strip has become synonymous with Las Vegas. The Strip is located within the city of Las Vegas and it is almost 4.2 miles (6.8 Km) that stretches of Las Vegas Boulevard South in Clark County of Nevada and passes through towns of Paradise and Winchester. The Strip has a unique nightlife image of glittering neo signs, bright looks and a happening place. It is dotted with some of the world best themed restaurants some of them are: includingNew York New York, Luxor,Treasure Island, Paris, Venetian, and Bellagio.The Strip is proud home of world’s largest hotels, casinos, and resort properties.At least 15 of the world’s 25 largest hotels by room count are situated on The Strip. The Strip glows to its peak during night and offers all the entertainment and mischiefs during night. The strip is among one of the most popular places among tourists visiting Las Vegas.

2. Lion Habitat at The MGM Grand

Though the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is a hotel and casino but it offers a free visit to the Lion Habitat that it has created for general public. It is a glass-sided habitat within the Casino. It was created to preserve and encourage the breeding of King of the jungle, the habitat is an indoor Lion Habitat which is perfect for educational purposes and for recreational as well. The Leo- MGM lion is also MGM’s logo.

3. White Tiger Lair at The Mirage

Though the Mirage is famous as hotel and casino but it has added more entertainment values to it with the addition of the White Tiger. The Mirage has created a wonderful lair to house the Tigers that families can enjoy all over the year. Also you can watch them after the Siegfried and Roy show. Moreover, you can watch this awesome creature free of cost in the lair.

4. Forum Fountain Shows At Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace offers you a unique experience in a hotel. The Forum fountain is one of the best things to watch along with your family. It is a splendid and fantastically huge, free laser and water fountain shows to watch that will stay in your memory forever. It can be called one of the best things to watch along with your family and kids in a place which is otherwise called as adult only entertainment hub.

5. Mystic Falls Park At Sam’s Town

Another of some of the fantastic shows in Las Vegas is in Mystic Falls Park at Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall. There is a free laser show in Las Vegas that is one of its kind and againa family-friendly experience. The show is full with lasers and sound and it is sure that you along with your family and kids enjoy and capture and captivate the imaginations when in Las Vegas.

6. Bellagio Fountain Show and Conservatory

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is one of the major hotels in Las Vegas that offers many free adventures both inside and out of it. There are many adventures in and around Bellagio but the most popularamong them are the illustrious fountains. The fountainsshots water hundreds of feet into the air that land back into a beautiful lake, this show goes one at various times throughout the day. It is again one of the best entertainments for the entire family in Las-Vegas.

7. Circus-Circus Shows

Another in the list of free family entertainment places in Las Vegas is Circus-Circus. Again a hotel and Casino actually but offers free family entertainments of best quality that are worth watching. The shows are run throughout the day on stages above the main casino. If you are looking for yet another family entertainment in Las Vegas you must visit Circus-Circus and watch their adventurous shows.

8. Volcano Eruption at The Mirage

Another of the Mirage show is Volcano eruption. Away from the casinos and bars is this family entertainment in Las Vegas. It is one of the original and one of a kind and it would make your Jaw-drop when you watch this man made volcano eruption during night. This show is also one of the good family entertainers that is available free of cost.

9. Sports Hall Of Fame At The Las Vegas Club

It is the habit of the hotel and casino owners in Las Vegas to provide something more than just the usual for which these hotels and casinos are famous for. One among the list of such adventures, amusements and museums and exhibits one such is a Sports Hall of Fame in The Las Vegas Club. It is yet again a free entertainment that is not just for children but adults as well in Las Vegas. This indoor collection of sports memorabilia will impress everybody as well as history buffs of sports.

10. Masquerade Show in the Sky, The Rio

A free show for adults is Masquerade show that offers you a host of singing, dancing, beads and a huge talking head. It is conducted in The Rio hotel and casino; there is also sky show here. The Mardi Gras happens every day in Las Vegas. It is for sure to impress everyone who attendsit as it is free as well class.

11. The Fremont Street Lights

If you wonder where on earth you could see lights then it has to Freemont Street light flood themselves in lights here, there are boutof 2 million lightbulbs. It is also among the free attractions in Las Vegas. The entire Fremont Street is covered under a canopy that offers frequent light and sound shows. The lights on the street would mesmerize you as the kind of lights you might have rarely experience, it is all man made.

12. Imperial Palace Auto Collection

Imperial Palace is famous for the Auto Collection that it has. It is located on the fifth floor of the parking garage. Again it is free place to hit with a counter that provides to entrance pass. There are over 200 classic cars on display the list includes: Fords, Mercedes, Cadillacs and Chevrolets models. You can also get a chance to see the rare British Collection: Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, Bentley, Cooper, Aston Martin, all dating back to 1930s through the 1960s. It is a great place to visit by Car enthusiast as well non-enthusiasts. You can also buy cars here that have for sale tag on them.

13. Circus-Circus

Apart from the Circus-Circus free adventures you can also go for paid, it is a family themed resort that is located at the north end of the Strip. Here you can enjoy along with your family the free circus acts performed every half hour throughout the day and also there many amusements, most of them family oriented. There is a game room dedicated to children in this Casino. There is also an indoor amusement park situated in the pink dome that is behind the main building.

14. The Venetian

This one hotel and casino recreates the city of Venice. It is complements with copies of the Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge and the Campanile. You can go inside the building and but do not get surprised on the way you to be lost like in real Venice. There is a canal that leads you to the Grand Canal (upscale and expensive) Shoppes. Cobblestone streets and bridges are situated under a blue painted sky inside the complex. The entire building is decked with reproductions of famous paintings by Venetian masters.

15. The Star Trek Museum, Hilton hotel

The Star Trek can be found at Hilton hotel and landing here would be a life time experience. There was Television series on this.The Museum is filled with lot of fun and frolic. As the name suggest it is actually a museum where you can find a very serious Star Trek timeline, there a few exhibits with costumes and different devices used in the series. Thereare two interactive shows which has real actors playing the part of the crew. There is also “The Klingon Encounter” where you wouldbe beamed aboard Enterprise and you needed to escape the mighty Klingon warriors.Like that there a host shows to excite and they are not free.

16. Excalibur

Excalibur Hotel and Casino has recreated the medieval world of King Arthur, if you are a fan of King Arthur this is the right place for you. A kind of Disney land experience in Las Vegas, the exteriors of the hotel have towers, a drawbridge,turrets, and Merlin in a balcony makes you feel that you are in Disneyland. Inside the hotel it has everything that looks medieval. You can peep into past and experience the age of King Arthur in Excalibur.

17. Stratosphere

Home to one of the landmarks of the Strip this hotel is located at the northern end of the Strip.It has one of the Las Vegas landmarks, the Stratosphere Tower. The toweris 1149 ft (350 m) tallfrom the top of you can get great views of the city. The mountains that appear in the distance make a great background. And if you want to for a ride on such a height there are two here: a rollercoaster and a free-falling thingy -The Big Shot. But remember they are very scary.

18. Treasure Island Las Vegas

Another hotel and casino on the Strip is the Treasure Island.The Treasure Island is famous for an entertaining pirate show which is lately made to Sirens show. The sirens show is similar to the pirates show. The difference being that they have introduced some scantily clad women who dance to music. Treasure Island themed on Robery Louis Stevenson’s novel,the hotel also features the popular contemporary circus Cirque du Soleil.

19. Cirque du Soleil

It is part of the Treasure Island and an expensive affair, tourists find it really cool and totally Vegas, which has a French-Canadian origins. The Cirque has former Olympic gymnasts to perform and catapult themselves all over the stageoutlandish costumes for the amusement of visitors. It is a little costly affair to witness this.

20. Designer Dinner

Vegas is all about wine and food, so if you wish to experience and eat world class food with world class ambience then there are ample to place to indulge yourself. For Persian meals hit Guy Savoy at Caesars If alone, go to the bar-only Atelier de Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand. For big red wine, the options are many such as: SW Steakhouse at the Wynn. And if you want to make a few friends go to N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms. If more interested in culinarystuff go to Tom Colicchio’sCraftsteak at the MGM

21. Shark Reef Aquarium

Another good place to visit is Shark Reef that is located at the Mandalay Bay.There are plenty of things that feature here, sea turtles, crocodiles, lots of sharks and, a komodo dragon as of recently. If you happen to stay around the Mandalay Bay, you can go to the Shark Reef channel to watch sharks live round the clock on TV, which gets wonderful at 4 a.m. Mandalay Bay is a place to enjoy some natural beauty in the middle of manmade adventures.

22. The Clubs

As Las Vegas is famous for, there are plenty of clubs to indulge in activities that most people don’t like but some people enjoy.Uffizziis one such place for club lovers who should not miss out which is actually Florence art which is nothing but Italian art.The clubs most operate till late night and you can indulge in activities that suit you the nightlife environment along with the club activities.

23. Party at the Pool

Party at the pool is another adult entertainment widely available in Las Vegas. Though not accepted by the set of people pool parties are abundant in Las Vegas.You can also raft and float with the kids around the Mandalay Bay river pool, or get into the fake waves at the fake Mandalay beach. You canalso play blackjack in the pool at most of the places that offer part at the pool. Beware you might end-up catching up with a hooker in party at pool so be in your senses when you are out there.

24. The Spa

Another way to pamper your body in Las Vegas is to hit a spa and get yourself stimulated. Las Vegas is now considered as the best spa destination in the USA. There are plenty Spas in Las Vegas but some of the invite lot of customers such as the Canyon Ranch at the Venetian and the Spa at the Bellagio.Sauna, eucalyptus and alcohol from the fruity drinks are part of the Spas here.

25. New York – New York roller coaster

One of the famous roller coasters of Las Vegas is New York- New York. It goes right through the New York-New York hotel and this happens in only a few minutes. You can have better view of the hotel which is worth witnessing for awesomely compacted version of Disneyfield Manhattan.Through the roller coaster you can also several other places of Las Vegas and the hotel.

26. Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat can be found at the Mirage Resort Hotel. A best place for the visitors to see a wide variety of exotic animals in their natural environment, the animals include:Siegfried & Roy’s Royal White Tigers of Nevada and White Lions of Timbavati. Where asthe Dolphin Habitat is open to the public in Mirage and has a large number of trained dolphins that are present in 2.5-million gallon / 10 million-liter pools.

27. Sirens of TI

It is a new show that has replaced the old Buccaneer Bay Sea Battle at the Treasure Island resort. It’s among one of the Las Vegas’ great free attractions, it happens during night in front of the hotel. The Sirens TI include fireworks, exploding cannons, and a mock sea battle between pirates and sirens of the sea takes place. It’s a fun for both the children and adults alike.

28. Madame Tussaud’s

This Madame Tussaud’sis not the one which is located in London but it is one which is located in Las Vegas it can be found near the escalators leading up to the Venetian Hotel. A best place for visitors to see their favorite stars’ effigies preserved forever in wax. These figures are so much resembling to the original ones that you could mistake them for originals.

29. Venetian Gondola Rides

The Venetian Gondola Rides is among one of the unusual attractions in Las Vegas. The rides are located in front of the Venetian Hotel.Passengers are taken on boats and then taken on a ride by their personal gondolier through the shopping arcade located inside the Venetian Hotel. As discussed above the shopping arcade is looks like same as the city of Venice in Italy.

30. Theaters of Sensation

The theaters of Sensation are located in the Shops at the Venetian. Theaters of Sensation features a 3D thrill ride in a theatre setting for the visitors. The shows change and offer a variety very often. You must check what’s playing before buying a ticket for the same. However, you can thoroughly enjoy this what ever be the show running in.
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31. Paris Hotel

Another landmark of The Strip is The Paris Hotel. It is one of the most easily recognizable establishments in Las Vegas. On the out-side front is a full scale model of the Eiffel Tower and the Paris Opera House down the way. Also on the hotel the famous ever floating mock hot air balloon decorated with neon and flashing lights.

32. Luxor Attractions Floo

Luxor attractions are located on the second floor of the Luxor Hotel. It gives a great view of the surroundings and the entertainments available within the area. You can go on entertainment for hours together here. Some of the notable attractions here include: a two story arcade center, IMAX theater, and a motion simulator.

33. Cinema Ride

The Cinema Rides is located on the grounds of Caesar’s Palace in the Forum Shops. It is a hot spot for thrill seekers. Young one as well as kids can get thrilled here by the crazy experience of the Cinema Ride. The attraction of Cinema Rideis in seats that move while you watch one of six wild movies in 3D. It is a great fun to watch a movie in this way.

34. Las Vegas Hilton

Another major hotel of Las Vegas is The Hilton Hotel.The hotel is home to about 3000 rooms, and the hotel has almost every amenity a tourist could ask for. The hotel includes entertainment areas, pools, top-notch performers, and also has a wide variety of restaurants. This hotel is an amusement in itself. There are entertainers/musicians and singers to enthrall you.

35. Riviera Hotel

The Riviera Hotel in itself is a landmark of Las Vegas; it is a very large property. There was a television series with the same name as well. This hotel has about 2000 rooms and located on Strip. The hotel isa legendry hotel and has some history attached to it thus making it a unique one than the others. In the 1950′s & 1960′s the Riviera Hotel has entertainers including Sammy Davis Jr.

36. Adventuredome (formerly Grand Slam Canyon)

A perfect place for family fun in Las Vegasis the Adventuredome at the Circus Circus Resort Hotel. It is located under the big pink dome has a wide variety of amusement rides including the Rim Runner, Sling Shot, Canyon Blaster, Inverter, Laser Blast.Children’s favorite is Sponge Bob Square Pants 4-D ride. There area other rides as well here that includes: large, junior, and family.

37. Sega Gameworks

Sega Gameworks is an absolute electronic amusement center that is home to hundreds of video games. A perfect place to be in Las Vegas this Sega Gameworks offersmany video games. There are plenty of different games up for play. It also has a restaurant and gift shop on site. This one is among a popular spot for teenagers and youngsters as well.

38. Magic and Movie Hall of Fame

The Magic and Movie Hall of Fame in Las Vegas is home to all aspects of magic and movies. It is one of the famous centers for magic and movie in Las Vegas. The museum is home to a special section on ventriloquism. This place is both a fun and educational center that can be enjoyed by adults, children and families as well.

39. Las Vegas Helicopter Rides

Las Vegas Helicopter Rides are perfect way of enjoying eagle view or aerial view of Las Vegas,there are a plenty of companies that offer helicopter ride services. Some of the destinations that can be covered in a helicopter ride include the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, and the Las Vegas Strip.

40. Monte Carlo

Again a best hotel to be in The Monte Carlo Hotel is located on The Strip. It offers you a great variety of dinning and glitzy rooms. You could also find some the best performers in this hotel.The hotel has numerous numbers of rooms that have world class amenities for the visitors. The hotel is among the choicest of hotels for peace as well as entertainment seekers.

41. Hard Rock Hotel

Another in the list of famous hotels is The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas it is a part of the famed chain of Hard Rock Restaurants. This hotel consists of everything that you would be looking in such as, multiple restaurants, entertainment venues,a large swimming pool, and shopping. The Hard Rock hotel is popular for being home to some of the Las Vegas’ best Rock n Roll shows. You can check out who is playing there from their shows.

42. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is situated about 27 km (19mi) from the “Strip”. A place something different than the usual hotels and casinos it isawesome area that has stunning geological sights including the red rocks. The area also boasts of hiking trails that take the visitors to some wonderful sights. There are other activities as well that you can undertake here such as:mountain biking, horseback riding, 4WD trails and camping.

43. Lake Mead

It is wonderful lake that has come as a result of the wonderful Hoover Dam. It is spread over hundreds of kilometers and it is a perfect place for boaters. The lake has crystal clear water that sparkles in the desert heat. If you swimon a hottest days then it would be like a treat to your body and senses. There are cruises that also offer you good services. Some of the other activities that you can undertake here include: Scuba diving, Fishing, house boating and water skiing.

44. Lake Mead National Recreation Area

The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is managed by The National Park Service, it is a good place to enjoy aquatic adventures in otherwise an urbane settings of Las Vegas. It is tourists’ paradise to enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities some of them are: boating, fishing, diving, and swimming. You can also under take activities such as: biking, hiking, and 4 wheel driving. When planning for boating check out the water depth levels as they keep on changing throughout the year.

45. Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is located in Nevada and it is one of the most impressive places of Nevada. The dam was built during 1931-1936 in a concrete gravity-arch design and it is stretches over 48 Km (30mi) south of Las Vegas. It holds back the Colorado River and Lake Mead waters Hoover Dam is considered as anaccomplishment of engineering. Hoover dam is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1985.

46. Valley of Fire State Park

The Valley of Fire State Park is located nearly 55mi northeast of Las Vegas. It has numerous rock drawings scratched on the red sandstone by Indians of the Anasazi culture.Hiking trails is one of the best activity and take your through such sights as Petroglyphs and unique rock formations. The park is famous for its red rocks. In the Valley you can find visitors center, campsites and picnic areas.

47. Lost City Museum of Archeology

The Lost City Museum of Archeology is located in Overton, it would be an archeologists’ delight to visit this area. It is laid out in three wings which are called as: the Original Wing, the 1973 Wing, and the 1981 Wing (aka Faye Perkins Wing). Heretourists can find a wide variety of archeological resources. Some of the important are: the Anasazi artifacts and an original Pueblo foundation that was found by the US Civilian Conservation Corps circa 1935.

48. Pahrump, Nevada

The city of Pahrump is located about 93 km (60mi) from Las Vegas. It is a town place that boasts of its laid-back lifestyle and outdoor quests.The population of the town is over 33,000 residents.The big Fall Festivalis one the important attractions of Pahrump and attracts many visitors from across the USA and elsewhere.

49. Pioneer Territory Wagon

Pioneer Territory Wagon Tours is a best place to experience a real feeling for what travel was like for the early settlers. It is a good place to experience Wagon tours. It also offers trips from daylong excursions to overnight expeditions for the more adventurous.The other activities that you can undertake include horseback,nature walks and hiking and go for Petting zoo for children.

50. The Downtown

The downtown is peaceful place away from the hustle bustle of Las Vegas and its sizzlers, it is tiny old part of Las Vegas that is the only part of the city where Mayor Oscar Goodman has jurisdiction. The place is seedy and somewhat ugly and makes you feel like an outlaw.The city’s entrance is the sort-of-cool, sort-of-depressing Fremont Street. Here you can bring kids to watch the outdoor mall’s ceiling tell little articles in laser lights, just like a Western Stone Mountain,and there are so many other things that you can enjoy here along with your family.

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