Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Israel

Israel is a parliamentary democracy in the Middle East towards the south-eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It contains geographically diverse features within its region. In its Basic Laws Israel defines itself as a Jewish and Democratic State; it is the world’s only Jewish-majority state. The country of Israel is rich in history that stretches back thousands of years. The country of Israel offers plenty of attractions such as the famous historical monuments, amazing cities and towns, spectacular museums and lot more. Fifty things that you can enjoy in Israel along with your family are listed below:

1. Tel Aviv-Yafo

The city of Tel Aviv is an immensely popular tourist destination of Israel. It is as important to Israel as New York City is to the United States. Tel Aviv-Yafo is indeed the commercial as well as the cultural center of the country. The fact that it was established during the year 1909 makes it incredibly young in a part of the world where many cities began not just centuries, but millennia ago. In contrast to Tel Aviv’s teeming modernity, the old city of Jaffa (Yafo) traces its roots to biblical times.

2. Jerusalem (Old City)

Jerusalem is among the most popular and most visited tourist destinations of Israel in fact it is the country’s official capital city. This magnificent city is also regarded as very sacred to three major religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. The city of Jerusalem offers plenty of attractions to its visitors. It is also surrounded by imposing stone walls that date to the Ottoman era and include amazing holy places like the Western Wall – the most visited site in Israel and one holy to Jews – Dome of the Rock and Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo has ranked constantly as Israel’s top tourist attraction places for Israelis. The popular Teddy Stadium is considered one of the leading football stadiums in the country.

3. Masada

The Masada is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Israel. The desert fortress of Masada was the picture of the disastrous last resistance of the Zealots, an ancient Jewish sect, to the Romans during 73 A.D. Once here you can witness even today the fortifications that the Romans constructed as portion of their cordon of Masada and also various other reminiscent remains as well. You can reach the 1,300-foot peak by hiking up the Snake Path or by cable car.

4. The Dead Sea

One of the most spectacularly famous places to visit in Israel is The Dead Sea that is to be found at 1,360 feet below sea level and it is regarded as the lowest point on earth. Its water is about ten times saltier than the ocean’s, giving it optimism that makes it possible to float. It is indeed considered as one of the must-visit tourist attractions of the country. The water here is rich in minerals that can be used for treating the various skin problems.

5. Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem another of Israel’s most significant places to visit. You will find it located in the country’s capital Jerusalem. Yad Vashem is the largest Holocaust museum and memorial in the entire world. This famous museum was founded during the year 1953. You can also find a recently established Holocaust History Museum that is the part of the same complex; it is designed by architect Moshe Safdie was inaugurated during the year 2005. There are plenty of exhibition halls within its dramatic central triangular structure.

6. Israel Museum

The museum of Israel is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the county. This interesting museum can be found in Jerusalem. It is indeed Israel’s largest cultural complex in and counts the Dead Sea cylinder. It is considered as the oldest known biblical manuscripts of the world among its many treasures. The Billy Rose sculpture garden includes works by the likes of Picasso and Rodin. The Rockefeller Archaeological Museum in East Jerusalem is also a part of the Israel Museum.

7. Caesarea National Park

Another extremely popular tourist attraction of Israel is the Caesarea National Park. You will actually find it halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. It is regarded as Israel’s brightest archaeological gems and was constructed during the year 2,000 by Herod the Great, who said to have dedicated the port to Caesar Augustus. Ruins from the Roman and Crusader periods are framed by stunning sea views, and the restored ancient amphitheater is now used for concerts in the summertime.

8. The Galilee

The Galilee is considered as one of the major tourist attractions of the country. It is indeed believed to be one of the sacred places of Israel. The place is often linked with the life of Jesus Christ, in particular the Sea of Galilee and two of Judaism’s four holy cities, Tiberias and Safed, are positioned in this abundant and beautiful northern region. The expression “a land flowing with milk and honey” is very appropriate for this place, which abounds not only in historic sites but agricultural plenty and lots of great lodging options, too.

9. Eilat

Eilat is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Israel to be found on the Red Sea. It is considered as Israel’s seaside resort equivalence excellence. The country of Israel is blessed with so much of attractions and Eilat is no exception. if you think you’ve seen enough of historical sites then head towards Eilat for some unlimited fun under the sun, her you can indulge in various water sports, sun tanning, and swimming with dolphins is de rigueur.

10. Baha’i Gardens

The Baha’i Gardens are among the major tourist attractions of the country. The “hanging gardens of Haifa” fan along a broad staircase of 19 terraces that extend up the northern slope of Mount Carmel. It is considered as a must-see attraction of Israel. The central terrace houses the gold-domed Shrine of the Bab, a central figure of the Baha’i faith. These outstanding gardens are included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

11. Akko/Acre

The old city of Acre (Akko) is considered among the most beautiful and historic city of Israel. It is a great walled city to be found on the coast of the bay of Haifa. It is also the major and natural port in the Galilee and Israel and is believed to have a prolonged of conquest and ruling empires. The city was once among the main Crusaders’ fortifications and ports. The city of Akko is worth a visit.

12. Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee has a hot and dry circumstances, sweet water, and calming environment. It is among the most interesting tourist attractions of Israel. The lake fully occupied by tourist through out the year. It is loved equally by both tourist and locales. The lake is completely surrounded by public and private beaches. The Sea of Galilee, known to Israelis as Lake Kinneret, is only 13 miles by 7 miles, but is one of the most well-known bodies of water in the world. It was on these beautiful shores that Jesus delivered sermons and performed miracles.

13. Mount Tabor

Another most incredible tourist attraction of Israel is the Mount Tabor. It is a famous hill rising 500m above the Jezreel Valley in the region of Galilee. It is considered as the most important fortress since the ancient times, mainly because of its strategic place along the north-south road, it has been a significant fortress since ancient times. Mount Tabor is situated in Lower Galilee, at the eastern end of the Jezreel Valley, 17 kilometers (11 mi) western part of the Sea of Galilee, in Israel.

14. Tiberias

Tiberias has been a popular attraction in Israel among tourist for more than 2,000 years. From the Roman period, this blooming leisure spa, constructed around seventeen natural limestone hot springs approximately 600 feet below sea level. It is visited by people from every part of the world. It was constructed by Herod Antipas and this city was named Tiberias in honor of the Roman Emperor Tiberius.

15. Nazareth

Nazareth is considered to be the biggest Arab city of Israel and it is also the capital of the northern section of the country. It is believed that Jesus grew up in Nazareth with his mother Mary, making the city one among the few Christian pilgrimage places in the Holy Land. A real visit to Nazareth is much more than just a tour of the Old City. One of the basic rules for thoughtful Nazareth is to get to know its adjacent landscape: a horsehoe-shaped bally who’s curved in side faces the Jezreel.

16. Ein Gedi

Another most stunning tourist attraction of Israel is the Ein Gedi. It is the most impressive oasis situated towards the west part of the Dead Sea. It is regarded as the most beautiful and picturesque attraction for tourists and religious people who visit its amazing, archaeological attractions. It is said that the panorama is extremely beautiful and the site is immersed within the nearby wildlife. It also has an international reputation as a health spa due to its hot springs and mud baths, so it is not hard to see why this fascinating and picturesque paradise is such a popular destination.

17. Zefat

You will find this interesting city of Zefat towards the northern side of Tiberias. It is well known as an artists’ colony of less than 30,000 souls. It is indeed among the 4 major holy cities of Israel, it is an important center for kabbalistic and rabbinical studies. In this city, even graves are objects of religious worship. Visit to Zefat is surely worth it. It is the highest city in Israel – offers not only cool and refreshing weather, but also a much more relaxing atmosphere than other parts of the country.

18. Bethlehem

It is said that no visit to Israel is complete without visiting Bethlehem – where Jesus was born. The occasion even today is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm almost everywhere in the world during December as Christmas Day, which could be loosely translated as “the day Christ was born”. It is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions of the country.

19. Towers of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

The Holy Sepulchre Church is considered as one of the most sacred Christian churches to be found in the Jerusalem Old City. This famous church is located Golgotha and it is also the place where Christ was crucified. It also features the burial place of Christ. It is regarded as the main pilgrimage place from the start of 4th century and it is administered by the Church of Jerusalem.

20. Caesarea City

Caesarea is among the famous ancient ports of Israel. It is this place where the King Herod said to have ruled from 23 to 13 BC. It was constructed atop the Strotonospyrgos and also it was the agricultural storehouse in earlier times. The city saw major changes during the reign of Herod the Great, who had renamed the city to honor the emperor. During the year 22 BC the city featured a number of constructions that contains the deep sea harbor, storerooms, markets, roads, baths, and temples to Augustus and Rome.

21. Via Dolorosa

The Via Dolorosa is a well known historical street that is separated into two parts located in the Jerusalem. It is also believed that it is that street where Jesus Christ passed through at the time of His crucifixion. It is also regarded as one of the most sacred place and at the same time a major destination for pilgrims since the early days of Christianity. Via Dolorosa is among the most visited tourist destinations of Israel.

22. Dome of the Rock

The Dome of the Rock is one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Israel. Indeed it is among the oldest Islamic shrines of the world. Dome of the Rock was constructed during the year 691 and houses the Foundation Stone which is considered as a sacred spot in Judaism. It is situated in the Temple Mount and called, “The Noble Sanctuary” by the Muslims.

23. Church of the Nativity

The Church of the Nativity that is to be found in Bethlehem is considered as one of the oldest operating church in the world. This famous church was constructed on the top of a cave believed to be the birth place of Jesus Christ. The church is considered to be one of the must-visit palaces in Israel.

24. Western Wall (Wailing Wall)

The Wailing Wall that is also popular as the Western Wall to be found in Jerusalem’s Old City. It was constructed around 516 BCE. It was also renovated by Herod the Great around 20 BC. It is 18 meters long and includes 24 lines of stones belonging to the different ages. Also in the year 1867, 19 lines were discovered in the underground where the lowest line featured the rocks from the Tyropoeon Valley. During the year 1968 two more lines were discovered and it featured seven layers of stone belonging to the Byzantine and Roman periods.

25. Lake Hula

The Lake Hula is one of the spectacular tourist attractions of Israel and it is also among the most visited places of Israel by the tourist. It is well considered to be the most beautiful and unique spot, located off Highway 90 on the road between Tiberias and Kiryat Shmona, is right on the great Syrian-Africa Rift and is a stopping point in the fall and winter for some 500 million birds (from 400 species) migrating from Europe to Africa and back. Once here you can witness thousands of birds, including cranes, storks, pelicans, cormorants and egrets, stay in the reserve year round.

26. Museum on the Seam

The museum of the Seam is one of the most prominent and interesting tourist attractions of Israel. It is not just another museum but rather a different one all together. It is regarded as a little-known gem that calls itself a “socio-political contemporary art museum that presents art as a language with no boundaries.” The slogan is ironic, given that the museum is built right along the former pre-1967 “seam” between Israel and Jordan, just west of the Old City.

27. The Palmach Museum

The Palmach Museum in Ramat Gan tells the story of a fictional group of young recruits in the years before Israel’s founding. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the country. The museum has no displays; instead you walk through a series of rooms populated with films, artifacts and full size “dioramas.” By the end of the 90-minute tour, you may cry as the characters you have gotten to know (played by professional actors) don’t all survive the War of Independence.

28. The Sculpture Road

You will find the Sculpture Road halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; it is an enjoyable day trip out of the city with a creative twist of art interspersed throughout. The 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) route (Derech HaPesalim in Hebrew) is situated in the President’s Forest, dedicated to the memory of Israel’s first president, Dr. Chaim Weizmann. During the 1990s, several artists from the former Soviet Union immigrated to Israel; a number of them were invited to line the road with environmentally friendly statues. The impressive sight of this read is the huge statures that you will find along the roadside.

29. The Herzl Museum

The Herzl Museum in Jerusalem is also among the most interesting tourist attractions of the country. Visit this museum with your kids to enjoy an interactive experience, in this case illuminating the life of Zionist visionary Theodor Herzl. It is considered an ideal place to visit with you family.

30. Israeli parliament and Supreme Court

The Israeli Parliament is surely worth a visit, it is situated inside and exceptionally beautiful structure. While usually there are no tours open for tourist but how ever the building view of the building from the outside itself is magnificent and worth the visit. You will find it situated near a beautiful rose garden. The Supreme Court, however, is open for visitors and it is designed to perfection.

31. Mount of Olives in Jerusalem

The Mount of Olives in Jerusalem is perhaps the most popular tourist attractions of Jerusalem. You will also get the option of riding a camel there. It is considered as truly a unique place, associated with Christian, Jewish and Islamic history. Located near Mount Scopus in east Jerusalem, the nearly 3,000 foot hill is named for the many olive trees that once covered it. The hill faces the old city of Jerusalem.

32. The 10 Gates of Jerusalem

The 10 gates of Jerusalem are considered to be the most spectacular tourist attractions in Israel. These 10 Gates are all wonderful gates in the old Jerusalem wall. It is among the must-visit places of Jerusalem because of its immensely impressive gates, especially the Jerusalem gate of Jaffa where much history happened. It is such a nice part of an Israel travel plan!

33. El-Aqsa Mosque

The El-Aqsa Mosque, located in Jerusalem and its subsidiary buildings, the Museum of Islamic Art by the Moroccans’ Gate and the prayer halls for women, occupy most of the south side of the Haram esh-Sherif. It was constructed by the Omayyad Caliph El-Walid I on the site of Justinian’s basilica dedicated to the Mother of God. The Crusaders took it for Solomon’s Temple, and the Jews call it Solomon’s School (Midrash Shelomo). The interiors of the mosque are also very impressive.

34. Valley of Elah

You will find the extremely beautiful Valley of Elah just forty-five minutes southwest of Jerusalem. Visit Valley of Elah to experience one of the Israel’s most tightly held secrets. This region of the country is flanked by the gently rolling hills of Judea, still remains one of the Holy Land’s less frequented gems. The area surrounding this magnificent Valley is indeed one of the hotspots of Israeli viniculture.

35. Gush Etzion

The Gush Etzion is considered to be one of the most picturesque tourist attractions of the country. Its beautiful rolling hills bejeweled with grape arbors and olive groves, is said to have packed with biblical and modern history. It is considered as one among the must-see places of Israel.

36. The Jerusalem Hills

The Jerusalem hills are among the most prominent tourist attractions of Israel. It is believed that the Jerusalem hills offer many secrets from a deeper past and also stunning nature locations and incredible beauty throughout the year. Jerusalem hills are a hilly region in the Judean Mountains, with Jerusalem nestling in the middle. These spectacular hills are known for their great historic significance because of their proximity to the Holy City.

37. The Lowlands

The Lowlands are also popularly known as the Shfela, are the transitional foothills between the Israel’s central mountains and the coastal plain. The region is majorly a rural area of low rounded hills, broad valleys and villages; today it contains various tourist attractions. It is also noteworthy that the region is crossed by many rivers such as the Ayalon, Sorek and the Elah.

38. Mount Carmel

The Mount Carmel is one of the most popular places to visit in Israel ever since the days of yore. It is indeed regarded as the symbol of beauty. It is a particularly suitable location for family hikes and recreation pastimes all year round. The height of Mount Carmel is 546 meters above sea level. Mount Carmel is sprawled between the Menashe Plateau in the south, the Haifa Bay in the north and the Jezreel Valley on the east.

39. Luzit Caves

The Luzit Caves are among the popular places to visit in Israel. It is believed that the region shfeila is home to various amazing caves and tunnels, worth visiting. You will find that the limestone of this area is soft and easy to unearth. Among these caves are “bell caves” which are former quarries. You will also find here that these caves are a network of underground connected dome shapes caverns with a hole in the center at the surface level.

40. Modiin

The city of Modiin is considered to be one of the beautiful places of Israel. It is regarded today as a well planned modern clean, park filled city that is one of the fastest growing cities in Israel. The city of Modiin offers many attractions to the visitors such as numerous shopping centers, mall, clean parks, 2 movie theatres and many popular restaurants. It is to be found between the 2 major cities Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

41. Safed

Safed is considered to be an ideal destination as it is a mixture of history, tradition, spirituality and art. It is a little famous mountaintop town positioned towards northeastern side of Israel. This beautiful town is also known as “Tzfat” and also referred to as the “City of Kabbalah” and is one of Judaism’s Four Holy Cities. The study of Kabbalah developed in Tzfat during this time and the atmosphere of the city is still heavily influenced by religious Jews who study, work and pray in the town.

42. Beit Shemesh

Beit Shemesh was said to have founded during the year 1950 as a “development town primarily for new immigrants. Today it is among the most visited tourist destinations of Israel. It is indeed a thriving city with many contemporary conveniences. Modern day Beit Shemesh was named after the Biblical Beth-shemesh.

43. The Atari Ruins – Adulam Park

The country of Israel is blessed with so much history just waiting to be discovered and the Atari Ruins in Adulam Park is one among them. You will find it right close to Beit-Shemesh, is one of many ruins in the area. It is situated on one of the hilltops in the adulam caves park. These ruins are considered a must-see attraction of Israel. You can walk around, between the rocky walls, see caves, ancient mikvos or just enjoy the relaxing scenery.

44. The Judean Desert

The Judean Desert is among the most famous tourist attractions of Israel, it is bordered by the Mountains of Judea towards its west and by the Dead Sea towards its East. Although it is not a huge desert but it contains many fascinating nature reserves, historic sites, monasteries and primeval panoramas that make it an exciting and unique place to visit.​ It is indeed full of stunning views that are constantly changing. Mountains, cliffs, and chalk hills stand alongside plateaus, riverbeds, and deep canyons.

45. The Negev

The Negev desert is considered to be one of the vast and lightly populated areas that accounts for over half of Israel’s land area. Because of its desert character, however, this region is sparsely populated. Today, the Negev has become one of Israel’s popular tourism sites.

46. Mount Zion

The Mount Zion is among the most visited tourist attractions of Israel. It is from here only the road stretches towards north to the Dung Gate and northwest to the Zion Gate. Visit Mount Zion Mount Zion, with its Jewish, Christian and Muslim shrines. Since the fourth century, as is demonstrated by churches constructed at that time.

47. Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter that is to be found in Jerusalem is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of Israel. This division of the Old City was located in remains during the Israeli-Arab fighting during the year 1948 and later was reconstructed soon after 1967. You can also find a number of synagogues which have been rebuilt in recent years.

48. Citadel

The Citadel, popularly known as David’s Tower is one of the popular tourist attractions of Israel to be found in Jerusalem. Today, the Citadel now houses a museum on the history of Jerusalem and a folk museum and has some interesting excavations. From the Citadel, and mainly from David’s Tower, there are superb views of the city. You can also enjoy an impressive son et lumière show on the history of Jerusalem during evenings, is presented in the

49. Garden of Gethsemane

To the left of the Tomb of the Virgin in Jerusalem is a passage leading to the Grotto of the Agony, immediately south of which is the Garden of Gethsemane with its eight ancient olive-trees (the name Gethsemane is derived from the Hebrew Gath-shamma, “oil-press”). After Christ and his disciples had celebrated the Last Supper on the day later known as Maundy Thursday he went with them “unto a place called Gethsemane” (Matthew 26,36); “and he was withdrawn from them about a stone’s cast, and kneeled down, and prayed … and being in an agony he prayed more earnestly” (Luke 22, 41 and 44). The disciples slept and left him alone in this hour of agony, and soon afterwards he was arrested and taken into the city.

50. Rockefeller Archaeological Museum

The Rockefeller Archaeological Museum to be found in Jerusalem is one of the famous places to visit in Israel. You will find it right opposite the northeast corner of the Old City, the complex of the Rockefeller Archaeological Museum that is compete dominated by its huge tower. The spectacular museum is named after John D. Rockefeller, who was said to have financed it during the year 1927. It is indeed among the most vital museums of Israel. You will find the display in chronological order Archeological material ranging in date from the Stone Age to the 18th century. Attached to the museum is a large library.

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