Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China. It is located on China’s south coast and surrounded by South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong has open skyline and deep natural harbour. The land area of Hong Kong is 1,104 km2 (426 sq mi) and is also one of the densely populated places in the world. Hong Kong is home to some of the world’s largest sky scrapers and offers urban life. It also has plenty of museums, amusement parks and beautiful towns. Hong Kong also offers aquatic adventurous and it has been a favorite tourist destination. Fifty things that you can enjoy along with your family are as follows:

1. Victoria Peak

Victoria PeakThe Victoria Peak is indeed one among the top tourist attractions of Hong Kong. Even though it stands at a diffident altitude of 552m, it is nonetheless a fairly steep mountain. The view from this peak extends as far as the New Territories and the scenery is breathtakingly fascinating at night, when the city blazes with neon lights. The slopes of the Peak, which are covered with beautiful, colonial-style houses is simply spectacular to witness. A funicular has operated on the Peak’s steep slopes since 1884.

2. Kowloon

You will find this amazing city of Hong Kong situated towards the northern part of Hong Kong Island, on the far side of Victoria Harbour, Chinese Kailun, “Nine Dragons”. It is the second urban region of Hong Kong. The peninsula was ceded to Britain after the second Opium War under the Convention of Peking (1860); then during the year 1898 the area north of Boundary Street was also obtained by Britain under a 99-year lease, which expired in 1997.

3. Museum of Tea Ware

The Museum of Tea Ware is one of the interesting places to visit in Hong Kong. The Museum collections date from the Tang period (618-907) to the present day. People who are interested in finding out more out Tea will surely find useful information here and collectors can admire the delicate and unusual tea-pots on display. Part of the museum is dedicated to the techniques of infusing tea, which amazingly date from the Neolithic Era.

4. Kowloon Masjid and Islamic Centre

The Kowloon Mosque is the biggest and the most beautiful Islamic mosque building in the entire Hong Kong. The mosque is beautifully decorated with a pink roof and a dome on the top. The architectural detail can be seen from above. The building is a large building with four spires that stands out because of its while color and architecture. You will find it situated in Tsim Sha Tsui where there is a big population of Pakistanis, south Asians and Africans. It is Hong Kong’s biggest Islamic Mosque, and it has a history dating back to the 1800s.

5. Sheung Wan and Mid-Levels

The Sheung Wan and Mid-Levels are considered to be the heart of Chinese Hong Kong in the western districts of the city. Once here you will find some of the spectacular attractions such as famous old shops, antique stores and small boutiques selling medicinal herbs rub shoulders along these traditional streets. It is one of the most visited places of the nation. SoHo (South of Hollywood Road) is visited by its fair share of party-goers every night, while the modern art galleries opened on Hollywood Road and Mid-Levels are now popular with Western ex-pats and the Hong Kong jet-set.

6. Bank of China Tower

The Bank of China Tower is one of Hong Kong’s most striking skyscrapers that are designed by the famous architect IM Pei. It is indeed one of the most spectacular tourist attractions of the nation. It gives you an impression of a crystal in the sky. Today it is ranked No. 17 in the world in terms of height. This magnificent structure came to completion during the year 1990, and it was once the tallest building in the world outside of the United States. Before that, the tallest skyscrapers were all in the US. It is more than 300 meters tall — more than 1,000 feet. This tower is composed of triangular sections with triangular frames and is reminiscent of crystalline growth and structure. The glass facets of the building reflect the light and the surroundings, so it is like a bright and shiny white crystal, while the Sear Tower appears dark and brooding.

7. Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Hong Kong. It is considered as a highly charged spiritual atmosphere made all the more evocative by its clouds of fragrant incense smoke. This famous temple is dedicated to the deities Man Cheong and Kuan Ti. The former is the protector of public officials (a statue holding a brush), while the latter is a warrior (statue holding a sabre). It is indeed is one of the one of the oldest in Hong Kong that dates back to 1840 century.

8. Hong Kong Museum of Art

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is a definitely a visit must tourist attraction of Hong Kong. It is a thorough contemporary museum that is decorated in simple, geometrical style with thoughtfully displayed exhibits, as well as shops and restaurants. You will find inside the museum some of the most spectacular artifacts displayed over six floors, and includes sections dedicated to calligraphy, Chinese antiquities and fine art. All the different provinces and periods are well represented, with something to interest all visitors. Also on the display are some of the fine collections of ceramics and pottery, statues of Buddha, paintings and calligraphy from the main schools of Chinese art (4C-20C), and contemporary art.

9. Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Temple

The Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the nation. The Wong Tai Sin Temple is a famous Taoist temple dedicated to Chinese religions including Buddhism and Confucianism. It is a huge and very active Taoist Temple complex with various halls and temples and a garden. You will find here around hundreds of fortune tellers.

10. Repulse Bay

One of the extremely popular tourist attractions of Hong Kong is the Repulse Bay that is the nation’s most popular beach. It is indeed a perfect place for relaxation. You will find here that is water is blue and clean with wide stretches of white sand beach. Repulse Bay’s beach has become one of Hong Kong’s most popular beaches because it is close to the city on Hong Kong Island and because it is relatively clean, cozy, has good public facilities like bathrooms and showers and is south facing.

11. Avenue of Stars

The Avenue of Stars is one of Hong Kong’s most visited destinations; it is equally popular among tourist as well as the locals. Basically it is a sidewalk on the shore of Hong Kong’s Victoria Bay that is modeled after the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is approximately 440 meters along the shoreline, and there are benches and decorative plants. To keep people from falling into the ocean below, there is a metal handrail along the sidewalk. The streets has to offer something or the other for every visitors. The sidewalk and pedestrian area has the handprints and signatures of the most popular actors of Hong Kong like Jackie Chan and metal sculptures of Hong Kong actors or film industry figures such as Bruce Lee.

12. Nathan Road

Nathan Road is one of the spectacular things to witness in Hong Kong. It was laid out during the year 1861. You will find that the northern part of Nathan Road is mainly residential, with its colonial-style houses, a delightful Anglican Church and Kowloon Park. This road has become one of busiest places of Hong Kong. The shopping centers of this area remain open midnight. The Chungking Mansions, an Indian enclave in the heart of Kowloon, are an unusual sight.

13. Aberdeen

Aberdeen Harbor is to be found towards the southern side of Hong Kong Island. Aberdeen is the largest town on Hong Kong Island outside the main urban area. The harbor was well-known as the place where the Hong Kong boat people lived in the 1960s and 1970s. Movies such as a James Bond movie and a Bruce Lee movie were filmed there, so the harbor is familiar world wide. Now, the harbor area is largely an anchorage for the yachts and pleasure boats of the Hong Kong suburban residents in the region.

14. Hong Kong Space Museum

The Hong Kong Space Museum is one of the top tourist attractions of the nation; you will find here some of the most advanced facilities in the world. It is considered a great place for space science buffs and families with children. The museum is in the egg-shaped structure that is make one of the landmarks in Hong Kong. It was opened during the year 1980 and became the first planetarium in the world to possess a fully automatic control system. The facilities you wil here will surely amaze you.

15. Happy Valley Racecourse

Happy Valley Racecourse is one among the two famous horse racing facilities in Hong Kong. It was designed for entertainment, government support, and charity. Horse racing is a famous legal activity in Hong Kong, and the Happy Valley Racecourse is managed by a non-profit charitable organization that aims to provide entertainment and social activity. As many as 40,000 people go on Wednesday nights during the racing season that extends from September to early July.

16. Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau Temple of Hong Kong was established during the eighteenth century, is one of the most colorful temples of the nations. It was restored on numerous occasions and today it has a delightfully kitsch appearance. In this temple the goddess of the sea and patron of fishermen, Tin Hau, is worshipped. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Hong Kong.

17. Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery

You will find in the monastery one of the biggest bronze statues of Buddha in the world, in sitting position. This monastery is a large and active Buddhist monastery. The major attraction of this Buddhist temple are the Po Lin Monastery itself that is very active and serves delicious vegetarian meals in big portions, the very large Tian Tan Buddha that was built of bronze plates with an internal steel supporting framework and sat on a hill, and the Ngong Ping plateau that is approximately 520 meters 1,706 feet high from which people can see good views of the island.

18. Chi Lin Nunnery

It is said that Chin Lin Nunnery is a haven of Zen-like simplicity and meditation; it is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the nation. It was fines restored and was constructed in the Tang style, you can notice that it has a huge influence on Japanese architecture. The serene, smiling Buddhas are surrounded by a decor in which every detail inspires stillness: pools decorated with lotus flowers, noble architecture, the gentle tinkling of bells, and birds singing in the bougainvillea bushes.

19. Lantau Island

The Lantau Island is the biggest among all the Hong Kong islands and one of the most popular tourist destinations. You will find a lot of attractive things to do and see here and the island is sparsely populated with mainly theme parks, tourist sites and natural areas. The famous tourist attractions of this island are the Hong Kong Disneyland, Tai O, Po Lin Monastery, and Discovery Bay. Here you will also find a good seaside trails and trails that go up to the top of the second and third highest peaks in Hong Kong.

20. Ocean Park

The Ocean Park is one Hong Kong’s most spectacular tourist attractions with an area of about 200 acres on the hills and shore of the southern part of Hong Kong Island. It is indeed among the top 15 of the world’s most visited parks. Here you will find plenty of attractions related to displays of animal species such as dolphin shows and a jellyfish aquarium as well as big amusement park rides. The view of the sea along the coast is beautiful and fun when viewed high up on the roller-coaster rides or other thrill rides or the tram that passes over the sea that is a highlight in itself.

21. Tai O

Tai O is among the most visited tourist destinations of Hong Kong and it is mostly referred as the “Venice of Hong Kong”, though it is just a little village where you will find most of the houses are constructed on stilts over water. The residents of this village get to their houses by walkways or by boats. For the people of Hong Kong it is considered an ideal place for small vacations. You can also find Dolphins in this area, and tourists ride out in motorboats hoping to see them. This draws tourists, as does the hiking in the area, the dolphins, a public museum and a private museum and two Hong Kong”graded buildings” called Old Tai O Police Station and Yeung Hau Temple that was constructed during the year 1699.

22. Zoological and Botanical Garden

The Zoological and Botanical Gardens of Hong Kong is to be found in Central District in the Mid-levels area below Victoria Peak and are surely one of the spectacular tourist attractions of the nation. Once here you can witness some of the finest collections of plants and small animals in an area of about 5 and half hectares. This Zoological garden of Hong Kong is one of the oldest zoos in the world. Inside the gardens and the greenhouse you will find about 1,000 species of plants, the zoo area has about 25 species of small animals including about 8 species of reptiles and the aviary has about 400 birds of several varieties. It is one of the ideal places to visit and enjoy with the entire family.

23. Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park is among the famous parks of Hong Kong that is surrounded on one side by the skyscrapers and on the other side by Victoria Peak. The entry to park is totally free and this has said to attract a million visitors annually with its beauty. In the big garden is a pond that covers a former tennis court, waterfalls or rapids and several important facilities including a sports facility, a big aviary, museums, a plant conservatory and a children’s playground. This Hong Kong Park has won an award from the United State Urban Services Department for its excellent design and facilities in the crowded urban area, apart from many various awards. This park is a very interesting place to visit that also offers plenty of things to do.

24. Cheung Chau Island

Cheung Chau is one of the fascinating tourist destinations of the nation. It is a little island approximately 10 kilometers towards southwest of Hong Kong Island. Visting this immensely beautiful island will be a delightful experience. The island has lot to offer from great food to spectacular beaches. This island has a charming appeal that takes you away from the stress in the city.

25. Tai Fu Tai in Suntin

Tai Fu Tai was constructed during the year 1865 in San Tin that is an immensely beautiful Chinese-style mansion. Basically traditional Chinese mansions were used to be constructed during the Qing Dynasty era had an open courtyard surrounded by rooms, and there was a tendency to limit the number of doors and windows into the building to make the building a fortification because there was much violence and warfare. You will not find any window in this builder.

26. HSBC Tower

The HSBC Tower is one of the spectacular tourist attractions of Hong Kong. It was constructed during the year 1986 that is supported by eight pillars. It is said that the construction of the tower combined extraordinary technical prowess with astronomical cost. The reason of its eight pillars is that they strictly follow the rule of Feng Shui. One of these rules states that centres of power should always be accessible via a straight line, and as the tower was built on the road to Government House, it was important to leave the access clear – under the tower’s 52 floors.

27. Hong Kong Heritage Museum

The Hong Kong Heritage Museum is one of the top tourist attractions of the nation. It is a huge and popular contemporary museum in Shatin. Inside the museum you will find the ancient Chinese ceramics and art and also the Modern Hong Kong ceramics pieces and art. The museum is a very interesting place to visit even you will find Children’s education and amusement area here. Most amazing Exhibition rooms and auditoriums are also be found inside the museum.

28. Central

Hong Kong Island is divided into different districts, some modern, some British, others Chinese and traditional. Squashed between the China Sea and Victoria Peak is the Central that is the financial district. The Stock Exchange stands on Exchange Square and is surrounded by proud skyscrapers and shopping centers linked by footbridges. This contemporary district is also even today is home to some of the colonial buildings and houses, such as the Legislative Council, where laws are still passed.

29. Around Hollywood Road

Hollywood Road and its surrounding streets are dotted with all sorts of antique galleries and various interesting shops, one of the most visit tourist attractions of the nation. This region is well considered as a great place for shopping. These range from goods aimed at serious collectors (precious objects from all over Asia) to cheap fakes with a patina of age expertly added to mimic the real thing.

30. Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the most famous areas of Hong Kong that is completely crowded with large shopping centers. This area of Hong Kong is completely dedicated to shopping and leisure activities. Once here you can find huge varieties of things to purchase from the latest electronic gadgets to the most stylish fashion accessories.

31. LegCo Building

LegCo Building is one of the famous places to visit in Hong Kong. You will find that this building is in grand British colonial style with sturdy granite columns and gilded verandas. The government of Hong Kong is dedicated to knocking down just about anything that’s more than 20 years old. LegCo has survived because it’s where the government sat for much of the last hundred years and is now the Court of Final Appeal.

32. Seafront Promenade

Seafront Promenade is ideal destination for a relaxing stroll, with its spectacular views of the high-rise buildings of Hong Kong Island on the other side of the water. This waterfront promenade, laid out on what were once beaches at the end of the Kowloon peninsula. You will find on every evening at 8 pm the Symphony of Lights show illuminates the buildings with coloured lights and laser beams, it is considered a magical show which is reflected in the waters of the bay.

33. Ngong Ping Cable Car

The Ngong Ping Cable Car is very famous in Hong Kong. You will find some of the impressive views from the Ngong Ping Cable Car that it regularly makes top 10 lists such as this. Running between the town on Tung Chung and the themed village of Ngong Ping halfway up a Lantau mountain it affords magnificent views towards the South China Sea and onto the lush greenery of Lantau Island.

34. 10,000 Buddha’s Temple

It is said that it is almost impossible to pick a single Hong Kong temple because you will find so many of them that are amazingly impressive and have their individual beauty, but the 9 storey pagoda and nearly 12,000 miniature Buddha statues make the 10,000 Buddha’s temple in the New Territories worth the trip.

35. Ping Shan Heritage Trail

Ping Shan Heritage Trail is home to Hong Kong’s walled villages, these fenced in settlements were established by migrating family clans and many still celebrate their traditional heritage, you can find the tradition in their buildings and clothing and in lifestyle. Along the Ping Shan heritage trail – which winds through a number of centuries old villages, here you can witness some of the finest examples of traditional Chinese architecture in the ancestral halls, temples and pagodas.

36. Mongkok Markets

The Mongkok Markets are very famous markets of Hong Kong. It is basically the combination of many markets all packed into one area makes Mongkok, huge market where you can find variety of products. The flagship show is the Ladies Market, majorly empathizes on female clothes, souvenirs and knock offs from across the border in Shenzhen.

37. Hong Kong Disneyland

The Hong Kong Disneyland will take you on an entirely new and unique experience which has been developed exclusively for Hong Kong Disneyland. The Hong Kong Disneyland has plenty of things to offer to its visitors and it is one of the immensely popular tourist attractions of the nation. There are so many things you can do here such as boarding the Big Grizzly Mountain “Runaway Mine Cars” and embark on an out-of-control runaway journey throughout a spectacular and amazing wilderness landscape. Visit Hong Kong Disneyland for a fun filled tour.

38. Kat Hing Wai/Kim Tin Walled Village

The Kam Tin Walled Village is a Punti walled village that actually constructed during the year, is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Hong Kong. This village is one among the best preserved walled villages in Hong Kong, and it has walls and battlements for cannon at the 4 sides. You will find that the walls are of thick bricks around 5.4 meters or 18 feet wide. The shape of the town is rectangular. It measures 90 meters by 100 meters or 98 yards by 109 yards. Part of a moat remains outside a wall.

39. Kowloon Park

The Kowloon Park of Hong Kong is one of the most famous places to visit, it is a beautiful park rich facilities. Almost all the parks of Hong Kong are packed with facilities and the Kowloon Park is not exception. Inside the park you will find aviaries, various types of gardens and big well-equipped facilities. The prices for what you get are unusually low. Millions of visitors come every year. Tourists can use the library, see the Heritage Museum, and walk around in the outdoor areas for free.

40. Nan Lian Garden

Nan Lian Garden is one of the spectacular tourist attractions of Hong Kong that is a replica of Yishouju Garden from the Tang Dynasty. Once here you can witness that the plants and other displays in the garden are all valuable pieces of art. It is situated at Kowloon with an area of 35,000 square meters. Its layout is water-based, and its theme is natural. It is one of the must visit tourist attractions of Hong Kong.

41. Ma Wan Island

The Ma Wan Island is indeed one of Hong Kong’s most sought after tourist attractions. It is a beautiful and little island that is covered with recreational parks, big bridges, museums, beaches, and a residential complex. It is one of the must visit tourist destinations of Hong Kong. The island has plenty of things to offer to like various amazing museums, spectacular beaches, magnificent parks etc.

42. Hong Kong Global Geopark of China

The Hong Kong Global Geaopark of China is an amazing place to visit, whose highlights inlcue pineapple buns, spectacular hexagonal volcanic rock columns, sea caves, stacks and arches, as well as beaches and other landforms such as tombolo. It was established during the year 2009 and is part of a UNESCO programmed, The Global Geoparks Network (GGN), which focuses on the promotion and conservation of the planet’s geological heritage. A Geopark is an area of special geological importance and natural beauty.

43. Hong Kong’s International Commerce Center Tower

The Hong Kong’s International Commerce Center Tower is one of the most spectacular attractions of the nation. It is the tallest building in Hong Kong; 4th tallest in the world 484 meters (1,588 feet); about 220 feet taller than the IFC Tower. Here you will also find the World’s highest swimming pool. The tower is indeed Hong Kong’s highest observation deck. It is the only building in Hong Kong with double-deck elevators to save space. There are interesting facts about this notable record-breaking building.

44. The Symphony of Lights

The Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights is an amazing place to visit. It is world’s biggest permanent sound and light show. Once here you can witness some of the beautiful and unique color, lights and atmosphere. It is definitely one of the most popular tourist attractions of Hong Kong. Its unique exceptionally beautiful. It’s one of the things that set Hong Kong apart from the rest of the world. Where else in the world can some of the world tallest business skyscrapers coordinate to perform a sound and light spectacle?

45. Hong Kong Sky 100

Hong Kong Sky 100 allows everyone to enjoy a panoramic view of Hong Kong. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the nation. Hong Kong Sky 100 is situated on the 100th floor of the Hong Kong International Commerce Center in Kowloon. This 393-meter high observation deck was open during the year 2011. This huge building offers some of the interesting attractions to the tourists.

46. St. Andrew’s Church

The St. Andrew’s Church is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Hong Kong. It is a red brick structure with obscure white arches for the doorways and windows. It is a refreshing place, so stop in and take a look. The main cathedral is a huge structure that is composed of pleasant colored red bricks. The cathedral was constructed in the traditional cruciform shape, and it has a bell tower. In the inside, the soft red roof gives the place a mellow feel.

47. Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum

Dr. Sun Yat-sen museum is perhaps one of the most interesting tourist attractions of Hong Kong and Sun Yar-sen is among the most beloved figure in the history of China, was considered as the “Founder of Modern China”. The museum displays an excellent work of colonial architecture. The museum is a surely worth a visit and is important to the country both as a historical site and as an architectural attraction. The museum exhibits explain not only about Sun Yat-sen and his life and influence, but also about the life of his wife and descendants via pictures, documents, and letters.

48. The IFC Towers

The IFC Towers are one of the incredible tourist attractions of Hong Kong and perhaps the world’s single most important financial and business complex. It is in fact the second largest tower is with the high of 415 meters, it is the 14th tallest building in the world in 2012 .It is the single most important building complex in Hong Kong. The IFC complex is an important building complex for tourists as it has one of the plushest of Hong Kong’s biggest malls and is the city’s transportation center.

49. Science Museum

The Science museum is one of the most interesting places to visit in Hong Kong. It is considered an ideal spot for family entertainment especially kids like it. Inside the museum you will find the artifacts and equipment of China’s rocket and space program. You will surely love the hundreds of interactive videos, computers, and equipment for fun and learning. Most of the museum is really meant to appeal to kids and teach them science. It gives them a place to have fun with interactive exhibits, computers, and videos.

50. Golden Bauhinia Square

The history of Hong Kong is rich and famous and Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Square is at the center of it all. It is popular known as the Expo Promenade that is one of the major tourist attractions in Hong Kong. The flag raising ceremony is held every morning at this square. This attraction of Hong Kong got its name from the golden bauhinia blakeana statue facing the Wan Chai waterfront at the center of the area outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The 66-foot statue was given by the Chinese Government to commemorate Hong Kong’s independence from Great Britain during the year 1997.

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