Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Honduras

Honduras is situated right in the middle of Central America. The country of Honduras is considered as a tropical paradise attracting many tourists annually to its beautiful beaches, gorgeous islands, lush rainforests and picturesque mountains. This beautiful country of Honduras offers many attractions like ancient Mayan ruins, colonial villages and festive celebrations. Fifty things that you can enjoy in Honduras along with your family are listed below:

1. Roatan

Roatán is one of the Honduras Bay Islands that is to be found in the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Honduras. A well known port-of-call for cruise ships, the island of Roatan is largely visited by thousands of tourist, the major reason being its beautiful scenery and plenty of things to see and do. Once here you can explore the beautiful beaches and coral reef, Roatan provides good chances for diving, snorkeling and swimming. It is also have beautiful attractions like the Iguana Farm, the Caramola Gardens and the Roatan Butterfly Garden.

2. Copan

Copan is one of the most spectacular tourists attractions of the country situated towards the western side of Honduras; Copán is a comparatively little Mayan location well known for its remarkable series of portrait stelae. It is said that the stelae and sculptured decorations of the buildings of Copán are some of the best surviving art of ancient Mesoamerica. Some of the stone structures at Copán date back to the 9th century BC. The city grew into one of the most significant Maya positions by the fifth century approximately 20,000 inhabitants but was mysteriously abandoned a few centuries later.

3. Utila

Utila is one of the major tourist destinations of Honduras. It is one among the Bay Islands and well known as one of the finest diving destinations in the Caribbean. Utila certifies more new divers than any other place in the world. Besides diving, it is plenty of things to offer to its visitors. In addition to other water activities like swimming, snorkeling, paddle-boarding and kayaking, tourist can hike or horse ride through the jungle, experience caves and climb Pumpkin Hill to enjoy panoramic views.

4. Lago de Yojoa

Lago de Yojoa is another most prominent tourist attraction of the country. It is considered a hot spot for many. Once here you can get the opportunity to explore some of the best natural attractions. The largest natural lake in Honduras offers various things to do and see. Lake Yojoa is considered just perfect for fishing and bird watching and has plenty of fish and bird species. Visitors can also enjoy dipping in nearby hot springs, exploring caves, hiking to stunning waterfalls, touring coffee plantations and investigating ancient Mayan ruins.

5. Punta Sal

Punta Sal is another most fascinating tourist attraction of the country. It was once used as a haven for pirates; today the protected land around Punta Sal is a well known destination to encounter the natural beauty and wildlife of Honduras. Once here you can get the opportunity of explore plenty of things such as the amid diverse landscapes of sandy beaches, mangrove swamps, rainforests and coastal lagoons, tourists here can see a wide variety of wildlife species like tropical birds, sea turtles, dolphins, manatees, crocodiles, monkeys and boas.

6. Guanaja

Guanaja Island is considered one among the most beautiful tourist attractions of Honduras and offers some of the best attractions to the tourists where they can relax or engage themselves in fun filled outdoor activities. Here you will notice that year-round it has warm temperatures, high levels of visibility and coral reef, the ocean waters surrounding Guanaja are considered perfect for diving and snorkeling. Other things to do include jungle trekking, hiking to Grant’s Peak, viewing a lovely waterfall, and exploring the shopping, cuisine and culture of the local villages.

7. Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve

It is said about Rio Plantano Biosphere Resave of Honduras that your trip to Honduras is incomplete without visiting this reserve especially it attracts the nature lovers. The Reserve protects some of the Honduras’s largest surviving, unspoiled ecosystems as well as several endangered species. Visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing and rafting expeditions here as well as tours through the tropical rainforests to view exotic birds, monkeys, jaguars, crocodiles and iguanas. On the other hand it also shelters a great number of archaeological sites such as Mayan ruins and a spot visited by Christopher Columbus.

8. Comayagua Street Carpets

A Comayagua street carpet is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Honduras. The quiet colonial village of Comayagua bursts into a flurry of activity and color with its street carpet tradition. Made with layers of colored sawdust and other natural materials like rice and flower petals, the huge carpets are richly designed to represent Biblical figures and events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The community then joins in a procession of reenacting the actions of the crucifixion by walking on the carpets in costumes, carrying religious icons and reading from scripture. It is one of the must visit attraction for the travelers visiting this country.

9. Rio Cangrejal

Rio Cangrejal is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions. It’s a well known place for thrill-seekers. It is indeed considered as the leading destination mostly for kayaking and rafting of Central America. Here you can find some of the beautiful and long stretches of white water rapids rushing around boulders and plunging over drop-offs, the river offers plenty of adrenaline rushes. Four different sections of the river are designated according to skill levels, ranging from inexperienced to advance.

10. Cayos Cochinos

The Cayos Cochinos is a combination of 2 major islands and many smaller cays. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions that offer peaceful retreat for those who want to explore the natural beauty of Honduras. You will not find any roads or automobiles services here, but there are hiking trails that link the beaches to the quiet villages. The most popular hike here is a climb to the lighthouse to enjoy panoramic views of the area. On the other hand the islands also feature stunning beaches that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

11. Tela

Tela is one of the major tourist attractions of Honduras. You will find it just one hour from San Pedro Sula. Tela is considered as the main touristic gateway of Honduran. It is an old town that thrived during the banana boom of the 30s when Honduras was the main exporter of this exotic fruit, earning its popular title “Banana Republic”. Tela is situated towards the northern Caribbean coast of Honduras.

12. Lancetilla Botanical Garden

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Honduras is Lancetilla Botanical Garden, to be found in Tela. This garden is the second largest botanical garden in the world that has a wide variety of plants and trees from around the globe. It was basically constructed as a research facility by one of the banana companies and today is maintained by the government.

13. Copan Ruinas

Copan Ruinas is another most interesting tourist attraction of Honduras. It is located towards the western hills of Honduras quite close to the Guatemalan border. The town is to be found close to the Mayan ruins of Copan. You will find some of the best activities around town that include visiting the Mayan Ruins of Copan, visiting the wildlife park just outside town, going horseback riding or visiting coffee plantations.

14. Caribbean Coast

Honduras’s long Caribbean coast has an atmosphere that is quite exceptional from the rest of the country where you can find that English is more common than Spanish. It offers you some of the best tourist attractions such as beautiful beaches, wildlife reserves. There’s the hiker’s favorite, Tela; the cruise port of Puerto Cortés and Trujillo, the gateway to the Mosquito Coast.

15. Jeannette Kawas National Park

Another most fascinating park of the country is the Jeannette Kawas National Park that is only accessible by water. Inside the park you can witness some of the finest beaches around and totally off the beaten path to have them only for you, there is plenty of wildlife to be seen such as howler, white-faced, and spider monkeys, alligators, many aquatic birds and (if you are lucky) some dolphins along the boat on the way in.

16. La Ceiba

La Ceiba is one of the extremely popular tourist destinations of the country. You will find just one hour towards the east of Tela. It has been awarded with the title of “the Ecotourism Capital” of Honduras. In La Ceiba you will get the opportunity to visit Pico Bonito National Park, a true paradise for birdwatchers -one of the biggest most intact contiguous forests in this part of the world, with confirmed sightings of more than half of the nearly 800 birds known to Honduras.

17. The Lenca Trail

The Lenca Trail is one of the most exiting tourist attractions of the country. It mainly attracts those travelers who are interest more in the cultural side. It offers you with some of the finest itinerary, covering some of the nicest old colonial towns including Comayagua, former capital city of Honduras. With some nice colonial churches and buildings, one of the Comayagua Cathedral towers holds the oldest clock in our continent.

18. Mercado Guamilito

Mercado Guamilito is one of the most exciting places to visit in Honduras. It is to be found in San Pedro Sula, it is a famous and large conventional market and an excellent place to buy handicrafts from Honduras. The food here is amazing and locals say it is one of the best places to get a baleada (wheat flour tortilla with cheese, cream and fried beans – a Honduran speciality).

19. Carnaval de La Ceiba

The Carnaval de la Ceiba is one of the most famous carnivals that are to be held for two weeks in May, during this time the streets of La Cieba are transformed into party central. Bars and clubs are filled to capacity for the entire week before the major event; the parade is conducted along Avenida San Isidro. This is the largest carnival in Central America with approximately half a million visitors each year.

20. Pico Bonito National Park

The Pico Bonito National park is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Honduras. You can take the tour of the rainforest, kayak or go white water rafting down the Rio Cangrejal – Pico Bonito National Park is the place for outdoor pursuits in Honduras. The River Zacate trail offers you the chance to catch a glimpse of a keel-billed toucan or a white-faced monkey.

21. Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa is another most significant tourist attraction of the country. It is completely surrounded by mountains; the capital of Honduras is a maze of bustling streets and the prettiest colonial architecture. The Plaza Central is at the heart of the city with the City Hall and the cathedral of Saint Michael Archangel just off the square. Take a trip to the north of the city for a fantastic view and a chance to get up close with the giant statue of Christ.

22. Old Airport Beach

The Old Airport Beach is perhaps one of the finest beaches near town and is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Honduras. Come here and enjoy a nice sandy beach with natural straw shade umbrellas or walk straight past and find a free patch of sand, although the beach in that area is not even really a beach. It is surely worth a visit.

23. Valle de Angeles

Valle de Angeles is one of the most popular and prettiest towns of Honduras. This colonial town offers some of the finest handicrafts in Honduras and is predominantly known for its wood crafts. You can visit the Centro de Artesanians to purchase everything from pottery and cigars to tapestries, hammocks and rum.

24. Copan Museum of Sculpture

The Copan Museum of Sculpture is one of the most predominant tourist attractions of the country. It houses many of the key stelae and altars that were found at the site, including the impressive main altar carved with all 16 kings of Copan. The museum is a significant place to visit.

25. Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Honduras. It is said that among all the major Central American cities, Tegucigalpa’s climate is the most pleasant due to its high altitude. It is a beautiful city with plenty of things to do and see, it will be your memorable experience.

26. Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou is another most fascinating tourist attraction of the country. It is considered a fine place for a half day trip to the beach and a snorkeling site. Here you will find that the road heads out of the major part of town for about five-to-ten minutes to a small sandy beach, which can become busy on windy days when dive boats are stuck in the harbour.

27. Museo de Arqueología Maya

Museo de Arqueologia Maya is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of the country and considered a best medium for understanding the Mayan culture and life. It takes about one-and-a-half hours to do the museum properly, although currently only the first half of the exhibits has English translation. There are original stelae, pottery and offerings, skeletons, jade-filled teeth, jade carvings and interesting information on the Mayan calendar and deciphering the hieroglyphics. The artifacts displayed in the museum are worth witnessing.

28. Parque Central

The Parque Central also popular as Plaza Morazan, is surely the best place to go if you feel like listening to crazy Hondurans rant about religion and/or politics. There’s almost always someone screaming next to the large equestrian statue of Morazan, watched by a crowd that alternates between apathy, bemusement and enthusiastic applause.

29. Parque Nacional Cusuco

Parque Nacional Cusuco is one of the most adventures tourist attractions of the country. This cloud forest is nestled into the Meredon mountain range and considered quite difficult to access. There is a great quantity of wildlife here and an excellent visitor’s center. There are five different hiking trails to choose from. April to June is the best time to see parrots, toucans, and the quetzals.

30. Roatan Butterfly Garde

Roatan Butterfly Garden is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the country. It is a famous 900-sq-meter garden that is home to approximately 30 species of moths and butterflies and also a large collection of orchids, birds, and tropical plants. It is best to visit during the heat of the day or early morning, because it is said that the butterflies are most active during this time.

31. The Mosquitia

The Mosquitia, or Mosquito Coast, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Honduras. It is a large rainforest that fills Honduras’ northeast corner along the Caribbean Coast. This forested, swampy section of Honduras is rich in wildlife and flora and is sparsely inhabited with native tribal groups that still practice traditional lifestyles.

32. West Bay Beach

The West Bay Beach is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions of Honduras. You will find this beautiful beach located around a couple of rocky points about two kilometers south of West End. It is indeed one of Roatán’s greatest natural treasures. The West Bay Beach with 1.5 kilometers of powdery, palm-lined sand lapped by exquisite turquoise-blue water is an excellent tourist attraction. Towards the southern part of the beach, where a wall of iron shore juts out into the water, the coral reef meets the shore.

33. Cuero y Salado Wild Life Refuge

Cuero y Salado Wild Life Refuge is a coastal manatee and wildlife refuge where the Cuero and Salado Rivers meet the ocean. It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of the country. It includes approximately around 13 square kilometers of tropical wet and mangrove forests. Monkeys, sloths, caimans, crocodiles, iguanas, and turtles are common sights together with over 350 species of birds.

34. The Maya Sculpture Museum

The Maya Sculpture Museum is one of the finest museums in the entire region and at the same time a major tourist attraction. The museum housed the highest detail in original pieces found in the location protecting them from the elements and also you will find a full size replica of the Rosalila Temple, discovered during the late 80s, one of the intact temples preserved underneath one of the structures in the main site.

35. Santa Rosa de Copan

The Santa Rosa de Copan is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Honduras. Tourists who are interested in a fun filled trip then they should head to Santa Rosa de Copan in Honduras. You will find it situated towards the Western region of the country and nestled in the mountains, Santa Rosa de Copan offers some of the best tourist attraction and at the same time a very cool mountain climate, and interesting scenes of fine colonial architecture starting of with narrow cobbled streets and colonial style houses. It is very rich in cultural heritage and its historical center has been declared a national monument of Honduras.

36. Choluteca

Choluteca is one of the prettiest tourist attractions of the country and also the fourth largest city of Honduras, even though less visited compared to the prime cities as it is situated towards the southern area, Choluteca boasts of undiscovered but indeed one of the finest tourist destinations. It offers lot tourist attractions such as the beautiful scenery, amazing beaches and forests too.

37. San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula is another most prominent tourist attraction of the country. It is situated towards the Sula Valley. Besides being one of the finest places to visit in Honduras it is also the second largest city of Honduras as well as the country’s industrial center. It’s also the capital of the Cortes department and a very important transportation hub in the country. It is a main commercial producer of bananas, coffee, sugar cane, beef, tobacco and forestry. San Pedro Sula offers the country side tourism.

38. La Tigra National Park

La Tigra National Park is one of the spectacular tourist attractions of the country. It is situated at an altitude of 2,270m/7,446ft, the unspoiled 7,482ha/18,480ac park conserves an abundant cloud forest that is home to ocelots, pumas, monkeys and quetzal, orchids, 200 species of birds and has six paths for hiking. It is one of the ideal places to enjoy with the entire family.

39. Los Sapos

Los Sapos is one of the major tourist attractions of Honduras and also holds lot of historical importance. This rocky extension supposed to be the birthing site for Mayan women. The toad-like carvings on the stones are Maya symbols of fertility. It is situated within a private ranch, known as ECO-Hacienda San Lucas. It is one of the most interesting places to visit in Honduras.

40. Coxen Hole

Coxen Hole is the largest city and among the popular tourist destinations of Honduras. It is the capital of the department of the Bay Islands. It is the main gateway to Roatán and you will find that both the airport and the ferry dock are located in Coxen Hole There is regular bus and van service leading both east towards French Harbour and Oakridge, as well as west towards Sandy Bay and West End.

41. Carambola Gardens

Carambola Gardens are one among the top tourist attractions of the country. It offers trails winding through forests of fruit trees, palms, ferns, orchids, spices and mahogany. One of the best places to visit here is Iguana Wall; it is a sheer section of cliff that offers a breeding area for iguanas and parrots.

42. Santa Rita de Copan

Picturesque Santa Rita is one of the prettiest places to visit in Honduras. The village is a beautifully located in mountains with cobblestone streets, red tiled roofs, a beautiful plaza and a peaceful colonial church. The place has said to attract many tourists because of its beautiful scenery. The town relies on agriculture, with tobacco, and coffee being the most significant crops.

43. Tropical Treasures Bird Park

Tropical Treasures Bird Park is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the country. It has a live exhibit of macaws, toucans and parrots that are inhabitant to Honduras and also a few species from South America. You will find some of the finest collections of the birds that will surely amaze you. The birds, all from a private collection of many years, are in good condition and there are several species that are extremely rare, such as bufon’s macaw, a large green macaw that is native only to Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

44. Garífuna Museum

The Garífuna heritage of Honduras arrived in 1797 when slaves were marooned on Roatán by the British. It is one of the most interesting attractions of the country that also holds historical significance. The group has retained much of its ancient culture and beliefs. The most visible contribution that this group has given to modern Honduras is the “Punta” dance. Inside the museum one can witness a variety of artifacts, music, dances and Garífuna cuisine, sampled at the restaurant next to the museum.

45. Punta Izopo Wildlife Refuge

Punta Izopo Wildlife Refuge is one of the interesting places to visit in Honduras. It offers some of the best and abundant vegetation that is irrigated by the Platano and Hicaque rivers, is home to large variety of wildlife, including tropical birds such as parrots and toucans, monkeys, alligators and turtles. It occupies an area of 11,200ha/28,000ac and takes its name from the small Izopo Mountain that dominates the area.

46. Parque Nacional El Cusuco

El Cusuco National Cloud Forest Park is one of Honduras’s best parks for visitors holds some of the best infrastructure. It is situated just west of San Pedro Sula, in the impressive Merendon Mountain Range, the park is well known for its enigmatic Quetzal. The most famous among the tropical birds is the Quetzal has been put at the brink of extinction because of loss of habitat as well as over-hunting for its beautiful long tail feather.

47. Trujillo

Trujillo is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the country. It is located between tropical peaks and the Bahía de Trujillo, the small town of Trujillo is one of the prettiest towns to be found in Honduras. It is indeed home to one of the Caribbean’s best beach towns. Although not usually full of tourists it is a port-of-call for cruise ships. It is said that this was the place where on August 14, 1502, that Columbus first set foot on the American mainland.

48. Fortress of San Fernando de Omoa

The Fortress of San Fernando de Omoa is one of the interesting tourist attractions of the country. It was initially constructed to secure the coast and shipments of silver bound for Spain from the constant attacks of pirates the fortress was taken over by the local government after independence during the year 1821, used as a jail and then abandoned. The fortress today is a famous National Monument and run by The Honduran Institute of Archaeology and History.

49. Puerto Cortes

Puerto Cortes is one of the major tourist attractions of the country. It is indeed Honduras’s largest port is located on a deep, natural harbor and known for travelers on their way through to boat trips to Belize or the Garífuna communities. It is one of the most interesting places to visit. The new waterfront park is an ideal place for family picnicking.

50. Ocotepeque

Ocotepeque is another interesting place to visit in Honduras. It is also popularly known as Nuevo Ocotepeque, the city’s central point is an enormous bus station constructed only because of its proximity to both El Salvador and Guatemala. The city is situated towards the highlands of Western Honduras Ocotepeque, is a relatively modern city and does not contain colonial buildings.

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