Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Grenada, The Caribbean

Grenada is an island country and Commonwealth realm consisting of the island of Grenada and 6 smaller islands towards the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea. Grenada is also known as the “Spice Island” offers plenty of attractions such as the beautiful scenery, lush mountain rainforests and amazing beaches. Swimming, diving, snorkeling and fishing can be enjoyed in the waters around Grenada. Top 50 things to do and to see in Grenada along with your family are listed below:

1. St. George’s

St. George’s is considered one of the most picturesque cities within the Caribbean. It is indeed the largest and the capital city in Grenada. It is said to be blessed with a horse-shoe shaped harbor. This city of Grenada is a popular tourist destination attracting celebrities, cruise ships and thousands of tourists. It is completely surrounded by a hillside of an ancient volcanic crater. The city is discovered by the French during the year 1650; St. George’s has ably preserved the history, culture and natural beauty of this Caribbean paradise.

2. Carriacou

Carriacou is the second largest island within the Caribbean islands of Grenada and occupies an area of 34 square kilometers. With Hillsborough featuring as the most important town, there are four other slighter human settlements located on this island. This region of Granada offers a lot of things to see and do. It is complete surrounded by reefs, the coastline of Carriacou include wave-cut coral, or shoal formations alongside sandy beaches and colorful underwater panoramic seascapes. It is considered as a perfect destination to spend some of your best holidays.

3. Kick-‘em-Jenny

Kick-’em-Jenny is a very famous tourist attraction to visit in Granada. It is an active submarine volcano or seamount on the Caribbean Sea floor, situated eight kilometer towards north of the island of Grenada. Kick-’em-Jenny rises 1,300 m above the sea floor on the steep inner western slope of the Lesser Antilles ridge. It is said to one of the major attractions of this place. The South American tectonic plate is sub ducting the Caribbean tectonic plate to the east of this ridge and under the Lesser Antilles island arc.

4. Queen’s Park

The Queen’s Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions to visit in Grenada. National Cricket Stadium which was earlier called as Queen’s Park is the name of a cricket stadium complex in River Road, Grenada in the Caribbean and it was this where the 2007 Cricket World Cup was held. It became the 84th Test venue in 2002 when it hosted its first match between West Indies and New Zealand. The pitch of this stadium is well known for being stretched out towards the Pavilion end, giving a more baseball type look to the ground. The stadium was funded by the People’s Republic of China.

5. Mount Saint Catherine

Mount Saint Catherine is a strato volcano and the biggest mountain on the Caribbean island of Grenada. It is one of the most popular and largely visited tourist attractions of Grenada to be found in St. Mark’s, Victoria. It is the youngest of 55 volcanoes which comprise the island. Once here you can arrange yourself some of the best guided tours. The volcano has a horseshoe-shaped crater open to the east, with many lava domes within it. There are two approaches to the top, both somewhat strenuous. The most maintained trail is from the eastern side, outside of Grenville.

6. Grand Anse Beach

The Grand Anse Beach is situated on two incredible miles of white sand and sunshine, this sheltered bay has become a favorite for both visitors and locals alike. It is indeed one of the immensely popular tourist attractions of Grenada. This beautiful beach is always populated with tourist visiting from all over the world. Grand Anse beach is just an ideal place to explore the water.

7. MV Bianca C Diving Site

It is said that a Trinidadian firm salvaged the Bianca C’s propellers and sold them for scrap during the year 1970. As the top of the ship is in only about 100 feet (30 m) of water, scuba divers can reach it and in the late 1980s and early 1990s some removed parts of the boat for souvenirs. Then later during 1992, the rear third of the ship was torn off, it began to get worse quickly, though at 600 feet (180 m) in length it is still the region’s largest shipwreck. A bronze statue of Christ of the Abyss was given by the Costa Line to Grenada in appreciation of the country’s hospitality, and the statue stands in the Carenage surrounding the harbor at St. George’s. Bianca C is considered one of the best site for Diving.

8. Morne Rouge Beach

Another most popular tourist beach destination of Grenada is the Morne Rouge Beach. It is considered one of the beach paradises of Grenada. You will find it situated on a ropical serene and quiet bay, this is the perfect Grenada beach location to relax on the beach with a cold drink or a good book. This beach is considered just ideal for family enjoyment. It features rather shallow, warm, and calm water which creates the perfect atmosphere for a day of fun for your kids as well as for yourself.

9. Carnival

The Carnival of Grenada is immensely popular tourist attraction. It is one among the most famous Grenada activities, Carnival is a highly anticipated celebration that kicks off every July and continues into August. This carnival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and enjoyed thorough by locals as well as tourist. This bright, joyful cultural festival features the sounds of calypso music, parades, and much revelry. Once here you will find that every region hosts its own celebrations—in the capital city of Saint George’s the celebration is called Spice Mas. As one of the hottest things to in Grenada during summer, Carnival is a lot of fun no matter what you call it.

10. Levera National Park

The Levera National Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Grenada. It is situated at the island’s northeastern shore. It is considered an ideal destination for family picnicking. When you visit this park right at the entrance, you will find a visitors’ center where guests will be briefed about the interesting places inside the national park. Once here you will find some interesting places include the Levera Pond and the Bird Watch Bridge.

11. Scuba and Snorkeling

Scuba and Snorkeling is one of the most favorite tourist atrocities of Grenada. Once here you can explore the best of Grenada for Scuba and Snorkeling. Beneath the surface of the harbors and bays, are some of the most colorful attractions in Grenada. Here you can also witness the amazing rainbows of fish, corals, and other marine life. Once here you’ll experience one of the finest scenery that’s like nothing above the surface.

12. La Sagesse Nature Center

La Sagesse Nature Center is a beachside residence owned by Lord Brownlow, and at the same time one of the extremely popular attraction for tourist. The center offers some beautiful views of the beach and a protected bay. Nature trails are also open to public so tourists can enjoy trekking at the site.

13. Cruises and Boating

While touring in Grenada you can find plenty of things to do and see like taking to the water for a tour is another popular things to do in Grenada. It is very common here and a sightseeing cruise is nice way to soak in the scenery and relax, especially when you set sail right before sunset. Several of Grenada activities take place on the water annually such as the Grenada Sailing Festival in January. Also, the various boats are a good way to arrive at Grenada’s sister islands. Visit Grenada for a fun filled experience.

14. La Sagesse Beach

Another amazing beach you will find in Grenada is the La Sagessa beach. With sand as far as the eye can see, and a beautiful calm and shallow cove, your children will be able to play for hours without much worry of harm or boredom. It is an ideal beach for enjoying with the whole family.

15. Grand Etang Natural Park

The Grand Etang Natural Park offers a lot of different attractive tourist destinations, such as the Fedon’s Camp Trail, the Morne La Baye Trail and the Concord Falls and Trail. Apart from these attractions it is also well known for the remarkable Seven Sisters Falls and the Mount Qua Qua Trail.

16. Carenage

The Carenage in Saint Georges is one of the nautical attractions of Grenada and extremely popular tourist attraction at the same time. The place will offer you some of the beautiful views of scenic view of the Wharf Road, which is actually amazing to witness. And also you can find a museum situated at this place.

17. Fort George

Fort George is another most fascinating tourist attraction of Grenada to be found at Saint Georges. This famous Fort was built during the year 1705. This place is situated on top of a hill so it offers a fine view of the entire city. Some of the most popular attractions at the site include fortifications, town walls and gates.

18. Carib’s Leap

The Carib’s Leap is another most interesting attraction to visit in Grenada. It is that place of the country that holds significant historic value is the Carib’s Leap in Sauteurs. This tourist destination is a coastal cliff wall where Carib families jumped off in 1651 to hide from Frrench soldiers. The wall has a height of 40 meters.

19. Lake Antoine

The Lake Antoine that you will find quite close to Tivoli is a one of the most popular tourist destination, the major reason for its popularity is its extinct volcano’s crater. At the lake, people can find the River Sallee Boiling Springs. In addition, there are also sulfur deposits at the sides of the lake.

20. Tyrrel Bay

The Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou is a pleasant tourist spot in Grenada to enjoy water activities such as swimming. The place presents a great beach where people can have fun and relax. Apart from swimming, another interesting activity to do at the site is yachting.

21. Anse La Roche

Anse La Roche is another most beautiful beach on the island with coral reefs just offshore. It is a very famous tourist attraction of Grenada. Secluded and accessible from land by half mile hike, the beach is private and unspoiled at the foot of the popular High North Range. It is considered the best alternate to Sandy Island for cruise ships visiting Carriacou.

22. Seven Sisters

Another incredibly beautiful attraction of Grenada is the Seven Sisters. A rain forest ramble takes you to the first of the Seven Sisters, and a unique opportunity to witness some of the finest and cool fresh mountain pool that flows into the Great River. Explore deeper into the rain forest in search of the other Six Sisters. It is one of the most adventure experiences of the tour.

23. Bathway Beach

The Bathway Beach is another most popular tourist attraction of Grenada. It is a part of an adjacent village where you can also find some finest specialty shops and the particularly agricultural surrounds of the Parish of St. Patrick; Bathway is a favorite socializing spot. It is considered an ideally located coral reef encloses the swimming and snorkeling strip along the white sand beach.

24. Grand Etang Lake

The Grand Etang Lake is considered the crown of Grenada, and one of the immensely popular tourist destination of the country.this mysterious crater lake sits silently in the Grand Etang Forest Reserve 1,742 feet/ 531 meters above sea level and is a fitting rest stop for hikers and other visitors to the Grand Etang National Park.

25. Spice Basket

The Spice Basket is very famous in Grenada among locals as well as tourist. Once here you can enjoy the verdant green of the island when making the journey, just three miles from our capital city, to visit this ‘Home of Our Culture’, en route both to Annadale waterfall and Grand Etang Lake.

26. Black Bay Beach

The Black Bay Beach is another exiting tourist attraction of Grenada and is accessible via a 20 minute hike from the Concord main road; this black sand beach is located in an isolated location in the parish of St. John on main land Grenada. It is a great spot for relaxing and getting away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life.

27. Arawak Islands

One of the most popular things considered for buying from Grenada is Arawak Island’s perfumes, colognes, bay rum, body oils, coconut oil soaps, insect repellants, pot-pourris, herb teas, spices, condiments, scented candles, bath essentials and other island delicacies in unique, hand-crafted packaging.

28. Dusquene Bay

The Dusquene Bay is located towards the parish of St. Mark; the Dusquene Bay is just perfect for playing sporting games and interacting with the local villagers. For those fascinated by history, many petroglyphs can be found at one end while viewing the Isle de Caille and Isle de Ronde on the other.

29. L’Anse aux Epines Beach

L’Anse aux Epines beach is a fairly isolated white sand beach situated towards the south and considered best for relaxing. The beach is the home to some of most exquisite and service oriented cottages of Grenada. It is one of the places surely worth visiting.

30. River Antoine Rum Distillery

It is said that no other distillery in the whole of Caribbean has been in operation as long as River Antoine, and very few have with lot of care maintained traditional ways of rum preparation. It is also open for general public, visitors can watch as rum is made in much the same manner that it was in the 18th century, when it fired the throats of the real buccaneers.

31. Tufton Hall Waterfall

The Tufton Hall Waterfall is one of the most visited tourist attraction of Grenada to be found in St. Mark’s parish, right outside Victoria. It is the larges and most popular waterfall in Grenada, with the approximate height of 25 m. you can also hire guides from Victoria for usually carrying rope and cutlass.

32. L’Esterre Bay Beach

Easiily accessible from land, this beach is reportedly the most popular beach on the island. It is such a beautiful place that one should not miss visiting this beach. Once here you can enjoy all the beach facilities and indulge yourself in some of the best watersports.

33. Belmont Estate

Belmont Estate is considered to the most sought after Caribbean agro-tourism adventure. Belmont Estate is alive and authentic, a must place to visit in Grenada. This restored estate produces organic cocoa, operates an organic goat dairy, and has its own museum, gardens, restaurant and catering services.

34. Grenada National Museum

The Grenada National Museum is one of the most interesting places to visit in Grenada. It especially attracts those who are interested in knowing the history of the museum. Its structure was constructed by the French during the year 1704 and was part of the foundations of Fort George complex. The British used it as a female prison until the year 1880. The museum displays historical artifacts and exhibits related to Grenada. Our collections include, but are not limited to, Slavery, First Inhabitants, Plantation Economy, Whaling & Fishing Archaeology, and Early Transport & Technology.

35. Levera Beach

The country of Grenada offers some of the spectacular beaches and the Lavera Beach is no exception. A breathtaking view north and the vast openness of the sea is one of the amazing things about this beach. A rather isolated stretch of white sand in the Parish of St. Patrick, Levera emits a sense of timelessness.

36. The Carriacou Museum

The Carriacou Museum is one of the most spectacular tourist attraction of Grenada to be found in Paterson Street, managed by the Carriacou Historical Society has Amerindian artifacts and also displays tracing the early British and French occupation of the islands. Inside the museum you will also find an African section. The museum is an interesting place to visit and housed in a restored cotton gin mill.

37. Magazin Beach

A lovely stretch of white sand along the southern shores makes Magazin Beach one of the most popular beaches to be found in Grenada. It considered just ideal locale for a relaxing walk, some snorkeling or kayaking. The beach can come to life with culinary and recreational activities organized by the famous Grenadian by Rex Resort at the north end and the quaintly graceful Aquarium Restaurant at the south.

38. West Indies Cricket Heritage

West Indies Cricket Heritage is one of the incredible heritage centers you will find in Grenada. The World’s First West Indies Cricket Heritage Centre offers some of the exceptional collection of West Indies Cricket and Caribbean social history from its origin to modern day, all to be found in this museum of Grenada. Inside this heritage center you will find objects from the late 1800′s to the present day. From the early pioneers to the first black captain Sir Frank Worrell, through to Sir Garfield Sobers, the eras of Clive Lloyd and Sir Vivian Richards, right up to the world records of Brain Lara.

39. Shrine of our Lady of Fatima

Shrine of our Lady of Fatima is a place which holds lot of spiritual interest to the locals of Grenada and also to the visitors. The Diocesan Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima is to be found at the Battle Hill. It is said that this shrine was reconstructed during the year 1996.

40. Concord Falls

The concord Falls are one of the most visited tourist attraction of Grenada. It is considered a good dare for the unprepared, but exciting for those accustomed to rushing falls from on high. Walk the walk if you wish, or simply admire from a standstill, it is an amazing place to visit. Be prepared to walk and walk some more to enjoy the wonders of Concord.

41. Hiking

Hiking is considered one of the most favorite tourists activates in Grenada. The country has so much to offer. St. Margaret’s is considered truly a trail for the more adventurous hiker. This rugged and untamed trail will provide a rich training experience in tropical trekking, and provide in-sight as to what it must have been like for ancient Carib and Arawak bushwackers.

42. River Sallee Boiling Springs

River Sallee Boiling Springs situated towards the north east of the island, is one of the most visited tourist attraction of Grenada. One of the most famous activities here is visitors throwing coins into the fountain while they make a wish. The boiling springs are renowned not only for their exceptional geology but also because it is an area of spiritual importance for the local residents.

43. Gun Point

The Gun Point is another most interesting tourist attraction of Grenada to be found towards the northern tip of the island; this famous place is named after the cannon erected by the British in the 1780′s. That cannon still graces the landscape.

44. Oyster Beds

Oyster Beds of Grenada is another famous tourist attraction of this place. You can here take a nature trail from Tyrrel Bay, then a short boat ride and you will find yourself in the middle of one of the few pristine ecosystems in the region. Also can be notice, oyster growing on the roots of the mangrove.

45. Annandale Falls

The Annandale Falls are one of the fascinating tourist attractions of Grenada. It is full of beautiful scenery. You will find it quite near from the capital. These amazing falls are located garden of green and a wall of rocks covered in soft ferns and other vegetation. A dip is most invigorating. Or simply revel in the beauty and sounds of the falls. Spend time in the surrounding gardens where tropical flowers and trees flourish and visit the Interpretation Centre. It is considered a perfect location for family picnicking.

46. Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls are just amazing to watch, it is one of must see tourist attraction of Grenades. It is said that reaching these towering falls is a challenge absolutely worth the effort for the more adventurous. These amazing falls are situated inland south east of Victoria, it is best to have a guide to find these breathtaking falls along the St. Mark’s River.

47. Annual Grenada Sailing Festival

The country of Grenada celebrates a plenty of wonderful festivals and one of among them is the internationally famous event, this Festival welcomes sailing captains and crews for some of the most thrilling races and connected activities. It is headquartered at the Port Louis Marina, the annual four-day Festival commences at the end of January featuring international yacht racing from Grenada’s southern coast. Part of the Southern Caribbean Regatta Circuit, the celebrations extend to a second weekend for a popular Work Boat Regatta from Grand Anse Beach.

48. La Sagesse Nature Centre

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Grenada is this La Sagesse Nature Center. This calm estuary along the southwestern coast is considered one of the finest bird-watching centers of this region. Moreover, the estuary, La Sagesse includes three fine beaches edged with coconut trees, a very good coral reef for snorkeling, a perfect example of dry thorn scrub and cactus woodland, and a salt pond.

49. Carriacou Carnival

Carriacou Carnival is another very famous carnival of Grenada. This well known carnival includes wild and wonderfully expressive street dances, soca frenzy, parade of the bands and a calypso competition that unites rhythm with humorous and stinging social commentary. With lot of enthusiasm this carnival is celebrated at the beginning of March this year, the Carriacou Carnival offers the unique highlight and feature of the Shakespeare Mas to onlookers.

50. Grand Etang National Park

And the last (but not least) of top 50 things to do and to see in Grenada is Grand Etang National Park – one of the most popular tourist attractions of Grenada. It is in the interior of the island offers some beautiful scenery with great views and hiking trails. The major attractions in the park are the crater formed Grand Etang Lake. You will also find a fairly good visitor’s center offers information on the park and the trails.

If you have already visited this beautiful country and know about one or some of the above top 50 things to do and to see in Grenada share your experience in comments. Thank you!

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