Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Greece

Greece has been the favorite tourist destination for travelers around the world. It is considered as a best choice for any vacation, with over sixty impressive islands, many historic sites that span four millennia, beautiful beaches and towering mountain ranges there is a wide variety of tourist attractions in Greece to explore. Greece truly offers something for everyone. From nature lovers to museum enthusiasts, beach bums for food lovers. Fifty things that you along with your family can enjoy in Greece are as follows:

1. Athens

Athens is the capital and the largest city of Greece. Athens dominates the Attica region and is one of the world’s oldest cities, with its recorded history spanning around 3,400 years. Athens got plenty of things to do and see. It is one of the must visit places of Greece and no trip to Greece can be complete without a visit to its supreme symbol, the outcropping of rock called the Acropolis, crowned with Athena’s sacred temple, the Parthenon. It looks great all day, but visit in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds. Skip the Sound and Light show – cold in temperature and corny in tone.

2. Parthenon, Acropolis

The Parthenon on top of the Acropolis is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Greece. It is a popular saying in Greece that no visit to Athens is completed without visiting this temple. It is said that the construction of the Parthenon commenced during the 447 BC. This Parthenon has replaced older temple which was said to be damaged by the Persians, and completed during the 432 BC. During its long life the Parthenon has served as a temple, fortress, a church, a mosque.

3. Santorini

Santorini is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Greece. It is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. One of the major reasons for its popularity is the fantastic views it offers. Other attractive things include amazing sunsets, the white-washed houses. Fira, the capital of Santorini, is a marriage of Venetian and Cycladic architecture, whose white cobblestone streets bustle with shops, tavernas, hotels and cafes, while clinging on the edge of the 400 meter (1,300 ft) high cliffs.

4. Myrtos Beach

Another most interesting tourist attraction of Greece is situated towards the north-west of Kefalonia, Myrtos Beach. It is considered as world popular tourist attractions for the magical colors of the water. The blue and turquoise colors of the sea contrast sharply with the bright white of the smooth marble pebbles of the beach. It is simple a perfect spot for entertaining as enjoying oneself. The steep mountains and tall cliffs behind Myrtos beach only add to its beauty. For all these reasons Myrtos has previously been voted 12 times as the best beach in Greece.

5. Mykonos

Mykonos is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in Greece. It gained more popularity as a cosmopolitan tourist attraction amongst the Greek islands and widely recognized as one of the best tourist attractions in Greece. Mykonos Town (Chora) is an attractively beautiful Cycladic town with a warren of small avenues and whitewashed steps lanes. It is also well known for its sandy beaches and diverse and intense nightlife as evidenced by many of bars and nightclubs. It is an interesting place to spend a fun filled day.

6. Meteora

Meteora is another spectacular tourist attraction of Greece. It is to be found in central Greece, is a collection of 6 monasteries wonderful located on top of many rock pillars. The first monastery in Metéora was constructed during the 14th century. Access to the monasteries was deliberately difficult, requiring either long ladders or large nets used to haul up both goods and people. This required quite a leap of faith – the ropes were replaced only “when the Lord let them break”. It is said to be an adventures and at the same time enjoyable trip.

7. Delphi Theatre

One of the famous tourist spots in Greece is the Delphi Theatre. It is said that in previous times it was home to the sanctuary and oracle of Apollo in Greek religion. The ancient theatre of Delphi was constructed on a hill giving audiences a view of the entire sanctuary and the magnificent landscape below. Initially it was constructed during the 4th and could seat 5,000 spectators. Today it is one of the top tourist attractions in Greece.

8. Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge is one of the most prominent tourist attractions of Greece. It is 16 km (10 miles) long canyon towards southwest Crete. Walking the Samariá Gorge is tremendously popular and approximately a quarter million tourists do so annually. It is said to be one of your great and memorable experiences of your life. The walk takes 4 to 7 hours and passes through forests of ancient cypresses and pines, then cuts between vertical cliffs through the mountains to emerge at Agia Roumeli on the Libyan sea.

9. Mount Athos

The famous Mount Athos is a mountain and a peninsula which you will find towards the northern Greece. The peninsula, the easternmost “leg” of the larger Halkidiki peninsula houses approximately some 1,400 monks in 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries. An autonomous state under Greek sovereignty, entry into Mount Athos is strictly controlled and only males are allowed entrance. It is said to be an awesome experience.

10. Mystras

Mystras is another most significant place to visit in Greece. It is situated quite close to ancient Sparta. Mystras served as the capital of the Peloponnesus in the 14th and 15th centuries, ruled by relatives of the Byzantine emperor. This place is said to be of great historical importance. The site remained inhabited throughout the Ottoman period but was abandoned in 1832, leaving only the breathtaking medieval ruins, standing in a beautiful landscape.
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11. Lindos

Lindos is another most popular tourist attraction in Greece. It is a medieval village you will find on the island of Rhodes that is made up of a network of cobbled streets amid whitewashed houses. Above the town rises the acropolis of Lindos, presenting spectacular views of the surrounding harbors and coastline. Lindos beach and Saint Pauls beach are only a short distance from the town center.

12. The Temple of Poseidon

The Temple of Poseidon which is located at Cape Sounion is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Greece. It was built during 440 BC the locals of this place believe that the temple was constructed over the remains of an ancient pagan temple. The temple was a magnificent structure with 42 columns of the Doric Column. The mariners and sailors of ancient Greece stopped over at Sounion en route their journeys only to perform sacrifices to the God. It is said that the white marble temple was damaged to some extent by Emperor Arcadius in 399 AD. Cape Sounion is a day trip from Athens and a very popular destination with tourists.

13. Sanctuary of Asklepios

The Sanctuary of Asklepios which is to be found in Epidaurus is the famous temple dedicated to Asklepios, the ancient Greek god of Medicine, has been elected UNESCO World Heritage Center. It was constructed during the 6th century BC and the central theater in the fourth century BC. The cult of Asklepios predates the cult of Apollo and the sanctuary premises include various ancient healing centers like the modern day hospitals. The sanctuary was pillaged by Sulla in 87 BC but the locals lovingly reconstructed the premises and the Sanctuary of Asklepios remained a popular remedial and religious center till about 150 AD.

14. The Spianada

The Spianada of Corfu is a very unusual type of a tourist attraction than the ancient Greek architectural marvels found in other areas of Greece. The Spianada is considered one of the most beautiful and full of live square at the center of Corfu city. The square is the biggest and the leading in town, is redolent of the Venetian rule. The Palace of St Michael and St George, the Municipal Gallery and the Museum of Asian Art are located around the Spianada, and considered as the major attractions of this place. This is the best place to meet locals and get some great views of the Vino Island. The old city of Corfu is now a UNESCO World Heritage Center.

15. The Knossos

The Knossos Palace is considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions of Greece. It is located in Crete and is reminiscent of the Minoan Civilization. While the civilization itself dates back to about 6000 BC, the old palace was believed to have been constructed approximately around 1900 BC. When this was destroyed in 1700 BC a new palace was built by the emergent Minoan Civilization which remained at the peak of its development from 1700 BC to 1450 BC. By the fifth century much of the complex was damaged and archeologists have secured many parts of the Knossos. Tourists to Crete can access the palace complex, the richly decorated private villas, and a display of the paintings, and ceramics of the Minoan Civilization.

16. Chania

Chania is undoubtedly one of the most visited tourist destinations of Greece. It is a wonderful port town that is also very famous among tourist for shopping and sightseeing. Here you will also find various nice restaurants and contemporary cafés. Its old town has various souvenir ships, as well as craft and art shops that tourists really enjoy. Another popular attraction of this place is its climate, which is simply beautiful. Tourists can also visit the Archaeological Museum of Chania, which includes various historical artifacts from as far back as the fifteenth century B.C. Ancient jewelry, clay tablets, and mosaics are displayed here.

17. Polichnitos, Lesbos

Polichnitos is considered as one of the most beautiful villages on the island of Lesbos, and quite a popular tourist attraction, you will find it quite close to the near the Gulf of Kallonis. The village is said to be a favorite tourist destinations mainly for its beauty and proximity to many beautiful beaches including Vatera, Nyfida, and Skala. The natural thermal springs near Polichnitos are a major attraction among tourist as well as the locals. These springs are natural and the natural baths passing through volcanic rocks are believed to have many healing and curative properties.

18. The Temple of Zeus

Olympia was the center for worship of Zeus, the king of Greek Gods. Tourists visit the remains of the temple of Zeus in Olympia, an architectural marvel of the ancient world. Olympia is one of the oldest sites where human settlements are known to have existed in prehistoric times. In addition the temple and other religious structures, it is also home to the remains of a sports ground. The ancient Olympic Games were initiated in 776 BC and held till 394 AD.

19. The National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Greece is one of the extremely popular and loved museums of the country to be found in Athens, it is considered as the flagship museum of Greece, even after spending the world day you will not completely see the museum. Museum lovers may never want to leave its extensive collection of Greek art. Added bonus: a newly-reopened collection of Egyptian art and relics. This stunning compilation in the heart of Athens is a truly world-class museum. Souvenir hunters will also enjoy the well-stocked gift shop filled with official reproductions of many of the items on display.

20. Benaki Museum

Another most prominent museum of the county is the Benáki Museum. The museum is based on the rich private collections of Antonios Benáki, who lived in Cairo and collected Greek, Turkish and Chinese treasures. Of particular interest is the Greek gold jewelry, mainly from Thessalia. Here you will find some interesting compilation of jewelry from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods. Some pieces of jewelry and gold medallions appear to come from Venetian workshops. The silver cult-objects on display are mainly from Macedonia. Also exhibited is ceramic work from Asia Minor. Most impressive are Chinese vases and figures from the Tang dynasty. The museum offers plenty of artifacts that are of interest to many visitors.

21. Corfu

Corfu is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions of Greece. It is considered as the most noteworthy and most northerly of the Ionian Islands which is located off the coasts of Albania and the Greek area of Epirus, at a distance which ranges between two and 20km. this place of Greece is said to be naturally blessed with so much of beautiful scenery, with gentle green hills in the south and rough limestone hills in the north, rising to 906m/2,973ft in the bare double peak of Mt Pantokrátor, you will surely fall in love in its mild climate. The island’s main foundation of revenue, in addition to the increasing tourist trade, is agriculture.

22. Island of Hydra

This beautiful little island of Greece has its own charm and beauty to attractive the tourist. It is said to have an easy hydrofoil access from Athens. Here it also bans vehicle traffic, quite often this island is referred as the local version of Mykonos – with the shopping and beautiful scenery. It boasts a charming harbor, nice church architecture, fun shops, and pricey but generally good quality tavernas.

23. Corinth

Another most prominent tourist attraction of Greece is the Corinth. Owed, its great importance in olden times its location, with the hill of Acrocorinth providing a strong acropolis. It was well said that Acrocorinth and Ithome were the 2 major horns of the Greek bull, and that whoever held them possessed the Peloponnese. Corinth prohibited the 6km/4mi wide Isthmus, the only land route into the Peloponnese, and with its two harbors, Lechaion in the Gulf of Corinth and Kenchreai in the Saronic Gulf.

24. Delphi

Delphi is located towards the slopes of Mt Parnassus high above the Gulf of Corinth, is one of the most famous religious group sites in Greece, very popular throughout the ancient Greek world and beyond as the refuge of Apollo and the shrine of his oracle. The place ranks with the Acropolis in Athens, Olympia and the island of Delos as one of the most major areas of the classical period of Greece; and the Wealth of ancient remnants merges with its spectacular mountain setting. So, Delphi is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions of Greece.

25. Naxos

Naxos is considered as the largest and most attractive of the Cyclades, is pass through from north to south by a range of hills which fall away penetratingly on the east but slope down gradually on the west into fertile rolling country and well-watered plains. It is indeed one of the most beautiful places you will find in Greece to spend your holidays. The hills rise to a height of 1,003m/3291ft in Mt Zas and are cut by two passes. The economy of the island is largely depended on agriculture, marble-quarrying, emery-mining and the revival of salt from the sea, which have brought it a considerable amount of success.

26. Crete

The huge and immensely popular island of Crete is like a separate nation within Greece. The island of Crete has plenty of things to offer to its visitors from beautiful beach towns like Mallia to the classy, expensive little city of Agios Nikolaos, or the natural wonders of the Samaria Gorge and the “real Crete” city of Chania. It is said to be an island abundantly blessed with natural beauty. Any traveler visiting this island of Greece will surely fall in love with its immense beauty. The interior is filled with steep mountains, obscure villages, the windmill-jammed Lassithi Plain, and some challenging roads. The southern coast is wilder, with some great retreat spots.

27. Rhodes

The town of Rhodes (Ródos) is another most popular tourist destination of Greece. It is located towards the northern end of the island. It was the capital of the island since it was discovered during 408 B.C., and is now the administrative center of the nomos of the Dodecanese. Laid out on a rectangular grid in accordance with the principles of Hippodamos of Miletus, the ancient city extended from the acropolis hill in the west to the east coast of the island. The larger southern part was occupied by Greeks, while the west part turn out to be the Turkish quarter and the smaller east part the Jewish quarter, which existed until World War II.

28. Mycenae

This Mycenaean fortress provided much of the gold now displayed at the National Archaeological Museum, and is a very attractive and hugely popular place. You will find gargantuan walls, cylindrical tomb shafts, and the double-lion gate. In order to climb you need to have good shoes and watch your step – the ramp leading to the gate was made steep to permit easy defense of the palace from intruders, and tourists still qualify. It is a place you will surely enjoy with you family.

29. Ancient Theater of Epidaurus

The ancient theater of Epidaurus is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Greece. It is quire relatively easy from Athens, the site of Epidaurus on the Peloponnese Peninsula is undoubtedly worth a visit. The Theatre, functional enough for plays to be regularly presented during the summer, has unbelievable acoustics. On your way, there’s a great little village bakery store in Adami. Visit this theatre for a fun filled evening with your family.

30. Agora

You will find towards the north of the Acropolis the most popular and leading 3 areas which are the Agora, the principal market-place of ancient Athens, the Roman Agora and the Library of Hadrian. The Agora was unearth by American archeologists during the years 1931-41 and 1946-60 after the devastation of the entire district of the city collected of around 400 buildings which had grown up since the 11th century, and the remnants have been incorporated in an impressive park. It is said that from 1970 onwards additional excavations have been carried out north of the Piraeus railroad, which previously formed the boundary of the excavation site. It is a very interesting place to visit in Greece which also holds a lot historical significance.

31. Erechtheion

The Erechtheion was constructed during the years 421 and 395 B.C. and thus the youngest feature of the Acropolis in its classical form, integrates a plenty of very ancient sanctuaries, and its difficult ground plan reproduces the necessity to take account of these earlier structures. The eastern part was occupied by the temple of Athena Polias, patron of the city, with the ancient and much respected wooden cult figure, undoubtedly effect cult traditions going back to the palace which occupied the site in Mycenaean times.

32. Balos Beach

It is well said about the Balos Beach it is quite difficult to describe the raw beauty of Balos beach in words, you have to visit the beach to understand the immense beauty. Its soft white sandy landscape, crystal waters, while the whole landscape is framed by dramatic islets and mountains. One of the most ideal place to enjoy you tour on a beach in Greece is Balos beach. The castle in the nearby island of Gramvousa adds to the mystique and beauty of the place.

33. Belegrina (Chrissi Island)

Chrysi is a small abandoned island towards the south of Crete, this place is said to be naturally blessed with some of the most stunning beaches. The turquoise, crystal-clear waters and the white soft sand of Belegrina bay will be one of your best experiences on a lovely beach site. You will find this place occupied fully by tourist mostly during summers, it is said to be the best season to explore and enjoy your time on a beach site. The beach is located at the edge of Europe, but definitely worth the trip.

34. Olympia

What strikes you when you first here about Olympia, Greece is of course the Olympics. It is where the games actually commenced thousands of years ago, which until now; the tradition is celebrated with the same enthusiasm. On a travels list Olympia is definitely there when they plan to visit Greece. It is the place which is so beautiful and grand and should be miss. Until now, the ceremony of the Olympic Games continue to happen every four years not anymore touching base at Olympia, Greece but still keeping close to the tradition.

35. Paros Island

Paros Island is considered as one of ultimate tourist destinations for a family vacation is Greece. It has attracted millions of visitors every year to experience the magnificence and mystery of the structure of civilization. Greece has plenty of great places to offer; here you will find villages called the Paros Naoussa village, which happens to be one of the favorite resorts of most visitors.

36. Mykonos Island

Mykonos Island is considered one of the best places to visit in Greece especially during nights, it is said about this place that, when the mighty Greek sun grows a little sleepy and tags the sultry Moon to rise above the sea, Mykonos Island is a place that will come to life. This place is undoubtedly one of the popular tourist destinations that have invited thousands to millions of trendy visitors every year. Mykonos is believed to have been named after the grandson of Apollo, Mykons. According to Geography as well as Mythology, Mykonos is where Zeus and Titan fought.

37. Hephaestus Temple

It is said that traveling is indeed so much fun when you are travelling in such a spectacular nation called Greece. Greece has so much to offer you and the list seems to be endless. Hephaestus Temple is a place that is often earmarked by several tourists who find ancient ruins so beautiful. The temple is situated towards the north-western side of the Agora of Athens. It is said that during the 18th century this temple was the home of the Greek Orthodox. It was constructed in a Doric concept; the Hephaestus Temple was named after the god of metal working. This is also the most conserved temple from all the remains you will be coming across in Greece.

38. Delos Island

One of the best and favorite tourist destinations in Greece is at the Delos. It is strongly recommended to visit this beautiful place of Greece; surely you will find it quite amazing. When you visit the Delos, you would have a first-hand experience on why this island is such a sacred place for Greeks. Firstly it is said that Delos is where Artemis and Apollo were born. The Delos Island is of large historical significance.

39. Dionysus Theatre

There is so much to do and see in Greece and the Dionysus Theatre is on exception. It is considered a perfect to enjoy with the entire family. Greece is known for their artifacts, ruins, and beaches and of course, their food but there seems to be one thing you need to include in your checklist. That is the Theatre of Dionysus. It is one of the most popular visitor destinations in Greece. This place is the world’s first Theatre since it was erected in the 6th Century. Visiting Dionysus Theatre is surely worth it.

40. Kos

You will find Kos quite close to Turkey and is one of the well known tourist destination of Greece. Its population is around thirty-two thousand. You will find lovely, long, pristine beaches and bountiful crops, such as almonds, grapes, figs, corns, wheat, tomatoes, and olives. It is also well organized. During summers, there are weekly ferry services from the town of Kos to Thessaloniki and Samos. Everyday excursions are also done from the town of Kos to Turkey. Kos also has a Mediterranean climate.

41. Finikas (Kato Koufonisi)

Another most famous tourist attraction of Greece is the Finikas and the entire stretch of coast from Finikas towards the northern tip of the island (Pori beach) is an Aegean dream for sunbathers. It is said to be an ideal spot for those who love lonely and calm atmosphere. On the beach many visitors prefer to swim the naturist way. Sand and rocks alternate effortlessly in this beautiful stretch of the tiny island.

42. Lykavittos Hill

Lykavittos Hill is one of the famous landmarks of the county, it is situated right in the center of the city and rising to a height of 910 feet, it is said that Lykavittos hill can be admired from virtually every corner of the capital city, and its views from the top encompass the city, the surrounding mountains, and the Athens coast. Here you will find various ways of reaching the top of Lykavittos hill and your trip to these fabulous hills are surely worth it. Lykavittos Hill makes for a popular spot to visit among the Athens tourism scene, largely in part because of its central location and proximity to the Athens neighborhood of Kolonaki.

43. Church of Metamorphosis

Meteora is part of the Thessaly region, closest to the town of Kalampaka and the village of Kastraki. It is said that it’s such a beautiful place that it has to be seen to do it justice, and it will undoubtedly leave a firm impression on all visitors. Atop the rocks at Meteora, visitors will find ancient Greek churches from hundreds of years back from the community of monasteries. Among the surviving monasteries is the Church of Metamorphisis, also known as Megalo Meteoro, or Transfiguration. It is the best known Greece monastery in this community, and sits highest of them all. The Church of Metamorphisis is the largest and the major museum in Meteora.

44. Panathinaikos Stadium

The Panathinaikos Stadium, also well known as the Kallimarmaron, is an impressive Athens stadium quite close to the heart of the city. The Panathinaiko stadium is one of the most popular stadiums you will find in Greece and it dates back to ancient times, when it was a venue hosting athletic events for the Panathenaic Games. Initially, it was built mainly with wood, receiving an upgrade in 329 BC. The name, Kallimarmaron, means “beautifully marbled”. A visit to this Stadium of Greece is surely worth it.

45. Shopping in Greece

Shopping in Greece will be one of your pleasant experiences. It is considered as among one of the many pleasures to be had during your vacation. The nation of Greece offers you with a vide variety of things to buy. From crafts, to food and wine items, to the latest fashions from top designers you will get everything. When you shop in Greece, you will find any number of items to bring back with you when it’s time to go. Shopping in Athens Greece is similar to big city shopping in Paris and New York.

46. Agios Nikolaos Crete

Agios Nikolaos is one of the largest population centers towards the easternmost region of Lasithi on the island of Crete. It is one of the largely visited tourist destinations of Greece. It is situated on the island’s northeastern shores along Mirabello Bay, though a tiny city but well maintained and connected. In addition to the beaches, it was named for Saint Nicholas is popular for its laid-back charm, burgeoning food scene, and traditional music, along with Lake Voulismeni.

47. Skiathos

Skiathos is a well famous and a tiny island in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece. The island is said to found esurgence in popularity and tourism quite recently. The beauty of this island is well familiar with the tourist as well as the locals. You will notice that most of the island of Skiathos is largely wooded with some exceptional species of pine trees. While local travelers have long enjoyed this Northern Sporades Island, its filming location in the 2008 film “Mamma Mia!” has increased international popularity as a beachfront escape.

48. Koukounaries

Koukounaries is another popular town for visitors in Greece you will find this town quite closes to the Skiathos Island. The town of Koukounaries offers several beautiful beaches and plenty of beachfront resort hotels. Both towns offer visitor resources such as bus routes and restaurants. Nightlife is popular on Skiathos, with many beaches lined with tavernas, bars, and nightclubs.

49. Thessaloniki Greece

Thessaloniki Greece is the capital of the Greek Macedonia area and the second largest city in Greece, after Athens. It is considered to be majorly important tourist destination of Greece. It is an important cultural, industrial, commercial and educational center, and its port is one of the busiest in the country. It is quite trendy and stylish, featuring high fashion shopping and a number of wonderful restaurants and ouzeries offering delicious Greek food and delicacies. Thessaloniki Greece hosts two significant Greek festivals and events in the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair.

50. Syntagma Square

It is said that initially they plan for constructing the Parliament Building in Athens were to have it built atop the Acropolis. Although, this did not come to happen, and the Parliament Building was instead erected at the head of Syntagma Square. It was constructed in the neo-classical style, a style that originated in Greece and typifies many of the hallmark Athens buildings, and the construction of the Parliament commenced during the year 1836 and was finished in the early 1840″s. It was built under the rule of King Otto of Bavaria with finances produced by his father, Ludwig I.

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