Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Gilbraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory situated towards the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean. It covers an area of 6.8 square kilometers and a northern border with Andalusia, Spain. Gibraltar offers an extensive variety of things to do and see categorizing the town as one of the most interesting places in Europe to visit, and a very popular choice for tourists. Fifty things that you can enjoy in Gibraltar along with your family are listed below:

1. Gibraltar Museum

The Gibraltar Museum is one of the major tourist attractions of Gibraltar and considered a perfect start of your tour. The Museum offers spectacular introduction to Gibraltar, its incredible history, and insight into the important of various historic locations you can witness during your visit. It is constructed over the best preserved, 14th century Moorish bathhouse in Europe. The museum exhibits are displayed in a sequence of galleries like the “Passage of Time” gallery, which tells the story of life on Gibraltar from as early as the Jurassic Period. Other galleries depict natural history, the great siege, Islamic life, and more.

2. The Great Siege Tunnels

The great Siege Tunnels of Gibraltar is one of the spectacular tourist attractions. These tunnels are also called as the upper gallery, were first excavated out of the rock by the British army, the reason for doing so is to transport important guns to a promontory from which they decided to protect Gibraltar from French and Spanish invaders. Then, eventually a lot of the guns were set up inside the cave, which allowed them to shoot at the enemy while the Rock’s wall protected them from return fire. There are four gun-batteries in the first 370 feet of tunnel completed during the Siege and seven more in St. Georges Hall, completed after the Great Siege was won. When you visit the tunnels you can witness the displays and reenactments of the battles and also a beautiful view from the batteries in St. George’s Hall.

3. St. Michaels Cave

Another most prominent tourist attraction of Gibraltar is St. Michaels cave. It is a spectacular natural grotto presenting some of the finest stalagmites and stalactites, which, when backlit, it is said that it create a roughly fairy tale atmosphere. It is with its natural acoustics, is frequently used as a concert hall and entertainment venue. And during World War II, it was prepared as a hospital, but was never put to use.

4. Lower St. Michaels Cave

During the year 1942, when another entrance was being dug out to the original St. Michaels Cave, a new cave was discovered. It is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of the country. The lower cave presents an attractive subterranean lake. You can also arrange for yourself some of the best guided tours to Lower St. Michael’s Cave. The Lower Cave is still in its original natural state, so the tour requires some light climbing with ropes, and the paths are a little darker, wetter and narrower than those found in the caves above.

5. The Upper Rock

The Upper Rock is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Gibraltar. They can be easily through a car. It is perhaps wiser to organize a guided tour to the Rock. While on the tour you can witness the Upper Rock Nature Reserve giving spectacular sight of North Africa and the meeting of the Atlantic and Mediterranean; St Michael’s Cave, the Apes Den, the historic Siege Tunnels plus Europa Point. You will find it open daily for visitors.

6. Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden is another most interesting tourist attraction of Gibraltar. They are located by Grand Parade and the Cable Car terminal. These beautiful gardens commence during the year 1816. The gardens are a sublime area of calm away from the disturbance of the city. They have a wooded manifestation with olives and Mediterranean stone pines plus Dragon trees and palms from the Atlantic islands.

7. Cable Car

The Cable Car is one of the most breathtaking ways to arrive at the top of the Rock. You can stop off at the first stage to visit the Apes Den and St Michael’s Cave. Then on up to the summit you will also find a fine restaurant and observation area. The Cable Car does not operate on Sundays.

8. Gala Casino

The Gala Casino of Gibraltar is one of the world famous casinos, to be found located right next to the Rock Hotel. You will find almost everything here related to casino and restaurants such as a stylish char grill restaurant, a champagne bar, ice line bar and a terrace perfect for sampling a delicious range of cocktails in the sunshine. On offer will be state of the art casino tables, an electronic casino zone, a poker lounge, VIP area and 460 seater bingo clubs.

9. Casemates Square

Casemates Square is incredibly popular tourist attraction of Gibraltar. It is named after the British Barracks positioned towards the north of the square; it has been use for different purposes. It was earlier a location for public executions, this commercial and social square contains remains of an old Moorish galley house and a gun mounted on a Koehler Depression Gun Carriage, of the type developed during the Great Siege. Today, this important entrance to the city centre has become the heart of many famous social activities with restaurants, cafes and shops.

10. King’s Bastion Leisure Centre

The Kings Bastion Leisure Center is situated between the walls of a Bastion. Once upon a time it was used to protect Gibraltar against attacking forces in the 18th century. Then around 1960′s & 1970′s the King’s Bastion was used to supply electricity to the whole of the town. Currently the fortress has been transformed to take shape as the ‘Kings Bastion Leisure Centre’. Major activities of this place are Bowling, Ice Skating, Amusement Arcade, Games Room, Internet Lounge, Restaurant, Bars, Youth Bar/Lounge, Disco, Cinemas and Fitness Gym. It is one of perfect places to enjoy with the entire family.

11. Arts and Crafts Exhibition Halls

The Arts and Craft Exhibition halls are very famous tourist attraction of Gibraltar. It is located in the old barracks at Casemates Square, this is an interesting area where one can find some of the fines collection of local and foreign artwork.

12. John Mackintosh Hall

The John Mackintosh Hall is the centre of Gibraltar’s cultural activities where some 200 societies and associations meet on a regular basis. It is a very interesting place to visit. The hall was started officially during the year 1964. This famous hall also include some of the interesting things such as a public library, a theatre and a conference hall, gymnasium, spacious halls for exhibitions and other public functions, and a wing for higher education.

13. Gibraltar Crystal Glass Factory

The Gibraltar Crystal Glass Factory is very impressive place to visit. For visitors it is open, which can watch as the highly skilled glass blowers shape and work the molten glass by hand using methods, which have been just right over the last two thousand years. It is said that once here and by prior understanding you can blow your own vase. It is one of the most visited tourist destination of Gibraltar.

14. City Hall

You will find the city hall of Gibraltar on the far side of the piazza from Main Street and the House of Assembly. The City Hall is another most famous tourist attraction of Gibraltar. The hall houses government and the Mayor’s official offices. It was opened during the year 1924 by the Governor, Sir Charles C. Munro and is supposed to be on the location of an old hermitage.

15. City Gates & Fortifications

The gates and fortifications are some of the finest example and reminder of Gibraltar’s military past. The Casemates Gates, which escort into the beautifully renovate Casemates Square, were actually commenced during the year 1727 and are considered a typical gateway in the ancient City walls. Other famous landmarks you will love to visit here are the Charles V Wall, Devil’s Tongue, Kings Bastion, Line Wall and Southport Gates. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Gibraltar.

16. The Convent

The Convent is the official residence of the Governor ever since 1728. In the beginning it was the convent of Franciscan Friars who dwelt there from the year 1531. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions of Gibraltar. Daily it is open for visitors. The Ballroom, where regular classical music recitals are held, is formed from the nave of the chapel. King’s Chapel is component of the original Convent, where two former Governors are buried and which displays various regimental flags.

17. Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned

Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned is to be found in Main Street, it is constructed on the location of the chief mosque. It is one among the most famous tourist attractions of Gibraltar. During the immense cordon the constant barrage of shot and shell smashed many of the original Spanish and Moorish buildings. On the other hand, some of the original structures can be seen today also.

18. Moorish Castle

Moorish Castle is another interesting tourist attraction of Gibraltar. As soon as you enter Gibraltar, it is one of the first sights that greet you. It dates back to the 11th century and this ‘Tower of Homage’ is the only outstanding part of the original castle complex. It now houses Gibraltar’s short-term prison.

19. Mediterranean Steps

The Mediterranean Steps are one of the unique tourist attractions of the Gibraltar. It is one of the Upper Rock’s most incredible and awe-inspiring nature walks. It is said to have gone through major reinstatement. This 1,400-metre mount isn’t for the nervous, briskly tall from the 180 meters of Jews’ Gate to the 410 meters above sea level of O’Hara’s Battery.

20. World War II Tunnels

The World War II tunnels are another most impressive tourist attraction of Gibraltar. Immediately following the successful tunneling during the Great Siege, a further network of tunnels was dig inside the Rock. Around during the year 1940 when Britain was at war with Germany and Italy, Winston Churchill believed that an attack on Gibraltar was about to happen. Then they decided to build a huge network of tunnels to construct a fortress inside a fortress. It is considered one of the most fascinating tours available in Gibraltar. Today it is open for general public for witnessing this unique structure of ancient times.

21. Military Heritage Centre

The Military Heritage centre of Gibraltar is another most interesting place to visit in Gibraltar. It is a mesmerizing array of artifacts of military history housed in Princess Caroline’s Battery.

22. Nelson’s Anchorage

The Nelson’s Anchorage is one of the prominent tourist attractions of Gibraltar. It is an old port which was constructed by the Spanish during the year 1627, is still available on Rosia Road. It was to this haven that HMS Victory navigated with Nelson’s body after the Battle of Trafalgar. Once here you can also visit the remarkable 100-ton gun installed at the beginning of the last century but never fired in anger.

23. Trafalgar Cemetery

The Trafalgar Cemetery is found at the top of Main Street, beyond the Southport Gates, where many who died from the wounds from the battle of Trafalgar have been laid to rest. It is one of the significant places of Gibraltar.

24. Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue is another prominent tourist attraction of this region. Gibraltar has a huge Jewish community. The Great Synagogue dates back to 1724, is one of the oldest on the Iberian Peninsula. Once here you can also arrange some of the best guided tours to explore this place. Here you can also check out Jews’ Gate, part of the Jewish history of the Rock, from whence you can enjoy magnificent view of the Rif Mountains.

25. Gibraltar Cathedral

The Gibraltar Cathedral is one of the noteworthy tourist attractions in Gibraltar. It is also well known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary the Crowned, it is the most important Catholic worship center in Gibraltar. It was originally constructed during the year 1462, and is known for having survived an invasion of Gibraltar in 1704. You can witness its Gothic style of architecture, a small Moorish courtyard, the Catholic Monarchs’ coat of arms, and inspiring stained-glass windows.

26. Alameda Botanical Gardens

The Gibraltar Botanical Gardens combine the artistic beauty of the place with living exhibits of botanical interest and conservation value. You will find it centered on “The Dell”, a peaceful area with an absolute Italian influence is one of the most fascinating things to witness. In displayed the coat-of-arms of Gibraltar and which holds a series of fountains, ponds, and waterfalls.

27. Catalan Bay

Catalan Bay is another most fascinating tourist attraction of Gibraltar. This tiny town village situated towards the eastern side of the Rock was first used by the Genoese that was said to be following the fleet of the British, repairing the ships as required. Even today you will find the descendants of these shipwrights in this village, where there are still some who go fishing in the traditional boats. Here you will find a beautiful beach.

28. The Lighthouse

The lighthouse is also one of the most famous tourist attractions of Gibraltar. You will find it at Europa Point is the most southerly of all Trinity House Lighthouses. It is one of the well maintained lighthouses you will find in Gibraltar. Until recently it was manned, however like all lighthouses it is now remote controlled, although the lighthouse keeper’s cottage is preserved.

29. The Public Market

The Public Market of Gibraltar is a famous market you will find in Gibraltar. It is even today used by various small businesses; the foundation stone for the new public markets was laid by the governor Sir Charles Monro during the year 1928.

30. Nightlife

You can indulge yourself in Gibraltar’s vibrant nightlife scene that is very fascinating. To enjoy some of the exiting nightlife of Gibraltar you can proceed to Gibraltar’s bars and clubs. The most famous among them is the Gala Casino Ocean Village. It is a well known casino complex with four bars, two restaurants, a sports betting lounge, a bingo club, over 300 slot machines, a sun terrace, and swimming pools.

31. Shopping

If you are wondering as what to buy back home from Gibraltar then head towards the Main Street, with its adjoining lanes and byways offers a large selection of goods, transforming this area of Gibraltar into famous shopping centre of the Western Mediterranean. Here you will find wide variety of things to buy and the range of gifts is quite enormous whether it is delicate glassware, priceless porcelain, an unusual piece of pottery, leather ware, perfumes, spirits, jewellry, silks or cashmere. Gibraltar has the most cosmopolitan variety of goods at the most competitive tax reduced prices in Western Europe.

32. Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

One of the major points of interest in Gibraltar is the Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque. It is one of the most famous mosques of Gibraltar. It is well known by the name of Mosque of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques; it was constructed during the year 1997 and is indeed one of the largest mosques to be constructed in a non-Muslim country. It is known for its white exterior, large dome, and tall minaret and its construction reportedly cost £5 million.

33. Upper Rock Nature Reserve

You will find incredible flora and fauna of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve are of maintenance interest. Once here you can witness various animals and plants portrayed in the Natural History part of this Fact File but the highlights are the Barbary Macaques), the Barbary Partridges, and flowers such as Gibraltar’s own Chickweed, Thyme and Candytuft. It is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of Gibraltar.

34. Monument at Jews’ Gate

Monument at Jews’ Gate is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of Gibraltar. This famous monument was commissioned to depict the “Passage of Time” and Gibraltar’s association with the Pillars of Hercules and demonstrates Hercules supporting the world.

35. Rock Apes

The Rock Apes are very famous in Gibraltar. The “apes” are really tailless monkeys to be found wild in Morocco and Algeria, with the ones on the Rock being the only free-ranging ones in Europe. Once here you can get a chance of seeing these attractive monkeys at close quarters.

36. Barbary Apes

The barbary apes were supposed to be introduced into Gibraltar by British soldiers who were at that time was coming back from Africa. They are the only free living primates in Europe. When the population of apes was down in the mid 20th century, Winston Churchill is credited as the individual who provided more apes to Gibraltar.

37. Europa Point

Europa Point is the located towards the southernmost part of Gibraltar. It is indeed one of the major attractions of this place. The lookout point can become very crowded during high season, but surely a place you shouldn’t miss. Once here you can also witness the coast of Morocco on a clear day as well as watch all the ships waiting to pass through the strait of Gibraltar.

38. Royal Memorial Plaque

The Royal Memorial Plaque is one of the most famous tourist attractions of this region. It is said to attract those who are mainly interested in knowing the history. Here you’ll find a little viewpoint at Queens Road, quite near to the junction of this street and Cave Branch Road. For those who can’t get enough of royalty, have a look at Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Cypher in the Alameda Gardens.

39. Sikorski Monument

General Wladyslaw Sikorski was the leader of the exiled Polish government during WWII and a symbol for Polish resistance at this time. He died because of a plane crashed. Rumors about an assassination attempt quickly arose, but none has been confirmed. It seems that it was just a tragic aviation accident. A monument, made out of an old propeller blade, was placed near the Cemetery. Two commemorative plaques, one in Polish and one in English, can be found in the Great Siege tunnels.

40. Pillars of Hercules

In the ancient world, the rock of Gibraltar was supposed to be one of the “Pillars of Hercules”, known as “Mons Calpe”. The other is considered to be Monte Hacho, called “Mons Abile”. Together they are said to form a gate to the Mediterranean, which is depicted in several documents, including the Spanish coats of arms, throughout the centuries.

41. The Beaches

Beaches are one of the most attractive and popular tourist attractions of Gibraltar. You will find here over 6 beautiful beaches that can be enjoyed including Camp Bay, Little Bay and the most popular Catalan Bay. Once can enjoy all the facilities you can expect on a beach side. Eastern Beach is probably the biggest with the most sunshine. Western Beach and Sandy Bay are perhaps more popular with the locals.

42. Dolphin Watch

One of the most famous activities that tourist and local enjoy alike is Dolphins Watch. It is said that the Bay of Gibraltar is the permanent home of three different species of dolphins and a trip out on one of the dolphin watch boats is highly recommended. Highly recommend including a trip out on one of the dolphin watch boats during your visit to the Rock. It is one of the most fascinating and attractive things you can do in Gibraltar.

43. City Under Siege

It is said that the buildings in which this exhibition is available is perhaps one of the first buildings ever build by the British right at the beginning of the 18th Century. At the same time during the early part of the British occupation most of the population was members of the Armed Forces, and in particular the Army, the civilian population also contributed to the war effort and played an important role in the life of the garrison. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Gibraltar.

44. Princess Caroline Battery

The Princess Caroline Battery is a great viewpoint without the need to ascend to the Great Siege Tunnels and from where you can obviously witness the runway and the frontier. Currently operating and manned in the early 1980′s this battery has plenty of guns of World War II that though now decommissioned still watch over the Bay of Gibraltar. Princess Caroline’s Battery is situated above it and houses the Military Heritage Centre, the road to it is accessed from here and hence the confusion.

45. The Garrison Library

One of the most famous tourist attractions to be found Gibraltar is the Garrison Library. It was formed during the year 1793, the idea of Colonel John Drinkwater as a consequence of 4 years without any reading matter during the Great Siege. This famous Library first housed in Main Street, but so many books were bought by the Committee and presented by naval and military officers.

46. 100 Ton Gun

It is said that no visit to Gibraltar is complete without a visit to the 100 Ton Gun. It was constructed during the year 1870, it was one of twelve built and is to be found at Napier of Magdala Battery. The gun that you will find there was manufactured by Sir W C Armstrong at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1870 and was one of twelve built. Eight were built for the Italian Navy, two were sent to Malta, and two to Gibraltar. The Gun at Napier Battery is the only one in such good condition.

47. Diving

Diving is Gibraltar’s one of the most favorite activities of tourist and locals. The regions underwater world, with its many wrecks, is considered by many divers to be one of the most spectacular areas you will find to explore. Gibraltar is well known as one of the mythical Pillars of Hercules, has some of the best diving in the whole Mediterranean. It is beloved that ‘The Rock’ has been a haven for seafarers for over 1000 years with Roman and Phoenician anchors still being found around some of our most popular dive sites.

48. Golf

Gold is another popular sport of Gibraltar. It is considered as the only a stone’s throw away from The Rock, golfers have a extensive selection of golf courses to choose from, some of which have been named the finest in Europe. Many Golf tournaments and competitions are prearranged by local clubs and organizations.

49. Cradle of History

This Welcome Monument in the shape of the rock represents the significant spot of Gibraltar throughout history. Once here you can witness the first skull of Neanderthal man, which was establish in Gibraltar, and also one of the Pillars of Hercules, and other images which symbolize the several civilizations that form part of Gibraltar’s rich and varied history.

50. The Frontier

The Frontier is one of the most visited tourist attraction of the county which witness over six million visitors each year. It is considered as one of the perfect model of the Port Sergeant holding the Keys of Gibraltar can be witnessed by the Information Centre at the Old Guard Room. This represents the tradition began by General Sir George Elliott who was Governor of Gibraltar during the Great Siege when he approved the keys of the garrison on him at all times.

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