Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Ecuador

Ecuador is a small country situated in South America. Relatively close to the equator that helps create a rich biodiversity within the country, Ecuador makes an exceptional place for eco tours and observing nature. It is an attractive destination for all tourists, who love pure nature, historical sites, beautiful beaches, and wildlife, adventure and water sports. Ecuador is a land of rich cultural and historical attractions. Fifty things that you can enjoy with your family in Ecuador are listed below:

1. Quito

Quito is the capital city of Ecuador and also it’s second largest. The city offers a mix of colonial history and modern city, making it a city in the world of fun for tourists. It also has a setting of outstanding natural magnificence, overshadowed by the volcano Pichincha with its twin peaks of Ruco and Guagua. It was destroyed shortly before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors; it was used to be a important Inca city earlier. Currently you will not find any Inca traces; but the city has preserved a lot of its Spanish colonial character, the cathedral in the Plaza de la Independencia and also many old churches and monasteries being among the most notable instances. Most of Quitos colonial churches are located in the Old Town, components of which have been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

2. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are a tiny archipelago of volcanic islands belonging to Ecuador in the eastern Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Ecuador. The islands are found at quite a distance and said to be isolated, laying some 1000 km (620 miles) Ecuador. The Galápagos are world prominent for its exceptional ecosystem which was the motivation for Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection. Here you can witness and approached the Giant tortoises, sea lions, penguins, marine iguanas and many various bird species. It is considered as one of the most ideal family picnicking spot.

3. San Francisco Church

The San Francisco Church is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Ecuador. It is situated in Quito’s Old Town district; the Iglesia y Monesterio de San Francisco presents to you many masterpieces, including a sculpture of a winged Holy Virgin by Legarda. It is said that the church construction began during the year 1550 on land where the palace of the Incan ruler Atahualpa once stood. The church complex is huge, occupying nearly two blocks, and also containds an adjoining museum. San Francisco Church and the surrounding Old Town area are considered one of the most significant cultural centers in Latin America and are one of the major tourist attractions in Ecuador.

4. Catedral Nueva

Another most popular tourist destination of Ecuador is the colonial city of Cuenca. It is the third largest in Ecuador, well known for it’s around the year temperate climate. The New Cathedral of Cuenca which is also known as “Catedral Nueva,” is the city’s most familiar attraction. It is said that the construction of the church commenced during the late 1800s and continued for almost a century. With a frontage crafted from alabaster and marble, the Catedral Nueva is most notable for its 3 huge domes, each covered in blue glazed tile imported from Czechoslovakia.

5. Otavalo Market

Otavalo Market is one of the most visited markets of Ecuador. It is considered just perfect place for shopping. It is said that part of the fun of touring in Ecuador is exploring the handiwork crafted by local artisans hence you will not find any better place to witness and purchase local arts, crafts and clothing than at the markets in the small town of Otavalo. The city is renowned in the entire globe for the handiwork of its indigenous people, the Otavalos. Every Saturday, in the city’s Plaza de Ponchos, a broad collection of jewelry, wood and stone carvings and woven clothing are offered for sale.

6. Montañita

Ecuador has so much to offer to its visitors and its southern coastal region is no exception. It boasts some of the most beautiful shorelines and world-famous beach resorts, including the famous Montañita. The Town of Montanita was a sleep fishing village until the international surfing community discovered the area’s outstanding surfing conditions. Montañita is known for its nightlife as well, with nightclubs, bars and cafés to entertain locals and visitors alike.

7. Baños

You will find this tiny city of Bonos at the foot of the active volcano Tungurahua. It was named Banos after the hot springs fed by the thermal waters of the volcano. It is indeed one of the most popular tourist spots in Ecuador. Known as the “Gateway to the Amazon,” Baños is also a preferred departure point for jungle tours. Waterfalls cascading thousands of feet down deep river gorges attract sightseers as well. The thunderous Pailon de Diablo waterfall, surging over a gorge where the Rio Verde and Rio Pastaza meet, is the most impressive.

8. Tena

Another most fascinating tourist attraction of Ecuador is the Tena. It is to be found in the Amazon rainforest region of Ecuador. It is said that Tena serves as a launching point for jungle adventures, for tourist. It is said that the Missionaries are the one who founded the town, and a cinnamon industry helped the city stay alive. The Tena River connects with the Masahualli River, and then with the Napo River, a tributary of the Amazon. It is said to be on of the best places in the world for whitewater rafting and kayaking.

9. Nariz del Diablo

Another tourist point of interest in Ecuador is The Nariz del Diablo which is also known as the “Devil’s Nose,” explains the train line between the towns of Alausi and Sibambe. The track gets its name from the great cost of human life that it took to complete the train line. It is considered as one of the most astonishing engineering projects ever undertaken in the mountainous Andes; the stretch of track offers visitors sweeping panoramic views of the countryside. A series of switchbacks slowly takes the train up a steep ascent to Alausi.

10. La Compañía, Quito

La Compania is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Ecuador which is to be found in the heart of Quito, it is also known as the Church of the Society of Jesus is perhaps the best known of the capital’s famed cathedrals. Built in the early 1600s, the church’s design is considered a premier example of Baroque architecture in the New World. The expansive use of gold leaf throughout the central nave of the church is breathtaking.

11. Cotopaxi

Another most significant attraction of Ecuador is the Cotopaxi. It is the second highest summit in Ecuador, attainment a height of 5,897 m (19,347 ft). The volcano has one of the few equatorial glaciers in the world, which starts at the height of 5,000 meters (16,400 ft). Its snow covered peak is clearly visible from Quito. Cotopaxi is also one of the highest active volcanoes in the world with more than 50 eruptions since 1738, although its current activity is partial to a few steam fumaroles.

12. Old Town area

The Old Town area is said to be a must visit when you are in Quito. It is considered as one of the most favorite tourist attractions. Here you will find the city arrange out according to the needs of the Spanish plan, the Central Plaza at the heart of community activities. The Central Plaza that you will find next to the Palacio de Gobierno is a cathedral and religious structure and also the Palacio Presidential. Palacio de Gobierno is the oldest cathedral in South America and has been repaired many times due to damage caused by the earthquake. This cathedral is also a burial place for heroes of independence and several presidents.

13. Iglesia de San Francisco

Iglesia de San Francisco is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ecuador. It is considered as the oldest colonial structure of Quito. It is home to a compilation of paintings, art, and furniture from the Museo Franciscano (Franciscano museum). It was constructed by the Franciscan priest during the year 1536, Iglesia de San Francisco is the first church that was constructed in America. Inside the church you’ll find the first instance of a whole new world of interior covered with gold-plated and painted wood. You can also witness the statue of Bernardo de Legarda of the 18 titled Virgin of the Apocalypse of the Immaculate Conception.

14. Colonial Houses

Colonial Houses are the most prominent tourist attractions of Ecuador. Most of the colonial houses that are composed of a sun-dried brick constructed around together with this patio. To witness some of the exceptional houses that are preserved completely with traditional balcony, you can visit a gang called La Ronda or Juan de Dios Morales. Many open houses during the day and sell crafts souvenirs. Here, you can tour two historic homes, Casa de Benalcazar (founder of the house) and the Casa de Sucre, a house where the Field Marshall Antonio Jose de Sucre de, a Latin American independence war hero ever lived.

15. Cotopaxi National Park

The Cotopaxi National Park is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Ecuador that you wll find in the southern part of Quito precisely in the valley of the volcano, you will be amaze to witness climate of the Cotopaxi National Park that varies between 12-17 degrees Celsius. Cotopaxi National Park occupies an area of 33 393 hectare that is home to 200 species of plants. This area is also home to animals such as cougars, marsupial mice, llamas, Andean fox, deer and birds. There is also a second gungung highest in Ecuador, Mount Cotopaxi which has a height of 19 400 feet.

16. Oriente

Oriente is very famous part of Ecuador. It is a region that you will find in the eastern slopes of the Ecuadorian Andes and occupies and areas of lowland rainforest in the Amazon basin. It is spread across 130,000 square kilometers of tropical forest to protect the little that has been explored by a small portion of Ecuador’s population living in villages along the river.

17. Virgin of the Americas

The famous Statue of the Virgin Mary, standing on a hill overlooks Quito, at the Mirador de Panecillo to beautify the scenery of the city. Aluminum sculpture that is visible from most of the city and has a height of 41 meters was established during the year 1976. When looking at this statue, you will see the angel wings, an extraordinary feature on the statues of the Virgin Mary.

18. Quito Zoo

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Ecuador is the Quito Zoo. It is situated in the northern city exactly in Pichincha, Guayllabamba is said to have the biggest collection of native fauna of Ecuador. Here you can also witness 45 species of native fauna of different regions in Ecuador, ranging from paramos to tropical rain forests in the Amazon jungle and the coast and islands of the Galapagos. It is considered as an ideal place to visit with the whole family. Inside the zoo you can see jaguars, bears, wolves moor, monkeys, squirrels, pigs, puma and so on. There are also 21 species of birds including colorful macaws, parrots, eagles, toucans and many more. There is also Eagle Andes which is the largest flying bird in the world. For reptiles, here are the Galapagos tortoises are long-lived.

19. The Andean Highlands

The Andean Highlands are very famous in Ecuador. The Pan-American Highway passes through the country from north to south, an impressive route which passes through each of the principal cities of the Andean Highlands. Here you can witness a range of charming cities there like Tulcn, Chota, and also the valley of Otavalo. South of Quito, the region of Latacunga and Ambato has much fine scenery, marked by an avenue of volcanoes. Two active ones are located inside of the Parque Nacional Sangay, a national park of exceptional magnificence which has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

20. Guayaquil

Guayaquil is the largest city and the economic hub of the country. In this fascinating city of Ecuador you can find plenty tourist attractions. It is said that the richest historical landmark of this city is Rotonda, which is bounded by government offices. The Littoral is the coastal belt and home to abundant ports of the country and is one of the top Ecuador tourist attractions. This is where the real fun begins because it offers everything from beaches, resorts, water sports and deep-water fishing. It offers has great food and an even better nightlife.

21. The Littoral

The Littoral is another most interesting tourist attraction of Ecuador. It is a narrow coastal belt. The chief ports offer tourist with a lot of the leading resorts for deep-sea fishing on the west coast. Especially beautiful are the towns of Playas Posoria and Salinas, while Esmeraldas, one of the countrys main ports, is also known for its beautiful beaches. The relaxing island of Muisne is also turning into a well-known destination.

22. Galpagos Islands

Galpagos Islands are one of the most visited tourist attractions of Ecuador. It is located around 1000km west of the Ecuadorian mainland; the islands are bleak, barren and rocky. It was made famous by Charles Darwins scientific voyage in the Beagle during the 19th century, the islands host some of the most specific wildlife which includes giant tortoises, lizards and iguanas remains the most exciting feature for the modern-day visitor. It is said that almost 50 percent of the islands species are found nowhere else in the world. The islands have been turned into a national park in an attempt to preserve their natural state, and, in 1978, UNESCO declared the Galpagos to be the universal natural heritage of humanity.

23. Loja

Loja is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Ecuador. It is the capital of Ecuador’s Loja Province to be found in the Cuxibamba valley in the south of the country. It shares its borders with the provinces of Zamora-Chinchipe and El Oro, and with Peru in the south. Loja holds a rich tradition in the arts and for this reason is known as the Music and Cultural Capital of Ecuador. The city is home to two major universities. The city has a population of about 200,000, and is situated 2100 m (6890 ft) above sea level. The Pan-American Highway runs past Loja.At nearly 500 years, it is one of the oldest cities in Ecuador. The city was also visited by Simón Bolívar in his campaign to unite Gran Colombia.

24. Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is a must see tourist destinations of Ecuador, which is also known as the Amazon Jungle. It is situated in South America and cover up the Amazon River basin. It is considered to be the largest river as far as discharge is concerned. Amazon Rainforest is the largest and biggest rainforest in the entire world and makes about half of the planet’s rainforest space. Amazon Rainforest or Amazonia is also considered a mysterious and powerful place containing a huge variety of animal species which comprise of mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. It is said that the Amazon Jungle was created millions of years ago when the Amazon River changed its flowing direction from the West to East direction.

25. The Quilotoa Loop

The Quilotoa Loop is another most interesting tourist spots in Ecuador. It is largely made up of small, Andean villages that surround the famous Crater Lake Quilotoa. It is one of the most beautiful sites and shouldn’t be missed, its major attractions is its beautiful lake, which is lovely, but for the unique and rich culture of the high mountain villages. It’s probably one of the favorite sites in the whole country. The town survives on the tourism the lake attracts and it’s filled with cozy hostels, little shops, and restaurants.

26. Canoa

Canoa is one of the must see destinations in Ecuador. It’s got a relaxed beach vibe but plenty of bars and nightlife to keep you dancing till dawn. You can spend your time hanging out under the colorful tents that line the beach, surfing the mellow waves and eating our weight in fresh ceviche. The food really is the best thing about this small town. In addition to all the fresh seafood you can eat, there is a Bask restaurant that specializes in dishes smothered in garlic – we’ve decided it’s the best restaurant in all of Ecuador. Canoa’s the kind of town which is admired by each and every one. You can plan your weekend trip there and find yourself still there, hanging out on the beach and drinking with the friendly locals, a month later.

27. Mindo

Mindo is a very famous tourist destination of Ecuador. It is a tiny town of Ecuador to be found deep in the Ecuadorian cloud forest. It’s a great place to spend a few days eating fresh trout, zip-lining trough the canopy, hiking to waterfalls and just getting some fresh air. The area is incredibly gorgeous and even the most tired travelers will find themselves unable to remain idle here.

28. Basilica del Voto Nacional

Basilica is another most fascinating place to visit in Ecuador. It is considered as one of the ideal spots to visit with your entire family. The cathedral was built to symbolise Ecuador’s devotion to the Roman Catholic Church. It remains in an unfinished state and a rumour lingers among Ecuadorians that the world would end if construction was completed. It has characteristics of European architecture and from the outside; the basilica´s façade actually looks similar to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. However, one of its distinctive decorations is the grotesques, or gargoyles.

29. Cuyabeno National Reserve

It is said that when it comes to the ecological gems of the Amazon, the Cuyabeno National Reserve is the most popular spot for travelers. It is a very amazing and diverse section of jungle; it is home to an unbelievable amount of flora and fauna. Over 450 species of fish and over 500 species of birds have been recorded here, including the hoatzin, one of the strangest birds of the Amazon forest – it looks kind of like a small, brown-and-white striped turkey, and the harpy eagle, the largest and most powerful bird of prey in the Americas.

30. Cuenca

Cuenca is a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site which presents to you with the history and colonial-style architecture. It includes 52 churches, one for every Sunday of the year. Cuenca was the second largest city in the Incan empire before the Spanish arrived. It is one of the most famous places to visit in Ecuador. Before the Incas, the city was inhabited by the Cañari, who arrived around 550 AD. Drop by one of the many museums and you can see both Incan and Cañari relics and also the ruins of certain Incan and Cañari structures. It’s a must see for its colonial charm, easy-going vibe, and its delicious international fare.

31. Vilcabamba

Another most famous Ecuador’s natural wonder is the Vilcabamba, which is considered as a must visit site for tourist. It is this city where you will find the sacred mountain of Mandango and Podocarpus National Forest. It is considered as one of the ideal places for relaxing in its cool and calm atmosphere. There’s even an alien airport there, although its intended use is unclear. It presents a wide variety of spa services for reasonable prices, and you get to enjoy spring-like weather all year round. Horseback riding, biking and hiking are the most popular ways to explore the surrounding mountains and forests.

32. Museo Fray Pedro Gocial

This museum of colonial religious art is very famous tourist spots of Ecuador to be found in the convent attached to the church of San Francisco, it is said to be a place worth visiting, and surely the type of art that is present there you amaze you. The monastery is the oldest and largest in the country, taking up two city blocks. It was founded in 1546 but took 70 years to build. The art works here include paintings, altar pieces and processional statues, displayed very nicely along the outer and inner cloisters. You are not allowed to take photographs inside the museum.

33. La Mitad Del Mundo

La Mitad Del Mundo is one of the very popular places and a must visit spots of Ecuador. This is the second monument you witness here as the first one has been replaced. It is said to be a very interesting place to visit you can find here some popular shows, musical and cultural presentations for tourists in the main courtyard and you can tour the museum and shop and eat. There is lot to do in La Mitad del Mundo and you can easily spend the whole day there. It is said that the construction of this place started in April 1979 and ended in August of 1982. It is made out of iron and cement, covered with the coating of polished and cut andesine stones. This new monument has the same geometric features as the former pyramid.

34. El Panecillo

It is well said about Ecuador that no trip to Ecuador is complete without visiting this beautiful place called El Panecillo. It is impossible to miss the hill which is topped by its statue of the Virgen de Quito who watches over and protects the city. It is said to dominate the skyline when you look south down any of colonial Quito’s avenidas. It is just amazing to witness the views form the hill, so a visit to the top is a must if you can manage it. El Panecillo means “the little bread loaf”, because of its shape. The hill was a sacred site for the Quechua, who had a temple to the Sun god (Yavirac) here and called the hill Shungoloma, meaning “hill of the heart”.

35. Iglesia de San Blas

Iglesia de San Blas is one of the most popular attractions which were built during the year 1568 and it is one of the oldest churches in Quito. It is a small church with one bell tower, situated at the pretty Plaza San Blas. There are stairs leading up to the church entrance, which is at a higher elevation than the plaza. The interior of the church are also impressive.

36. Parque La Carolina

Parque La Carolina is one of the most popular attractions to visit in Ecuador. Towards the north of Mariscal you will find this huge Parque La Carolina, almost 2km long. Here you can walk along one of the many footpaths or cycle along the bicycle lanes. It is ideal for those who are interested do sports there are places for basketball, football, volleyball, tennis and skateboarding. There is also a playground for children and a pond with boats to rent. Inside the park you will find the Botanical Garden, the Natural History Museum and the Vivarium (a place where you can see lots of reptiles and amphibians).

37. Charles Darwin Research Station

Charles Darwin Research Station is a very popular center in Ecuador. It is located in the outskirts of Puerto Ayora, at the east end of Avenida Charles Darwin. It was said to be established during the year 1964 and it is the headquarters of the Charles Darwin Foundation. You will find here more than 100 scientists, students and volunteers are working with research and conservation projects to protect the Galapagos ecosystem and rare species. Inside the research station there is a museum and information centre where you can learn much about the wildlife and ecology of the Galapagos Islands. There is a breeding centre and a house where baby-tortoises are incubated. The young tortoises are taken care of until they are old enough to be taken to their home islands and natural habitat.

38. Atacames

Atacames is a very famous beach town situated on Northern Pacific coast of Ecuador. It is located in the province of Esmeraldas around the distance of 30 kilometers from the capital of that province, which is also well known as Esmeraldas. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Ecuador and tourism is Atacames’s primary industry. For its population, Atacames has the highest level of hotels in the whole province of Esmeraldas. It has a busy night life, primarily due to the fact that weather during the day is extremely hot and humid. Through our the year it provides services for tourists, but the high season are weekends, Easter, Carnival, Christmas, and some weeks in the summer.

39. Mindo

Another interesting tourist spot of Ecuador is Mindo which is to found towards the northwest of Quito, it is said to be the hidden paradise 1,300 m (4,300 ft.) above sea level. Over the past few years, it has become a favorite place for bird watching and the observing insects and plants. Visiting Mindo is surely worth it. It has 450 species of endemic birds, 90 species of butterflies, and an amazing tropical cloud forest. You can also enjoy yourself by visiting a butterfly farm, and learn all about the lives of these amazing insects. Also enjoy an exciting rafting adventure on the Mindo River. You tour is incomplete if you don’t visit the orchid garden to discover the wonderful Ecuadorian orchids.

40. Puerto Ayora

Puerto Ayora is the most famous and the largest town on the Galapagos Islands and center for plenty of tourist attractions. The tourism of this place increased to a major extend ever since it has most of the required facilities (hotels, internet cafes, etc). Saying that, it’s still pretty small!

You could relax here for a bit and book an Island tour, or try to find a job in a bar and chill for a bit. However, prices on Galapagos are higher than in mainland Ecuador, due to its isolation!

41. The Cloud forest

One of the most famous things about Ecuador is its fascinating Cloud Forest. As the slopes of the High Andes head down east to the Amazon plains and west to the coastal regions, enormous expanses of cloud forest cover the hillsides. It is completely filled with wildlife, and is unique for the high diversity of birdlife in particular. You will also find plenty of reserves and national parks available quite close to Quito, such as Maquipucuna, where the rare Andean spectacled bear has been sighted, and the Mindo area, home to myriad species of hummingbird.

42. Salinas

Salinas is one of the most fashionable beaches in Ecuador, which is completely surrounded with many high-end resorts and five-star hotels towering along the shore. It is said to a popular town of the country and indeed a stylish one. You will also find some nice casino and yacht club, as well as fine dance clubs and restaurants. In addition to offering pricier options for Ecuador’s middle-to-high class, Salinas is known around South America for its annual international deep-sea fishing competitions. The Miami-style beachfront properties in Salinas are perfect for those who want a highly-developed enjoyment in resort area that still offers local charm.

43. Crucita

Another most interesting place of visit in Ecuador is Crucita. It is an ideal place to visit if you are looking to enjoy a day on the beaches where you can find long stretches of golden sand. This tiny but very beautiful scenic village is, perhaps home to a few excellent seafood restaurants, where you can spend your day’s simply sunbathing, swimming, and enjoying the daily catch. You can also indulge yourself in various activities like hang gliding is a popular sport here. Adventurous travelers could plan an entire trip exploring the coastline of Ecuador and hang gliding. Another popular spot for the sport is Canoa, where a high bluff makes the perfect takeoff point, but overall Crucita Beach Ecuador is considered one of the best destinations in the country for this activity.

44. Esmeraldas

The Esmeraldas Ecuador is one of the most popular beaches of the country located towards the northernmost site of Ecuador. You will find it almost at the border with Colombia. Along the whole coastline, Ecuador is home to a variety of great beaches where you can enjoy yourself fully with some good and tasty fresh seafood. It is said to be a bid coastal city that historically was famous for its port. The beaches here have become famous for nightlife, serene waters, and affordable hotels. Nearby Muisne Ecuador is also known for its unspoiled beaches.

45. Playa Escondida

It is said that the northern part of the county offers some of the most attractive stretch of Ecuador’s coast with scores of beautiful beaches backed by tropical forest. It is said to be an ideal place for partying and at the same time relaxing. This ecological getaway built with natural materials is set on 34 hectares of forest behind a deserted beach. Nearby rock formations, caves and tunnels provide a little adventure. Choose from rustic cabins or camping and the restaurant will keep you pleased with a wide range of seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes.

46. Riobamba

Riobamba is another most famous tourist destination of Ecuador. It is well known as the liveliest city in the country’s Central Sierra region, and considered to have an old colonial charm, with cobbled streets, pastel-colored buildings, stately squares, and an overflowing Saturday market. The city is also a staging point for a lot of excursions, including mountain-bike tours, the Parque Nacional Sangay wilderness area, the Chimborazo volcano, and the Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose) train ride.

47. Todos Los Santos

Todos Los Santos is another of the more popular archaeology museum exhibits of the country. It is a well known open air museum; this museum in Cuenca Ecuador is free of charge and open all times of the day and night. It was once the site of an archaeological dig in 1972, the museum has pieces with Cañaris, Inca, and Spanish influences co-existing in one place. Other archaeology museum exhibits are situated in Cuenca, along with contemporary art museums and colonial Ecuador museums.

48. Ingapirca

The Ingapirca ruins are among the best archaeological ruins in Ecuador, and at the same time one of the most famous tourist attractions of the country. Ecuador has its fair share of sites worth visiting as well. The Ingapirca ruins are an Incan ruin location situated just outside of a town by the same name. These are said be the largest Incan ruins in the country and are a popular day trip from the city of Cuenca. The most significant building at the Ingapirca ruins is the Temple of the Sun. This elliptical shaped building was constructed in the traditional Incan way without mortar.

49. The Andes Mountain

The Andes mountain range is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of the country. They stretch 4,400 miles along the western coast of South America, making it the longest mountain range around the globe. The highest peak of the Andes mountain range rises 6,962 miles about sea level. In the Ecuador Andes, the summit of Mount Chimborazo is the earth’s furthest point from its own center. Although the Andes mountain range does not compare to the Himalaya mountain range in height, it is twice as long. The climate of the Andes Ecuador is constantly changing, and believed larges by the locals that the mountains undergoes “four seasons in one day” throughout the year.

50. The Quito Gringo Area

The Quito Gringo Area is one of the most famous areas you will find in Ecuador. The main reason for its popularity is that it offers many affordable hotels, restaurants, and nightlife spots condensed in one area of the New Town. Like any other major city, the capital of Ecuador has a specific area that is popular among tourists, ex-pats, and backpackers, and the Gringo Area serves its purpose well. Quito is commonly separated into two areas: the Old Town where all the cobbled streets and historic buildings are located, and the more modern New Town.

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