Top 50 Things to Do and to See in Chile

Chile is a long, thin country that spans more than half of south america’s western coast around 2700 miles. The country of Chile is very beautiful and energetic with lots to offer tourists, including the beautiful beaches, deserts, and forests, the ancient Chilean historical monuments, The renaissance beauty and fashion metropolis cities. Here listing the 50 most popular attractions in Chile that you can visit wit your family.

1. Easter island stone heads ( Moai ) 

Easter Island is also known as Rapa Nui or Isla de Pascua is home to one of the famous tourist attractions of Chile, Stone Heads. On this Island there are 887 stone heads that are known as Moai. These stone heads are made by the Rapanui people and most of them are situated on the Rapa Nui National Park which also includes the Rano Raraku crater which has the largest of the Moai headstones that measures over 70ft in height and over 200 tons of weight. The Moai is UNESCO world heritage site.

2. San Pedro de Atacama

The town of San Pedro de Atacama is located near the Licancabur Volcano and the Atacama Desert (the driest desert in the world). The town of San Pedro de Atacama is an oasis town that is popular for trekking and climbing in Chile. The Atacama is spread over 600-mile strip on Chile’s Pacific coast, and very little rain is received because of the as it has Andes mountains to its East. The area is surrounded by volcanoes such as the Licancabur Volcano, and beautiful landscapes that includes Atacama Desert which is home to the elusive Llamas.

3. Tulor and El Tastio

Tulor and El Tastion are located in San Pedro de Atacama (the most popular tourist destination for climbing and trekking tours in Chile). El Tatio is home to plenty of geysers which you can see bubbling away. Where as the Tulor is an archeological site where you can witness a village’ remains and also pay a visit to the famous Archeological Museum of Gustavo Le Paige. The museum is home to an interesting collection of artifacts belonging to the Atacameno people.

4. La Serena

La Serena is a seaside city that offers romantic surroundings. La Serena is the second-oldest European city in Chile, and one of the oldest cities in South America. It was founded in 1544. La Serena is covered with some of the most beautiful beaches in northern Chile. In La Serena you can enjoy more than just relaxing. Most adobes in the city were built in the 1700s. There are museums that display artifacts from pre-Columbian times. From La Serena you can also visit nearby national parks and preserves, including Isla de las Damas which has sea lion colonies.

5. Moon Valley

Moon Valley is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Chile which is to be found in San Pedro de Atacama. It got its name because of the resemblance to the surface of the moon caused by natural environmental factors. Here some of the most remarkable natural formations include sand dunes, which were created by strong winds more than thousands of years. One of the well known is Las Tres Marias (The three Mary’s) which are formations as a result of intense erosion that are composed of gravel, clay, salt, gems, and quartz. The Three Mary’s are probable to be about 1 million years old. Here you will also admire scenic view from east to west there was a high mountain range and chain of volcanoes. As the sunset began, the colors of the mountains began to shift from many colors of blue, red, pink, orange, and purple. It is must visit place in Chile which is surely worth it.

6. Lake District

The Lake District is located about 650 miles south of Santiago, the capital city of Chile. The lake is situated at the base of Chile’s Andean mountains, and has a good picturesque view with conical volcanoes, green lakes and verdant forested valleys. The canopy ziplines is another major attraction for the tourist in the Lake District. During canopy tours you would travel between high platforms in the trees via an aerial runway.

7. Santiago, the capital of Chile

In winter Santiago, the capital city of Chile, laze around in one of the most spectacular settings that any city around the world offers. A view of the downtown reveals a mighty circle of mountains. There is a snowcapped Andean peaks to the east, and to the west a smaller coastal range. The city offers a thriving culinary there would be gourmets feast on world-class cuisine in Bellavista and Providencia. There are plenty of activities within reach of the city some of them include: Trekking, horseback riding, climbing, skiing, kayaking etc.

8. San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama is a must-see tourist destination in Chile which is to be found in the far north, within the hypnotizing, vast, bone-dry landscape of The Atacama Desert. It is located around 1,575 kilometers north of Santiago, San Pedro is a very beautiful hamlet that provides a center of tourism infrastructure and services to the growing number of international visitors embarking on various breathtaking excursions in the area. This beautiful town has an official population of just 2,500 Chilean locals, mostly direct descendants of Atamaceño natives. This town is also considered such a starting point for nearby touristic activity, there are a wide variety of hostels, luxury hotels, tourist agencies.

9. Atacam Salat Lake

The driest desert in the world is in Atacama, Chile, located at the extreme altitudes within an Andean basin, Atacam Salat Lake almost no rain water. However, there is water here that boils in geyser fields and hot springs from the volcanic depths. Rivers are fed from snowy peaks above. The crackling salt surface of Salar de Atamaca is the second-largest salt flats in the world. There are many lagoons, including Lagunas such as Chaxa, Miscanti, and the famous Cejar.

10. Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar is a city of Chile that is home to four of the most popular tourist attractions in Chile that include: Fonck Museum, Renaca Beach, Casino Vina del Mar, and the International Song Festival. The International Song Festival is the biggest event in Chile. On the other hand the Fonck Museum is also home to many artifacts of historical and cultural importance.

11. The Focnk Museum

The Focnk Museum is located in Vian del Mar at Norte corner. The museum is home to the only Moai headstone in mainland Chile and it has many objects of the native cultures from Chile that include: Atacameños, Rapanui, Diaguitas and Mapuches. Apart from this, the Fonck museum is also home to a wide collection of Peruvian pre-Columbian jars. And from natural sciences, there is an entire sample of arthropods and animals of different regions of the country.

12. Andes Mountains

The most popular and one of the favorite tourist destinations of Chile is this vast Andes Mountains which are considered to be the longest exposed mountain range on the planet. With a length of 4,300 miles the range stretches along the western coast of South America and crosses through seven countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. The Chilean Andes are part of the Southern Andes and run approximately the whole length of the country, forming much of Chile’s border with Argentina. With steep slopes, snowy mountains, and deep valleys, the Andes in Chile offer attractively beautiful vistas and are an exceptional addition to any Chile vacation journey.

13. The International Song Festival

The International Song Festival of Chile is the biggest event held in Vina del Mar, Chile. The festival is held annually during February. This event is also regarded as one of the top most music events in South America. The festival draws plenty of famous artists from almost all corners of the world. The song festival features competition on two categories: Pop song and Folk songs. The audience takes part in deciding the winner.

14. Isla Mocah Island

Isla Mocah Island is located west of the coast of Arauco Province in the Pacific Ocean, in Chile. The island is spread over an area of about 48 Sq km (19 sq mi). The Island has a small chain of mountains running roughly in north-south. It is a safe place for outdoor enthusiasts in Chile to enjoy long treks and walk along the beach and for ecotourism. Here you can enjoy fishing, whale watching, and excursions into the island’s nature reserve and also you can undertake wreck diving excursions to discover pirate shipwrecks.

15. Nahuelbuta National Park, Stone eagle

The Nahuelbuta National Park is spread over16, 88 acres and located about 21,75 miles from the city of Angol. The park lies in the highest sector of the Mountain range of Nahuelbuta. Nahuelbuta National Park is home to several attractive places that include: stands the Stone of the Eagle, natural viewpoint from where you can watch the Pacific Ocean and the Mountain range of the Coast. The Peat bogs is an area of scientific interest where you can find insectivorous vegetation. The park also has Valley of Pehuenco, Pichinahuel Hill, Anay Hill and Coimalín among other attractions.

16. Coimallin

Coimallin is located in the Nahuelbuta National Park, it is on the footpath ways of about 2,49 miles to Anay Hill, and has an altitude of 1.279,53 feet. It offers a good number of recreational activities in scientific and contemplative sense. Coimallin is located some 3,11 miles from the administration area of Nahuelbuta National Park but forms a part of the park.

17. Valdivia Chile

Valdivia Chile is a very famous city of Chile which is also known as the City of Rivers mainly because of the bodies of water that run around and through it, leaving the town a popular port spot. On your tour to Valdivia, you are about to experience the ancient culture and history of the city that was founded in 1552, and even if you’re not specifically interested in the history of Chile, it’s sure to be a memorable experience.

The weather of this beautiful city is just awesome and considered ideal for boating tours, hiking excursions, and sightseeing expeditions to local attractions.

18. Stone Eagle

The Stone Eagle lookout point is situated in Nahuelbuta National Park; it is also among one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chile. It is actually a view point that offers stunning views of the ocean and the Andes Mountains. It can be reached by foot from Pehuenco, the views that you get from this point are really picturesque and can the pictures can make way to your photo album memoir.

19. Canete

It is among one of the first few cities that the conquerors found, founded by Don Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza during1557-1558. The city is part of the province of Arauco. Cañeta is one of the ancestral land of Mapuches people; hence you can find their tradition and culture in this region. There is the Tucapel Fort in the city and other activities of interest of the city include timber framing.

20. Tucapel Fort

The Tucapel Fort is located in the city of Cañete, the fort is considered as a histrocial monument of Chile. The fort was founded by Pedro de Valdivia in 1552; it is home to beautiful landscape in front of the valley of the river. The fort has seen multiple battles fought between the Spaniards and Araucanos. A rich history of battles fought between them can be witnessed within the fort.

21. Lanalhue Lake (lost soul)

The Lanalhue Lake is located about 6,21 miles south of Cañete in Arauco province of Bio Bio region. The lake is seated on the highway of Canete. It is surrounded by great beautiful surroundings. It is a wonderful lake with calm waters and surrounded by a few hut houses. You can enjoy typical Lake Environment here. Many people have started to visit this place that is part of the Nahuelbuta National Park.

22. Lleu Lleu Lake

The Lleu Lleu Lake is located on the mountain range of Nahuelbuta. In mapuche lanugaued Lleu Lleu means to melt or to crumble. The lake is located about 39,37 feet above the sea level to the southwest of Contulmo. The Lake is spread over an area of 10,63 acres. It is also regarded as the purest lake of Latin America, the waters of Lleu Lleu are calm and pure.

23. Pichilemu

Pichilemu is originally called as Pichilemo and located in the central Chile. It is also the capital of Cardenal Caro Province. The city is a beach resort city, it has an urban center and 22 villages, some of the famous ones are: Ciruelos, Cáhuil, and Espinillo.

In Pichilemu surf competitions are held and it is popular among surfing enthusiast as it offers best surfing experience.

24. Punta de Lobos Beach

Punta de Lobos Beach is located about three miles from Pichilemu. Ever November surfing competitions are held here. It is considered as one of the best surfing spots in Chile. The sand here is almost black but waters are clear. Here you can enjoy other aquatic adventures as well or just go for a hangout. This beach has been a major tourist attraction in the area of Pichilemu.

25. Patagonia, Chile-Argentine

Patagonia is not just exclusive to Chile but has its presence in South America, Argentine. It has some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth. The region comprises the southern section of the Andes Mountains in the southwest towards the Pacific Ocean and from the east of the mountain range to the valleys it follows the Colorado River south towards Carmen de Patagones in the Atlantic Ocean. In the west, it has the province of Valdivia through Tierra del Fuego archipelago. Patagonia consists of many regions itself which are very popular as well as tourist’s attraction. Patagonia is home to may fauna such as: the cougar, the guanaco, the Patagonian Fox (Lycalopex griseus), the Patagonian Hog-nosed Skunk (Conepatus humboldtii) etc. Among the Bird-life Green-backed Firecrowns (Sephanoides sephaniodes), which is a species of humming bird is found in abundance.

26. Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park is located in the south part of Chile about 112km north of Puerto Natales. This National park is a famous trekking destination for tourists from all around the world. Hiking around Torres del Paine is one of the good activity that every one looks for in the park. Here you can enjoy incredible views of large glaciers, vertical impressive falls and granitic peaks. Torres del Paine is one of the prominent landmark of the Chilean Patagonia.

27. Volcán Villarrica

The Villarrica National Park is located about 30 km northeast of the famous tourist center of Pucon in north Patagonia. The major attraction of this park is the superb snow covered cone of Villarrica Volcano. The most climb summit in Chile is Volcán Villarrica edespite large crowds and different other activities. It is one of major climbing attraction in the National Park.

28. Chiloé Island

The Chiloé Island lies in the southern Chile over the Pacific Ocean and it is part of the Los Lagos region of chile. The town of Castro is the capital of Chiloé that has interesting remains of corrugated iron buildings as well as wooden architecture typical to the Island. There is also a Cathedral which is an excellent example of this distinctive architecture. There are other buildings as well in the area that exhibits similar architect.

29. Valparaiso and Vine Del Mar

These two cities are located about 1 hour from each other on the coast of Chile, and they are around 2-3 hours from Santiago city. Valparaíso can well be described as an artistic town and one of the major things to hit is the graffiti. The streets of the towns are decked with very creative portraits and exclusive art work. There is also Pablo Neruda museum in the city that is worth paying a visit. In Vine Del Mar city you can explore the famous flower clock.

30. Quidico

Quidico city is located 37,28 miles towards the south and coast. It is a resort area and the favorite of Cañete locals. Quidico is a part of Tirúa region. Quidico is rivulet and tourist place that has good number of beaches that to swim and bath. There are a good number of restaurants that offer good alternative seafood with local flavor that is not available in other parts of the country.

31. Ruta del Vino Colchagua (vineyards), Santa Cruz

Chile is among few countries that lead the list of wine production. Wine has been produced in Chile since the 1540s. It is believe that wine productions was actually started by the Catholic missionaries to partake in the drink during Mass. Late the Spanish colonists continued this tradition and onto establish small-scale production when they established a winery here in 1851. So in Santa Cruz and other areas of Chile you can get some of the best of wines and experience its production as well.

32. The Chile Pre-Colombian museum

The Chile Pre-Colombian museum is one of the most impressive pre-Colombian art museums in the world. Almost everything inside this museum is beyond interesting and one of the museums that you will thoroughly enjoyed. They have a statue in front of the art museum that would consider one of the most powerful sculptures that any one has ever seen. If you go to Chile and not see this museum you definitely will miss something.

33. Aacama Salt Lakes & High Desert Lagoons

Another most fascinating place to visit in Chile is The Salt Lake District. It is considered as one of the most beautiful parts of the country with its snow capped mountains in the background and flamingos that rest in the lagoons. You are said to be in the middle of the Andes Mountains and surrounded by active volcanoes. Here you will find that the waters are so beautiful that you will be blown away by the almost unnatural color of turquoise in such an unusual location in the middle of the desert. Moreover, you will also love to visit local villages near by.

34. The Festival De La Virgin del Carmen – La Tirana

Chile is also very famous for its amazing festivals. The festival in La Tirana takes place in the northern part of Chile in July annually. The Festival De La Virgin del Carmen is in honor of an indigenous woman who converted to Catholicism. It is said to full of energy encompassing both Christian and Inca traditions. It is incorporated with Andean music, traditional dance, and elaborate attire. People gather from around the area including the neighboring countries of Bolivia and Argentina. Besides the entertainment, their major aim is to commemorate the heroic deeds of one female Inca warrior from the 16th century who bravely fugitive from the colonizing armies of the conquistador, and ran away because she was in love with a Spanish slave.

35. Cerro Santa Lucia In Santiago

Cerro Santa Lucia is one of the famous places to shop in Chile. It is the second market you can find is the Mercado Central. It’s a bit less busy than La Vega but you can still find a great selection of fish to buy and some fruits in veggies as well. Here can also find a variety of small restaurants where you can flavor the local cuisine.

36. The Cerros

The meaning of the word Cerro in Spanish is hills and Santiago is filled with them. The border with Argentina is home to the massive Andes Mountains and a short drive away from the city you can access the highest peak in the western hemisphere, Mount Aconcagua. Cerro San Cristobal is a beautiful hill in the city and it is said that you can spend an entire day relaxing and exercising or simply going to see the gorgeous sunsets. The statue to your right sits at the top of the hill.

37. Iquique

Iquique is one among the famous places of Chile, which is available right on the Pacific coast, and is well known for the surf, paragliding, body boarding, and its laid back atmosphere. It is considered to be one the best places simple to just relax and spend some time on the beach at one of the most popular beaches in town – Playa Cavancha. It is such a beautiful place that you would end up spending the day sand boarding down the hills or spend half of your day paragliding in one of the most popular places in Chile. On your tour to Iquique you will surely have a wonderful experience. Iquique also has a very large duty free zone for any long term traveler that may need to make a short stop for some purchases while on the road.

38. Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert is said to be the most popular tourist attraction in Chile second to only Eastern Island. The Atacama Desert is the major and the most Driest Desert in the world. You will fall in love with the unique rock formations and surely they will leave you speechless. Your tour to this Desert will surely amaze you. valle de la luna (moon valley), death valley, and dinosaur valley, to name a few (great picture taking opportunities in these areas). You could literally spend an entire week exploring the area (it would be time well spent), look for accommodation in San Pedro de Atacama.

39. Valle de la Luna

Another most famous tourist attraction of Chile is this beautiful place Valle de la Luna which is a part of the Cordillera de Sal, formed where the Andes gather with the Atacama Desert, the Valle de la Luna is appropriately named: its sand and rock formations create a remarkably moonlike landscape. Come at sunrise or sunset, when a multitude of colors splashes across the sky. Your tour to this place surely is one of your indescribable experiences and you will love to watch the full moon rise over the valley.

40. Chiloes Churches

Chiloes Churches are one of the most famous Churches you will find in Chile. In addition to its palafitos (brightly colored waterfront homes on wooden stilts) and it is well known for its 150 wooden churches, which were constructed by Jesuit missionaries during the colonial period. In the year 2000 it was declared a World Heritage Site in. And also UNESCO has been helping to restore many that were damaged or are in disrepair. One of the most beautiful and oldest examples is the Iglesia de Santa María de Loreto, on the small island of Quinchao. The church dates from 1706, and its deep-blue ceiling is adorned with gold stars.

41. Pablo neruda’s houses

Isla Negra, La Sebastiana, and La Chascona are the 3 famous houses of Chilean Nobel Prize–winning poet Pablo Neruda. These famous housed are to be found in Isla Negra (45 minutes south of Valparaíso), Valparaíso, and Santiago, respectively. Given Neruda’s eclectic taste and passion for collecting objects, each is distinctive and well worth a visit.

42. Puerto Montt

A Puerto Montt vacation is considered to be most perfect choice for those who enjoy the outdoors. It is to be found in the southern region of the country and is a busy port of call for boating tours of the most beautiful lake and channel area. Here you can also include in you tour some of the best fly fishing to be found in the region. When sightseeing in the downtown area, a short walk will get you to the busy harbor, where you can watch local fishermen unload their catch of the day. The marketplace at Angelmo Harbor is considered to be the busiest in the area, with vendors selling everything from colorful handcrafted wool clothing and boots to fresh produce and seafood, including the region’s famous pink salmon.

43. Punta Arenas Chile

On your tour to Punta Arenas you can explore diverse sightseeing opportunities, beginning with the Plaza de Armas and its statue honoring Ferdinand Magellan, who first discovered what, is now called the Strait of Magellan. Inside this beautiful city and surrounding area, you will find several interesting museums, including the Maggiorino Borgatello Museum, Museo Regional de Magallanes, Museo Salesiano, Palacio Braun Menendez Museo, and the Naval and Maritime Museum, with more than 1,600 pieces of nautical equipment and instruments from the past.

44. Santiago nightlife

The capital city of Santiago is one of the well known places to visit in Chile anytime during the year. During the summer, from December to February, the peak travel season in Chile. The Mediterranean climate makes it perfect place to visit in any season, being especially nice in the spring and fall. Nightlife in Chile offers a diverse lively atmosphere for visitors and locals alike.

45. Vina del Mar Chile

Vina del Mar Chile is very famous place to visit in Chile and it is also known as the Garden City. Vina del Mar is to found along the Pacific Coast and is a popular around the year tourist destination, providing exceptional weather, atmosphere, culture, history, and fine food. The beauty of this place will ensures tourist of an excellent vacation experience, whether you are touring the city in a horse-drawn carriage, Vacationers can sunbathe on the white sands of Renaca Beach as well as surf, go deep-sea diving, tour nearby islands, or fish the waters of the Pacific. Several land-based excursions are available, including guided wine tours through area vineyards, taking photos of exotic flowers at the National Botanical Gardens, and playing at the casino are all possible during a vacation in Vina del Mar.

46. Ojos Del Salado

Another popular places of interest in Chile is the Ojos Del Salado which is situated northeast of the city of Copiapo, it is a massive strata volcano in the Andes Mountains on the Argentina-Chile border. Approximately at 22,608 feet (6,891 meters), it has the honor of being both the highest volcano in the world and the highest mountain in Chile. The remarkable sight attracts serious climbers and adventurers, who can climb the mountain through either Argentina or Chile. It also attracts non adventurers, who love to explore this place and visit nearby lakes and national parks.

47. Chile Festivals

You will find a lot of Festivals in Chile which they celebrated with lot of enthusiasm, it is said that there are hundreds of Chile festivals throughout the year in a variety of different areas, which also attracts the tourist who visit this country. During the month of January several festivals will take place among them the famous are the Santiago Loveparade in Santiago and the Feast Day of Saint Sebastian in Yumbel. Each of these festivals is said to be very unique and lively.

48. Pucon

Another interesting place of Chile that attracts a lot of tourist is the Pucon which is nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. It is considered as a top resort area for tourists seeking a vacation location with mild summer temperatures for comfortable outdoor activities and cold winters that offers you the perfect snow conditions for skiing. With the town’s location in the southern Araucania region a major factor, travelers booking a vacation package to Chile that includes travel to Pucon are assured of an outstanding trip. Pucon Chile is easily reached alod by vehicle via the PanAmerican route or by air via the Temuco or Santiago airports. One of the outstanding features for tourists planning a Pucon travel itinerary is the collection of activities available on the Villarrica volcano.

49. Arica

Arica is a famous coastal city of Chile with beautiful beaches and is also considered as a starting point for tourist heading east to Putre for enjoying the majestic Puna landscape of Lauca National Park. It has a total population of 185,269 in the Arica Province of northern Chile’s Arica and Parinacota Region. It is Chile’s northernmost city. It is the capital of both the Arica Province and the Arica and Parinacota Region. At the location of the city two lush valleys that dissect the Atacama Desert converge: Azapa and Lluta. These valleys are very famous for providing fruit for export. One of the most interesting parts of this place is its mild weather.

50. Lauca National Park

Lauca National Park is one of the most famous parks of Chile which is to be found in Chile’s far north, in the Andean range. In this huge park you will find several species of animals and plants. Mammals in the area include Vicuñas, Llamas, Alpacas, Guanacos, Tarucas, Cougars and Vizcachas. And also there are over 140 bird species making it one of the finest national parks for birding in Chile. Those comprise Puna Ibis, Andean Goose, Giant Coot, Puna Tinamou, Silvery Grebe, Crested Duck, Puna Teal, Andean Condor and Chilean Flamingo.

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