Top 50 Things To Do and To See in Belgium

Belgium is a federal state in western Europe. Belgium has over 42 miles of north sea coastline, and a running along this coast are a number of soft and sandy beaches. The country has a lot of beaches  to enjoy. Belgium boasts culture and carnivals  that are world famous.Its cities are vibrant, colorful, unique and worth seeing. The historical places, museums and palaces have in abundance to offer a tourist. Fifty thins that you can do in Belgium along with your family are as follows:

1. Brussels

Brussels, the capital city of Belgium is a city of contrasts with huge variety when it comes to places of interest and things to do for people all around the world who are planning to visit Brussels. The city has everything to offer to its visitors from museums & monuments to parks, beaches other points of interest. Brussels now has acquired a reputation as one of Europe’s must-see destinations, with its small town charm, trendy bars and restaurants, fabulous food, great nightlife, fantastic shopping, numerous museums, and other attractions including the diverse and appealing exhibitions and festivals organized there every year. Brussels is also known as a center of style, art, and design. While attracting more and more big names in international fashion, Brussels have a remarkable fashion influence on its people. The streets of Brussels feature art and architecture created from a distinctly Belgian point of view that cannot be replicated. This beautiful city is a center for fashion, art, and Belgian culture.

2. Grand Place

The Grand Place, with its elaborate baroque and gothic guild houses, is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe has become very popular among tourists. Earlier it was built as a merchants market in the 13th century; Grand Place is considered as the city center and a grand location to enjoy Belgian hospitality at one of the many terrace cafes. It is also hosts number of venue for concerts & events right through the year and throughout the summer it presents a vibrant, daily flower market.

3. Town Hall ( hotel De Ville )

The very first building which is noticeable upon entering the Grand Place is this outstanding gothic known as the town hall which is constructed in the 13th century. The most attractive parts of the towm hall include its beautiful façade which features the famous needle-like crooked spire which is 315 feet in height and is topped by the archangel St. Michael. Tourists are allowed to view the interior, which contains 15th century tapestries and works of art.

4. The Royal Palace

This Royal Palace which is also known as Palais Royal is the official home of the Belgian king, The signal of knowing if he is in the country when you see the Belgian flag flying on top of the building. The building is a highlight of Neo-Classical architecture and overlooks Brussels Park. The Royal Palace is open to the public during the summer months. This Royal Palace is one of the exciting places to visit in Belgium. If you are planning to visit Belgium then consider summers .

5. Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis is very famous among the tourist for a very unique and unusual reason. Manneken Pis is a very famous statue of a little boy peeing in a fountain and it is considered as a perfect representative of the irreverent Belgian humor. The only one of its kind Brussels icon has been amusing and surprising visitors on the corner of Rue de L’Etuve & Stroofstraat ever since 1619. Over time it has become a tradition for visiting heads of state to donate miniature versions of their national attire for the little naked boy. The wardrobe of Mannekin Pis can is available at the Brussels museum which includes over 760 outfits – even an authentic Elvis jumpsuit.

6. Coudenberg

Coudenberg is an underground trail to find out and discover the remains of King Charles the Fifth’s palace. You will be amazed to see the palace, a fascinating walk under Place royals to discover the remains of the Coudenberg Palace which was one of the main residences of Charles V. Charles in the past used to spend a lot of his time in this palace The previous Hoogstraeten house with its outstanding and differently renovated gothic gallery – houses the Museum of the Coudenberg where the visitors will be able to admire the most beautiful and precious archaeological discoveries of the last 25 years of the Coudenberg.

7. The museum of ancient art

The Museum of Ancient Art displays an immeasurable collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings from the 15th century to 18th century. Constructed around a core of innovative captures and deposits which belongs to the French state, this collection was continuously enriched by the acquisitions, but also by contributions and legacies of numerous patrons. The paintings of the Ancients of the southern Netherlands make up an indispensable part of this collection (Rogier van der Weyden, Petrus Christus, Dirk Bouts, Hans Memling, Jérôme Bosch, Bruegel, Pierre-Paul Rubens, Jacob Jordaens, Antoine van Dyck). The museum also includes an exceptional collection of terra cotta “modelli” from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as a beautiful series of paintings representing foreign schools.

8. Magritte museum

Magritte Museum located inside the building of the Royal Museums for Fine Arts of Belgium, In this museum tourists will be able to discover the world’s largest collection of René Magritte’s works. The collection is an ideal proof of René Magritte’s oeuvre and covers all the periods from his life. The works on display, among which his most significant masterpieces, are largely from the legacies of Irène Scutenaire-Hamoir and Georgette Magritte and from purchases made by the Royal Museums for Fine Arts of Belgium, though completed with works on loan from private persons.

9. Mim ( the Museum of Musical Instruments)

The Museum of Musical Instruments is a prominently gorgeous building in Brussels combining the architectural styles of Neo-Classic and Art Nouveau. In the museum visitors can find a collection of more than 7000 instruments of different kinds and origins. On the top floor, the indoor & outdoor MIM Restaurant provides visitors with a magnificent 360° view of Brussels. This place has become the most sought after place to visit by tourists.

10. The Belgian center for comic strip art

This masterpiece is designed by Victor Horta which available in an art nouveau. This museum pays respect to a particular Belgian passion, cartooning. Tintin and the Smurfs are the most prominent Belgian comic strip typescript but the museum also displays artwork from almost over 670 cartoonists. Other displays detail the stages of putting together a comic strip, from examples of initial ideas and pencil sketches through to final publication. Arranged over three levels, the museum also has a library and an art nouveau brewery. This museum is one of the tourist’s favorite destinations in Belgian. When you visit this place discover the centre of Brussels and its inhabitants by following the Comic Strip Route and complimentary comic strip façades, walls and statues.

11. Museum Horta

The former home of Art Nouveau’s well known architect, Victor Horta, is now famous for the Horta Museum. This museum showcases stained glass and subway tile, pale wood and wrought iron that’s every corner seems magically bathed in golden sunlight. A must place to visit in Belgian. This place is very popular for holding different Museums which has become a popular tourist attraction.

12. The Dinosaur Gallery at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

The tourists in Belgian get an opportunity to explore the largest dinosaur museum in Europe on permanent display at the Museum of Natural Sciences starting on October 27. This is a great exhibit for the whole family, with many new dinosaur skeletons to discover and learn about in addition to many activities for children. This is a perfect place for visitors who are seeking entertainment for the complete family.

13. Christmas Markets

This very famous Christmas Markets is a very popular and delightful event organized by the people of Belgian. Which starts during the month of December Brussels’ Grand Place is magically transformed into a winter wonderland of holiday delights with an enormous Christmas tree and nightly sound & light shows. Nearby on Place Sainte Catherine resides a European Christmas Market village made up of wooden cottages filled with Christmas goodies, European food specialties and handicrafts. A very fascinating event for the youngsters as well as the old people

14. Galerie St Hubert

A glass roofed shopping arcade is located in the center of the town is a very gorgeous place to visit by tourist which is lined with cafes, theaters and luxury stores and holds the distinction of being the first shopping arcade in Europe. Constructed in 1847 and very recently renovated to attract visitors, the Royal Galleries (Galerie de la Reine, du Roi and du Prince) are one of the most astonishing places to visit in Brussels. A lot of tourists visit this place and enjoy themselves with their family and friends.

15. Atomium

The Atomium gives a panoramic view of Brussels as well as its surroundings. It’s a kind of a symbol ic land mark of the Brussels city. The Atomium consists of molecule’s nine atoms and was built for the 1958 World Fair, which magnified 165 billion times. The 9 spheres that constitute an “atom” are linked by escalators. The Atomium is home to a museum and also a venue for special events. You can experience the Death-Ride from the top of the sphere of the Atomium!

16. Cathedral of saints Michael and Gudule

It’s a cathedral that located near Central Station, which is magnificently built and dedicated to the male and female patron saints of Brussels. It was completed by the end of the 15th century in the Brabant Gothic style, but was damaged by the French shelling of 1695. The white stone façade is from the year 1250 and the interior is splendidly proportioned and stuffed with treasures.

17. Place du Grand Sablon

Place du Grand Sablon is an attractive square which is located on the slope that divides Brussels between the upper and lower halves of the city. Well decorated out with chic boutiques, al fresco cafes, fashionable restaurants, and trendy bars, the Grand Sablon is most famous for its sparkling open-air antiques market which attracts antiques dealers from all over the world. Tourists from all the over is world visits this market to collect antiques which attracts them. Open every weekend (Sat 9-6, Sun 9-2).

18. Place Du Petite Sablon

Immediately above the Grand Sablon you will be amazed to see the jewel of a square – Petit Sablon. Formerly a horse market, which was then converted into an elegant & charming flower garden in 1890 with lavish fountains, surrounded by wrought-iron fences decorated with stone statuettes. Each figure represents a unique medieval trade or craft that brought prosperity to Brussels. Currently it is a favorite area for the entire tourist particularly to relax while taking in the pretty view.

19. Rue De Bouchers

Rue de Bouchers well known more for the atmospheric charm it has, it is a walking thoroughfare abounding with 17th century stepped gables, decorated doorways, cafes and restaurants with lavish pavement displays of seafood, piled high on mounds of ice. This avenue offers a extensive variety of restaurants at various price points. Two of the most well known restaurants are Chez Leon and Aux Armes de Bruxelles. This place is very famous among the youngsters who love to enjoy verities in their food.

20. Durbuy

Dubuy popularly Known as the smallest town on earth, is also one of the prettiest places to visit by tourists from different parts of the world. The old town dates mainly from the 17th century. The pedestrian streets, winding between the ancient houses, are narrow and cobbled. Durbuy is a very pleasurable holiday resort prominent for its excellent food. This is very easily accessible, there are 2 direct trains from Brussels (North, Central and Midi stations) to Barvaux per hour and a ticket costs 17.50 euro. From Barvaux, and you will have to take this shuttle to Durbuy. Once you are in Durbuy you must visit its shops, cafés and eating places set in narrow flowered and cobbled streets lined by old stone houses which forms the key attraction of this town. A walk through the old town is a must for every visitor.

21. Tournai

One of the very attractive places to visit in Belgium is Tournai which is a small and a beautiful town next to France. Visitng this place is very easy, there are 2 direct trains from Brussels (North, Central and Midi stations) per hour and a ticket costs 11.80 euro. If you are in Tournai you must visit Notre Dame Cathedral in Tournai.

22. Notre Dame Cathedral in Tournai

Tournai cathedral is one of the most stunning religious monuments in the Western world. The 5-towered Romanesque and early Gothic masterpiece was constructed during the 12th & 13th centuries. Its treasury contains the silver and copper Shrine of Our Lady, completed in the early 13th century. The Cathedral also houses works by Rubens and his current Jordaens.

23. Museum of fine arts

The building designed by Victor Horta, contains a large number of interesting sculptures and paintings ranging from prehistoric painters to contemporary masters, among whom are Campin, Roger Van der Weyden (born in Tournai), Brueghel, Rubens, Jordaens, Watteau, & Van Gogh. There are also 2 sublime works by Manet. This Museum is definitely of interest to all those who are interested in viewing some exceptional art work done by primitive artist. Museum of Fine Arts is one of the famous museum in Belgium.

24. Spas

Spa is an attractive Belgian town in a wooded valley surrounded by undulating hills and countless rivers and springs is often referred to as the Pearl of the Ardennes. This town is easily accessible; the easiest way to get to Spa is by driving. From Brussels, follow the E-40 towards Liege. If you prefer to travel by train, you can take it from Brussels (North, Central and Midi stations) to Pepinster where you can transfer to the L5476 in the direction of Spa-Geronstere. The trip will cost 18.10 euro. If you are in Spas you must visit “les Thermes de Spa”.

25. “Les THERMES De Spa”

The new spa is currently holding around 8600 square feet of hot swimming pools which is now renovated, with water temperatures of 90 degrees. Open for visits ranging from a few hours to a full day, this spa will surely take you straight to a state of blissful relaxation. The water comes directly from the “Clementine” spring, and is filled with natural minerals good for cleaning the skin. Thanks to the bells of water, geysers, bubble seats, couches and other bubbling water cannons, you will be relax, unwinded and tone up.

26. Namur

Namur is one of the famous cities of Belgium which only has a short distance from Brussels, Namur, the capital of Wallonia, is increasingly attracting attention. Around the city, a whole region of great charm is opening up to the world. Easily reached by road, air, rail or waterway, Namur keeps its heart for pedestrians.

27. Liege

Liège is a very famous historical city available on the river Meuse which is the birthplace of the Emperor Charlemagne & the writer Georges Simenon and at the crossroads of a significant motorway network linking Paris, Amsterdam & Cologne -Germany; it is only a small number of miles away from Maastricht, Holland. Liège is just two hours from Paris by Thalys or one hour from Brussels if you are travelling by train. This is the cultural center of Wallonia with an intense artistic life as well as an important architectural heritage. It is very easy to visit this place there are two direct trains from Brussels (North, Central and Midi stations) per hour and a ticket will costs you around 13.70 euro. The places you must visit in Liege include Liege-Guillemins Station.

28. Liege- Guillemins Station

Liege- Guillemins Station is the new impressive railway stations, is one of biggest train hubs in Europe and is part of the European high-speed train network. It was designed by the world famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Liège-Guillemins station connects Liège to Brussels only in one hour, to Paris in 2h15, to Cologne in 1h and to Frankfurt in 2h20

29. Collegiate Churches

Liège is very famous for its rich religious and cultural heritage and had a profound impact on the city. It was a Prince-Bishopric for more than eight centuries and an important political center in Medieval Europe. Eight Roman Catholic collegiate churches or cathedrals were constructed during this period, seven remain. St. Lambert’s Cathedral was destroyed in 1794, but its remains can be seen at the Archéoforum. The Collegial church of Saint Bartholomew was founded outside the city walls in the 11th century and the baptismal font is one of ‘Belgium’s wonderful Seven’- the 7 most important and very popular historical treasures. Saint Paul’s Cathedral, built in the 10th century, has a superbly decorated nave from the 16th C.

30. Glass Museum

The Glass Museum traces the origin and history of glass, the development of its use and its decoration, its composition, specific characteristics and its applications in the present day. A extraordinary collection of glasswork covers the past of this material from the urns and blown plates of the in the early hours days of our era to present-day sculptures, including the extremely ornate glass of Venice, the scintillating crystal of the 19th century, the delicate etched glass of Germany and Bohemia and the splendours of Art Nouveau. One segment is dedicated to the history of the technology of both hollow glass and flat glass.

31. Prince-Bishop’s Palace

It was given its current appearance by Prince-Bishop Erard de la Marck in 1526; The Prince-Bishop’s Palace was constructed in the 10th centuary. The structure is comprised of two courtyards. The Palace displays both the provincial government and the law court. The beautiful facade is a must see here and is loved by almost all the tourists. The first courtyard is open every day for the visitors. The palace itself can only be visited by anyone if they have an approved written request.

32. Belgium chocolates

One of the best reasons to visit Belgium is for its chocolate, which is considered as the best chocolates in the world. Chocolates previously considered as a treat only for the rich people, but now Belgium chocolates are enjoyed by one and all. Wherever you go in Belgium, whether it is the capital city of Brussels or the small town of Bouillon, you are bound to find a chocolatier, or chocolate maker, close by. Pralines are one of the most famous among the tourist. Pralines are nothing but divine little candies, and they consist of chocolate shells that are filled with either a nut or cream paste and they are very easily available in almost all the shops. Visitors love to visit chocolate factory, like Roose’s Chocolate World in Brugge, visitors not only get to learn about the history of the company and how they make their chocolate, but you’ll also get to taste the final product, which is the main highlight to the tourist. In addition to Belgian chocolate tours that are offered at a Belgium chocolate factory, you can also enjoy ones that are offered at a museum. The Museum of Cacao and Chocolate in Brussels is an perfect Belgium museum where chocolate is king. This museum is just a short walk from the central Grand Place and is a great place to find out about the complete history of chocolate. e tasty chocolate.

33. Antwerp

One of the popular cities of Belgium Antwerp, Resting on the banks of the Scheldt River in north central Belgium is the prosperous city of Antwerp. Boasting a extraordinary medieval quarter, a superbly healthy diamond trade, and one of the world’s leading ports, Antwerp Belgium has abundance to brag about. Antwerp tourism is steadfastly growing in popularity, and rightfully so. There is abundance of great Antwerp attractions to satisfy those who take an Antwerp vacation, and when the sun goes down here, the city’s vibrant nightlife keeps things fascinating. Fine dining, world-class shopping, and plenty of culture are just some of the other things that make Antwerp travel so enjoyable, so be certain to include a stop here on your upcoming Belgium getaway.

34. Knokke

Knokke Belgium is found near the Netherlands border on the North Sea coast, and this to a certain extent restricted beach town is renowned for having some of the best Belgium beaches. Water sports enthusiasts will definitely feel at home here and definitely will be a treat to visit this place, as will seafood lovers who can pamper in the local catches of the day. The tourists of all ages cannot stop loving and exploring this beautiful city of beaches. You will also find a casino here where you can add some gaming action to your Knokke Belgium journey, and a tiny train ride through the town streets is unquestionably suggested for kids of all ages. Knokke is comprised of five different resort areas. It is the main seaside resort in the municipality, and attracts a large number of visitors in the warm summer months. While Knokke has obviously become a bit less exclusive in recent years, its suburb of Het Zoute still exudes jet-set appeal. Now you can complement your Belgian beach experience with a visit to one of Europe’s most precious cities. Among all other Knokke attractions, the beaches are among the most alluring. The long and sandy stretches here are great for swimming when the summer hits, though the water is a bit colder than what you might find in more tropical locales, such as the Caribbean or Mexico. Plenty of fun in the sun can be had on Knokke vacations, as there are facilities where you can rent paraphernalia for activities such as jet skiing, sailing, and windsurfing.

35. Ghent

The audacity some 230,000 people, the city of Ghent is Belgium’s third largest. It is the capital of the East Flanders province, which is originate in the mostly Dutch-speaking Flemish region of the country. Ghent is a popular industrial port city. Since the city is just 30 minutes by train from Brussels, Brugge, and Antwerp, it can easily be paired with these other great destinations when enjoying a Belgium vacation. Modest, culturally-rich, and full of fun things to do, Ghent Belgium offers something or the other for every visitor. As Ghent Belgium rests at the confluence of the rivers Lys and Scheldt, it has been a sight of human activity for quite a long time. Between the 11th and 13th centuries, Ghent was the second largest city in Europe! Only Paris was bigger at the time. Three of the top Ghent attractions date from this Golden Age, and they are the St Bavo’s Cathedral, the town Belfry, and St Nicholas’s Church. St Bavo’s Cathedral itself is reason enough to consider Ghent travel. Ghent’s importance in the middle Ages was largely tied to the textile industry.

36. Brugge

One of the most amazingly well-preserved and wonderfully beautiful, Brugge has current become the topmost attractive tourist destination in Belgium for many good reason. Establish in the northwest part of Belgium, Brugge is home to around 120,000 people, and capital and the largest city of the West Flanders region. Once upon a time one of Europe’s wealthiest cities, Brugge boasts a astonishing mix of architectural styles, with Gothic being dominant, which makes Brugge tours a visual delight to the visitors. Brugge Belgium residents are proud to be blessed with such a beautiful hometown and chances are good that upon your visit here, you’ll be wishing you were one of them. Often referred to as “The Venice of the North,” Brugge is full of canals, which go together the narrow city streets. An attractive city with a lot to enjoy, Brugge is calling all travelers, so toss it on your Belgium itinerary, and see find yourself what all the fuss is about. An hour-long ride on a comfortable Belgian train can get you from Brussels to Brugge, and it’s only 30 minutes by rail from Ghent. Come summertime in Brugge, trips to one of the nearby Belgian beach communities are certainly suggested, as it’s just a 15 minute trip to Knokke or Ostend.

37. Dinant

One of the most striking towns that rest on the banks of the Meuse River, Dinant is a delight to discover while touring and enjoying around Belgium. Similar to the Belgian city of Liege, Dinant is found in the Walloon region of the country where French is most broadly spoken. Just 13,000 people call Dinant home, and come summertime, tourists gather here to enjoy all that Dinant travel has to offer. As for the Dinant attractions, two of the more notable ones simply take over the town’s skyline, and they are the imposing Citadel and the gentler Collegiate Church of Notre Dame. Tourist can explore caves on Dinant vacations, run the river for terrific views, and see what the neighboring countryside has in store. Dinant is the place where the saxophone was invented. Namur is linked by rail and bus to other Belgium cities, such as Brussels and Liege, and it serves as the main link for Dinant. The other most popular things to do on Dinant vacation are to take a river cruise.

38. Leuven

Anywhere once in your lifetime if you get the chance to visit the city of Leuven during your Belgium vacation, you will love the opportunity to gawk at the ornate fifteenth century Town Hall, which is one of the most spotless medieval buildings that you will find anyplace on the planet. Leuven Belgium is just fifteen miles east of Brussels, and there are abundance of other great Belgian cities within easy reach, including Antwerp and Liege. About 90,000 people call Leuven Belgium their home, and in recent years Leuven tourism has noticeably increased. InBev, which is the world’s largest brewery, also calls Leuven home, as does the Catholic University of Leuven, which was founded in 1425. Check out this thriving and young-at-heart city when making the rounds in Belgium. We are sure you won’t be disappointed when you visit this beautiful of leuven. When it comes to the Leuven attractions, the aforementioned Town Hall is surely one of the best.

39. Ostend

Ostend has grown from an elite hangout for royalty and upper class into an every-person kind of destination which was once known as the”Queen of Belgium’s seaside resorts”. Visit Belgium in summer, scores of Belgian citizens take Ostend vacations to enjoy the beach and overall atmosphere, and international guests like to spend their relaxing time here too in the heater months. With a populace of around 70,000 people, Ostend Belgium is the largest city on the country’s North Sea coast, and it is very well connected by train to inland cities like Brussels and Brugge. The train trip from Brussels only takes 70 minutes, and since Brugge is just 12 miles away, you can get here in no time by rail. Ostend offers a variety of things to its visitors. Ostend Belgium rose from a small fishing village into a port city of increasing importance.

40. Cruises

Cruises are best enjoyed in the spring; summer, or fall, These Belgium cruises are a great way to take in some of the Belgian tourist attractions. This has become the choice of almost all the tourists who are planning to visit this naturally blessed city of beaches. The country’s rivers and canals are top cruising waters, and visitors can enjoy short cruises and also the extended ones. As you go, you’ll watch the countryside languidly roll by, dotted by historic castles, delightful towns, and a lot more. There are also Belgium cruises available that include various stops at different European countries.

41. Beaches

Belgium has many beaches along with seaside resorts which offer unique experiences. You can consider using the tram or a rental car to visit a few different ones on your visit. The sand on the Belgium beaches is just as fine as you can find anywhere on the planet There are many fun things to do on Belgium’s coast, and spending some good time on a Belgian beach is just one of them. In North Sea Belgium, Swimming can be best done in the summer months when water temperatures are quite comfortable and conditions favorable.

42. De Haan Beach

The beach in De Haan has a lovely wide sandy beach. Over the sand dunes you can see an incredible vista of sea and sand. The beach which is located by the heart of the town is easily reachable down a slope. One of the highlights of the beach is the little Tram Station of De Haan, where the tourist office of De Haan is located. Here you can see a beautifully decorated “Art Nouveau”. If you walk here in the center of De Haan you can see a beautiful the traditional house, in the background, close to the Tram Station.

43. Knokke Heist Beach

It’s one of the most popular Belgian beaches in the Knokke Heist municipality; it is one of the exclusive Belgium seaside resort regions. The beach has a length of almost eight miles, also making it ideal for long stroll. It is where the wealthiest of Belgians visit when they have to enjoy a beach side in Belgium. It has a wide and sandy stretch that certainly invites visitors. Over all Belgium beaches are quite smooth as well as enough wide making them a perfect place for jogging.

44. The Zwin nature reserve

The Zwin nature reserve is located near Knokke-Heis. It is one of the most important Flanders’ natural treasures. It is a 159-hectare lagoon where sea water enters on each tide. It includes dunes, marshes, salt pans and salt. The entire region is 2.3 km along the North Sea coastline on the Belgian-Dutch border. It is one of the glorious and mystical places where sea, sky and land and merge to create a wonderful image. Here the creepy call of the curlew would make the hairs on your neck stand up. Here you can lie on your back on the sand and witness the clouds scudding over your head, taking your anxieties away with them.

45. The Carnival of Binche

There are a plenty of fabulous festivals and events that are celebrated throughout the year in Belgium. But Binche is one of the few that one can rival the tradition and exuberance of this Carnival. Every during February on three days leading up to Lent, the town of Binche puts up its world-famous carnival. This carnival is included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. It is difficult to sum up the experience of the Binche Carnival in Belgium. It is must see if you are in Belgium during Feb.

46. Biking in Belgium

Cycling in Belgium can be a blast even if you are a moderate biker. Belgium boasts encourages bike trails and paths as a whole. In some of the major cities you can find bike racks where you can park your bike while you visit some of the Belgium attractions. Moving alongside a canal in northern Belgium is truly fun and frolic, and then you should head to east for the more grueling terrain in the hilly Ardennes region. Cycling competitions happen in Belgium that involve Belgium alone, or other countries as well, such as Holland and France.

47. Belgium Brewery Tour

Belgian beer is as renowned as Belgian chocolates. Belgium produces around 500 different kinds of beer, and this doesn’t include non brands. Some of the Belgiums breweries are important Belgium attractions in their own rights. The non brand beers are only offered for a limited period of time, and then they are retired or put on hold until the next year. So if you able to taste them then you are lucky. Some of the reputed breweries include: the Chimay brewery and the Stella Artois factory on the north side of Leuven.

48. Flora 

Due to the diversity of soil types of Belgium a great many species have adapted to Belgium. The flora of Belgium typically includes plants such as goldenrod, periwinkle, hyacinth, strawberry, foxglove, wild arum, and lily of the valley. Among forest trees: elm, oak, beech, and stands of pine that have been are the most popular. Some of the other fauna include: Digitalis and goldenrod.

49. Fauna

Among the large wildlife animals in Belgium, only the roe deer is found throughout the wilds of Belgium. Stag and wild boars are found in south of Belgium. The other small animals include primarily badger, fox, pheasant, squirrel, hedgehog, weasel, and marten. The Ardennes highlands is has some of the good deer and wild boar. Some of the varieties of aquatic life include eel, barbel, pike, carp, trout, perch, smelt, chub, roach, bream, shrimp, mussels, crayfish, shad, and sole.

50. What to buy in Belgium?

Chocolates are first choice for those who want to take back some eatables some good quality and tasty chocolates include: Neuhaus, Marcolini, , Godiva, GallerThe other thing which tourist love is Belgium beer, you can try your hand at “abdijbieren” or “bières d’abbaye”, which are brewed by monks. You can also consider buying tulip-bulbs to plant that are actually from neighboring the Netherlands but widely available in Belgium too.

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