Top 50 Things To Do and To See in Barbados

One of the best tourist destinations of Caribbean- Barbados is very famous among tourists from across the globe especially Europe, the USA and Canada. Barbados is home to some stunning beaches and culture. It is a popular, developed  island with great and approachable islanders and with an excellent island culture. In Barbados you can enjoy water sports as well as on-land activities.The islanders offer budget hotels, lodges and food. Following are fifty things that you can enjoy with your family in Barbados.

1. Bridgetown

Bridgetown is the capital and biggest city of the nation of Barbados. Previously, the Town of Saint Michael, the Greater Bridgetown region is to be found within the parish of Saint Michael. This city is as rich in culture as it is history, with many fascinating places to visit and lots of duty free outlets and gift shops available. It is one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean region with uninterrupted occupation since 1628. The Bridgetown port, found along Carlisle Bay lies on the southwestern coast of the island. The current day position of the city was established by English settlers in 1628 following a prior settlement under the authority of Sir William Courten at St. James Town. Bridgetown is a major West Indies tourist destination, and the city acts as an important financial, informatics, convention centre, and cruise ship port of call in the Caribbean region.

2. Glass bottom boat

Glass Bottom Boat is a very famous boating adventure in Barbados, weather or not you are fond of marine life, you will definitely enjoy boating tour on a glass bottom boat in Barbados. On the glass bottom boat tour you visitors are surprisingly treated to an enjoyable cruise while having a view of wide and colorful collection of fish, marine plants and coral formations through the glass base of the boat. At certain points of the tour, experienced and knowledgeable tour guides will offer directions about snorkeling and diving in the pristine, azure waters where visitors can interact with unusual marine life and feed the amicable hawksbill turtles. Visiting place is definitely a treat for all tourists who loves sea life.

3. Crop over festival

It is said that if you have not experienced Barbados until you have experienced the famous Crop Over Festival. This famous festival of Barbados starts in June with the Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes, an occasion in which the last sugar canes of the crop season are blessed and the King and Queen of the crop are celebrated. Crop Over is a party festival with plenty of fetes, parties and shows which include but are not limited to: Calypso tents, Cohobblopot (is nothing but a massive party event where the very best confined and regional artistes act upon before a very responsive crowd). Pic-o-de-Crop is another major highlight of Crop Over where the crème de la crème of calypsonians perform social-commentary calypsos and vie for the title of Pic-o-de-Crop Monarch, among many more other events. All throughout this local festival, you can take pleasure in various actions that are exclusive to Barbados. The Spring Garden highway is transformed into all night street party with tons of Bajan delicacies. The festival culminates with Grand Kadooment, which is held on the first Monday of August. The parade at this festival generally begins at Warrens, St. Michael and ends along the Spring Garden Highway and persons join the ongoing street party where the best of Barbadian Souvenirs and Crafts can enjoy the best of Barbadian culture along the way. The Crop Over Festival is for every one.

4. Oistins fish market

The largest fishing community and the also the fourth towns of Barbados is Oistins. On every weekends the avenues of Oistins become a food affair where tourists as well as the local people flock to enjoy the very best of local Bajan cuisine prepared on the spot. At Oistins, visitors can see many Barbadian fishing boats and during the Easter weekend, you can knowledge the Oistins Fish Festival which pays respect to those persons who have made a noteworthy contribution to the fishing industry. Some of the activities which take place at this festival are: the climbing of the grease pole, casting the fishing net, dominos and swimming competitions and much more. And on Friday and Saturday nights many tourists as well as local people flock to Oistins for the weekly Fish Fry, which allows for tourists to enjoy the very best of local cuisine while taking in the sounds of regional music.

5. Holetown

Holetown previously it was famous by the name Jamestown, Holetown is mainly a popular historical site, after its patron King James I of England, this was the site where the first settlement happened in Barbados. Holetown is home to annual Holetown Festival which commemorates the first settlement in Barbados. The festival typically starts late February and lasts for one week. During this week there are many events that take place which attracts many tourists some of which include: beauty contests, performances by our local police band and their floodlit tattoo and antique car showcase among many more. The festival culminates with a showcase of local regional arts and craft, food and music.

6. Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is one of the greatest wonders of Barbados situated in the central parish of St. Thomas. This cave is an amazing display of stalactites and stalagmites, streams of crystal clear water running through. The stalactites and stalagmites were produced over many years and some have even joined to create pillars. Tourists are transported in electrically powered trams through the cave network and at definite points visitors are also allowed to come ashore and walk along a eye-catching waterfall. Well trained and friendly tour guides presents to you the historical and geographical information about the cave along the way. The Centre for tourists was designed to blend in with the natural limestone landscape, provides refreshments and showcases a broad variety of handicraft and artifacts which have been obtained from differnt sites around the island.

7. Parish of St. Peter

It is situated in the north of Barbados and is quite wonderful and stretches from the tranquil west coast right across to the rocky crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast. The major town in St. Peter is Speights town that is located on the west coast which is also the second largest town in Barbados. It has got historical importance and once it was bustling port for the island. Nowadays it is a place to relax and is quite pleasant to wander around.

8. Black Pearl Jolly Roger Cruise

If you are fascinated with a fun filled adventure on the sea then Black Pearl Jolly Roger Cruised is the best place for you. There are a lot of activities and fun you can have on this cruise with your family as here patrons can take a turn on the rope swing, walk the plank or have a swim with the turtles. Visitors who are a little adventurous can enjoy a very relaxing cruise on the boat which leaves Bridgetown and sails along the west coast of the island. The well-stocked bar is always opened and keeps drinks flowing for all its visitors for the duration of the cruise

9. Atlantis submarines

If you are interested in knowing one of the highest rated activities in Barbados then for you is Atlantis Submarines and are these submarines are the only submarine company that allows you to explore the best of marine life in a real submarine. The submarine dives to a depth of between 130 to 150 feet which allows for customers to see unusual types of coral and coral reefs, hundreds of colorful fish and even a shipwreck. The excitement doesn’t end here you can also enjoy a night dive aboard Atlantis Submarines. High-powered spot lamps presents marine life in a much unusual light as these lights highlights impressive colors which cannot be seen during the day dive. In fact there are only two countries which offer night dive attractions and Barbados is one of them so come here and enjoy all that the underwater has to offer, both at days as well as nights.

10. Barbados wildlife reserve

Actually if you visit Barbados you will come to know that there is no proper zoo in Barbados, but there is something which is much better and it is called the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. The wildlife reserve is to be found in natural mahogany woods in the northern and rural parish of St. Peter. In this place one has the ability to stroll through and see animals in their usual habitats at close up range as there are very a small number of cages. Visitors can examine the animals as they eat, play and interact with other animals. There is a extensive variety of animals that can be seen at the reserve. There are birds such as flamingoes, parrots, pelicans and peacocks. The green monkeys of Barbados are common sights and can seen particularly at afternoon around their feeding time. The reptile lover will enjoy the collection of snakes, which are encaged, caimans among others. Other animals include Brocket deer, agoutis and armadillos. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a great attraction for the entire family, especially for children who have an excellent time here.

11. Welchman Hall Gully

Welchman Hall Gully is situated in the central parish of St.Thomas is definitely an ideal place for nature lovers and this places offers something or the other for everyone and is surely a very attractive place for tourist. The harmony of the three-quarter mile extended gully is outstanding as it is a mixture of tropical rainforest with Barbadian and striking plants as it is home to tropical flora and fauna such as nutmeg, palms, and bamboo among others. Welchman Hall Gully came about as a consequence of distorted caves so therefore there is still some confirmation of stalactites and stalagmites along your walk through the gully is noticeable. The Barbadian Green Monkey is another common sight in the gully as it provides food, shelter and is a passageway to other gullies for these monkeys.

12. The Barbados Museum of Parliament and National Heroes Gallery

The Barbados Museum of Parliament and National Heroes Gallery invite you to explore and enjoy development of democracy in Barbados and the role that the island’s citizens have played in this growth. Surely this place is admired by many tourists. If you are at Barbados do not miss the opportunity to visit this museum. It will surely surprise you. Both of them are housed in the historic West Wing of Parliament and offer a combination of traditional exhibits, artistic interpretation and modern interactive museum experience.

13. Miami Beach, Enterprise

Miami Beach is one of the best and most popular beaches on the island, this beach is best for swimming and lounging. Visitors can choose to be in the sun, or in the dappled shade of the Casuarina trees. The sand is fine, the surf is relatively gentle but still it is of lot of fun and the water is a dazzling Caribbean blue. There are picnic tables, and public bathrooms are short walk away. This is an impressive beach and is popular with Bajans and tourists in a similar way. And over the time it has became even better by the presence of Mr. Delicious.

14. Bottom Bay

One of the most stunning beaches is Bottom Bay in Barbados. People from across the world come here to enjoy and relax. It is that famous. May not be a good swimming beach because of the heavy surf, but it is a superb place to visit. There are beach chairs available for relaxing in a grove of tall palms, a cave to explore at the western end of the beach, and plenty of coconuts for cracking and drinking the cool water inside. The trade winds, swaying palms, and crashing surf will calm you into paradise for as many hours as you spend. When you finally get tired of relaxing you can play an unprepared round of coconut bocce, can drink some more coconut water, and then stress-free yourself for some more.

15. Bathsheba

The Bathsheba is the highlight of the rural east coast and is surely worth a visit. Although it is a small fishing village but it is very popular among tourists for relaxing and having fun. There are a small number of restaurants, rum shops and guesthouses, but otherwise this is a wonderfully quiet place. Swimming options are limited due to the profound surf, but there are sequences of shallow pools along the beach that are sheltered by the reef. It is a popular place for cooling off, and locals throw rum punch parties here on occasion. It is very easy to get to Bathsheba by bus, but this is only really worth it if you are planning to stay there for a few days. If you are just coming for the day, rent a car to make certain that you have as much time as possible here.

16. Flower Forest

Flower Forest is a quiet, atmospheric botanical garden and is situated in the rolling highlands of central Barbados, in St. Joseph Parish. The trails are very well-maintained, and wander past different variety of native plants and newly introduced tropical ones. Here you can get to see that all plants are labeled with both common and scientific names. Birds call from the treetops and some green monkeys. At 50 acres, the Flower Forest is much larger than many of the other botanical gardens you can find on the island. It has a very lush, wild feel – take your time and enjoy the self-guided trails at your own pace. Visited once you would love to visit this place again and again with you family.

17. Cherry Tree Hill

Cherry Tree Hill is almost about 850 feet above sea level, and offers sweeping views over the east coast of the island. You will also find some of the unusual things for instance a man giving out sugar cane in the parking lot to anyone who passed by. You can just relax in the shade of mahogany trees, munching on the sweet sugar cane, and enjoying the stunning sight. This is an out-of-the-way spot in the rural northeast of the island. This part of Barbados is also known as the ‘Scotland District’ because of the rugged, forested topography. The road continues westward under overhanging mahogany trees to St. Nicholas Abbey, which is luxurious but well worth a visit if you are in the area.

18. Mount Gay Visitor Center

The island is home to rum distilleries, rum shops, dark chocolate rum cakes, rum punch parties, and a sometimes rum-soaked culture. Barbados was built on rum, and lush sugarcane fields still cover much of the island. There are many brands available on the island, but the most popular and admired among them is Mount Gay. The company’s distillery is in the north of the island, but the Mount Gay Visitor Center is very close to Bridgetown, and well worth a visit. If you’ve not seen this place before then this time make sure that you come here at least once, it will be one of your memorable trips. The tour, which includes a tasting, costs $6 and lasts about 40 minutes. There is a full bar and restaurant to be found on site.

19. Tiami Catamaran Cruises

Tiami Catamaran Cruises is one of the most talked about cruises and is very popular among the tourist. You can climb aboard for any the five breathtaking catamarans and set sail on the crystal clear waters of Barbados. Believe it or not but when you board Tiami Catamaran Cruises you will be greeted by an exceptionally friendly and experienced crew. You can also enjoy local mouthwatering dishes prepared by the most experience chef and you will also have a fully stocked bar opened all day to indulge at your leisure. You can find your adventurous side as you will be dropped where you can snorkel with a shoal of fish, swim with turtles or just have a high regard for the vibrant under water sea life. In the warm sunshine, roam the attractive beaches of Barbados or simply relax on the deck.

20. Crane

The very famous Crane Beach was previously a harbor, is one of the most stunning beaches along the coast of Barbados. It is home to one of the prettiest and oldest resorts on the island, The Crane Beach Hotel. Simple luxury and elegance define the hotel that sits on a beach named one of the 10 best in the world by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The waves here are just perfect for learner surfers or for body surfing, while the coastal coves offer protected swimming close to shore.

21. Silver sands

Silver Sands beach is a very famous and internationally renowned world-class beach for windy outcropping ideal for windsurfing. Situated on the southern coast of Barbados, Silver Sands also hosts the Waterman Festival every February; a spirited contest for surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing, the festival has been going strong since 1989 and now has became very famous among youngsters. The Silver Sands Resort is located here, offering affordable accommodations on prime oceanfront real estate. Tourists from all over the world are visiting this beach.

22. Shopping in Barbados

Shopping is Barbados is fun and exiting as their high-quality, tax-free merchandise, excellent service by friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, and comfortable, air-conditioned stores, truly is just beyond your imagination! One of the major advantages of shopping here is Duty free shopping, with prices typically being 30 to 50% less than in Europe and North America! When making duty free purchases make sure you have your passport or airline ticket with you. Your purchases can be delivered to the airport or sea port for your convenience. See how easy it is to shop here. The soul of shopping in Barbados is Broad Street in the Bridgetown which is the capital of Barbados. There you will find large number of department stores and duty free shops. With addition to the super specialty stores such as jewellery stores, there are several shopping malls offering a broad variety of products and services. Just outside of Bridgetown is the Bayshore Complex, which is definitely worth a stop for its shopping, and off course historic value. Pelican Village, on the outskirts of Bridgetown, is the best place to get local handicrafts including straw bags, wall hangings, batik, paintings, rum cakes, and much more!

23. Emeralds

If you are in Barbados and confused what it is famous for? Then consider purchasing Colombian Emeralds which are very famous among tourists and local people for its fine quality. Colombian Emeralds are available in Broad Street – Flagship store, specializing in duty free Emeralds. Also has a watch boutique. There are a further eleven locations on island, including the Departure Lounge at the airport and at the Cruise Terminal.

24. Christ Church

The parish of Christ Church is situated on the southern part of the island nation of Barbados. The Christ Church is one of the famous tourist’s attractions and people from all over the world come to see this beautiful Church. The land in this area is mostly flat and gently undulates towards the coast. The coastal waters are ringed with attractive coral reefs. The temperature is tropical and moderate with some rainfall from the month of May onwards. The parish has a population of about 48,000, most of which is concerted around the major towns of Oistins and Hastings. The residents comprise mostly the children of the African slaves who were brought here by the British. The culture is a vibrant mix of the Caribbean lifestyle with major English influences.

25. Saint John Parish

Saint John is a Parish of Barbados which is located on the eastern side of the island. There is the St. John’s Church in the Parish, which gives a breath-taking view of the Atlantic Ocean from over its perch near Hackleton’s Cliff, which overlooks the East Coast of the island. In the southeastern corner of the church, instead of southward the shoreline turns northward, forming the small Conset Bay. It was built by the codrington college and it is nearly 100 years old.

26. Earthwork pottery

Once a small art studio has now grown into a prosperous production pottery and off course with a world-wide reputation for quality and pioneering design. But remember Earthworks is not an Ordinary Pottery they produce fully functional lines of dinnerware and serving pieces mainly, in over 150 shapes and 36 patterns. Tourist also makes orders for specific needs. Entry to Earthworks studio is absolutely free of charge. If you are visiting Barbados then seeing Earthworks is conceivably the best value entertainment that one can possibly undertake to enjoy. Whether it is a simple ornament or small contribution(s) for a very sensible cost, Earthworks makes some of the handpicked excellence, most striking, functional art in the Caribbean!

27. Accra/Rockley

This beach has two names, known either as Accra or Rockley, is one of the widest and most admired stretches of sand along the Barbados coast and is the most loves beach by almost all the tourists. Quite a lot of vendors line the beach selling clothing and local jewelry. Waves are moderate here in this beach without an undertow, making it a great place for windsurfing, sunfish sailing, snorkeling, boogie boarding and body surfing. Local people love to play across this area with family and friends. When ever you are planning your trip to Barbados make sure to include this beach in your list.

28. Bath

Bath beach is one of the most popular beaches in Barbados which is very famous for swimming as well as relaxing. This beach sometimes also referred as Barbados’ best swimming beaches. Situated on the Atlantic Coast, there are minimum waves and almost no undertow. The other facilities here include ample parking, picnic spots and changing rooms. Stroll north along the just the thing sandy beaches to a small waterfall and the remains of a train line that once ran from Bridgetown to Bathsheba.

29. Cattle wash

Cattle wash Beach is one of the longest beaches on Barbados and has become more famous for sunbathing; it has a rough and rugged character that makes it a spot for sightseeing and sunbathing rather than swimming. Since the waves and undertows, this beach is habitually deserted, so pack a cooler and hit the beach that was once the bathing spot for herds of domestic animals shepherded from the neighboring villages.

30. Dover Beach

Dover Beach is one of the popular beaches on the South Coast of Barbados and is pleasant for swimming, jet skiing, body surfing, sunbathing as well as romantic shore-side strolls. Across the avenue is the Dover Playing Field where visitors can usually catch a cricket match or see Bajan footballer’s rock in action.

31. Folkstone beach

Folkestone is home of the government-run Folkestone Marine Park located 1 mile north of Holetown. This gorgeous and simply the most beautiful beach features many water-related activities for visitors of all ages, a marine museum and coastal environment displays. Snorkeling along the fringe reef or diving off a private boat is just ideal aquatic afternoon activities. So, next time when you plan to visit Barbados, make sure to visit this beautiful beach with camera.

32. Mullins bay

A very popular hangout place for youngsters Mullins Bay; is a delightful bay bounded by a placid beach that is perfect for relaxing in a chaise lounge. You can also find a beach bar here that serves cold drinks and simple lunches so you can fuel up before taking to the waters in a jet ski. If you prefer to move at a slower speed, rent snorkeling equipment and leisurely explore the tranquil waters.

33. Arlington House Museum

Arlington House Museum which was restored in the 18th century merchant’s house is now a museum that narrates to its visitors stories of sugar, seafaring, and trade. In this museum all the three floors has a different theme to present to its visitors. If you are looking for some entertainment for the entire family, then visiting this place would be fun for your family. Go through a canfield, pilot a ship, meet a pirate, listen to the locals talk about their town, or eavesdrop on Emancipation rumors—this museum is interactive fun for the entire family. A very marvelously produced film also gives you a summary of Barbados, from its geological origins to the present. You can discover the seaport town with new eyes and see the past come alive in churches, converted stone warehouses, ruins, and a rebuilt jetty. There you can also find restaurants, beaches, rum shops, a boardwalk and the island’s leading art gallery.

34. Chakra spa at Accra beach hotel

Chakra Spa is considered as a haven by many tourists for relaxation, rejuvenation and healing. This spa presents to you different verities of body massage treatments, and also manicures and pedicures, which are all performed by the international Reiki trained therapist. The only motive of Chakra Spa is; before you heal your self, you must connect with your physical, emotional and spiritual sides. To embrace what is exceptionally you.

35. Hilton Barbados Resort

Hilton Barbados Resort is a very relaxed island resort you can leisurely enjoy the day away in their vast pool complex, with cascading falls, whispering palms and infinity pools. You can actually feel the tropical breeze on your skin as you walk leisurely powdery white beaches with the warm, azure waves lapping at your feet. You can also try deep-sea fishing and catamaran cruising, or can dive down to discover shipwrecks and vivid reefs. The Hilton Barbados Resort offers to you over 10,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. This resort is filled with facilities which also include a 4,000 sq. ft. Hilton Meetings complex, business centre, a boardroom with 8-hour chairs, with ergonomic design for long term seating, three meeting rooms that can be divided into six breakout rooms and a 6,200 sq. ft. ballroom that holds up to 570 people.

36. Barbados food & wine and rum festival

Among many famous festivals of Barbados, BARBADOS FOOD & WINE AND RUM FESTIVAL is very popular and special, at this festival you can get a true taste of the island, as celebrity chefs, wine and spirits experts showcase their talents island-wide. The primary intend of this Culinary Festival in Barbados is to provide a sparkling paring of the best in food, wine, drinks and entertainment as Barbadians and guests alike rediscover the unusual flavors which permeate the culinary soul of this island. This is exclusively for food loves from around the world, Watch, learn, and enjoy, as an outstanding line-up of renowned chef’s show their skills in intimate and spectacular settings at some of Barbados’ leading hotels and restaurants. The more you gain knowledge of about wine, the more you enjoy it. And there’s no better way to learn than at these professionally led and entertaining seminars. Sip, learn, and repeat! As an essential part of the island’s heritage, history, and economy for over 350 years, Bajan rum has earned an international reputation as some of the most finest, silkiest rum to be found anywhere.

37. Agroforest Barbados

Agrofest is a place where to get all verities of Barbados products and services. At Agrofest Barbados visitors get the exclusive opportunity to spot local high quality products and services, and can experience all aspects of Barbados’ agricultural sector in a comfortable and calm environment.

Agrofest is the leading Agricultural Exhibition in Barbados; it attracts a lot of local and international customers every year, with exhibitors presenting a large variety of livestock, vegetables, flowers, plants, craft items and educational items. You can also come across interactive educational workshops, demonstrations touching on plant care & flower arranging, and discussion highlighting the journey of agricultural goods from the farm to the table. Different games of chance, races and a wide range of fun entertainment for both adults and kids are also conducted which is suitable for the entire family. Barbados’ Agriculture Festival (Agrofest) is often held on the grounds of Queen’s Park.

38. Historic Rally festival

The Historic Rally is a carnival which is held for two week. This festival is full of fun, frolic and fantastic motorsports, featuring a Rally Sprint on the first weekend and a Tarmac Rally the second weekend. These non-motor sport days of the Carnival host a large number of social events that permit visiting competitors, crews and spectators alike, to enjoy all that the island has to offer as a tourist destination. This Carnival is fully loaded with enjoyment for your complete family. Best place to spent you time with your loved ones.

39. Reggae Festival

Reggae Festival is conducted mostly in April who takes place for one long week and celebrates the diversity of reggae music. Beach parties, vintage shows and dance parties which contribute to a carnival-like atmosphere here in this festival. The festival takes place in numerous locations on the island, and certain events are broadcast online via live streaming.

40. Celtic Festival

The Celtic Festival lasts for a week commence in June, showcasing the traditional music of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. You can find here almost all the major British folk artists travel to Bridgetown and St. Michael in Barbados to give their performance in this festival. Fusion food is a very large part of the festival celebrations, as British chef’s work with locals to create dishes blending Celtic and Caribbean traditions.

41. Gospelfest

Gospelfest is one of the premiers Gospel Festival of the Caribbean in Barbados; it attracts a lot of world-class Christian entertainers and quite a good number of guests to the island. Gospelfest Barbados presents to the world a diverse line up of gospel artiste and many genres of uplifting, inspirational music. The main aim of this Christian music and arts festival h is promoting the life changing impact of the Holy Spirit in all persons who are part of this festive event. The Barbados Gospel festival has time and again maintained efforts to ground the festival as a Barbadian/Caribbean festival with an international appeal, while incorporating strong elements of the cultural reality of the Caribbean. This was done by ensuring that local and regional artistes participated and share the stage with international acts. Annually tourists from around the world join these festivals.

42.Hockey Festival

One of the most popular sports festivals conducted in Barbados is The Banks Barbados International Hockey Festival sports and is considered the largest Field Hockey Tournament in the Caribbean. Barbados Hockey Festival commenced in 1986, and has since attracts teams not only from the region but also from all over the world. During this annual hockey festival visitors enjoy competitive Hockey at all division levels; men, women, veterans and mixed-team. For most visiting teams it is not just a fun and exciting tournament, but a mix of camaraderie from local players and many entertaining events outside of hockey, as well as being embraced by the warm and friendly hospitality of the bajan spectators. The duration is for one week and oft en starts in August.

43. BMEX

The Barbados Manufacturers Exhibition is the leading manufacturing exhibition on the island that attracts all the visitors. BMEX’s primary focus is to provide opportunities for local manufacturers to present and promote their products, while growing business and consumer awareness locally, throughout the Caribbean and internationally. At BMEX you will see what the best of local & regional manufacturers has to offer. You can view the latest in home related products, while sampling a variety of food & beverages. There will be something for everyone on exhibit. Nightly Fashion Shows & Entertainments for the visitors are also conducted. Duration is for four days and only at weekends.

44. Holders season performing arts festival

This arts festival features a fantastic variety of world class performances, in one of the most gorgeous settings. Holders Season is held on the grounds of Holders House, one of Barbados’ most graceful of historic plantation houses, dating back to the 17th century. This series of event has become an essential part of the island’s national calendar and one of the most important cultural events in the Caribbean. This festival lasts usually for two weeks and starts in between March to April. At the Holders Season Festival of Performing Arts, you will be entertained by the best the world offers in music and theatre.

45. Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is the most popular and the largest coastal mangrove and sedge swamp in Barbados and confirmed a national heritage site by the government. It provides a natural habitat for up to 40 species of birds local and migrant, as well as a large family of green monkeys can also be seen here. Board walks and trails through the forest and lake, plus two of the world’s largest fixed-frame aviaries. The sanctuary officially closed on 15 December 2008; however certain facilities are still available for visitors for special events. The Sanctuary Cafe and Lakeside Lawn are open to the public for refreshing themselves.

46. Barbados independence surf festival

This Festival which starts in November every year is filled with lot and lots of fun whose duration is for three days and on weekends only. The Barbados Independence Surf Festival is the most popular event on the Barbados Surfing Association’s calendar. Conducted anually this event is exciting with some of the most amazing surfing and awesome entertainment. The Independence Surf Fest in Barbados consists of two first-class international competitions, the November Pro and The Caribbean Junior Championships. Both events promise you a spectacular surfing and a great day at the beach, with half-pipe demonstrations from local and regional skaters, the famous beauty contest, live music, arts & craft, local food and lots more.

47. Flora

Barbados Island came into existnece as a result of a volcanic activity millions of years ago, thus it is a coral island that is pushed out of sea by volcano. The flora of Barbados consists of some 700 species of flowering plants and several differing ecosystems. At Turner`s Hall Wood in St. Andrew you can find the highest number of plant species, such as silk cotton tree and macaw palm. Andromeda Botanical Garden features the finest collection of tropical plants. The realm of Welchman Hall Gully is shaped out of the collapsed roofs of caves and packed with the tropical riches of bamboo, nutmeg and palm trees. Madagascar is home to the Baobab Tree or “Monkey Bread Tree” But two excellent examples can be found in Barbados- one in Queen’s Park in Bridgetown that measures 55 feet in circumference, second in Warren’s Road in St. Michael First that is smaller in size.

48. Fauna

The Chancery Lane Swamp is home to migrant shorebirds and is the nesting area of Blue Herons, Pelicans, and Frigates. The Barbados Wildlife Reserve situated near Farley Hill National Park, provides an opportunity for visitors to closely see a variety of animals, including the famed Barbados Green Monkeys, in their natural environment. Among the other fauna of Barbados include: porcupines, iguanas, caymans, agoutis, turtles, which you can see in alleys through the mahogany trees and other Wild Life Reserves.

49. Cuisine

An exciting blend of the old and new Bajan cuisine from Africa, West Indies and Europe creates a new delights that is authentic and exclusive to Barbados. Fish reamins a mainstay of the Bajan menu including salmon, cod, tuna, red snapper and kingfish as well as lobster, shrimp and crabs.Apart from seafood, a variety of meats such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey and duck make froms the recipes of many Bajan dishes. These are served grilled, baked, fried, roasted and pickled. Among the traditionals include coucou, rice, peas, pelau and macaroni pie.

50. Souvenirs

Many young craftsman have emerged in Barbados, who have opened shops and galleries to display their work. These souvenirs are perfect gift to take home. Some of these include the following:

  • Pelican Village – batik, rum cakes, pottery, straw works, metal works, paintings, etc
  • Chalky Mount-Potteries
  • Earthworks Pottery- Caribbean blue and green lines of Tableware, Vases, lamps etc.

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