Things to Do In and Near Twickenham, United Kingdom

Twickenham, UK

Twickenham is an area in the London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames best known for its large rugby stadium. The stadium dates back to 1907 and is a must-see for rugby fans. There is a stadium tour and exhibitions on the history of the sport. But whether or not you are interested in catching a game, there is plenty to see and do in this part of the capital. Here are just some of the things to do on a day out in Twickenham:

Relax Beside the Water

On a sunny day, there is nothing better than spending a little time in Twickenham along the banks of the River Thames. Head for the Urban Beach, which is open all year round, then take a stroll along the tow path towards Richmond, past 18th century houses, or towards Teddington, from where you can take the bridge across to Ham.

You could also consider crossing the water via the footbridge to reach Eel Pie Island. This was a favourite destination for writer, Charles Dickens, and was a popular holiday destination for Londoners after a hotel opened here in 1830. This was later an important hub for British music – many famous artists played here at the ‘Eelpiland’ Club after it opened in the 1960s. You can find out more at the Eel Pie Island Museum.

Explore Art & Sculpture

Eel Pie Island is not only a good place for music fans but also a good spot for art lovers. Many local artists have their art studios here, which open their doors to the public twice each year.

Another somewhat older art site is Orleans House & Gallery. It was built in 1710 and is free to enter. There is an art gallery housed within, and a cafe in the old stables.

Just along the river from the urban beach you will also find an unusual sculpture garden in the grounds of York House. Here you will find a collection of white marble naked sea nymphs composed atop a rock garden. The details of their creation are lost in the mists of time – but the gardens in which they are found are a fine place for a picnic.

Visit Historic Sites

Eel Pie Island is not the only place in Twickenham with a long and interesting history. Strawberry Hill House is one of Twickenham’s foremost historic sites. This Gothic castle was built by politician Horace Walpole in 1776.

Nearby the historic Orleans House is Marble Hill House, another 18th Century site. You can take a guided tour of its 18th Century interiors, or enjoy the charming grounds. Not far from this park, art lovers could also see the famous painter J.W. Turner’s home.

From Twickenham, you could also consider taking a boat ride to visit the 17th Century Ham House, a National Trust property on the other side of the river.

If you are looking for hidden historic gems, you may be interested in the Kilmorey Mausoleum – an Egyptian style tomb hidden away in a Twickenham garden behind brick walls. It can only be visited by contacting the Environment Trust for Richmond-Upon-Thames.

Twickenham on the map:

Of course, these are just some of the things to see and do in this interesting part of London. Unfortunately, I do not own any original pictures of that place. If you have some photos of it and want to share them on this page, please contact us. Thank you.

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