Things To Do and Activities for Tourists in Jamaica

Water sports to do in Jamaica

There’s more to do in Jamaica than lying on a Jamaican beach and swimming. In fact, there is a great deal more to do, and the beautiful beaches are only a small part of what makes Jamaica such a fabulous vacation spot.


First, if you like to fish, you should really consider getting in on a deep sea fishing excursion. Just off the shores in Jamaica, you can catch wahoo, tuna, dolphin, white marlin, and blue marlin. Blue Marlin is prize game fish in Jamaica. Reserve a charter boat approximately twenty four hours in

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Golfing is also popular in Jamaica. You will find championship courses in Ocho Rios, Kingston, and Montego Bay. You can even stay at a golf resort, where everything you need to play the game is available.

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Guided tours

Tours are available on horseback and ATVs, and you can also participate in driven tours and walking tours as well. This is a great way to see Jamaica, without worrying about missing any of the sights, or getting lost. Of special interest is the Dunn’s River Falls Tour, where you will form a human chain with other people to safely ascend the falls.

Visit dolphins

Swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. This is the only place in Jamaica where you can do this. This is definitely a hot spot. If you want a spooky thrill, visit the Rose Hall Great House. Learn all about the White Witch of Rose Hall. You should also take a cruise around the Caribbean. Day cruises are available, and this is something that will interest you even if you arrived by cruise ship!


No Jamaican trip can be complete without a round of Scuba Diving and/or deep sea diving. Even if you’ve never done either, it will definitely be worth your time to take a beginner’s lesson and dive in! Get some river rafting in while you are at it. There are numerous river raft tours as well. Also visit the Appleton Estate to see how Rum is made.

Other activities

Other activities include parasailing, mountain biking, and undersea tours, just to name a few. Also, be sure to visit the famous Bob Marley Museum to absorb some history, and don’t forget the historical botanical gardens, including Castleton, Bath, Cinchona, Hope and Clydesdale. You will also be interested in the four natural mineral spas, including the Bath Mineral Spa, the Milk River Spa, the Black River Spa, and the Rockfort Spa.

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Last, but certainly not least – and possibly first – don’t forget the duty free shopping. Make sure that you visit the crafts market in Kingston for some truly wonderful finds. Vendors in Jamaica expect you to bargain with them, and this can be a fun and interesting experience.

As you can see, there really is more to Jamaica than tanning and water sports. Along with these activities, make sure that you experience the foods that are native to the area as well. You can incorporate this into the active nightlife that Jamaica offers.

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