Pros and Cons of Visiting and Living in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is the kind of place that definitely divides opinion. For some, this is ‘Sin City’- the centre of vice and extravagant consumerism. For others it is a lively and entertaining city, close to some of the most spectacular natural attractions in the world. Is Las Vegas the place for you?

The Pros of Visiting Las Vegas

* The Las Vegas Strip is known for its gambling, hotels, restaurants, shops and glitzy entertainment. It is also known for its wedding chapels, where many people each year get hitched.

* But look beyond the glitzy, over the top side to the city and you will discover it also has a lot more to offer. There are loads of thrilling, family-friendly things to do in Vegas that don’t involve drink or gambling. Why not try one of the scary rides of the Stratosphere or AdventureDome at Circus Circus? There is the Big Apple at New York New York and the Zipline at Slotzilla, Fremont Street. For something a little different, why not take the whole family skydiving, without taking a flight, at the indoors sky diving experience, where you can also experience weightlessness.

* There are also plenty of day trips and excursions you can take from the city. For example, from here, you can explore the surrounding desert, or head for Hoover Dam.

* From here, it is also only a hop, skip and a jump to reach the Grand Canyon – one of the wonders of the world.

The Cons of Visiting Las Vegas

* This is ‘Sin City’ – where people come to let loose and go wild. There is far more to Las Vegas than gambling, booze and entertainment, but those things can be a con of your travel experience if you happen to see some of the worst kinds of behavior on display.

* This place is at the heart of the desert, and many people find the heat here oppressive, especially outside the air conditioned hotels and venues.

The Pros of Living in Las Vegas

* Access to plenty of entertainment and things to do can be one of the pros of living here, as well as a pro for visitors to the city. But real Las Vegas is far from the strip.

* If you are an entrepreneur, Las Vegas is said to be one of the best places for a start up. You’ll also save money to start your business, since buying or renting homes here is cheaper than most cities in nearby California.

* Property taxes here are low, and most homes have swimming pools – so you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle even on a relatively modest budget.

The Cons of Living in Las Vegas

* One of the biggest negatives to Las Vegas is the fact that the city is running out of water. And this problem is only set to get worse as climate change continues to bite. This is the exact opposite of a sustainable city and it may even cease to be viable to live here in the next few decades.

* Las Vegas also has a massive homelessness problem, and problems associated with the gambling and drink industries.

* Finally, it is worth thinking about the fact that tourists come here to have fun. But the ways in which they do so might not always be conducive to a peaceful life.

Love it or loath it, Las Vegas is certainly a fascinating place.

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